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on September 11, 2016
After discovering that my phone line was damaged in part of my house, I was looking into possibly having to rewire part of my house with new phone lines. I then realized that the part of the house effected only had a phone line to feed my DSL modem that was next to my computer. There had to be another way to get internet to that computer, at least I hoped so.

Then I saw this Wireless AC Bridge on Amazon and I thought, I should be able to go wireless, especially with the new AC speeds this bridge provides. So I decided to give it a try. I put my DSL modem close to where the phone line is coming into the house and hooked an AC router (that I already had) up next to it. After installing this AC bridge next to my computer and hooking the computer up to it, I have a high speed internet connection without the wires and it's fast on top of it. In my case it's fast enough not to slow the feed the modem provides to me (40 MB/s) and I haven't have to restart the bridge yet either to speed it up. This installation was a breeze and well over a year ago, with so far NO problems at all.

After I had this one installed, I bought another one to connect my Xbox One and Playstation 4 to the internet too. Much faster than the modems that come in these devices.
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on January 11, 2015
This piece of equipment is junk. Do not buy.

I purchased this to connect my PS4 and Apple TV to my router using wireless AC. I have the top-of-the-line Asus RT-AC87R (same as RT-C87U) with 4x4 MIMO with max throughput of 1734 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. With this device, my PS4 online connection lags and hiccups constantly, to the point where the game is unplayable. The network tests on the PS4 produced inconsistent speeds. I ended up switching back to the PS4's built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and everything is great. Obviously 2.4 GHz has better range than 5 GHz, but the WD My Net bridge was only placed 15 FT from the router, with one wall in between.

Since the interface is lacking on this device, there was not much troubleshooting I could do on the device itself. I put it to the test, and placed it on my coffee table, which is about 5 feet further from the router than my PS4. I disabled the laptop's Wi-Fi, plugged it into my laptop with a CAT7 ethernet cable, and ran a ping test at It produced 1% packet loss, 95ms ping, and 67ms of jitter, thoroughly explaining my poor online gameplay. I then removed power from the WD My Net bridge, and reconnected my laptop to the 802.11n 5 GHz band and re-ran the test, this time with 0% packet loss, 32ms ping, 3ms of jitter... much better.

So, in conclusion, I am getting a better connection with Wireless-N 802.11n on my MacBook pro with a 450 Mbps connection to the router than I was with the WD My Net connected to Wireless-AC and acting as a bridge. Since these tests were both done on 5 GHz, range should not be an issue, especially since 802.11ac is supposed to have better range.
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on May 9, 2017
On one level, this device is great. It's exactly what I was looking for: a simple AC bridge to connect wired devices to my AC wifi network. But the wireless radios used in this device are outdated. They only support a narrow range of channels on the 5GHz spectrum. Something around 36-40 will work, but anything higher than that and the bridge won't even SEE your SSID. My Google WiFi network is broadcast on channel 149.

If your router supports selecting the channel you broadcast on, this might work for you. But the My Net AC Bridge should have a radio that supports more channels.
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on February 18, 2015
The internet speed coming into my home is >100 and I’m very happy with that, so I’ve been looking for a bridge device that would bring my TV and PS3 up to that level, or at least close to that level. I set up the bridge via my iMac and it achieved a speed of 103.92 Mb/s through the bridge.

I was very happy with this speed, but knew it would not be as high when I moved the device downstairs (20' away and with a floor in between). I tested the connection of my PS3 *before* attaching the bridge and it was very slow--only 5.9/2.6 (incoming/outgoing). The PS3 super slim has gigabit ethernet for wired connections, so the bridge should help it to attain much greater speeds. After hooking up the bridge inside the cabinet with the PS3, the PS3 achieved a speed of 11.4/3.6 which is better, but it should be 8-9 times faster.

Then I moved the bridge out of the cabinet and it got a little faster-- 13.1/3.4 Mb/s. At this point, I thought it could be the 20' distance from the router. I tested my iPhone's wireless AC internet speed using the same Ookla tool, and with the phone sitting next to the bridge. It reached a speed of 102.2/18.6. If the problem were distance, the phone should suffer the same fate, but clearly it did not.

At this point, I knew that a bridge setting must be off OR the device is junk. I searched the Western Digital site and tried to find some tips. When that didn’t work, I contacted WD support.

