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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: BJE200XL the Juice Fountain® Compact|Change
Price:$99.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on August 13, 2016
Update August-6-17: Still going strong after almost two years!

Original Review and Tips:

I love this thing. I've been using it multiple times a day for almost a year I think. Every day it makes amazing espresso, and as long as I keep it clean it preforms beautifully. This thing is also easier to maintain and requires less cleaning than other cheaper espresso machines I've tried.

A tip for anyone looking to make actual espresso at home, I recommend looking for a local roastery in your area. I use to buy bulk beans online like many people, but once I tried local whole beans and found a blend I liked, the difference was amazing. Bean choice is very important if you actually want to enjoy your espresso!

A few tips I picked up for using this machine:
1. A few people complained about the grind amount knob not going low enough. To counteract this, I changed the cup size to "Single" and increased the grind amount by turning the knob to the right. This gives me the perfect amount of ground coffee every time.
2. If the machine keeps going over or under on the pressure gauge, try cleaning the grinder. And remember to clean with those desolvable tablets when the clean me light comes on!
3. You can get cheap replacement cleaning tablets here on amazon. I chose Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets here on amazon, and they work great!
4. You do not need to order a separate tamper, the one included is perfect.
5. The included frothing cup is small but works for me. Some might need a bigger one.
6. Do not underestimate the need for a burr grinder. Trying to make good espresso without one is like trying to hammer a nail with an inflatable hammer!

Some of the features I love (Pros)*
1) The grinder. I know many would rather use a separate burr grinder, but this thing works perfectly fine, and is easy to clean. Many complained about the coffee machine heating up the beans too much if you leave them inside the hopper, but I actually store my beans in a special container outside of the hopper, and use the included the scoop to pour in the beans when I grind them.
2) The frother is amazing. Much much better than cheaper machines.
3) Clean me light is awesome. Always reminds me to keep up on this things maintenance, and helps prolong the life.
4) The Stainless steel is beautiful. (It is not 100% stainless on the outside though, a little bit of plastic, see cons.)
5) The pressure gauge. Absolutely invaluable in making good tasting espresso. I would not recommend buying any machine without one. It really helps with learning and getting it right!
6) The included tamper is perfect.
7) Creates perfect pucks of coffee to dumb out in the trash.
8) The hot water dispenser is an awesome addition!
9) Is an all-in-one, meaning I don't need to buy a separate grinder!
10) Just makes good coffee.
11) Great manual included for lots of useful information.
12) Has an automated cleaning cycle to clean the insides of the grouphead. Awesome!
14) Includes a beautiful copper dosing tool.
15) Includes tools to clean out the filters.

Some things that bother me (Cons)*
1)The top of the machine is plastic.
2) The bottom sides of the machine is plastic
3) The water tank needs to be refilled often
4) The bottom water catcher thing (sorry) needs to be emptied often, but its not too bad.
5) The coffee grind separator doesn't really seem to help much, but it does help keep it out of the water below and little bit, which keeps it from smelling!
6) Expensive, but to me, was a very worthwhile investment for how much coffee I was buying from the shop.
7) Can't seem to find inexpensive filters for the water tank, however, I use filtered water instead of tap.

*Might add more later as I think of them!

This thing is also great for making sweet frappicinos and iced drinks.
For caramel flavored drinks I use Hershey's Caramel Syrup
For vanilla flavored drinks I use Torani Vanilla Syrup that I get cheaply from a bulk wholesale store in my town.

For my sweet drink of choice I mix the two, add a double shot of espresso, 2% milk, and top with whipped cream and caramel syrup.

Nothing beats a great espresso in the morning!

Added tons of pictures.

Edit: It seems quite a few people had problems with the machine dying on them, If your machine died on your please comment on this review with any information you think may help, such as the level of maintenance you preformed while your machine was working, the brand of water filters and cleaning tablets you used, etc.

Maybe we can find a common cause of this defect!
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on March 18, 2012
Update Aug 2014 - Thanks for all the questions and comments on my review over the years! Yes, I am still using the original juicer! No, this is not a paid endorsement. I have not been contacted by Breville or offered any compensation. When you find a product that is built well, works well and helps you get's worth writing about it! Keep reading...

Update Oct 2013 - I'm so glad I bought this juicer! Still using all the original parts, nothing is broken. I've kept the mesh filter basket clean and it works great, but it is puckering at the top edge of the basket, between the spots where it's welded to the basket frame. It doesn't seem to affect the performance of the juicer, but it requires more diligent cleaning.

