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on July 14, 2011
The Britax B-Scene is my third stroller purchase, the first two being Orbit Baby and a Chicco Capri. I can't review it without comparing to the other two.

The Orbit is awesome and I would not trade it for anything. It's easy to use, has great 1-handed maneuverability, lightweight, and grows with the child. I also LOVE that the stroller base, car seat base, the infant cart seat, the toddler car seat, and the stroller seat all work on a rotating hub. All the seats fit on the same stroller base, and the infant car seat and toddler car seat both fit the same car seat base. And since it rotates, it makes it much easier loading the car because you don't have to contort your body while struggling to set a car seat in sideways. You simply put the seat in facing you and then turn it to lock it in place. However, it is a rather large stroller, and doesn't always fit in small places like doctor's offices or similar small rooms. And the stroller seat, which you need when baby outgrows the infant car seat, can not be left on the stroller base when you fold up the stroller, so it creates an extra step in that you have to remove it to load the car. You could potentially get away without the stroller seat, and use the toddler car seat on the stroller base, but the toddler car seat huge and heavy and removing it from the car isn't always the easiest. So I've been getting frustrated with the whole stroller seat part of the system, and wishing I'd not bought the stroller seat and just got a different simple stroller. I will be saving the system for the next child, however, as it is a great system for smaller babies.

So in my search to find a small compact stroller for using when I needed something to fit in small places or for short errands, I got the Chicco Capri. Cute, but I HATED it. It doesn't recline but more than a couple inches, which is not comfy for a sleeping baby. You can't get into the basket underneath but through a tiny little 6 inch space. And the basket is TINY and doesn't hold much of anything. It pretty much makes the basket unusable. The handles don't adjust, so the stroller does NOT work for a tall person. I'm only 5'10", but I have long legs and take long steps, so I'm always kicking and tripping over the back of the stroller. In order to not do that, I have to hunch down to push the stroller, which is horribly uncomfortable. The break is not foot friendly and hard to undo. The shade is really small, and doesn't do much by way of shading at all. It was pretty cheaply made. The fact that it's compact and cute is the only thing it had going for it. It's going bye-bye as soon as I can get rid of it.

So since I'm getting rid of the Chicco Capri, that still means I need something to use in it's place. I wanted something that was easy to use, light, somewhat compact, and with an adjustable handle. Cheap umbrella strollers are out. Expensive luxury strollers are out, I've already got my much loved Orbit Baby. I spent days and days looking at Babies R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and online, as we have no local specialty baby stores. Everything I tried locally was too short with no adjustable handles, and I kept tripping over the strollers. Looking online, everything is either really cheap (and cheaply made) or really expensive. I finally ran across some Quinny, Baby Jogger, Britax, and a couple of other strollers that looked like what I was looking for, but price-wise they're all pretty expensive.

I ended up going with the Britax B-Scene. I thought about the B-Ready as it has the potential to become a double stroller for a second child, but it looked huge, so the B-Scene it was. Here is my list of pros and cons.

#1 - Easy to put together. It took me longer to unpack it than put it together.
#2 - It has large wheels that ride pretty smoothly.
#3 - The handle is adjustable, however it does not move out toward you. Instead, it shifts up or down depending on your height. There is enough room that even long-legged me does not kick the back of the stroller!
#4 - The seat is up high, just like the seat on the Orbit. My munchkin loves to be high, and HATED sitting so low in the horrible Chicco.
#5 - It has a generous storage basket underneath, with NOTHING blocking it. I can get into and out of it as I please, no matter whether I have the seat facing me or facing away.
#6 - The footrest is adjustable. My little guy can have his feet resting straight out, or I can lower the foot rest so his feet can dangle.
#7 - The slider in the back that adjusts the harness height is brilliant, and I love the round clip in front. I hated the clip on the Chicco because I always pinched my fingers no matter how I clipped it.
#8 - The seat reclines fairly low, just like the Orbit does, which is great for a sleeping baby.
#9 - The shade is fairly decent and blocks a fair amount of sun, though on a really hot, sunny day, I'd probably have to attach a Ray Shade or something similar to protect arms and legs.
#10 - It comes with a rain cover that fits over the whole seat.
#11 - It comes with adaptors for Britax car seats, and is compatible with the Britax Bassinet that can be used in place of the seat. So it grows with baby. Not that I will probably use those features since I have an Orbit, but it's still a great feature.
#12 - The brake is EASY to use. Even with bare feet or flip flops.