Here’s where it gets worse. First, WD tech support told me that the brand-new device was out of warranty but I could request its warranty to be reinstated and they *might* comply. Second, after providing details of my efforts (with screen shots), all I got from the WD tech support person were snide remarks and disrespect. I tried to be nice, but his responses to me only got worse.

Don’t buy this product. You won’t like the results and you’ll lose respect for Western Digital. I have four WD MyBook drives, including a Thunderbolt Velociraptor drive, which I love. But, if they’re support is going to be so pissy, I can’t and won’t recommend WD anymore.
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Top Contributor: Petson November 3, 2014
With our new home being a rental, I can't drill holes to run CAT6 cable. This paired easily between our TP-Link Archer 7 v2, with an approximate 1100Mb/s over combined 802.11AC/N connections, from one side of the house to the other, approximately 45 feet.

I use this to host a file server, and need gigabit speeds when working on photography archives and videos, and this allows the server to feed through a clean 1000Mb/s signal with no lags.

Added 02/23/2015:

Upon moving the file server, I am now dealing with a noisier environment; the distance is longer, with a large florescent ballast in between, and we are now seeing closer to 100Mb/s to 200Mb/s transfer speeds. This is still usable, but the bridge seems to lock up when it is used heavily, perhaps in radio signal error correction. Only happens every week or so, as my kids keep it working watching our home media library. I am working to see if I can change the bridge's position to better the signal.

Western Digital said that the lock-up is due to an old firmware... but the first thing I did when I installed it was install the latest firmware, and nothing new has been released since. Maybe I would do better with a bridge with external antennas.
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on January 28, 2014
I purchased this product to improve the wireless connection between a Xbox 360 (slim) and a Windows Media Center PC (directly connected to a Netgear AC router).
Prior to using this product, using the built-in Wifi "N"adapter of the Xbox, I would only get a "marginal" signal according to the WMC Network tuner. Streaming SD programs worked fine, but streaming HDTV programs was problematic (a lot of macro-blocking and "network issue" messages popping up).
After connecting the Xbox to the bridge the signal became "acceptable" (which seems to be the best rating provided by the WMC Network tuner). Watching HDTV programs is now a pleasure.

To get a sense of the speed improvement this bridge can offer I did a quick benchmarking using a laptop with a single 2.4 GHz "N" antenna and a Gigabit wired port where the Xbox is located (copying a large file between the WMC PC and the laptop first using the built-in antenna and then via the bridge) .
Connecting the laptop wirelessly to the router on the 2.4 GHz band using a 20 MHz channel (72 Mbps link speed, which I assume is what the Xbox 360 is capable of) I would get about 25 Mbps effective download speed.
Connecting the laptop via the WD My Net Bridge on the 5 GHz band using multiple channels (600 Mbps link speed between the router and the bridge, 1024 Mbps link speed between the bridge and the laptop) I would get about 150 Mbps (about 6 time more).
The Xbox 360 is only capable of 100 Mbps wired link speed, so this bridge provides more bandwidth than the Xbox may need.

Installation was quite easy. The bridge offers very little settings which in a way is a good thing. You should not face any issue there as long as you have a "AC" router...

Tip: If you have connected your Xbox 360 to your wireless network using its built-in adapter prior to getting this bridge you should clear the Xbox network settings and restore to the factory defaults to avoid having the Xbox randomly continuing to use the built-in wireless adapter instead of the bridge...

While streaming HD movies works fine, the WMC UI on the Xbox becomes somewhat sluggish when the bridge is plugged in. This becomes more and more noticeable as one adds items in the music or pictures libraries.
The problem does not occur with the official Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter N from Microsoft, so I now recommend the official adapter Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter N (even for users of Xbox Slim) instead of this bridge.
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on March 22, 2014
Update: For some reason, this bridge does not work well with some flavors of Linux (CentOS, Zorin I know for sure), even when using the identical hardware that used to host my Windows 7 & 8.1 installations. Flawless with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, though.

Original review:
Very happy, recommended!

Absolutely no problems hooking this up, I was online in literally seconds. If the router has DHCP enabled, nothing is needed except power and pressing the WPS button on the router* and the bridge. Antenna strength is far stronger (three bars to one) than the 802.11ac NIC on my new ASUS Maximus VI Formula motherboard (which has never made a stable connection) from the same location. Download speed is right at the maximum my contract offers, identical to when I directly wire the computer to the router.

