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on February 27, 2014
This car seat is phenomenal. From the ease of instillation to the safety ratings it's one of my best purchases of the year, and i've made many.
I needed a car seat for my 2.5 year old toddler who weighs 36 pounds and is 39" tall. I have the marathon which i do love but I put my 4 month old in it because he couldn't stand his bucket seat. I honestly feel like I am strapping my child into a fighter jet when I put her in the car seat, it is so sturdy and safe, doesn't move a .001cm when tugged. The click tight system was so easy I actually laughed out loud when I put it in the car. The black is great, I also bought the beige (already stained).
The safety ratings are great but there was the whole IIHS rating that I was worried about. I called Britax to ask if it was appropriate for my 2.5 year old and inquire about the IIHS. It was a great option for my daughter as she hit the height and weight requirements and it will last until she is done with car seats. As for the IIHS, they said it is not likely to happen and will only happen on some makes and models of cars. If it does the belt will hit the child in the belly region instead of on the upper thigh. If it does, just call them and they will send a fix for the system. It's not a safety issue unless installed wrong, like all car seats a seat is only as safe as the correct instillation. This is by far a recommendation I will make to friends. I've already bought 3 for my family. Plus Amazon has them cheaper than anywhere out there.
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on December 16, 2014
I have always purchased britax car seats and loved them. The clicktight installation is amazingly easy! While I was using this in harness mode, I really liked it. However, since transitioning to seat belt mode, I have serious concerns about the safety of this car seat. The big issue is the car seat does not allow the seat belt to retract properly. (The seat belt retracts perfectly when not in the car seat.). It seems to be a combination of the fabric of the car seat "catching" the seat belt and not allowing the seat belt to slip and retract properly and the clip the seat belt feeds through. When my son gets in the car, I have to help feed the seat belt back to get a proper snug fit. Then I have to tell him to not pull on the seat belt AT ALL or the seat belt hangs there limp, not retracting until I pull the car over, get out, and again feed the seat belt back in. I called britax and they suggested I raise the head rest higher to give the seat belt more room to automatically retract. "Raise it so it is not properly aligned with my kid?", I asked. "Yes", they said. "And make sure he does not pull on that seat belt at all!", she said for the 2nd time. Totally practical advice considering we are dealing with a CHILD, and children are known for following instructions exactly. (Sarcasm). I think I need to return this because I don't think this is safe at all! I attached a picture of the seat belt hanging out in the car seat, not retracting the way it should.
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on October 13, 2014
The five point harness tightening system design is flawed. There are three ridges in the belt path that cause the metal buckle to 'stick' as the harness is tightened. It's fine when you don't have a child sat in the seat, but when occupied, it is impossible to get the harness to be to the recommended tightness over the child.

I removed the seat from the car to eliminate the possibility of something on the seat snagging the harness, but the same thing happened. We own two Frontier 85 SICT's and love them so thought the Frontier 90 would be a nice upgrade as our family grew and we needed to carry the children in multiple vehicles. I compared the five po0int harness belt path on the Frontier 85 with the 90 and the path on the 85 is completely smother and rounded, with no plastic ridges. As synch, the harness tightens flawlessly and smoothly on the 85. Incidentally, the Britax Pioneer 70 also suffers from this design flaw.

I can only imagine the ridges are there for structural rigidity of the seat at the expense of the ease and smoothness of tightening the five point harness. Either way, it's a regression in the design which has resulted in us returning these seats as, in my opinion, they cannot be safely used.
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on November 4, 2014
I have the previous version of this seat and bought this awhile when we needed to add another to our fleet of carseats. I really loved the new click tight installation system on this seat, for my sake during installation. You'll have to look elsewhere for complete description of the system because I can't accurately describe it here, but essentially half of the lower seat (where the child actually sits) flips open during installation and gets pushed back down to close tightly on the latch strap running behind it. Over time the thin seat cushioning has shifted and separated as children climb in and out of the seat. When my son complained that his butt and legs were hurting, I discovered that they had been stuck sitting on the bare plastic edges running right through the middle of the seat. We've tried to reposition the cushioning but it always slides right back out of place leaving them to sit on a plastic bar running right through the seat. Think Elaine on Seinfeld on the pullout sofa. But sitting on the bar. No good.
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on June 17, 2013
If I had read about Clicktight from any other company I would never have believed it. Since it was Britax I at least gave it a shot. Amazing! We installed two of these in a 2013 Quest in minutes. I knelt on it, my husband gave the belt a tug (but just a fraction of the TUGS we used to administer), two hands to fasten down the Clicktight panel and OMG! It is tighter than we have ever been able to get any other Britax seat (and these are numbers 8 and 9!) The fabric is an improvement over the Frontier 85, and the cup holders have an extra section now that my kids think is great (whatever makes them happy). We did find that when taking the seat out the Clicktight seemed really hard to release. This was solved by unbuckling the car's seatbelt. By releasing that tension the Clicktight is a breeze to release.
My only complaint is that when the headrest is raised for a taller child (my kids are 41" and 47") and the seat is empty, it rattles. We solved this by drapping a black washcloth between the headrest and the back of the seat. It's quiet as can be, I can't imagine it affects safety, and is a small price to pay for the quality, durability and safety of a Britax.
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on March 1, 2014
I have had three Britax seats now all with the harness. This ones is horrible when it comes to tightening your child in. The belts will move freely and smoothly until there is a child in the seat and then forget about it. To fix it so I don't have to struggle with it all the time I have left it tight and squeeze my daughter in and out of it. It really stinks and I paid a lot for this seat and I would expect it to work a lot better.
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on January 17, 2014
I'm going to assume that other posts have touched on the general good features, so I'll just highlight my favorite bits.
1: The cup holders hold real sized cups! Not toddler sized stuff only. Anything smaller than a full sized Nalgeen bottle will fit. The openings are also forward of the arm rests so tall bottles are not an issue.
2: Super easy adjusting of the shoulder harness height... Just move it and the belts go along for the ride.
3: THIS IS WHERE IT KICKS ALL OTHER BOOSTER SEATS IN THE BUTT.... The attachment system for the lap/shoulder belt in your vehicle. A large panel section of the booster lifts up and the car's belt goes underneath, nothing special you think, until you go to close it and discover that this entire panel is a belt tensioning system of incredible power! Yes it's a bitch to close and latch, but when you get it closed there exists no question about the security and proper placement of the seatbelt. Piece of mind is kind of a big deal to me, that's why I shopped for a five point harness booster seat in the first place.
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on October 1, 2014
We've had this seat for several months and it is by far my favorite car seat we've ever owned. Heavy, as others have pointed out, but installs so easily with click tight that it more than makes up for the extra weight. Click tight truly is a game changer -- solid, idiot proof installation every time. Plus the seat seems very comfortable for my average sized 4 year old. It is well padded, reclines a bit (about as much as an airline seat), and feels sturdy.