#1 - The stroller is much larger than anticipated.
#2 - It is HEAVY, unfortunately.
#3 - The fold down is two-handed instead of one-handed like my Orbit, and because the stroller is heavy, it takes a little extra oomph. It does not open very easily either.
#4 - It does not maneuver with one hand very easy. Especially compared to the Orbit. I think it's due to the stroller being so heavy.

Overall, I really like the stroller, but I have to take a couple stars off for the size and weight.
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on April 7, 2011
I was looking for a second stroller after realizing the one I had wasn't durable enough for long walks in the park and unpaved roads. I researched all over before I found the B-Scene. I love this stroller! My 6.5 month old looks so comfortable and the ride is super smooth. I took it through uncut grass and although it wasn't super smooth it went through well enough. We took an hour walk yesterday and I never got tired pushing it like I did with my smaller and lighter weight stroller. It was pretty windy so we used the rain sheild and it was simple to put on and kept my little one nice and warm. I love the three wheel design and the reversible seat. The adjustable handle makes it super comfortable to push. The seat is wide and deep so my daughter has a harder time throwing her toys off of the side. I love the easy recline and the easy adjustment of the shoulder straps. The one touch wheel lock is so easy and I don't have to worry about it hurting my toes. The only downside is that it can be a little bulky when folded but there is a automatic lock and it fits fine in my small Jetta trunk. I was a little worried about spending so much money on a stroller but it was well worth the price.

I've had this stroller for almost 2 years and now the brake mechanism is broken and the wheels are locked. Because I'm beyond the 1 year warranty I guess I'll just have to throw it away. I am very disappointed because my daughter still loved to ride in it when I would go jogging around our neighborhood. I am sad to say that I regret purchasing this product.
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on April 10, 2011
Great product .. only two issue wide wheels sometimes make it hard to get into small locations. Two no cup holder
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on August 28, 2011
Not a very easy stroller to conduct, despite the good price. If I knew that, I would have bought another stroller, even more expensive
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on June 22, 2012
The idea of this stroller is great, it has everything I was looking for and I was very excited as I got it and used it for the first time...I loved it BUT, after only 3 month of use the brack stopped here I 'm with my baby in the stroller and 3 older kids we are going to a water park....I got my hands full and in the middle of the way...the brack Brock and I could not move the right wheel of the stroller...super nightmare ....I had to drag the stroller back to the car, got my son out first of course....all 3kids are complaining" why do we have to go back to the car.....I want to go to the water park" and I got anyways my hands full ...yes, this was no fun at all!!!! As I call the costumer servis from britax , I had to wait 30 minutes to get any one on the phone then they tell me, they don' t make the b- scene anymore, they would replace it with the b-align, well I wanted the b-scene.....that's why I got that in the first I ask about money back...I don' t even want to start talking about that story..... Short DON'T BUY THIS you the anger and money.
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on April 19, 2012
I know this review will get a lot of " not helpful" votes from those who already purchased the item and remain happy. But my reviews are for potential buyers to help, not for those who already purchased them. Please respect potential purchasers rights to read everyone's feedback on this. And Britax paid reviewers and voters, we know who you are..:)


He stroller looked great and became part of Amazon baby registery item. Eventually we got it and used it about 5 months when the left wheel gave up on us. As you can imagine, we were terrified. We eventually called Britax which told us stop using the stroller and they would send us a replacement Ina week. So one week we were without stroller.

Eventual Britax sent us a replacement which was a newer 4 wheeled and very different model (B ready) which we think of to be ugly and difficult to maneuver, thus Britax is coming up with a newer model.

Not only the replacement was not we originally bought, but it's packaging was smaller. Here is the deal with the packaging.

When Britax send you a replacement under the warranty, it asks your credit card to ensure you sent the faulty death trap back to avoid liability, fine. But they don't send you a package to put the stroller on. Imagine the possibility of fitting the defective stroller into the smaller package. Not possible.

Well, a company that manufactures death traps for your babies is naturally unable to imagine that this could happen.

Britax sux.
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