Customer Reviews: Pro Series 21 LED Super Deluxe Kit Under Cabinet Lighting, Warm White - Dimmer Switch Option Available (See Items #4863 and #4844)
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on December 3, 2010
I've been looking for under-cabinet lights for a while, but can't believe the prices and impracticality of the options available in my local lighting store. Also, most of what I can buy locally has to be hard-wired in, which would involve engaging an electrician: more expense. So, on the strength of the Amazon reviews, I bought these lights, which I am fairly pleased with.

The pack comes with 10 strips each containing 21 LEDs. You can chain up to 6 LED strips together off one plug. So I put together a set of 6 (3 either side of my stove) and a set of 4 (on a different lot of cabinets). They have really improved the lighting situation in our kitchen.

Things I like:
* They are very bright but use little electricity; hence, they don't feel hot. I also find the light quality fine.
* They are "plug and play". It took me about 10 seconds to work out how to use them.
* There are lots of connector cords and cable tidies, so you can connect the LED strips in a whole variety of configurations.
* As well as the plugs that plug into wall sockets, they come with small on/off switches that can be mounted inconspicuously wherever you want. So you can leave them plugged in, and turn them on and off using the hidden switches.
* You don't need to use screws to mount anything: the LED strips, the switch units and the cable tidies all come with highly sticky pads on the back, so they just stick to the bottom of the cabinets. I guess I may need to use the (provided) screws if the pad stickiness diminishes over time, but for the time being, everything seems stuck fast.
* I didn't need to drill any holes: the lights, cables and on/off switches are hidden behind the lower edges of my kitchen cabinets. If I was a lot shorter -- say 5' 2" or less -- maybe I'd see more of the cables and strips, and want to drill some holes to hide the cables.

Things I would improve if I could:
* The product description on the Amazon site. Maybe it's better now, but at the time of my purchase, I found it hard to work out exactly what was in the pack: the only way was really to look at the picture. If it's still confusing, maybe this will help -- I got the following in my pack:
- 10 plastic strips; each measures about 9" long by 0.5" wide, has 21 LEDs mounted on it in a staggered pattern, and has a female cable socket at either end.
- 2 switch units; each has 2 female sockets mounted on one of the long sides
- 2 plug units; each has a long cable ending in a male socket, so you can plug it into an LED strip or a switch unit.
- Enough cables / cords to chain the LED strips together, and for connecting to the switch. Each cable has a small male plug on either end; this plugs into a female socket on the end of the LED strip, or into a female socket on the switch unit. After setting my lights up I had several cords left over.
- About 20 small plastic clips for tidying the cords
- A pack of screws in case you want to screw the strips to your cabinets rather than simply stick them using the sticky pads provided
* Cord tidying. The pack comes with many cords for connecting the different strips. There are two cord lengths, long (about 3') and very long (about 5'). Since I was mounting the LED strips about 3" apart, this left a heck of a lot of cord to hide. You are provided with some translucent plastic cord clips, which (like the LED strips) stick to the undersides of your cabinets. However, winding spare cord back and forth between a pair of these is not ideal: I'd rather have the option of some much shorter cords
* The way the cables plug into the LED strips. The male socket on the end of each cable is rigid and about an inch long, so once you have cables plugged into both ends of an LED strip, the whole thing measures about 11" long, and you need a bit more space for the cable to bend round. This meant I could not put two in a line under my 22" wide cabinets. Instead, I ended up putting them in a zig-zag pattern. In an ideal world, the male socket on the cable would be shorter.

My tips for installing them:
* Use masking tape or blutack to experiment with the positioning of the LED strips before sticking them on permanently with the sticky pads, because sometimes what you think will look good does not. Leave them stuck up for at least 24hr, so that you can see what they look like at dusk, at night, in early morning and in daytime. Also try them out with all your kitchen lights off, and with different combinations of lights turned on. When I did this, I found that in one configuration I had too much glare reflecting off the work surface with the LED lights and the over-sink lights turned on, so I moved the LED lights until the glare disappeared.
* Work out how you're going to tidy the cables before sticking anything up permanently. I managed to tidy some of mine by pushing them into the gap between two cupboards; this meant I didn't need to use cable tidies for these LED strips.
* Connect the cables to the LED strips before sticking the LED strips up permanently. If you don't do this, you risk not leaving enough room to plug in a cable, and it's very difficult to unstick an LED strip if you have pressed it into place firmly firmly. I learned this the hard way!

