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I have owned many Brita water pitchers over the years. Maybe it's my imagination but this pitcher appears to be lighter in weight when it's empty as compared to other Britas I've owned. (on my kitchen scale it weighs about 1 lb 12 ounces when empty) That's could be a good thing as sometimes the pitchers can get heavy when pouring. As far Brita pitcher shape choices go, in my opinion this shape is superior as it takes up less space in the fridge than rounder pitchers.

The filter does a pretty good job of taking out some of the contaminants/chlorine. They will remove some Copper, Mercury, Cadmium, Chlorine and zinc from tap water. We have found however that the filters need to be changed more frequently than stated by the manufacturer. It's becomes obvious when we start to smell Chorine in the filtered water. If you drink as much as we do, replacing filters can get quite expensive.

For a quick fix to better water quality Brita is a good option. It is less expensive than purchasing bottled water and since there are no regulations for bottled water the Brita is a healthier option than bottled water. (industry reports show that up to 44% of bottled water is just tap water)
Still, if you are very serious about removing most/more contaminants from your drinking water at home it is best to invest in a filtration system that will fit under your kitchen sink or on top of your counter and will remove contaminants like Lead, MTBE, Asbestos, Protozoan Cysts, Class I particulate and/or VOCs like Benzene and THMs.
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on January 25, 2017
IMPORTANT info I found from others who posted reviews here: You may have a natural inclination to think the lid is supposed to have the piece that juts out from the body of the lid resting over the spout. Wrong! The piece that juts out actually fits over the handle. Seems counter-intuitive, at least to me and apparently to others who were initially displeased with the lid.

Where I live the water tastes pretty good most of the time (at least when the water plant isn't adding more chemicals to fight the effects of algae blooms), but I thought I'd try Brita to see if I could make it taste even better. Result? Very positive. I suspect having the water refrigerated also contributes to the good taste because it's so cold. This is just my first day with Brita, but I've already doubled my usual consumption of water.

I had a Brita pitcher many years ago and gave up on it because black pieces of the filter would make their way into the water. I haven't seen any with the current version of the filter. My only complaint is that it's difficult to get the filter properly seated to ensure a good seal. It took me a lot of trial and error to get it in the right place.

Update: I've been using the pitcher for quite a while now and have a word of warning: Do not fill the pitcher. In fact, fill it only to the bottom of the handle -- because if you fill it higher, it will leak in your refrigerator. Must be a design flaw because I noticed someone else mentioned leaking in the handle area. It may not seem like you'll have much filtered water if you fill it only to the bottom of the handle, but I find I have enough (so long as I'm filling it a couple of times per day). If I had a family, I'd probably be annoyed that the pitcher can't hold more water without leaking.
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on February 21, 2017
The modern Brita filter systems offer a more refined design than the pitchers of old while still providing the same good filtration. There are just a few design quirks that probably don't bother anyone else but caused me to remove one star. If one is careless (guilty) and tries to get the last drop by pouring at a more than 45-degree angle, the filter can pop out -- causing a great mess and possibly broken glass. Perhaps a tighter fit of the filter within the pitcher or a smarter user would solve that? The second thing is the protruding curve on underside of the lid, which touches the counter when the lid is placed there for refilling. I don't like that because that is the side that the water will make contact with. So I turn it over, but because of the design of the top, it's not as easy to get a grip to pick the lid back up. I understand the underside curve is for the lid grip, and it's a very small thing, but it bugs me a little every time I refill.
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on July 4, 2016
I am very impressed with this filtered pitcher. I was tired of continually having to restock the mini fridge in our entertainment room every few days so I was looking for a filtered solution which would easily fit in it. This is very slim and I am able to keep it on the bottom of the fridge and still have 2 shelves above it stocking small-box protein shakes.

It comes as 3 pieces: The pitcher, the filter cartridge, and the cover. I also purchased an additional 3 filters just so I had them for whenever I need them. Each filter should last between 2-3 months. To use, lift the cover off, insert the filter, and then fill with water. I must admit, I was very surprised at how quickly the water filters. I had a filter pitcher a few years ago and it took 10+ minutes to filter. I am happy to report it takes less than one minute to fully filter. You need to fill it twice to fill the pitcher completely.
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on July 14, 2015
Update to the review below: I just got an e-mail from Brita. It turns out the lid didn't fit properly because I was putting it on backwards !!
I turned it so the tail covers the handle and viola! It fits perfectly! Problem solved: Thanks Brita !!

I am giving this 5 stars because it performs exactly as we had hoped it would. But in the copy we received, the top did not fit the pitcher properly; the top was too big to fit into the base. So at the suggestion of someone else in the questions and answers, I called Brita this morning. Among the best customer service experiences I've ever had. They will send a replacement, and I hope to work with their Quality Assurance to provide information they can use to investigate the cause and correct it going forward.

