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on March 18, 2012
Update Aug 2014 - Thanks for all the questions and comments on my review over the years! Yes, I am still using the original juicer! No, this is not a paid endorsement. I have not been contacted by Breville or offered any compensation. When you find a product that is built well, works well and helps you get's worth writing about it! Keep reading...

Update Oct 2013 - I'm so glad I bought this juicer! Still using all the original parts, nothing is broken. I've kept the mesh filter basket clean and it works great, but it is puckering at the top edge of the basket, between the spots where it's welded to the basket frame. It doesn't seem to affect the performance of the juicer, but it requires more diligent cleaning.

I have a new tip today about juicing spinach leaves. Stack spinach leaves about 2-3" tall and place on a large kale leaf. Wrap the kale leaf around the spinach and stuff into the feed chute. Slowly push the kale/spinach "package" down the chute. Small spinach leaves won't fly out the food chute or end up whole in the pulp collection bin. This works great with collard greens too!

Update Apr 2013 - Still juicing! I make about a quart of green juice a day. The shredding disc and steel mesh were showing signs of staining and minor clogging. The residue wouldn't come off with hand-washing, so I decided to try some serious cleansing using a spray-on oven cleaner. Bingo! All the residue came off easily, opening all the clogged mesh holes and rejuvenating the shredding disc. None of the original parts have broken or cracked. I remain very satisfied with this juicer.

Update Dec 2012 - The Breville Compact Juice Fountain works like new after 11 months of daily use! There have been no issues with the motor. The plastic parts have held up well but are veggie-stained. The shredding disc isn't as sharp as it was on Day 1, but it still works great. When the time comes, Breville sells replacement parts online.

Update June 2012 - Still using the Breville twice daily and it continues to work well. No broken parts.

Original Review: Prior to purchasing the Breville Compact Juice Fountain, I researched other models and selected the Breville for its features and excellent customer reviews. I've been using the juicer daily since Jan 18, 2012 and continue to be satisfied with the unit. As with any centrifugal juicer, the pulp may not be "bone dry" due to the nature of the juicing process. But I'm not a purist, and any increase in my fruit & veggie intake is an improvement!

PROS of this unit
* The motor is powerful. The toughest veggie I've juiced is a quarter head of purple cabbage, no problem. Whole kale leaves, celery, carrots, broccoli, beets...juiced regularly without any trouble. I haven't tried juicing a sweet potato yet.
*Quick and easy to clean because there are only 4 parts: the food pusher, feed chute / pulp collection lid, pulp collection container and steel micro mesh filter. See in the video how effortless the Compact Juice Fountain is to assemble. I prefer this model to my friend's juicer that has the side-mounted pulp basket.
* Juice spout fits nicely into the opening of the pitcher lid. Juice doesn't splash all over the counter.
* Compact size makes it easy to leave on the counter to encourage frequent, if not daily, use. The pulp collection container measures 9 inches in diameter.
* Froth separator lid works well to separate the froth from the juice when pouring into a glass. Save the froth! It will liquify into more juice.
* There's a handy cord wrap in the base of the unit.
* Juicer cover, pulp container, filter basket and pitcher are listed as dishwasher safe. I prefer to hand-wash! Note that the inside of the juice collector (under the mesh filter basket) needs to be scrubbed well to prevent build-up.

CONS of this unit
* One speed means you cannot slow the shredder basket down for tough or leafy greens. I compensate by packing the chute with green and feeding it s-l-o-w-l-y.
* Small slices of fruit or veggies end up unshredded in the pulp container because there is a small gap between the bottom of the food chute and the shredding blades of the filter basket. The slices are thin enough (1/16 to 1/8") to fit through the gap. See the video for actual pulp results.
* The juice dispensing hole is hard to clean and gets a build-up. A small bottle brush gets some of it out.

