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on November 13, 2016
I have owned this machine since 2008. I use it almost daily, and take very good care. I juice a big batch of ginger every 2 weeks and I freeze the ginger juice on ice cube trays so I can add to my daily juices. Always pick ginger roots that are fresh, not only these have more juice but are also softer than older drier roots. It makes a big difference the freshness of the ginger when it comes to juicing it. 1 pound of ginger root yields around 300 ml of juice. I do the same with turmeric root. Turmeric makes a little painful to clean the machine as the turmeric will taint everything orange....a little bleach (diluted in water) is the answer to clean it in this case (soak the plastic for 5 min in a 10% mixed bleach/water and the stains disappear).
I very rarely rise the speed above 1, and the trick I use is to mix harder veggies with softer ones all together.
It has been 8 years of extensive use and my machine works flawlessly and still looks very good.
I do not allow myself to drink the juice if I have not cleaned the machine. I found that if you rinse it right away it is much easier than if you let it sit even for 1/2 not let it sit, just rinse it right away. Every once in a while I deep clean it which mostly is about dealing with white calcium deposits in the transparent plastic. I never put it in the dishwasher, I just rinse it right away (which takes 5 minutes), and yes, it takes some space to let it dry, it will take all your drying rack space.
I absolutely love my breville, it has served me for 8 years so far, I have no complaints, and yes, I highly recommend this machine for juicing, it is a very good quality machine, makes wonderful juices and it is easy to maintain, clean.
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on May 28, 2016
I bought this juicer after watching "Fat, Sick and Nearing Dead" by Joe Cross. This is very similar to the juicer that Joe used in the movie. I really like this machine a lot. It has a large diameter feed tube that will accept must fruits and vegetables whole, which saves time. This one is a five speed unit which provides the flexibility to juice a range of fruits and vegetables from soft to hard. The juicer will accept quite a few items before it reaches capacity. For example, in one go, I've juiced four stalks of celery, two apples, a cucumber, a whole lemon, six leaves of kale, four carrots and a thumb of ginger. I could probably double that before the refuse basket was filled to capacity. This unit juices quickly too.

So on the down side, if you are going to be storing your juice, then be aware that this machine introduces considerable air into the finished product and produces some froth. On the higher speed settings the machine produces a lot of noise.

Clean up isn't too bad. If you line the refuse bin with a plastic bag then that is a snap. The feed plunger, top feed tube and attached cover, the combination shredding plate and filter screen, the bottom juice catching bowl, juice receiving pitcher all require cleaning at the end of the juicing run. While this may sound like a lot, it really isn't bad. All of these parts are easily removed and rinsed under tap water. A bristle brush is included for cleaning the shredding disk and filter screen. Cleaning immediately after juicing is necessary to reduce the work of scrubbing off dried caked on fruit and vegetable matter latter.

The unit does have a relatively larger counter top foot print, so if space is a premium in your kitchen, then you might want to consider something else.

I really like my Breville and recommend its purchase.
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on January 13, 2011
Well, have had this Breville Multi-Speed IKON juicer for a month. It has taken me awhile to get to the point where I found a juicer I really liked, but this is the one. Very well built. Very powerful. Extremely easy to clean (all removable parts, of which there are only of which you don't need to clean if you use the bag your produce came in to line the pulp canister).

This is the juicer I expected all along. Originally, I had a Jack LaLane Power Juicer that I bought from one of those shopping channel infomercials. Without getting into too much detail, the motor was weak. It was hard to clean. And, it made a mess. I returned it.

FIguring I needed to spend more, and get a different type of juicer, I bought an OMEGA VRT 330 juicer. That one was almost 3X the price of the Jack Lalane's juicer.

In some respects, it was well built. In others (like the mesh grill) it was pretty dismal. the mesh grill lasted exactly one month before it cracked. Plus, there's a series of squeegies that wipes the mesh grill attached to a basket outside the mesh. I suspect at some point, probably fairly quickly if you use the juicer every day, that this basket and the squeegies wear out.

Additionally, it takes a lot longer to juice with the OMEGA that it does with the Breville IKON. Lastly, veggies with longish stems tend to get caught up wrapped around the auger, causing me to have to constantly "reverse" the motor to get it untangled. Not convenient.

The OMEGA went back.

