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We have tried several different refillable k-cups; the Ekobrew Cup, the Keurig My K-Cup and most recently the Brew and Save Refillable K Cup. All three perform well and make a good cup of coffee using your own grounds, but the difference is in the clean up, convenience and purchase price.

Ekobrew Cup
* $10 per refillable cup
* Cleans easily by rinsing under water
* Three step: Fill cup, snap closed and insert into machine
* One piece with no additional parts to misplace

Keurig My K-Cup
* $10 per refillable cup
* Three parts to clean, but can be done by rinsing under water
* Five step: Remove K-cup holder, fill basket, insert into holder, screw on top and insert into machine
* Three pieces with potential to misplace

Brew and Save Refillable K-Cup
* $6.50 per refillable cup
* Cleans easily by rinsing under water
* Three step: Fill cup, snap closed and insert into machine
* One piece with no additional parts to misplace

As you can see in my opinion the Brew and Save Refillable K-cup is the best choice. I have several and use them daily.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 25, 2013
I've used both the Solofill and Ekobrew. Each of those had disadvantages, but this "Brew and Save" K-Cup seems to solve the problems and dislikes I had of the Solofill and Ekobrew.

The "Brew and Save" has a flat bottom, holds more coffee for a stronger cup, and doesn't leak/spew from the top like the Ekobrew did on me with certain types of coffee. And just like the Solofill and Ekobrew, you don't have to remove or change the K-Cup holder in the machine.

This is a good way to help the environment, save money (especially since k-cup prices have gone up), and use your own coffee (like buying it at Costco). It's certainly not as convenient as using actual k-cups, but it's not as much trouble and waste as brewing a regular cup of coffee the old fashioned way.

Tip #1: We weren't happy when we ground our own beans with a cheap blade grinder. We bought a Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Black and it made a significant difference because you can control the grind well & it's consistent. You may have to "play" with the grind to get one that will work well, and it could vary depending on the coffee bean.
Tip #2: Make sure you do not overfill past the fill line... too much coffee in there will cause problems with proper brewing & water disbursement through all the coffee grinds.
Tip #3: Some pre-ground coffees will just not work as the water cannot flow through it properly.
Tip #4: To dump the coffee after use, keep it closed, turn it upside down, and tap it on the counter a few times, then open the lid over the trash and the coffee should fall out (might need some side taps)... then just rinse the K-Cup.

NOTE: You have to put this in the right way so that it falls properly into place or it won't close... and NEVER force the top of the machine to close.

5 stars for being the best I've used so far.
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on January 21, 2017
After about 3 1/2 years of daily use, one of these cups cracked. I'm actually impressed by that! They're much more durable than I imagined when we first bought them, and we use them more than we use our stainless Ekobrew cups. A little explanation about that:

We originally bought stainless Ekobrew cups intending them to be our daily use cups and then we bought these as "extra" when we have guests over. Over time, we wound up using all of them (2 stainless and 2 plastic) just about every day as we frequently have at least 2 cups of coffee each day. While both types of cups eventually clog with coffee resin, these generally lasted longer between "intensive" cleanings. And these also hold more coffee grounds than the stainless ones so we got a stronger cup of coffee with them.

So this morning I just noticed that one of these plastic ones started to crack around the rim. And I'm not disappointed a bit - in fact, I'm just going to buy another set as these more than paid for themselves several times over and they've definitely saved a lot of k-cups from going into a landfill :)
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on June 13, 2014
My review leans towards supporting the use of ANY refillable K-cup in a Keurig machine, although this is the specific brand I first purchased. I have since also purchased a different brand 4 pack at Stop and Shop. The price per refillable "pot" was about the same.

I received the Keurig as a gift and LOVE using it, but having 2-3 cups/ day meant I was constantly running out of K-cups and the cost was adding up.
The refillable option that comes with the Keurig is inconvenient - you fill the "pot" with grounds, insert it into a chamber, twist on the separate cap, and THEN have to switch the insert for the one already in the machine. I don't know why the Keurig brand itself would have the least convenient refillable cup of all!

I purchased these refillable cups about 6 months after getting my Keurig and wish I had done it sooner!! Now I can get my favorite Starbucks or locally roasted coffee beans, ground slightly coarse for the flat bottomed K cups. A pound of coffee lasts about a month, so Im getting about 60-75 cups of coffee for $15, easily a third of what the K cups were costing me (in bulk!)

The only benefit I can see to the KCups, besides variety in flavors, is the ease of clean up. I loved not having grounds all over my sink, even with disposable filters. So the refillable cups bring me back to that mess, which Is why I chose to purchase even more cups. Only 1 of the 6 I own had the lid break off, but it is still usable, it just tends to get a few grounds in the coffee. I am going to purchase another set so I can refill enough for the week and only empty them once/week.

Hint: Filling the cups when they are still wet from rinsing tends to get coffee grounds stuck everywhere, which end up in your coffee. This is nearly eliminated when the cup is dry - another reason to have more than one.