The only issues I've had are: (1) occasionally the latch connectors stowed under the seat get in the way when attempting a click tight installation. Once I figured out that's what was going on, however, it is easy enough to adjust them so they are out of the way; and (2) I've also found that the little metal, spring loaded rods under the seat occasionally get stuck in a locked position when the seat is up, which prevents the seat from being able to close during click tight installation. Again, once I realized what was going on it was easy to check the rods and just push them in to retract them before closing. Sorry if this is confusing to read -- but if you have the seat to fiddle around with these really aren't big deals at all. Not even close to making me consider giving the seat anything less than 5 stars.

In fact, I love this seat so much that when I saw they were introducing click tight for the convertibles I immediately, sight unseen, pre-ordered one for my 15-month old. Seriously, they're that good. Between the revolutionary click tight system and the overall Britax quality I personally won't consider another seat.
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on May 27, 2013
Update: May 2014
One year later and my opinion hasn't changed much. I still have problems tightening the straps to get a proper fit. An even bigger problem is the bottom seat cover keeps falling off and the foam padding has fallen out of the bottom seat (my son or younger daughter ripped it in half and now it is not functional as padding under her bottom). I did call BRITAX and since the seat is still under a 1 year warranty, the are sending me a replacement pad and bottom cover, but I don't expect it to fix the problem. We'll see.

I do like how easy it is to install this seat, but honestly have only taken it in/out 3 or 4 times the whole year. So I would rather a seat that the cover stayed on and was a little harder to install than this one.

I would NOT buy this seat again. It has been ok and I feel that my child is safe, But for the price, I'm looking for something different for my 16 month who will be moving seats in the next 6 months.

I still wish the cover was the same quality as the Britax Roundabout that I purchased in 2008.

I am a mother of 4 children ages 3 months, 2, 4, 6. My husband and I have bought many car seats. The 2 brands that we have been happy with are Graco and Britax. My favorite seat that we have bought is the Britax Roundabout 2008. I was expecting that some of the things we like about the Roundabout would also be true for the Frontier 90.

The following things that I was excited about with the Britax Frontier 90, are a little disappointing.

1. Click-tight technology, it is pretty easy to install with the seat belt. However, once it is installed, it is a little hard to release the click-tight latch.I had to push rather hard and ended up breaking a fingernail and my finger tips are a little sore from squeezing to release the seatbelt. Also, I wonder if using this type of installation for a long period of time (2+ years) if it will damage the seat belt of the car.

2. Height Adjustable straps, For some reason I cannot adjust the height of the harness straps while the seat is installed. I was hoping that I could do this and my 2 older kids could both use this seat with an easy adjustment before getting buckled in the seat. But I have to uninstall the click-tight seatbelt AND the back tether strap to slide the head rest and harness straps up or down. Not very easy when you are in a hurry to buckle kids in and get somewhere.

3. Ease of use..Tighten the harness is very difficult to tighten the harness straps and get a good fit. Other reviews stated that the release tab was difficult to use, but I did not find this to be the case. It was the opposite for me, getting the seatbelt tight enough to be safe.

4. The buckle that is supposed to flip forward so you don't have to dig around for it is big and bulky. My son still tends to sit on it and I cannot reach down and pull it out. I have to make him get out of the seat and flip it out and hold it in place while he climbs in. This may be because I have it fully reclined, but it seems to not be as helpful to me.


1. In my mini van, The seat reclines enough to allow my son to sleep without his head flopping forward. But I also have to recline the seat of the van. In a Toyota Corolla, where the actual car seats do not recline in the back of the car, my son was sitting more up right, even with the Frontier 90 fully reclined. He did not fall asleep in this car, so I cannot say if his head flopped forward or not.

2. I like that it has 2 cup holders.

3 I'm sure it is very safe if it is installed correctly and the seat belt/harness is tight enough. But it is VERY heavy.

4. It looks nice and takes up less space compared to our Graco Nautilus

5. My 4 year old son can buckle himself in (this is a big plus for me w/ 4 kids in car seats) but cannot unbuckle himself.
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on December 10, 2013
When our daughter is in the seat, it is VERY difficult to tighten the strap. When the seat is empty, the strap tightens easily. I called and e-mailed Britax and they suggested reclining the seat slightly before installing the car seat. We tried that because we have a mini van but I'm not sure how you could do that if you have a car where the backseat doesn't recline. Now it is even more impossible to tighten the straps while my child is sitting in the seat. Other people are having the same problem (see questions section for this car seat). We've gone back and forth with Britax and they cannot figure out what is wrong.

We had the Britax Marathon before this and loved it. We are getting a Graco seat instead.
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