Now, the Breville is very well made. The plastic parts are thick and of high quality. THe motor housing is heavy stainless steel. TO use it, you set the speed (low speeds for soft fruits and veggies...midspeeds for firmer fruits and veggies.....high speeds for hard fruits and veggies). Mostly, I throw the fruits and veggies in whole, using everything. For the bigger stuff (like whole pineapples) I cut them up.

It's not as loud as a coffee grinder, but it's not silent, either.

The pulp is not bone dry, but it isn't any more wet than I got from the OMEGA machine.

This is a fast machine. You can juice a whole medium apple in about 3 seconds. Same for a handful of spinach, or 2-3 whole carrots. I can get an 8 ounce glass of juice in around 15 seconds. Amazing.

I think there's only one juicer I'd consider better looking than the IKON, that one's the IKON's big brother, Juice Fountain Elite, which has a slightly more powerful motor (don't think I need that) and has only 2 speeds but is more expensive than the IKON.


1. Grab the bag that you lined the pulp canister with, and throw it away.
2. Put the plunger in the dishwasher
3. Grab the plastic top, rinse it off on the inside. Put it in the dishwasher if you feel it's needed
4. Lift out the blade/screen. Rinse with warm, soapy water and brush with the included brush. Throw it in the dishwasher if you want.

It takes maybe a minute, literally, to clean.

In my opinion, this is bar none, the best juicer made.
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on May 27, 2017
So far GREAT!
I love the big feeder tube, the juicer is quiet and fast. I am juicing carrots, apples and cabbage, and although they are all tough vegtables, this juicer goes through them fast, like butter! Compared to my old (and I mean old, 30+year old juicer) it is so easy to clean! Used to standing and cutting everything in to tiny pieces, but no more, half an apple 1/8 cabbage, whole carrots! Great! The pulp is so dry too, most of the juice is gone, saving tons of money in product! Easy to take apart and clean with the brush that comes with it. It also comes with a pitcher to juice into and store your juice. I wish the pitcher closed up completely because I usually make juice for the day and would like it to be air tight. The juicer also comes with a down spout to use when your not using the pitcher, which is pretty nice, but makes me worry I might lose it and that would not be good as the juice splashes when your not using it or the pitcher. The ability to adjust the speed of the unit is nice too, easy to read and understand the number system for spinning speed for less heat on softer and harder fruit and veg. So far, I love it....I like to update after a few months of usage, so hopefully soon will have a great follow up for what seems like a great juicer!
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on March 8, 2017
I have had this juicer for months, and I love it! It quickly will juice an apple whole! I love to this in whole peeled beets, kale, carrots, celery, and ginger root into a yummy juice! My kids love fresh apple juice. The pitcher it comes with is very handy. I love how it catches the foam making the juice foam free.

It is very easy clean up- about 3 min. Now, it is true that the plastic of the juicer (not pitched) becomes cloudy. I find that using lemon dish soap helps, but the cloudy plastic doesn't bother me. I have seen this juicer go as low as $104. I bought it for $125 and feel that it was a great buy. I recommend this juicer.

Update: After a year it is still working well! The plastic does slightly fog- no biggie though.
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on November 27, 2011
My Juicing Saga:

1 - Saw "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." Resolved to try juicing (although I'm none of the three, sill, there's always room for improvement).

2 - Looked up the best juicer in my $150 price range on Consumer Reports. Result: JUICEMAN JM550S. Used it, felt great. Didn't know any better - thought juicers were just loud and a pain in the butt to clean.

3 - Returned the JUICEMAN when it started rattling inside after 3 weeks (!!).

4 - Purchased a CUISINART. Easier to clean, and QUIET!! Loved it... for about a day. Got about half as much juice per vegetable as I did from the JM. Returned Cuisinart.

5 - Bit the bullet and spent $100 more for this BREVILLE. OMG. Easier to clean, quieter, and more juice volume. I love it.

Save yourself the trouble. Spend a little more and get the Breville. Really.

SIX years later, still using it & loving it.
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I just upgraded juicers and I am very happy with this Breville. I used a Champion juicer for almost 20 years. While the Champion was a workhorse, it had a small feed opening and had a tendency to drip juice and spread the non-juice pulp all over the counter. The Breville works much better with its larger feed opening and the enclosed container for receiving the pulp.

I like that you can adjust the speed faster or slower depending on whether you are juicy soft, leafy veggies or hard veggies. The larger opening makes juicing much easier and quicker. The Breville juicer is just a much better design and works well. All the pulp goes to the container on the left while the juice goes to the container on the right. I also like the juice containers pouring lid. Its a great design as it lets you pour just juice while leaving any of the foam that sometimes accumulates on certain juices. If you like the foam just remove the lid before pouring.