I have a new tip today about juicing spinach leaves. Stack spinach leaves about 2-3" tall and place on a large kale leaf. Wrap the kale leaf around the spinach and stuff into the feed chute. Slowly push the kale/spinach "package" down the chute. Small spinach leaves won't fly out the food chute or end up whole in the pulp collection bin. This works great with collard greens too!

Update Apr 2013 - Still juicing! I make about a quart of green juice a day. The shredding disc and steel mesh were showing signs of staining and minor clogging. The residue wouldn't come off with hand-washing, so I decided to try some serious cleansing using a spray-on oven cleaner. Bingo! All the residue came off easily, opening all the clogged mesh holes and rejuvenating the shredding disc. None of the original parts have broken or cracked. I remain very satisfied with this juicer.

Update Dec 2012 - The Breville Compact Juice Fountain works like new after 11 months of daily use! There have been no issues with the motor. The plastic parts have held up well but are veggie-stained. The shredding disc isn't as sharp as it was on Day 1, but it still works great. When the time comes, Breville sells replacement parts online.

Update June 2012 - Still using the Breville twice daily and it continues to work well. No broken parts.

Original Review: Prior to purchasing the Breville Compact Juice Fountain, I researched other models and selected the Breville for its features and excellent customer reviews. I've been using the juicer daily since Jan 18, 2012 and continue to be satisfied with the unit. As with any centrifugal juicer, the pulp may not be "bone dry" due to the nature of the juicing process. But I'm not a purist, and any increase in my fruit & veggie intake is an improvement!

PROS of this unit
* The motor is powerful. The toughest veggie I've juiced is a quarter head of purple cabbage, no problem. Whole kale leaves, celery, carrots, broccoli, beets...juiced regularly without any trouble. I haven't tried juicing a sweet potato yet.
*Quick and easy to clean because there are only 4 parts: the food pusher, feed chute / pulp collection lid, pulp collection container and steel micro mesh filter. See in the video how effortless the Compact Juice Fountain is to assemble. I prefer this model to my friend's juicer that has the side-mounted pulp basket.
* Juice spout fits nicely into the opening of the pitcher lid. Juice doesn't splash all over the counter.
* Compact size makes it easy to leave on the counter to encourage frequent, if not daily, use. The pulp collection container measures 9 inches in diameter.
* Froth separator lid works well to separate the froth from the juice when pouring into a glass. Save the froth! It will liquify into more juice.
* There's a handy cord wrap in the base of the unit.
* Juicer cover, pulp container, filter basket and pitcher are listed as dishwasher safe. I prefer to hand-wash! Note that the inside of the juice collector (under the mesh filter basket) needs to be scrubbed well to prevent build-up.

CONS of this unit
* One speed means you cannot slow the shredder basket down for tough or leafy greens. I compensate by packing the chute with green and feeding it s-l-o-w-l-y.
* Small slices of fruit or veggies end up unshredded in the pulp container because there is a small gap between the bottom of the food chute and the shredding blades of the filter basket. The slices are thin enough (1/16 to 1/8") to fit through the gap. See the video for actual pulp results.
* The juice dispensing hole is hard to clean and gets a build-up. A small bottle brush gets some of it out.

TIPS for juicing and cleaning
* Rinse or clean the juicer immediately after juicing. Dried pulp is hard to clean off the mesh filter basket.
* Juice slowly for better results.
* Juice leafy greens first, then juicier fruits will wash the healthy green into the pitcher.
* Stack spinach into compact piles, and pack into the chute. This way whole baby leaves won't end up in the pulp container. Fill the chute and allow the juicer to slowly shred the greens. Add broccoli, grapes, brussels sprouts, etc. to the food chute while there is still some spinach at the more broccoli florets all over the kitchen =)
* Nest and roll big leaves like kale and collards. You can even tuck a small piece of ginger inside for more efficient juicing.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision about which juicer best fits your needs. Happy Juicing!
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on May 9, 2016
 Awesome awesome Juicer! 2 years in use, and still going strong! We use it regularly. One thing I would recommend is to spray all the parts out and spray/scrub the fine strainer IMMEDIATELY after use. If you do this, it will clean out nice and clear. Half the time I don't even use soap, just spray it all out over the sink (scoop the big chunks in the trash obviously), and then I just spray it all down with some food grade sanitizer. Don't let it just sit there, otherwise it can become quite nasty to clean out.
OH, also, if you want to, you can use all of the fibrous stuff that the juicer spits into the main compartment for healthy muffins! My wife has done this several times, and they turned out great. That way you can get the healthy juice, AND get some great fiber!