TIPS for juicing and cleaning
* Rinse or clean the juicer immediately after juicing. Dried pulp is hard to clean off the mesh filter basket.
* Juice slowly for better results.
* Juice leafy greens first, then juicier fruits will wash the healthy green into the pitcher.
* Stack spinach into compact piles, and pack into the chute. This way whole baby leaves won't end up in the pulp container. Fill the chute and allow the juicer to slowly shred the greens. Add broccoli, grapes, brussels sprouts, etc. to the food chute while there is still some spinach at the more broccoli florets all over the kitchen =)
* Nest and roll big leaves like kale and collards. You can even tuck a small piece of ginger inside for more efficient juicing.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision about which juicer best fits your needs. Happy Juicing!
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on January 11, 2015
Bought this bad boy as a last minute Christmas gift for myself. I did some pretty good research and though this may not be considered the best juicer, it did seem to have very good reviews. I've not juiced before this so I did not want to spend the $200-$300 needed to get the "best" that was out there. I was pleasantly surprised at this little fella. Very easy to put together. Very easy to clean. Very easy to use. Not sure if I'm being the most healthy but I basically put everything plus the kitchen sink into it until I get something I want to drink. Basically, spinach, celery, apples, oranges, limes, beets, cucumbers, pears, ginger and anything else that's laying around. When its done the pulp seems to be pretty dry and the juice is ready for my belly. I keep the pulp and my wife likes to add that to her meals or smoothies and she says she loves it. Seeing I bought it on sale for $55 I have to say its one of the better investments I've ever made! (and I've only made a small mess once)
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on May 9, 2016
 Awesome awesome Juicer! 2 years in use, and still going strong! We use it regularly. One thing I would recommend is to spray all the parts out and spray/scrub the fine strainer IMMEDIATELY after use. If you do this, it will clean out nice and clear. Half the time I don't even use soap, just spray it all out over the sink (scoop the big chunks in the trash obviously), and then I just spray it all down with some food grade sanitizer. Don't let it just sit there, otherwise it can become quite nasty to clean out.
OH, also, if you want to, you can use all of the fibrous stuff that the juicer spits into the main compartment for healthy muffins! My wife has done this several times, and they turned out great. That way you can get the healthy juice, AND get some great fiber!

Note to the quality: This juicer has some super heavy duty quality parts. Just as a point of reference, I got my parents into juicing. First they got a Hamilton Beach Juicer, then they got a Jack Lalanne juicer... My Breville has outlasted BOTH of them, WORTH EVERY PENNY. Here's to your health! Please see my video.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 24, 2007
I juice at least once a day as I primarily eat raw foods.

My Jack LaLane juicer finally wore out after 2.5 years of daily use. I was tempted to buy another - but I liked the way everything including the pulp catcher is all in one unit. So glad I got the Breville.

This thing is POWERFUL, especially compared to "Jack LaLanne". It is so powerful I usually don't even use the pusher except to cover the top so your ceiling doesn't get covered with stuff. Other reviewers have mentioned that tendency. What wasn't mentioned is that the reason it does that is because the motor is so beefy that stuff will shoot straight up.

When juicing soft stuff I immediately cover the top with my hand.

The design of this thing is absolutely first rate. Even down to the plug, which has a moulded loop so that it is easy to unplug and plug in! No tool is required to remove the basket, as in most other juicers. Breville uses a combo of ingenious design and magnets to hold it in place!

Ease of use and fit and finish is perfect.

Clean up is really a 2 minute operation and I don't even own a dishwasher. It will stain eventually, as every juicer I have ever owned does. Carrot juice would make a great dye :-)

The pulp on this juicer is a bit wetter than the Jack LaLanne. The "Jack" had a much larger basket and a much slower rotation. I believe that may account for it. But it isn't much wetter - just very slightly.

This juicer makes much smaller pieces of pulp though - and my experience so far has been that it gets just as much juice from a pound of carrots.

Bottom line - I can't imagine anyone not loving this unit.

UPDATE 3/26/2011 This thing is still going strong 3.5 years later. Folks I buy carrots by the 25 pound bag so I am HARD on juicers. And not one part has needed replacement!
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on March 31, 2015
I've had this juicer for over 2 years now. While it's not awful, it's certainly not the best either.