In summary, I would buy these again. LED lights are the way of the future!
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on October 12, 2010
This is an excellent solution for undercabinet lighting in our kitchen. The warm-white LEDs look much better than the commonly available cold white LEDs. And installation couldn't be much easier. Our cabinets had a little overhang, which made for a perfect installation for these very thin light strips. The strips and wiring are not visible at all unless you stick your head under the cabinet. I plan to connect the transformers to the overhead lighting circuit so they all come ON together. I bought the package that included the dimmer, but did not use/need it, so if I did this again, I'd order this less expensive package without the dimmer. Your needs may vary (e.g., if you're lighting a china cabinet or similar).

See the before-after photo I uploaded for this product. That portion of the kitchen shown used 7 of the 10 strips that came with this package. Looks pretty good, heh?
review image
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on March 8, 2011
First the good:
o These were shipped very quickly.
o Packaged well, arrived safely
o They are as straightforward an install as you can ever hope for
o Very slim, you will never see them even if you do not have a light valance on your cabinets
o Very low power consumptions, as with most LEDs

Now the bad:
o Dim
o Cool light color, even for the 'warm' kit

I bought two sets of these for our new kitchen, with very high hopes.
I taped these under the cabinet in my current kitchen, just to see how the light looks. I currently have two xenon 20 watt puck lights, so I installed two of these LED strips and compared them. Unfortunately they performed poorly in comparison. Whereas the xenons are a pleasant warm light, these had a bluish tint, even though I got the 'warm white' kit, and the strips had a big 'W' on the packaging. They were also much dimmer than the xenons.
The combination of light output and cool color made them look sickly. Very sad, I really really wanted to use these.

Luckily Amazon has an excellent return policy, so these went back.

Of course just because they weren't right for me doesn't mean they aren't right for everyone - all other reviewers seem to love them. If you are very concerned with power consumption, you can't beat LEDs.
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on December 29, 2010
These lights are great. They are truly plug and play. They are as thin as a ruler and a half inch wide by 8 inches (or so). Tiny bumps half the size of a grain of rice on the bar are the actual lights. Easy to configure and install. If I could change one thing, it would be to package them with 12 LED bars instead of 10 as the power supplies state "connect up to 6 per supply" but you get 5 per power supply. Why not just go all the way and sell them in a 12 pack if the power supplies can handle it?
There are two screw holes at the end of each bar and screws and cord routing clips (stick on) are supplied. You can slide the light bars into the cord routing clips too though, so no screws to mount required if you want to avoid tool time. No screws to mount the on-off switches though; small self stick tabs are a little insufficient and I dug out some screws. The supplied black screws for the light bars are too short to use to mount the on off switches. One on each underside of the new book case shelves and one on the upper front trim edge to uplight the displayed top-of-case objects to the ceiling. A great DIY alternative to my electricians pricey low wattage-transformer solution. The quality of light though is NOT like bright white compact flourescents; much more like incandescent bulb lighting. Very nice. I wish I'd bought the dimmer switch(s). Lots of applications and potential. They would NOT be attractive in a visible setting as in uplighting on a wall for art; unless it was in a "industrial" decor gallery. You could get away with them on the back underside of a glass shelf with objects obscuring the light bar from above.
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on January 31, 2011
This lighting is great. I bought it to replace my seven 120V (20W each) Xenon pucks. The pucks burnt out all the time and put off way too much heat, melting and spoiling food in the cabinets above. These beauties take care of both of those issues - no burnouts, no heat. They may not be quite as bright as a 20W Xenon puck, but almost. And the light is a nice, soft white; not the bluish tint of most LEDs. The wires are really easy to run. To make things a little cleaner, I cut & spliced the wires to length. I love how thin they are, too. They hide nicely under the lip of the cabinets. The strips come with double sided foam tape on the back for mounting. I chose to use the screws (included) - the tape loses most of it's stickiness if you try to reposition the lights.

As noted by other reviewers, each power supply can only handle six strips. I emailed InspiredLED and had them swap out the two 1A supplies for a single 2A power supply, which they were happy to accommodate. This customization allowed me to run all of the strips on a single circuit and switch.
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on March 31, 2011
Hands down the best customer service I've ever experienced. I sent an email on a Sunday afternoon requesting a few more longer wires to complete the project/etc.. and they called me 5 minutes later and sent me the wires I needed within a few days for free. If you ever need anything extra like more wires/special sized wires give them a call/email and they will help you out quickly.