Cleanup is pretty easy. The juicer comes apart quickly into about six or seven parts which are pretty easy to rinse clean. Once dry I can put the juicer back together in about 20 seconds. This juicer is also much more modern looking than my 20 year old Champion juicer, so it looks much better if I leave it sitting on the counter.

***5/8/2014/ update***
I have been using the juicer for a solid month. I juiced every day except one. The juicer performs very well. I have gotten used to the motor speed control and now can easily dial in the correct speed for the different veggies I am juicing. I normally juice about 32 to 40 ounces of juice each day. I have been drinking two big glasses of juice for breakfast, and I drink the rest around lunchtime. I never feel hungry at all during the day and I have been eating a light dinner each night. As of this morning my weight has dropped from 226 to 211. That is a nice loss of 15 pounds. But the best part is I have so much more energy! And since this juicer looks much nicer than my old unit, I can leave it on the counter when not in use. My old unit was stored downstairs, so I had to lug that thing upstairs first. By leaving this on the counter I am much more likely to continue using it. So far this has been a great purchase!
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on March 1, 2016
Absolutely awesome. I started juicing with a less technical and expensive juicer just to see if I liked it or not. I used it for about a year and then bought the Breville BJE10XL. The cost was very reasonable for the upgrade in product. In fact for the ease of use and cleanup I would probably pay more after experiencing the joy of EASY cleanup. If you are juicing on a REAL level, meaning you have changed your lifestyle to plant-based nutrition, it is time to upgrade your juicer so you can spend that hour you used to spend cleaning out your older less expensive juicer doing something more meaningful like walking or just living your life. The cleanup with this model is a snap and the overall operation is great as well with the multiple speeds for different fruits and veggies. If money is tight, put away $10 a week until you can but this model. Your time and effort is worth it when you are trying to make yourself a better and healthier person. Cancer and diabetes are far more expensive than this juicer and I know this fact personally. You will not be disappointed in how great this machine works.
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on August 19, 2014
My husband and I juice almost every day and have been using this juicer for almost 2 years. It works great! Its easy to clean and use. After about a year and a half we decided to buy new blades because we noticed they were getting a little dull and it is very easy to buy new parts from Breville. When we first started juicing we were a little rough on the machine which is why I think the blades were dull so quickly. Now that we know what we are doing I can already tell that the blades will last much longer. I believe in juicing! If you want to do something that will change your life and your health, juicing is the way to go. We have never felt better, and while I still have some serious health problems, a lot of my symptoms are gone. My skin is brighter, softer, and more youthful and even the whites of my eyes are whiter. I love my juicer.
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on December 18, 2014
What can I say: I LOVE IT! At 40 years old I was diagnosed with a condition that dictated I immediately change my diet. After doing some research, supplementing with juicing seemed like a natural fit. I am 5'-9" and I was only 185lbs when I started. So not horribly overweight but I had packed on a few unhealthy pounds over the years. A smoothie for breakfast, a sensible lunch and a juice for dinner and I feel better than I have in over a decade. In just over 6 months I have lost right at 40lbs.

I didn't want to write a review until after living with this juicer for a while. I feel that I can now can say that it is a fantastic machine. Sure, there are a few tricks to learn about it but overall I've had a great experience and hope to be using it for years. Nothing on this machine feels cheaply made; it's all quite solid.

Juicing: You will get bits coming back out of the chute if you don't follow them with the plunger. That's what it's for. Just like keeping the top on a blender. The pulp I was getting after juicing seemed a bit moist, so I always run it back though on speed 4. I can usually get 10% (or more) more juice that way. Waste not... Also, I make more than one serving at a time and refrigerate half. That way I don't have to use and clean it every day, rather every other day.

Cleaning: Make your juice and clean the Breville IMMEDIATELY. And I mean BEFORE you drink your juice. Doing it this way, I have not had any issues with bits stuck in the filter screen. I also use hot water and my vegetable sprayer to spray the screen from the back. That gets most of the mess out. A soft nylon brush can get the rest. Always be careful when handling the mesh filter. Don't pile things on it in the sink and don't push into it too hard. Treat it nicely and it seems like it will last.

All in all, a completely satisfactory purchase. Not only a good machine, but a very good one for the money.
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