Note to the quality: This juicer has some super heavy duty quality parts. Just as a point of reference, I got my parents into juicing. First they got a Hamilton Beach Juicer, then they got a Jack Lalanne juicer... My Breville has outlasted BOTH of them, WORTH EVERY PENNY. Here's to your health! Please see my video.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2014
If I were able to give the Breville Hot Wok a rating of 10, I would!

Put simply, this wok has changed my life! I know...that sounds goofy, but it really has. I am a single 40-something who used to barely cook. I would burn water...if you know what I mean. I hate clean-up, hate following recipes for 2-4+ and it being only for me, I hate waiting for things to cook in the pot and the pans and all the dishes.... All those dishes...

Bluntly...I used to HATE cooking and being in the kitchen; well, that was up until my Breville Hot Wok arrived at my doorstep!

No under-stating here, it is a large beast. It takes up real-estate!!
It is like the 1970's Cadillac decked out for the low-rider with fur and dice strapped around the mirror complete with shiny rims.

It is HUGE!!! But I LOVE IT!!!! It has its own plot of land in my kitchen complete with fenced in yard and car port. It never sees the inside of a cupboard. I use it every single day! Yes, you read that correctly...I use it...I cook now...every day!!!

This Wok has converted me from a fast food, microwave heating, just-add-water sort of gal into a veggie slicing, meat cutting, stir-frying woman!!!

I can't seem to find anything I cannot make in the wok that used to require the stove or microwave. Better yet, I have increased my veggie intake 1,000 fold. It is the only cookware that I have used in months.

And the cleanup! OH MY how wonderful!!! wet a paper towel... wipe. DONE!!!!! That leaves washing the utensil I used to move the food around. Wha-La!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

Other things for consideration:
*It has a removable base. While unplugged and cold, flip it over, turn the lock. Remove the base.
*You can clean the wok with a wet towel... it has an awesome non-stick surface so food does not stick...thus the wipe with a towel.
*Please only use non-metal utensil in this masterpiece. What a shame it would be to ruin it by using a knife or metal spatula and digging up the surface.
*It cost more than others out there...WELL WORTH IT!!
*Heats up FAST!
*Heats evenly, no "hot-spots" on the surface.
*It is large, but cooks for one as easily as it will for 4.
*Cooks food fast...I think that is a WOK characteristic. Meat sears and cooks in about 2-3 minutes. Veggies take about the same time. I can have a complete meal in about 5 minutes!!! (I even sliced up a potato and made "fried" potatoes in it with about a tablespoon or less of oil. Cooked them perfectly and in less than 5 minutes.)
*comes with a booklet with some recipes
*Cord is that Breville trade mark design. Has that "O" to pull with your finger so you never get near the outlet.
*It is a WOK...and that means... big. I have not seen any woks that were "small". The potential trouble is where to store it when not in use. I leave mine on the stove. I have a nonflammable cover that sits on my gas stove metal grill thingy (the gill that holds the pans/pots above the flame--that thing). So my wok is out 24/7 in plain view like the microwave and the coffee pot.. Microwaves/coffee pots sit out all day...why should not my awesome wok? :-)

Overall I love this wok and highly recommend it. But before you buy it, make sure you want the Cadillac in the garage, and ... make sure you have room for the Cadillac.
review image
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on January 11, 2015
Bought this bad boy as a last minute Christmas gift for myself. I did some pretty good research and though this may not be considered the best juicer, it did seem to have very good reviews. I've not juiced before this so I did not want to spend the $200-$300 needed to get the "best" that was out there. I was pleasantly surprised at this little fella. Very easy to put together. Very easy to clean. Very easy to use. Not sure if I'm being the most healthy but I basically put everything plus the kitchen sink into it until I get something I want to drink. Basically, spinach, celery, apples, oranges, limes, beets, cucumbers, pears, ginger and anything else that's laying around. When its done the pulp seems to be pretty dry and the juice is ready for my belly. I keep the pulp and my wife likes to add that to her meals or smoothies and she says she loves it. Seeing I bought it on sale for $55 I have to say its one of the better investments I've ever made! (and I've only made a small mess once)
review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 24, 2007
I juice at least once a day as I primarily eat raw foods.

My Jack LaLane juicer finally wore out after 2.5 years of daily use. I was tempted to buy another - but I liked the way everything including the pulp catcher is all in one unit. So glad I got the Breville.

This thing is POWERFUL, especially compared to "Jack LaLanne". It is so powerful I usually don't even use the pusher except to cover the top so your ceiling doesn't get covered with stuff. Other reviewers have mentioned that tendency. What wasn't mentioned is that the reason it does that is because the motor is so beefy that stuff will shoot straight up.

