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on February 28, 2014
OK, you are not going to make Hollywood quality video with this camera, but for what it is, it is pretty cool. It will only do 1280x720p, but it's still pretty good for most purposes. I have several other cameras that have been creating time lapse videos with, but they all have issues with the minimum interval (only the more expensive DSLR can go to 1sec), and length of time (batteries last 4 hours tops).

And after creating the time lapse with a traditional camera, it takes some time to assemble the photos into a video.

With this camera, it is very easy to create a time lapse as it produces an AVI as the output. Too bad the output is not MOV, but it is a small price to pay for the convenience of an all-in-one solution.
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on June 5, 2013
A fun little time lapse camera to play with. I've had it about a month now and have had no problems to date. It is as advertised!

Picture quality is good and it has pretty good low light capability (for this type of camera).
Nice WIDE ANGLE view.
Has a low light option that allows it to turn off at low light (at night) and restart again when the sufficient light returns (in the morning) or to record regardless of lighting.

I'm happy with the purchase and think I'll have some fun with it.
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on June 12, 2013
I bought this along with the waterproof case and have been pretty satisfied so far. We're building a house right now, so I have this set up in a tree across the street taking a picture every 5 minutes. I wish it wasn't bright green on the outside since I'll be leaving it there for several months and don't really want it to be noticed, but a little camoflauge tape solved that problem pretty quick. The camera is definitely a one trick pony, but fortunately it seems to do that one trick quite well. When I pulled the card out this last weekend, I was impressed that it only took a handful of seconds for the video to finish. You won't win any Academy Awards with the photo/video quality, but the colors came out pretty true to my eye and the resolution was fine. The truth is, if the photos/resolution were any larger then you'd run into the problem of having too large of a file on your hands, especially if you end up doing any extended shoots like mine. Given the constraints, I'd say they found the right sweet spot.

The screen on the outside is super low resolution, making it pretty tough to make out specific details, but I suppose its enough to help you get the shot lined up. Certainly better than nothing. This is obviously important, especially since I was a little surprised about how wide-angle the lens ended up being. Not a bad thing, just was surprised at how wide of a scene I could capture.

If I'm to be picky, I do have a couple of other gripes. I wish it had settings that allowed me to select a schedule for taking photos like some other products of this type (e.g., M-F from 8am to 6pm), but at least it does have a setting that allows it to not take photos when it's dark (although unfortunately in my case this didn't work because of a street lamp across the street that must've kept things just light enough to prevent it from turning off). But I knew this when I bought it. Also, it was kind of tough to get the SD card in correctly, which didn't inspire a lot of confidence in the camera's build quality. I don't anticipate any problems though, mostly because its not the type of camera you throw in a bag and carry around with you.

It's not perfect, but I did an awful lot of research before buying this and feel reasonably confident that this is the best product in this niche category.
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on May 4, 2015
We just contracted to have a Verizon cell phone tower installed on our property. I wanted to be able to take pics that could be viewed showing the progress on a daily basis. Knowing nothing I set the camera out on 15 second intervals at a 20 frames per second rate. I let 5 days go by and when I retrieved the camera and removed the 32 gig memory chip, it had only used a very small pie portion of the memory. The playback was very good image. I did adjust the rate now to 10 seconds and 30 frames per second for the next barrage of photos to be taken. Hopefully it will play out a little smoother and not so jumpy, which by the way is not bad at all. All the foundations have been poured and ready for the tower to be erected. So the next few weeks shall reveal the 88 foot tower being installed in a very quick manner. So far this camera has done all that could be expected of it and maybe a little more. very happy. Glad that I made the decision to go forth with this......Tim......C
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on February 2, 2013
Here is my experience after 2 months.
Absolutely amazing battery life, seriously nuts, I sell pools and I video the installations, one month of one picture every minute and still full battery life?!
Smaller than a Coke can
Excellent view angle (slight fisheye effect but not too bad for me).
Good image quality

Only makes .avi files
Menu and navigation are not intuitive
Not weather proof without a $50 case
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on November 22, 2015
The Brinno TLC200 f1.2 is fine if you don't care about picture quality, I'm not too impressed. When I play back the time lapse video it looks grainy and the colors are off. Brinno has great customer support but I'm just not too impressed with the picture quality. Last time I used it there was a white fence in frame and in the time lapse video it looks yellow. I have changed the setting but it didn't make any difference. The time lapse video also flickers a lot when taking pictures outdoors when the sun is setting. I'm going to stick to using my GoPro for time lapse instead and probably sell the Brinno.
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on August 23, 2014
I bought a couple of these for my business, we use them at construction sites. Best used with the matching waterproof/dustproof housing. I did have a couple issues with the first one, but the company stands behind it 100% and replaced the unit under warranty -- twice.

The video output is very high-quality. I completely recommend this unit, especially since the price has come down so much. It is a real bargain.
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on April 6, 2014
It keeps wrecking my sdcards.

This handy unit has a slight learning curve. If you plug it into your pc it might alter the files on the card. Use an external card reader to transfer files.

I bought this to take timelapse of the SAI that has been occurring for at least several years.

Plus it is ultra efficient with battery usage.
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on March 21, 2014
I bought two of these cameras to time lapse the plants my wife and I are growing. The settings allow you do adjust all kinds of things such as frames per second, daylight or night time light exposure, and image quality. They come with the SD card and batteries so you can set them up right out of the box. The files that they produce are rather large and can be played immediately, but I like to load them into window's video maker to add music and effects. This also changes the format which makes the files smaller. Here is one of the many videos my wife and I have made so far. [...]

Probably my only complaint about these cameras is that you cannot zoom in or out to focus on certain objects. What they see is what you get. Other than that they work great!
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on March 2, 2014
This is a very neat device and it does the job very well. But this was being used at an office during construction and three different people on three different occasions messed up the starting of the recording. It is, of course, user error. But three different people (the only three to use it) doing the exact same mistake and not having it start and then later coming back to realize it was never going.

Be extra careful to make sure you start it. Once you mess it up you will never mess it up again, but it seems we all had to mess it up once first.
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