Customer Reviews: Brita Slim Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, White, 5 Cup
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Package Quantity: 1|Size: Pitcher 5 Cup|Change
Price:$11.23 - $94.46
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on March 26, 2007
We got this pitcher as a wedding gift and we've been using it now for over 3 years. It's the same picther, we aren't particularly careful with it, and still it looks and works like when we first got it. It's a great size and fits nicely in our fridge. The sides stay clear (unlike some pitchers that yellow) and the top is solid. We were so happy with it we got one for someone else as a wedding gift some time ago.

Some others have mentioned black granules, but we've only seen them in the top of the pitcher (the filter area, not the area that filtered-water goes that you drink). It's our non-scientific understanding that those are part of the carbon-filtering system in the Brita filters. In the 3 years of use, I don't think we've ever seen them in our filtered drinking water - if we have, it was maybe once.

The only other con for the pitcher is you may have to wait a while to fill it. The top part that holds water that is passing through the Brita filter is smaller than the part that holds filtered water, so it takes about two to three fills of the top part to fill the filtered part. The filtering is also a little slow, but not a problem.
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on November 1, 2007
This is my second Brita Slim Pitcher - the first served me well for a long time, until I dropped it on a brick patio. It's great for a small fridge like mine. I hate the waste of bottled water and use my Brita to fill a Nalgene bottle instead. One of my favorite features is the the dial that tells me when to replace the filter (because I can never remember when I put the last one in...)

I've owned Pur and GE water pitchers, but always go back to Brita.

One last comment - if you soak a new filter for 15 minutes in a glass of water before using it for the first time as per the directions you won't see ANY "black granules" (charcoal) in your water.
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on November 4, 2005
The cost of bottled water adds up and can burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you're a starving student. The Brita pitcher is affordable and saves you more money. And it's also a healthy approach to drinking sodas which adds a great deal of sugar and pounds. Don't let the size fool you. It's not heavy and doesn't take up room. I highly recommend getting this product as to buying spring water in bulk and gallons. You won't feel that you're wasting money and you will get six to eight glasses of water each day.
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on November 19, 2008
Mine just came yesterday and took about 20 minutes to get it ready. It's very important to Follow the Instructions provided. People have complained about black particles in their water, I believe that is because there filters were not in all the way.

Make sure to follow the instructions for installing the filter perfectly because it is very important. They ask you to soak it in cold water for 15 minutes; I put it in a plastic cup from a fast food place with cold water for 15 minutes and it ate through the coating the cups have and the water turned grey and had some of those black carbon particles in the cup, which is perfectly fine that's exactly why you soak it for 15 minutes. I then put it into my cleaned Pitcher, making sure the filter lined up with the groove to hold it in place properly. It goes in easy, if it's going in hard make sure you are putting it in the right way. I believe the only reason people have complained about the particles in their water is they did something wrong. Make sure the filter is in as much as it goes so that it is sealed properly. I see the particles in the top of the pitcher where you add more water to be filtered. But that's not a problem it's Supposed to do that. It will NOT get into your drinking water once it's filtered. If you see them in your drinking water check if you did something wrong

I was amazed how crystal clear the water was after everything was setup, especially since the water used to soak the filter was so grey colored. I have found zero black carbon particles in the water since i've filled it up (i've filled it about 4-5 times now). The lid for the filter makes a tight seal when put on properly, I was very happy to find after filling it once i could fill the filter again so when i use up the filtered water it filters more of the unfiltered water (wow sorry if that's a bit confusing)

Anyways for only $12 i highly recommend this product. I'm gna get a few more for Christmas Presents this year.
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on September 16, 2005
I bought this to replace a PUR water pitcher that I had and am a little disappointed. It does an ok job filtering the water and I like that it is a small. The main problem I have with this pitcher is the lid design - It sticks to the top "resevoir" and pulls out the whole top section. You have to use a fingernail or knife to pry it open just to add water each time.

The other thing I was disappointed by, is the filter itself. The PUR filters have a marker on them to let you know when they have been used completely. This Brita pitcher included a static sticker to place on the pitcher to notify you when to replace the filter (3 months). I don't think this is very accurate, since some people may not use there pitcher as much as others.