When juicing soft stuff I immediately cover the top with my hand.

The design of this thing is absolutely first rate. Even down to the plug, which has a moulded loop so that it is easy to unplug and plug in! No tool is required to remove the basket, as in most other juicers. Breville uses a combo of ingenious design and magnets to hold it in place!

Ease of use and fit and finish is perfect.

Clean up is really a 2 minute operation and I don't even own a dishwasher. It will stain eventually, as every juicer I have ever owned does. Carrot juice would make a great dye :-)

The pulp on this juicer is a bit wetter than the Jack LaLanne. The "Jack" had a much larger basket and a much slower rotation. I believe that may account for it. But it isn't much wetter - just very slightly.

This juicer makes much smaller pieces of pulp though - and my experience so far has been that it gets just as much juice from a pound of carrots.

Bottom line - I can't imagine anyone not loving this unit.

UPDATE 3/26/2011 This thing is still going strong 3.5 years later. Folks I buy carrots by the 25 pound bag so I am HARD on juicers. And not one part has needed replacement!
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on May 31, 2014
Alright, this product already have 160 customer reviews and average stars are 4.5 already. So... me adding one more good review may not do much of sales promotion but I would like those who are struggling (or worrying about) under-extracting issue on BES870XL to read this before you write a bad product review here or before you give up buying this product. Here comes the normal product review first.

1. This review is about BES870XL, not 860 or 840
2. This machine is programmable semi-automatic espresso machine (surprise that some people gave bad review because this machine is not super automatic). Consider this as.... you can buy a sports car with an automatic transmission (=super automatic machine). It is convenient and does the average job across all situation. You do not need to worry about anything settling down at the average with automatic gears. But you can also buy the sports car with a manual transmission (=semi-automatic machine). It is less convenient and requires practice but you can control it by yourself in the way however you want it to be AFTER learn to use it.
3. I have owned this for only one week so not much to say about durability. Fingers crossed.
4. This machine has one boiler (heating coil) so cannot extract espresso and use steam at the same time. Check for starting at $1500 range if you were about to pick this as cons of this product
5. I am just little over the average coffee lover so not near experts level. I have owned two super automatic espresso machines (Saeco Vienna & Krups XP 7250) and I still use Bialetti Brikka from time to time.

Good points on this product:
-- Using a semi-auto espresso machine, having a built-in grinder is a big plus. Some review will say the built in grinder does less quality job then $250 grinder but not sure they actually understand this product is less than $599. They will go to KIA dealer and will say "this KIA is not as good as my friends BMW". Funny people.
-- Having a pressure gauge is a huge plus since you have to guess less of if your espresso is being extracted in the right way or not. After practice, you will be able to know that by color, stream, and time.... etc but having the pressure gauge does only help.
-- The frothing wand is the best so far among the 3 espresso machines I have owned at the similar price range.
-- While everything is programmable or automatic, at the same time, you can also use manual mode for everything from coffee ground amount to amount of water for a shot.

Rooms for improvement:
-- Hot wafer outlet is weirdly positioned between group head and frothing wand. This is still better than many others which shares it with frothing nozzle but I think it can be located better. And the outlet nozzle of short.
-- The distance between drip tray and the group head (& grinder outlet) is more than usual (meaning higher than expected) so it makes your coffee making little messier. Either lowering it down or extending the drip tray out more would help.
-- The included razor looks cool but have not found good use yet

Alright, now about the under-extracting:
No matter how many hours you search internet for your under-extracting problem, everyone will repeat the same thing "use the best quality coffee beans, use the best coffee grinder, use finer grinder setting than now, use perfect amount of tamping, and use right amount of does. Then problem will go away". And you will see other threads "I still have the problem". Well nothing wrong with the internet advise but let's think about it little differently on what to check first.

While experimenting with the factors for the perfect espresso, I would like to suggest to play with the DOSE first, assuming you have no issue tamping it with suggested force. The suggested force is not small amount - push it hard. then you will do fine.

Now fill the filter with a GOOD amount of coffee (500+ youtube videos) and tamper it down as instructed in the manual (top of the filter is flushed with the metal border of the included tamper). When you have the right amount of dose in order to make good pressure during extraction, you should feel some RESISTANCE (of your tamped down coffee puck rubbing against the group head) when you are locking your filter to the group head. If you feel no resistance at all, you will NEVER go above the pre-infussion pressure. This is the first key to fix your under-extracting issue, not the expensive bean or expensive grinder (I said the first key, not the whole key). You just cannot create enough pressure if there is gap between coffee puck and the group head.