If you plan on green juicing with lots of leafy greens this may not be the juicer for you. I've found that many leaves just go straight through to the pulp bin. I've found fully intact parsley and mint leaves in there plus large pieces of other leafy greens. The juicer just spits them through to waste.

For larger fruits and vegetables I've found large chunks in the pulp bin. This surprised me. Leafy greens slipping though - ok - but big chunks of carrot, cucumber, beet, and more is not great. See my picture of the large chunks that were in the pulp bin.

Speaking of the pulp, it's wet. I'm not expecting it to be powder dry, but the pulp is significantly wet to the point you should run it through a second time to get more juice.

All in all, I'm not thrilled with this juicer and will likely replace it soon as I want to focus more on green juicing. It does make juice and for the price it's a decent entry level juicer.
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on April 4, 2011
When I was looking into juicers, I heard good things about Breville. Although I didn't buy one of the high-end models or brands used by true raw foodists, I feel pretty happy with my Breville Compact Juice Fountain. On the plus column, it's a nice size for two and fits under the counter. It's a breeze to assemble and disassemble, it juices quickly and easily, and cleaning is a cinch. Breville includes a brush for cleaning the juicer's mesh interior screen, and that is very handy. I clean the whole juicer as soon as I'm done, and I haven't had any problem at all getting to the machine's nooks and crannies, unlike some kitchen appliances I've had in the past. Most of the juicer is even dishwasher safe, although, I don't clean it that way most of the time. It's easy enough to do by hand, and then it's always ready for my next juice craving.

On the negative column, it's not great at juicing leafy greens. I'd looked forward to that, but this type of juicer just doesn't do a very thorough job. It seems to just immediately throw the leaves to the inside of the pulp container. Being a leafy greens fanatic, I hate to just waste leaves that could have made a marvelous meal. Luckily, outside of leafy greens, there's still plenty that it is good at juicing - fruits and vegetables like celery, bok choy, broccoli stalks, cauliflower stalks, cabbage, carrots, pears, apples, peeled citrus fruit... I like to do an 80/20 mix of vegetables to fruit. I often plan to bring extra juice with me to work for an afternoon pick-me-up but I've yet to have the restraint. I can't help but drink it immediately. The crisp and thirst quenching juice is irresistible.

I can't compare the dryness of the remaining pulp to other juicers since this one is my first, but I can say that it isn't completely dry afterward. It has the feeling of mashed potatoes. I've tried running it through the machine again, but the few droplets of juice it produces come out like sludge. For the most part I like the juicer, and so I've started finding other uses for the remaining pulp.

One thing I've done is make my own vegetable broth. Before adding any fruits, I juice only the vegetables. Then I remove all of the vegetable pulp from its catcher and put it into a pot with water. I bring the water to a boil and then lower it to a simmer. I let it simmer for about an hour and add in any additional herbs I like. (I often choose homey herbs like thyme, rosemary, and basil.) Once it has finished cooking, I run the broth through a fine mesh sieve to catch all of the pulp. I use it in any recipes calling for broth or when I want to add more color and nutrients to my cooked grains. (Most people stay away from using green vegetables for broth because of the color, but I don't mind it.) If it's more broth than I want to have on hand, I pour it into an ice cube tray, freeze it, and then I can use just as many cubes as I need at a time.

Another way I've used the pulp is by incorporating it in smoothies. After I'm done juicing, I mash the pulp into an ice cube tray and store it in the freezer. When I'm making green smoothies, I just add a few extra cubes for extra nutrition, flavor, and texture.
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on January 1, 2013
See my review of the BJE820XL.

I decided some family should also get into juicing. So I bought a Breville as a gift. Since I already forked out $400 on the 820, I decided to go cheep and get them a 200 for $100.

Bottom line: it works just as well. There is little need to spend more on the 820.