It's an ok product, but I wish I had researched more carefully regarding the lid at least.
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on September 27, 2012
This water filtration system is great if you're on a budget -- it's very simple to put together, refill, easy to clean, and the water tastes just as advertised. I have found that I've saved a lot of money on buying water since owning one, and with a stainless steel water bottle, I am also avoiding ingesting many of the toxins found in plastic water bottles today. In fact, one of the main reasons I am writing this review is because I noticed a lot of people were concerned about the filter quality because trace amounts of charcoal were noted in the bottoms of containers after drinking.

I was concerned about this myself, until I did some research into what function the particles actually serve... they're "activated charcoal/carbon" particles, which is different from regular charcoal. It's perfectly safe to digest, causes no known long/short term side effects, and is actually used for its "adsorbent" properties in medicine. Adsorbent being used (instead of absorbent) because harmful toxins found in the digestive tract can actually bind to the particles and be safely carried out. It can be used to treat diarrhea, food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, and a number of other problems. Brita gets their carbon from coconut shells, so essentially, this could be an overlook from the manufacturer... or an actual health benefit. I'm no doctor, but digesting trace amounts every day seems like it could lead to an overall healthier, better digestive tract.

However, if you're uncomfortable seeing the charcoal bits, I have come to understand that this is because some people let the water level get below the actual filter (and it dries out.) Anytime you pour a glass, you should add more water to the reservoir so this does not happen.
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on October 19, 2012
The municipal water here taste awful. So I became a loyal customer of Nestle PureLife bottled water for some time. My friend suggested this option and I decided to try it. After a month of use, I'm pretty happy about the purchase.

The other option I shortlisted was PUR PUR CR-4000 5 Cup Pitcher with One Pitcher Filter. PUR uses activated carbon which works on the principle of adsorption.** Brita uses ion-exchange resins in addition to activated carbons (but for some reason costs less?). By the way, water from both taste good.

Now to nit-pick, I wish the lid could be closed completely. Also the lid falls off sometime when I pour water.

Well, the shocking park of my experience was when I boiled the municipal water in a pressure cooker. I observed highly visible precipitated white sediments left over after the boiling. (Please check the image I uploaded) Then I boiled the filtered water from this pitcher and there was not a trace of precipitate this time. I assume the water contained the divalent hard water salts (Ca2+/Mg2+??) in high amounts.

**EDIT: Apparently, PUR has later changed the product to include ion-exchange filtration method. New description is on their product page.
review image
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on September 23, 2005
I got this for my dorm room, and for three girls, this pitcher is too small. This one, the smallest available, is too big for tiny dorm fridges, so you might as well get something bigger that'll let you go longer between refills.

Otherwise, this worked great. I got this because the water in New Haven is comparable to pool water, and the chlorine taste and smell completely disappears after using the filter. Good stuff.
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VINE VOICEon April 14, 2006
I've used Brita pitchers/filters for years. They used to be very good. In the last couple of years however their quality control has gotten worse and worse. The last few filters I bought all leaked large amounts of the black granules (about a teaspoonful a week). I don't like having black granules swimming in my glass of water. We're using filters to get rid of junk not add it in! When I contacted Brita about this several times via email they wouldn't respond (other than to send me an automated response saying they'd get back to me within a few days).

Buy a different brand. Brita is becoming a joke due to very poor quality control.
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on March 9, 2007
I live in an apartment with a very small refrigerator. This Brita model is the perfect size for my ridiculously tiny fridge. It's a little too tall to fit into the side door, but it doesn't take up much space on my top shelf.

The water tastes just as good as the bottled water I used to buy. I haven't noticed any black granules in the water, as one reviewer claimed. I also love that the replacement filters are reasonably priced (at certain stores, anyway) and "one size fits all." You never have to worry that your replacement filter won't fit because they're universal to all Brita pitchers.

Only one downside - after you pour a glass of water, you'll probably need to fill the pitcher back up from the tap. It's such a tiny pitcher. You can only get a few small glasses or one large glass of water before seriously depleting your supply. You need to keep the filter wet, so you'll have to re-fill the pitcher every glass or two that you pour. It's not a serious inconvenience, but this size wouldn't be ideal for a large household. It's perfect for a college student or a person living alone.
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