These are dishwasher safe, although they easily rinse under running tap water.
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on April 10, 2013
we have a story and this is it:

we bought a huge cuisinart coffee maker, exactly what ive wanted. it was this huge big thing with a lot of capable options, like brew coffee or tea and at high temps with a steel mesh filter. and i ordered 5 lbs of freshly roasted colombian dark roast--we grind our own, we always have. within a month, she hated it. absolute hate. my beautiful wife, my beautiful life. i wanted absolutely nothing to do with replacing my coffee maker with a keurig. what a dumb idea and wasteful, was my thinking. but i did understand, the double cuisinart big thing was a monster and not easy to fill and there have been plenty of days we didnt drink all of the coffee in the pot. she has a cup in the morning while getting ready for work and i usually finish the pot throughout the morning. but some days i dont have more than a cup. i was being wasteful.

so we're currently on a trial run with the keurig and im using these inserts (reusable k-cups) and im very happy. it's easy to prep, takes only a minute per cup as opposed to roughly ten minutes to brew a pot. before, i would turn the pot back-on to keep the coffee warm. this way, i can brew a fresh cup at any time. it takes no real maintenance. we got the k75 model.

i at first ground the coffee too much for the insert filter, but i changed the setting on the grinder to medium coarse and it works better. i dont have any grounds in my cup and it's delicious. ive made ten or so cups so far, all are great. she loves her varietal k-cups and i have my fresh dark roast. these cups work perfectly for me and deserve five stars for the price. i didnt have to take any parts of the coffee brewer out for them to insert, they work as they are.
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on November 11, 2015
I am delighted with my new set (2) of Brew and Save Refillables! In such a small/simple product, it is amazing to me that I count four big improvements over the previous K-Cup refillable we owned. First comes the hinged lid (the eventual and inevitable misplacing of the separate lid led to us buying these, so good riddance!). Second, in the broader category of one-piece design, the screen is built into the cup. Third, the cup's screened windows take up less space, slowing the flow, and allowing the boiling water to brew the coffee before being dispensed. (Don't worry - any real time difference in terms of delivering your brewed cup of coffee is negligible. The fourth difference is the unit (conveniently colored red for notice-abilty) fits snugly into the brewer's cup sleeve, which with our old refillable, had to be removed to make room for the larger unit. This meant extra steps in going back and forth between disposable and refillable cups. We are a Kuerig-loving household, and these refillable cups help us manage cost and waste.
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on July 9, 2013
After about 9 months of constant k-cup ordering, little plastic cups filling the garbage can and dollars flying out of my bank at light speed... I decided to try a refillable. I still like my donut shop (favorite by coffee people) k-cup but it's nice to have something for backup and to save myself some money.

Aside from the convenience and consistency of the regular k-cup method, there was one more thing holding me back from trying a refillable cup. There are so many negative comments out there about grinds in the coffee, what grind of coffee you might need (not regular drip variety) and spillage issues. I was a little uncertain if it would be worth the trouble to have any or all of these things to worry about.

Well I decided to trust the majority of positive reviews for the Brew and Save and with my Mr. Coffee and a standard grind for auto drip coffee I have not had any of the problems that I was concerned I could be facing. There is no special cup holder adapter to change, filling and cleaning are both fool-proof tasks. There is a fill line marked inside the cup and I go just a little below it and it comes out perfect. Sure it's not the pop in and huck it method you may be used to with standard k-cups but if you want to try a the eco/cost improved method, this brand is a good bet.

The two pack is good for one person because you can have one drying while you use the second one. I like to let them air dry before I use again so if you are buying for more than one person you might as well go for the five pack, it will be more convenient.
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on September 23, 2014
I bought these and then was given metal ones, so I have some comparison.
These do the job well of allowing a person to use loose coffee in a K-Cup machine. They aren't difficult to clean out - I just run hot water through them and the coffee runs right out.
One draw back is that the plastic hinge wants to keep the lid open if you put it on a dry rack with the lid open. I've gotten in the habit of snapping the lid close and sitting them on upside down for a day so the lid stops popping open. This is not an issue with metal reusable cups.
Bear in mind that if you buy these, there isn't anything on the box that really mentions overfilling. It says fill to the line (or I think it did - the box is long gone by now). There is a line inside these that looks simply like a mark from when these were molded - not a fill line. But, it is totally the fill line. If you overfill these, expect to either get grounds and coffee because the lid popped open, or no coffee and a clogged nozzle because the coffee grounds had nowhere to go but up. (This happens on the metal ones too, so it seems to be a limitation in K-Cup design versus a product flaw.)
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon September 10, 2014
Work great with my Keurig Platinum and allow me to use my own coffee. They are easy to wash as well, after coffee is done I tap them firmly on the back holding over trash can and the grounds fall out. Then I rinse and put upside down to dry next to the Keurig. I grind coffee and fill the previous night so I can have the K-Cup ready to go in the morning. If I grind the coffee fine I do notice some grounds in the bottom of my cup but that's ok by me. I like being able to use my own coffees and grind them fresh.

For best performance don't fill past the fill line and grind coffee in a burr grinder as that produces an even grind. They snap shut well and don't leak or clog. Based on other reviews I decided to go for retail packaging than generic to ensure I get the right product. Some vendors seem to be selling lower quality product under the same brand name.

I prefer these over Keurig's own design as I don't have to take out any attachments to use these DIY K-cups. Recommended!
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on February 27, 2015
We have a Keurig machine in the office. I don't want to buy disposable K-cups, but with this I can use the bags of coffee I buy at Costco in the Keurig--saving money and reducing waste at the same time. And since this is a two-pack, I have a spare in case the one I've been using gets lost.

One drawback to these over the disposables is that--at least in the model we have--it's harder to get the Keurig to go into "Ready to Brew" mode. The lip on the refillable K-cup is thicker than on the disposable, so I have to work harder at it to trip the sensor telling it I've put in a K-cup.

A bigger drawback is that these don't make as full-bodied a cup of coffee as disposables do (I like very dark coffee). I've heard this is common with the refillables, because their reusable filters can't be as fine as the disposables' paper-based filters. I can largely compensate for that by overfilling a bit and squashing down the grounds with my coffee scoop, though that sometimes exacerbates the "Ready to Brew" issue.

I don't know how these compare to other similar reusable K-cups since I haven't used any others, but these are my impressions of this model.
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