Now onto the product. I took pictures of the completed project, but the picture didn't do it justice. So just take my word for it. The install I did all by myself and it was extremely easy. It was plug and play. The lights are extremely slim profile and won't stick out under the cabinets. They come with sticky pads on all the lights and wire ties that are extremely sticky and none have fallen down after 1 month. They also have short screws you can use instead of the sticky pads. The lights are very bright (they are LED's after all).

Don't be alarmed on the linear configuration when they come (it is the new version of the product as opposed to the staggered position that the picture shows). They are very energy efficient and will last forever. Once I get my bar built in my basement, we will buy another set to put on those cabinets. I give this product 5/5 stars and my only complaint is the 3' cords are too long for lights next to each other and then you have extra wire that you have to hide. Fortunately, the wire ties are awesome and work amazing at hiding the wires up under the cabinets.

**Note: You will want the dimmer switches (4 dimmer settings). The ambience you can create with the dimmer is great. If you don't have the dimmer switch, then the lights are set automatically to full brightness. The prices are pretty steep for the dimmers, but still worth it**

If you would like me to post the pictures anyways, just let me know. I can take under cabinet pictures to show you how I hid everything, as well as the different dimmer settings.
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on March 7, 2011
I didn't end up using this product. I called Inspired to get help in figuring a few things for installation and got the best treatment from the company I ever received from a retailer. I not only got more than the help I wanted, but after considering the information I got from them, I decided to return the product you are reading about and purchase their Designer Series lights because they served my needs better. The comp[any facilitated the return and created the special order I put in and I got the old order exchanged and the new order in my hands in less than one week, all by mail. THEY ARE AN EXCELLENT COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH!
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on December 28, 2010
I use LED lighting whenever I can, so I was thrilled when I found this set of under cabinet LED lights. I just finished installing them and they look FANTASTIC! Initially, I was planning to drill holes in my cabinets and run all the wires inside, but the wiring is so small and thin I was able to run them completely outside the cabinets (underneath) and you cannot see anything unless you're looking for it. I had to do 2 runs... 1 run of 6 LEDs on one side of the kitchen and the other 4 LEDs on the other side of the kitchen under the cabinets and around the sink. It took some thought and planning, but I did it and it looks awesome! I was worried people would be able to see the wiring in the clamps if they were sitting at the kitchen table, but you can't see a thing because there's a 1 1/2" lip on the bottom of the cabinets where the wires were easily hidden in the clamps! Yay!

I did use every screw that was included (plus some of my own). I screwed the LED strips, on/off switches, dimmer switches and the clamps so I KNOW they will never come down. I purchased 2 dimmer switches separately and used one on each run with the on/off switches. I like them a lot. They dim the lights to almost nothing, they turn the lights off, they turn the lights on and they turn the lights to their brightest....and these are PLENTY bright for under cabinet's the ambiance we're after, right? Though I did use 2 of the lights over my digital coffee pot which has no lights on it so you can see to program it. The LEDs are PERFECT for that. I'm planning on buying 10-20 extra LED strips (if Inspired LED will sell just the strips, I still have to call them) just to have as future replacements....10 years down the road :). To change a burned out strip will be a cinch...unscrew, unplug, screw in new strip and plug it in. EASY!

I just can't say enough good things about these lights. If you're in the market for under cabinet lighting, these are the ones you want! The LED strips are rigid paper thin, their light is a nice warm glow, the wiring is thin and easy to hide and the set is fairly easy to install with some thought and pre-planning. I'm a 55 year old female and did this myself and it took me about 5 hours to do my 2 runs. If I can do it, you certainly can. You will love these lights.

I also like knowing I'm using very little power to have these! FANTASTIC light set.
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on November 20, 2010
I was not sure if these lights would be as bright as some at the local home improvement stores (some of them very low lumens and not as bright). We were pleasently surpized after we tested these light strips. Best of all they hid nicely under the cabinet and they are soft white as advertised. For 2 watts per strip these would save a lot of power. Our contractor is so impressed that he said he will recommend these lights to his customers. I wish one power adaptor would support all ten strips, but it only support six, so we had to use both power adaptors.
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on April 14, 2010
These are great! Very easy peel and stick and plug and play. You just plug in the plugs (like charging a cell phone) and daisy chain up to 6 lights. Took 5 minutes to install. Very small form factor so they are easy to hide. You will want to hide them as they are not covered. They just look like a little circuit board. Very bright. I replaced 5 halogens with 10 LEDS. The 10 LED's use less power than one of the Halogens and dont make any heat. Awesome product. They run on 12 volts with the convertor so if you are handy enough to cut and strip a wire they could be used in automotive applications as well. Home install is 100% plug and play. Just get them!
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