This is how the super-automatic machines get never-bad espresso every time - the group head comes down to the coffee puck and presses itself against the coffee puck, making no gap in between. Moreover, the super-automatic machines press the group head against the coffee puck with the same amount of pressure every time. Here is one way to test how much dose of too much (since we already know what is too little = no resistance) ; add more ground coffee than instructed so that you can see the metal part of the tamper after tamping. Now try to lock the filter ; you will not even able to turn the handle (failed to lock) because the coffee puck is too thick and there is no room for group head.

By adjusting dose (adjusting thickness of the coffee puck after tamping), find the optimum dose that will give you some resistance but still allow you to lock the filter. Then remember how much resistance you had and make it consistent all the time. When doing this, use rather fine-grind setting than coarse - we will adjust it later. If you complete this stage, you are 80% done for making a good espresso.

Now, if you found your optimum dose at fine-grind setting, you should see either just right pressure or too high pressure (over-extracting). When pressure is in the middle of safe zone, no question - you are done a this stage. If the pressure is too high, start testing for coarser and coarser grinder setting until the pressure is reduced to the perfect range. If the pressure is low even at fine-side setting, you are still under dosing the coffee amount. Before blaming anything else, increase the dose. I can easily make it to be over-extracting with coarse grinder setting by increasing dose, trust me. Now you are 90%.

Then try different coffee beans until you find your favorite. Each beans will need adjustment in dose and particle size but you will find it very quickly since now you know what to do. If you found the best coffee and settings for you, now you are 100% done.

NOTE: the pressure reading does not guarantee of the perfect espresso but will make your learning 20 times easier since you have measurable reference compared to guessing "is my espresso stream too thin or too runny...". That is what I meant by 100% done.

How about over-extracting?
Change the coffee grind setting to coarse side and check if you are not over dosing. Trust me, please, fixing over-extracting is way way easier than fixing under-extracting. Many BES840/860/870 owners out there will be happy to see over-extracting on their machines while they were struggling the pressure gauge never going up.

This machine is truly fun to own if you are interested in making your "own" coffee. If you want to skip ahead of adjusting parameters almost every time you make your cup of coffee and about to complaint that his machine is too difficult to use, please buy a super-automatic machine. Super-automatic does average job all the time by just a press of a button.

And for all of you who are struggling with under-extracting issue on semi-automatic espresso machine, please listen to me (nothing to lose!) that the amount of dose is the first key, again assuming you are doing good pressure tamping, before you take other internet advises then buy the most expensive coffee in the town or buy a coffee grinder that is more expensive than your espresso machine. Play with the dose - you will know how easy it is to make any machine over-extracting.
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on February 26, 2016
The "Fruit Dome's" connector is made from flimsy plastic, and wears down fast and breaks easily. It can't be replaced by itself so one has to buy the entire fruit dome because according to their customer service "Parts and accessories aren't covered under the warranty, you would need to purchase a replacement dome if you want a replacement." I used it less than 5 months since I got it towards the end of last citrus season.

I liked it a lot while it was working, it's quiet and looks nice and a lot faster than juicing by hand, so I guess I'll just buy the replacement parts while they make them, from looking at the design I don't have much hope that the next one will last longer.

Update: Downgraded to one star after dealing with their customer service some more and trying to get the thing fixed. It's trash after less than a year.
review image
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on November 14, 2016
DO NOT BUY this juicer!! Breville does not stock the filter basket which you WILL need within 2 years or much less! Shame on you Breville, after less than a year and a half of light to moderate use, the machine hemorrhages juice during use, as the fine mesh screen filter disk becomes hopelessly clogged, and BREVILLE KNOWS this is a common issue with the machine. It is a GREAT juicer, the least Breville can do is STOCK THE PART!
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on April 10, 2016
What Breville says they are attempting to achieve with this wok is to get as close as possible to an Asian work over a high pressure flame such as what you would find in a good Chinatown restaurant. I would say they have achieved their goal. This wok gets very hot very quickly and stays that way for as long as you need it to be hot. Most electric woks heat the bottom fairly decently, but the sides remain relatively cool.
The Breville wok heats up much more evenly and consistently without the constant heat cycling you find in lighter, less expensive woks.
The heat control is nicely calibrated for good micro control and the control has a quick release feature that prevents burning fingers when you unplug it. The plug end has a hole to facilitate removal so that the stress is reduced when you remove the plug from the outlet. The bottom separates from the bowl to facilitate washing. The non stick coating on the bowl is the real deal, it is super thick and extremely durable. Overall an excellent kitchen device. I use mine at least three times a week. This thing gets so hot and stays so hot, you can deep fry egg rolls in it!
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