The main differences are the awesomely powerful motor of the 820: it hums away at a zillion RPM and doesn't break a sweat. However I put every type of vegetable through both and I can't really tell the difference.

I would be hesitant to let the 200 run for long periods of time however.

The 200 also needs to be emptied more regularly. You are not going to juice 2 full quarts of juice without overflowing the catcher.
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on August 2, 2013
I bought this several months ago and we have been using it at least 3 times a week. We weren't sure how serious we were going to be about juicing and how much we wanted to spend on one until we knew if we were actually going to use it. After reading all the reviews we got this one thinking, even though at $100 it's kind of a commitment, but it seems like if you go cheaper, you are saving money and getting a pain in the neck machine that might be a big waste of money because you never want to use it.
I'm glad we went for it and got this one. It's super easy to use--wash your veggies, throw them down the chute and voila, you have juice in your perfect little pitcher. Then you take the 4 little pieces apart and compost what's left--all the seeds and lots of the pulp and such and then a quick wash and you're done. No crevices you can't clean, not a million parts that you need to be an engineer to put together, etc. Takes a few minutes and you have all the veggie nutrients you need. We used it to make OJ for mimosas--also awesome. If you're new to juicing, I learned quickly a giant bunch of spinach or kale will give you practically no juice. Cucumbers are the key for volume, and carrots for sweetness. This has enough power that I never hear it struggling to keep up. We make 3 pitchers at a time and drink it for a couple days. I know the nutrient value isn't as great when it's not as fresh, but we do once a week food prep, so making juice three times a week is a big deal!
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on January 25, 2013
To be fair, I should have done my research before buying this juicer. This juicer is good for casual juicing. But I initially bought this juicer for juice fasting and it was an error on my part. With that being said, lets start the review.

I do not like the compact design. It really is a PAIN to clean. This juicer is good for juicing carrots, kale, apples, cucumbers and carrots. The pulp is fairly dry, but when juicing things like berries, pineapple, tomatoes, tangerines, the pulp is fairly wet. Not only that, the juicer spits up bits of the soft fruits and pieces of leaves like spinach and parsley. So when I clean up, I also have to wipe down the cabinet doors, the floor, the wall next to the juicer, as well as the counter top. Sometimes just thinking about the clean up makes me not want to juice at all. I have read that some people like to re-juice the pulp a second time to get all the juice out, but you can forget about trying to do that with this juicer. It'll just be a hot mess if you try (trust me, I tried). And this juicer is quite LOUD. As with all centrifugal juicers, juicing mainly fruits causes oxidation, which is not really ideal. Especially when I have to clean the juicer right away after juicing, letting the juice sit there for a good 7 minutes while I scrub the blade thingy with the bristle brush. The most you can juice with this juicer is about 27 ounces (about 800 ml)at a time. You can't really make more than that because the pulp container gets full and you have to dismantle the juicer to empty it out. I suppose you can put it back together, but it's just so messy. This juicer comes with a 1 year warranty.

So, my recommendation: Not for hardcore juicing. Please do your research before buying any juicer. It's best to invest in a good juicer with a longer warranty.
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on December 1, 2014
I've had this juicer for a few years and it has pros and cons.


-Compact design
-Juices quickly with fast motor
-Can handle a wide variety of fruits and veggies - carrots, kale, apples, anything really
-Juice is frothy and delicious, very high quality
-Price is great for the performance


-I hate cleaning this thing. It's messy to take it all apart, dump all the pulp into the disposal, then clean the sink, then scrub the basket, rinse everything, then put in the dishwasher. If you do NOT have a dishwasher I don't recommend this as there's no way you could get that basket clean!
-Bits of veg do fly out of the top as people say. Often I have to wipe down my cabinets and counters after juicing.
-The pulp is not quite as dry as I would like, and there are chunks of pulp left over. I wonder how much is being wasted.

If you are new to juicing and don't want to invest in an expensive model, I recommend this one, then maybe after a while upgrading your machine if you want to. Or, if you only plan to juice once a week, it's fine.
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