We are on a well and have a Honeywell system for injection of hydrogen peroxide and continuous filtration of our water. It's fine for cooking and for our dogs, but there are very slight tastes that make it less acceptable for drinking or for use in making artisan coffee, my new hobby. With the Brita 10 cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, which we have been using to make 1.5 - 2 gallons a day, the water quality couldn't be better. It is as good or better than the filtered water we were buying at the supermarket. Absolutely perfect for drinking an making the perfect cup of coffee.

I could have and would have managed with the problem with fitting of the lid, but it's nice to know that Brita will stand behind the problem and make sure it's taken care of.

I'd give this six stars if I could.
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on December 30, 2016
If you're like me & drink tons of water on a daily basis - this will be a GOD send! I buy a case of water every week but always run out. When that happens it's good to know that we still have a back up for clean water with this pitcher. Also, I will only use this water pitcher when it comes to certain things so I don't feel like I'm wasting bottled water; my son's water bottle for school, the coffee maker, making cool-aide, when I'm working out, etc. This pitcher has saved us so much money on bottled water & it's also very convenient! The only negative aspect of the pitcher is that it takes a while for the water to filter through; it's not something you want to just stand there & wait on. I usually clean when I'm filtering the water or watch TV. PS: I bought a big 3 gallon water stand/dispenser so I can fill it up & it saves time when refilling water bottles, coffee pot, etc.
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on May 24, 2016
Ordered Saturday night and was on my doorstep when I got home Monday. THAT is customer service and I do love it! :-)
I love the pitcher too. Recently I've gone to drinking just water. I am on well water in N. central FL and there is a huge difference in the way the water tastes. My dogs and I drink water from this pitcher. I fill their water bowl all of the time out of it and it seems to be helping their eyes. No tearing at all! My vet told me to put them on filtered water for that and I was hoping this pitcher would be a good solution for both them and me. I do love it and would definitely buy again! Thank you for the super quick shipping too!
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on September 22, 2015
This is one nice looking pitcher, comes with 1 filter.

After cleaning it I filled it for the first time and dumped it multiple times according to the instructions. Others have stated there is a problem with the handle design, I do see where if you fill it up then the unfiltered water can overflow into the handle and drip all over the place. My solution was either don't fill it up all the way or place the back end on something to tilt the reservoir level. The water filters very quickly and in a few minutes the reservoir is empty.

I bought this because I needed a prefilter for my ZeroWater. Now that I have tried it, it's not going to work very well, cost wise it'll be about the same or a bit more.

I've used Brita for many years off and on, the water tastes better, it's cheaper than bottled, filters are cheap and can be bought in many places.

The bad.

I used the ZW TDS Meter (ZeroWater Total Dissolved Solids Meter) to check each step of the way. You can buy the meter separate on Amazon.

Tap water .495 (one of the worst in the country)
Brita Filtered .395 (change filter every few months)
Bottled Water .020 to .060 (house and name brand)
ZW Filtered .002 (change filters when meter reads .006 - every 3 weeks for me)

As you can see the Brita doesn't filters more than approx 20% of dissolved solids. So it's going to only extend my ZW filters by 3-5 days at the most. I was hoping it would filter 50% or more of TDS.

The water does taste better even with a high amount of dissolved solids.
So this Brita filtered water pitcher does the job it's designed to do just not good enough for my needs.

I gave this review a 4 star because it's not about comparing it to other products, it's about how close it performs based on its ad.
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on October 17, 2015
Is much better to have 10 cup thing instead of 6 cup. Now, I am happy that I accidentally burned the old one, the smaller one on my stove. I kind of just wanted all the time something to happen to this older one to find excuse to spend money on this new one, the better one. This one 'again' also has hard to reach corners-for cleaning but is as double as easy to clean this one then the smaller one I had. It's not easier to clean this one because they released idea or two but it happened by itself. It's bigger, so corners are easier to reach. It's great but it's still quak quak general population design like most unimaginative people afraid to experiment for better. It's ok with me but I am asking myself do the cheerful designers use this product at all. If they do use it all the time, they will 'probably' once and for all understand the fact that it is hard to clean the corners. Why did they not make it round so people easier clean the 'bowl'. For years they design new ones but most of them just change look without any consideration to make customer not only visually satisfied, but realize that saving customer few minutes on cleaning means a lot. The products should not only do primary function and look good beside new being ones generally accepted as something better. You people making customers lives easier make your own much better. It's not 5 stars because they innovate in the same old direction-backwards. It's even not 4 stars because they are so long in the industry while still letting those corners giving me hard
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on June 18, 2016
I use this pitcher as a second filter source for my Culligan water filtration system attached to my kitchen sink. As a Micro Contaminate Engineer, do not rely on this as a primary source of filtration. This will remove some contaminates you can't taste, but it does a good job removing lead and chlorine. The lid on this is a perfect fit and filter changes are super easy. Make sure you wash your hands before replacing the filter or handling the inside of this unit. It also helps to clean this unit with filtered water to prevent contaminates inside the pitcher
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