Customer Reviews: Brita Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Filters, 4 Count
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A redesigned version of the Brita filter that, like many of you, I have been using for years. This new version is the same height as the old (see picture) but with a redesigned top.

Pre-soaking is no longer required, and a new mesh is meant to prevent carbon flecks from leaking into the water. The flecks were always harmless, but unsightly. That new top is also a lot easier to grab-- I have one pitcher where I've needed to use pliers to get a decent enough grip to remove the wet (old-style) filters. Hopefully this new design lets me do the job by hand.

This filter still does what Brita has always done. Remove chlorine, sediment, zinc to make your water taste better, and reduce various other metallic/toxic contaminants that may be present. It makes tap water taste better, potentially makes the water safer, and costs far less than bottled water. Besides that, filtering is much more environmentally-friendly than bottled water (mostly for eliminating the energy costs of packaging and transporting bottled water).

These filters are a good product in a new design, and they continue to be well-priced at Amazon. Recommended.
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We always kept two boxes of these on hand as replacements when we used our Brita filter pitcher (we went to an in-line because we drink so much filtered water --we'd go through 40 gallons in no time, but that is a LOT of water.) There are three "gotcha's" on these filters to be aware of:
1. Do not let the filter dry out. When the pitcher is empty, you should refill the reservoir right away. When the pitcher is full or partly full, the bottom of the filter is in the water and keeping moist.
2. The filter needs to be soaked and flushed exactly according to directions. Some of the charcoal packing comes off in the flushing process, and if you don't take care of it, you will have specks in the water. This is no big problem, just something to be aware of.
3. Never put overly warm or hot water through the filter.
If you follow the directions, you will have, as we did, gallons of water that cost a lot less and taste as good or better than the water you buy in plastic containers in the supermarket.
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on February 3, 2002
I have been using Brita filters for over six years now and I have nothing but the best to say about them. Living in a part of the country where the tap water contains impurities resulting in poor taste, at first I resorted to bottled water. Besides being hard on the old wallet, I found that some brands had a burnt aftertaste to them. So I tried Brita. I was amazed at how it improved the taste of ordinary tap water. It tasted better than some bottled water I had been purchasing and it was crystal clear. I have been using Brita ever since. The only drawback initially is the cost of the pitcher, but once you have it the only other cost are the filters that are readily available at most stores. Each filter lasts about 40 gallons, which translates into getting bottled water quality for seventeen cents per gallon.
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VINE VOICEon August 9, 2006
The Brita pitcher water filtering system is a good idea if you have problems with your tap water. Filtered water is a much lower cost than bottled water and as long as your tap is running, you can have an almost endless supply.

I used to live in New York City. The water quality is variable at best. The city constantly monitors water and "adjusts" additives to combat bacteria and other pollutants. Often, especially in the summer months, the chlorine level is very high.

The Brita filter takes care of the chlorine problem and removes other additives, as well.

The result is clear, fresh & pure tasting water that is excellent for drinking, cooking, beverage making and ice cubes (bad ice cubes can ruin a drink.)

Heed the instructions about filter replacement. The filters are rated at 40 US gallons each. If you exceed the recommended filter "life", you will definitely notice diminished results. This is especially noticeable with chlorinated water. The smell returns and the filtered water does not taste as good any more.

All-in-all, this is an excellent filter, but it's no speed demon.

The only real problems I've noticed are with the pitcher timer breaking and the poor results if you leave the filter in the pitcher too long (beyond the 40 gallon estimated limit.)

Also, do not allow the filter to dry out once you've started using it.

Buying the larger packages of filters saves money and is worth it, in the long run.

Update: Brita replacement pitcher filters now have an advanced design. Compared to the older filters, the new ones have two noticeable improvements: they are easier to grip from the top and there is significantly less sediment fallout in the reservoir.
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on January 26, 2016
I used a TDS tester to test the filtered water, nothing changed. This filter basically does not do anything. Water TDS value was 595, after filtering, TDS was 505. FYI, the bottle water TDS value is around 20. This filter basically does nothing.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 8, 2015
Always loved Brita. However, if i order the "Advanced filters" i expect to get the "Advanced filters" not the older models of the boxes covered in dust. Not cool guys. Get your "stuff" together.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 5, 2015
I've read all the answers from Brita to the comments posted by unsatisfied customers about the filter NOT staying sealed tightly. I know about first rinsing a new filter in cold water for 15 seconds. I know that you need to line up the filter with the grooves. I know you then push down hard the filter so it locks in place - so called! AFTER HAVING DONE THIS, the filter still pops up a fraction causing water to leak through the sides of said filter. Now, I am 6'5", 250 lbs. I lift weights 4 days a week. I am not a weak duckling. Yet, time after time, even after pushing down the filter with all my strength, the filter will not stay tightly secured in place. Why there is no rubber ring for added sealment remains a mystery to me. Why they didn't design this to "screw" said filter in place so it is water tight (versus just dropping the filter into the pitcher and pushing down), is a mystery to me. And, even when the filter does happen to seal a little tighter than it normally does, as soon as I move the pitcher about (to pour water for example), the filter will pop up again. The design is flawed, plain and simple. I do not have a bad device per say, it's just that they did not design the filter housing with effectiveness.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
Size: 2|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using Brita filters for years and recently they have changed the design of their water filters. The first thing you'll notice is they have a narrow tall piece that sticks up out of the top. Also, the holes for allowing the water into the filter are larger.

I was hoping they had fixed the problem of the filter falling out of the pitcher when you pour out the last remaining water in the pitcher. That's been a big irritant with the Brita Pitchers for years for me. That problem it's fixed. You can put your finger on the top of the filter when you pour out the last bit of water, but that's not exactly sanitary.

My theory is Brita redesigned their filters because you could refill the older design. Just google "how to refill a disposable brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon" and you'll see how to do.

Along with that they decreased the size of the filter. It is slightly smaller and less carbon, so each filter will actually last less time. They say this filter will last 2 months for an average family. This is probably the longest you will want to use this filter. I drink a lot of water, so replacing every 4-6 weeks is a better option for me. At $5-$6.50 per filter, cost per year is is about $60 a year! I can see why people wanted to refill their old filters, since the carbon alone only costs around 50 cents per filter!

I pretty much stopped buying bottled water because they create so much post-consumer waste. I thought I was really helping the environment and I'm sure if we all did, it would really make a difference. The "disposable" water filters do not alleviate the problem! There are still millions of these plastic devices in our landfills! If manufacturers were in this to help consumers, they would produce a "reusable" filter and allow consumers to refill for less expense, but even more to help the enviroment. Instead, they have redesigned their product so their filter can't be reused, in hopes of increasing the bottom line, their profits.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 11, 2014
It was a terrible experience... I started use first one in October and the water speed was slower than the original one. It seemed like it was not the real BRITA. But that was not the worst thing, the worst thing is that these days the water tastes terrible! I thought I may need to change a new one so I open a second one...The water comes out with the black colour..... It was so terrible...I have never seen this before, I thought it was the colour of the charcoal however it keeps leaking the black water...Then I open the third one...the water looks like the same... dark water!
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on December 22, 2002
In California the water tends to be very hard. I purchased an under the sink two stage water filtration system and thought the problem would be solved. The water still tasted bad so I bought a Brita pitcher filter. Unbelievable! It tasted so good. I think it's because each filter has silver oxide particles mixed in with the charcoal and it softens the water very well. I wish I would have tried this filter first.
Since moving to the east coast I still find that these filters do a great job at making the water taste as good or better than bottled water at a fraction of the cost.
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