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Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher
Package Quantity: 1|Size: Pitcher 5 Cup|Change
Price:$23.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 30, 2016
Love this purifier. Here's why:
- It is really handy and stores enough water.
- It filters water while filling and hence does not take long to pour water and drink once it is full.
- I love the fact that it has a tight seal and hence you can pour water while it is filtering and not be afraid of unfiltered water to get into your glass.

Just one. Takes time to fill up. But I guess that's just how purifiers work
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on January 20, 2017
I decided to use it for some time before writing my review, the lid snaps in place and I have had no issues with it, I have poured even when it is still filtering and the non filtered does not come out. I do put my thumb on the lid just to fill safe.
It removes the bad taste from my tap water, it is small and convenient.
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on November 15, 2016
For the price this is unbeatable. I bought it in late 2011 and still use it all the time. I clean it from time to time to prevent any mildew, but it's more of a precaution since I don't ever see or taste any mildew.

There's one functional downside to the design. The top filter portion of the pitcher tends to try coming off when there's not a lot of water left inside and you need to tip it further than when it's full. I just hold it with two hands to avoid this, but the first couple times I had to act quickly to prevent it from spilling. So I dropped one star for that. But for the price, this is still worth it.
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on February 8, 2016
This is a slim water filter pitcher that is suitable for either (1) a small fridge (NOT the tiny "cube" fridge favored by college students) or (2) anyone who can't hold the weight of the larger pitchers when filled with water. Filling the pitcher requires a different approach than with most Britas. The trick to opening the lid is to hold the top with your thumb against the handle (there is a small, white flange for this purpose) and then use your fingernails to ease the top off. This is not intuitive--most of us would just grab the top with our fingers---which results in pulling up the entire top (not what you want). That said, once you get the hang of this AND remember to do it---it is not hard to get the top off. Not the greatest design, but OK. My beef, is that the first one arrived with a broken lid---exterior box and interior box was fine---but the lid was broken in a way that left a very sharp edge. I contacted Amazon and was told I would have to retrieve the item (it was sent to someone in a Nursing Home), retrieve the packaging and send it back. One of the reasons I use PRIME is because I don't have time to fuss shopping, etc. Not for myself nor for others. I just ordered another one and had it sent (if it were available at local stores, I would have done that) and will toss this one. I am keeping the unbroken parts until the new one arrives in case this next one ALSO has broken components---eventually I will have enough parts to have one that is useable. UPDATE: The second one I ordered arrived in good shape. The lid is a different design---much easier to get off and on, IMO. The second one has a larger flange that you can easily use to pull the lid up.
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on June 9, 2015
Let me be clear -- compared to other water filters on the market, this isn't a four-star product. I'm giving it four stars because it worked fine for my specific needs, but I'll try to make my situation clear: I have a mini-fridge at work, where I typically only drink a few glasses of water per day (most of my water consumption occurs away from work). I wanted an inexpensive filter for work. This Brita self-serve pitcher fits in my mini-fridge, and holds enough cold water to make it through my shift. Thanks to its combination of price and utility, this filter was exactly what I wanted.

However, I would never wish to use this product as my primary water filter at home. The lid is a bit of a pain -- it's a little awkward to remove when you want to refill the pitcher, and you can't tilt the pitcher too far while pouring, or the whole lid pops right off (spilling water everywhere). As advertised, it only holds 5 cups of water, and it refills relatively slowly (in fact, you'll have to fill the lid more than once to get that full five cups). Finally, there are some disconcerting black flakes (I assume charcoal) that appear in the upper reservoir. These never show up in the actual filtered water, but I've had a guest refuse to use it because of them.

The bottom line is that this filter is fine for one person who's looking for a bargain. But I wouldn't recommend it for purchase if multiple people will drink from it regularly, or if you drink a lot of water over a given day.
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on September 13, 2016
Medium Sized so fits well in the fridge..... Saves big time on water, and can get COLD water from it.
Many are too big for the Fridge so the water is room temp. OK for Coffee but when you want a long drink.... this is best...
BTW My dog likes it too...! (Don't tell my wife)
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on August 24, 2016
My current area of living does not provide the good quality of water. Thus I've decided to start to use filter instead of buying a spring water each time I go to a grocery store.
I can tell that from the very first time of using that pitcher the water during boiling does not produce precipitate anymore as it was previously without using any filtering system et all. Taking into account that this is the cheapest and simplest way to purify your water, I would strongly encourage everyone who feels that water in their area should be somewhat cleaned to start with the pitcher first, if better quality of purification will be needed one can assume using other, more advanced, methods of purification of water.

Good luck
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on October 19, 2012
The municipal water here taste awful. So I became a loyal customer of Nestle PureLife bottled water for some time. My friend suggested this option and I decided to try it. After a month of use, I'm pretty happy about the purchase.

The other option I shortlisted was PUR PUR CR-4000 5 Cup Pitcher with One Pitcher Filter. PUR uses activated carbon which works on the principle of adsorption.** Brita uses ion-exchange resins in addition to activated carbons (but for some reason costs less?). By the way, water from both taste good.

Now to nit-pick, I wish the lid could be closed completely. Also the lid falls off sometime when I pour water.

Well, the shocking park of my experience was when I boiled the municipal water in a pressure cooker. I observed highly visible precipitated white sediments left over after the boiling. (Please check the image I uploaded) Then I boiled the filtered water from this pitcher and there was not a trace of precipitate this time. I assume the water contained the divalent hard water salts (Ca2+/Mg2+??) in high amounts.

**EDIT: Apparently, PUR has later changed the product to include ion-exchange filtration method. New description is on their product page.
review image
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on October 26, 2016
I had a Brita pitcher years ago and it got lost in a move. So I started looking for another one that would meet our needs.
This one arrived about three weeks ago and is smaller and has an upgraded filter that is different from the one in my old unit.
This new one does everything I need for it to do. The water is fresh tasting and delicious (if water can be described as delicious).
Also, the unit arrived before it was promised. Overall, I am pleased with the whole transaction.
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on April 13, 2013
I bought the pitcher locally because Amazon refused to complete my order of a pitcher and four filters (they sent me four filters and cancelled my pitcher order). Because I was stuck with the filters, it seemed easier to buy a pitcher at a greater cost locally, then deal with the hassle of returning the filters to Amazon, which they should never have sent me without the pitcher.

That said, the filters work very slowly, making the pitcher aggravating to use. In order to fill the pitcher, you have to remove the top and put water in the reservoir of filter, then wait for it to drain through. This is the time consuming part. The pitcher lid doesn't fit properly into the filter reservoir, and it has repeatedly slipped out when pouring water from the pitcher.

The former CEO of Brita, after selling company, started manufacturing another pitcher called Mavea. The Mavea pitchers, while a bit more expensive, have a pour spout in the top so you don't have to remove the lid to pour water. They also have a built in reader that tells you when you need to change the filter. Mavea pitchers have all the good features of Brita, plus more bells and whistles. I will be buying one of those.

As for the Brita filters, they do make my well water taste better and remove a lot of the rusty yellow from the water. I am going to do some research and see if other charcoal filters have a better micron rating, however (including the Mavea ones).

I will probably keep this unit as an extra since Amazon pretty much forced the filter sale on me but I am not thrilled with the pitcher or Amazon, at this point.
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