*Note: Router is an ASUS RT-AC68U with no subscribers on the 2.4GHz net and only this bridge on the 5GHz side. Signal is passing diagonally through two masonry & metal reinforced walls to a room where for the past two years I have never gotten a stable signal (802.11g, n - in either band - nor ac ) on laptops, smart phones, or USB dongles.

There are two other 5GHz AC nets in range according to the bridge's "networks found" tool, but I streamed two HD videos over the bridge to two different computers on ports 3 and 4, while both computers were simultantaneously logged on to an MMO game (from Germany to California, by the way) and my wife and I fought through two different five-man skirmishes for 15 minutes with the game in one window and the video in another on each system. No framerate issues, skips, buffer exhaustion, disconnects, or problems of any type.

By the way: The firmware updater told me that it already had the latest version. Not a major thing, but nice.

I took one star off the rating for the following cumulative reasons:
1) There was no documentation, and no instructions on where to find it online. Thank you, Google!
2) Access to the bridge is password protected, and without the documentation (see previous sentence), you can't find out what the defaults are to get in.
3) Once in, there is no easy way to determine signal strength. You have to start the WiFi connection wizard (even though already connected), read the signal strength off the "found networks" screen, then abort the connection wizard by clicking on the "Back" button.
4) Finally, my biggest gripe is that there seems to be no way to determine the wireless connection speed between bridge and router at all. Windows of course only indicates the gigabit "wired" connection between the computer's NIC and the bridge.

To sum up: Works fine right out of the box, especially if you are not technically inclined, don't want to change the default security settings, and just want to stop running wires down the hall. :) Strong signal (for the first time ever) into our computer room. Not designed for a technophile. Really, how hard would it have been to add indicators for signal strength and connection speed to the overview screen?
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on February 10, 2016
This product barely works. Or, rather, it works quite well.. Until it decides it's done working for the day and stops connecting to my router (Comcast AC Router), Then I have to turn it off and turn it back on again and MAYBE it will work eventually again. Maybe. Sometimes I'm just out of internet for an hour or two while it decides to reset.

It's really quite unreliable. I've had it conk out on me mid-conversation with a business associate as well. Right in the middle of our talks, my desktop got disconnected from the internet because of this piece of junk. It was two hours before it decided to start working again.

This isn't the first one of these that I've tried either. The problem is pretty universal across all WD My Net AC Bridges from my experience. I'd love if they came out with some form of firmware update to fix this, but the last update there was from.... 2012. They don't care about support either, it would seem.

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on September 5, 2014
This bridge has been rock solid since I bought it over a month ago. Initially I bought Linksys (WUMC710) which would disconnect after 2-12hours and would require a reboot. The WD does not suffer from any of those issues. I'm using it with an Asus RT-N66U, a dual band N-900 router. So it's not even AC, but since I'm using it on the 5GHz band I get 450Mbps. It's hooked up to my PS4, Yamaha receiver, and Sharp TV. I'm able to stream movies on the TV with no interruptions/buffering. Installation took 1 minute using the WPS button. I love the fact that it has a power switch, so in case I do have to reboot it can just press the button instead of unplugging the power cable.
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on February 18, 2014
My Uverse has 45Mbps down and 6Mbps up. On a wired connection I typically get 43-45 down and 5.5 to 5.8 up. Pretty good. I have setup a new office which is not wired for internet so I have to use wireless. I got an Asus RT-AC66U router which I'm using as an access point. My first thought was a USB 3.0 wireless adapter in my PC but Windows 8.1 Hyper-V virtual PC's can't share a wireless connection so I decided to get an AC bridge. The first one I tried was a Linksys WUMC710. It would match my wireless speeds, 43-45 down/5.8 up, but during the day my upload speeds would slow to a crawl. I tried a factory reset, made sure the latest firmare was installed but no matter what I did the upload speed would still slow to a crawl.

That brings me up to the point where I bought this bridge. I do not experience the slowdown on the upload speed with this bridge but the fastest download speed I've been able to get is 26Mbps. Because I use IPSec tunnels to remotely connect to the office I need the reliable upload speed so I'm sticking with this one but it would really be nice if I could get the faster download speeds that the Linksys bridge provided.
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