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on December 3, 2013
Digital pop may be all about sonic perfection, but soul, substance and emotion, is frustratingly lacking. "Britney Jean" is an almost pristinely crafted result but, for an album that was suggested to be personal, not much intimacy or depth are showcased. Billed as a sequel to career-highlight and fan-favourite, "Blackout", it made no sense to launch the album's campaign with a hummering electro-club anthem called "Work b*tch". For the most part, "Britney Jean" is heavily auto-tuned, polished, with melodic electro-pop stompers, and only a few sparse personal touches. The insanely addictive "'Til it's gone" combines great vocals over a massive beat-frenzy; "It should be easy" with its Daft Punk-esque bassline is another thundering affair; and "Tik tik boom"'s crawling beats are irresistibly sexy. On the more subtle side, are the wonderfully isolating, yet, intimate gentle opener, "Alien"; "Passenger", a guitar-led midtempo with a mystical vibe; and closing track "Don't cry" whose fragility is reminiscent of former - sublime - single "Everytime". Publicity implied that this would be an intimate affair, with Britney herself saying this is an album "specifically for my diehard fans", referring to it as her "most personal record yet". It is not. Evidently, it is more of an experiment than an autobiography, a transitional record, being her first album released in her thirties. Over the years Britney has been grabbing hold of trendy musical ideas in the most unnuanced ways possible. That is a task she has skillfully accomplished. That is what makes hit albums. "Britney Jean" could be one.
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on March 21, 2017
This is a fun album to listen to if you don't take it too seriously. It's what Britney does best dance pop.
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on August 4, 2014
From reading a few reviews on here I expected more from this cd. It reminded me of young britney CDs. Work B*tch was the catchiest/ best/ dance song on the album. The other songs were "bad relationship" slow songs in my opinion, aside from 2 (in addition to work b*tch). The other 2 "dance" songs still feel too slow to dance to.

I had to listen to the cd twice to like it. I'm a britney fan and still love her, but this cd doesn't compare to femme fatale which was upbeat, fun, and a good dance cd.
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on April 9, 2016
Love Britney, this cd gave an alternative to the iconic Britney sound that we are used to but for the most part I love it. Don't really care for Alien, Perfume and Chillin' With You but I enjoy the rest. My favorites are Til It's Gone, Passenger, Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star and Now That I Found You.
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on December 31, 2015
It came with the song Work B*tch turned into work work.I don't know if they shipped me the wrong cd, but I don't like that one of my favorite songs on this cd was changed when the description of this cd said it contained work b*tch.
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on February 7, 2018
This Britney Spears cd, is a great collection of songs. Cd has some good dance tracks like "Work B*tch" and oher great songs. Worth buying and ONE of Spear's best cd, to DANCE too!
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on September 23, 2016
I honestly like this album and I don't think it's a flop at all! This is a good dance pop album and I think it deserves some really good recognition
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on March 1, 2018
Says it was the explicit version, but it wasn't.
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on October 17, 2017
I honestly like most of the songs on here. A lot of catchy and whismical beats.
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on July 1, 2014
This album comes off as a bit of a misguided mess, to say the least. Starting with the albums title "Britney Jean" how many times can one release an album with ones name as the title. Hence 2001's "Britney". You are so out of ideas that you have to resort to just tacking on your middle name to an album title you had 12 years prior??... Second, the lack of imagination and artistry of album covers these days has become somewhat of a joke. Britney along with most other "Artist" these days suffer from this. I don't feel that the album cover could come off more unmotivated, boring, uninviting, or simply just plain vanilla. This cover could not have taken more than five minutes and photoshop to come up with, so simple a 5 year old could have done it, but were supposed to accept it as cover "art"...
Now for the track by track review.

1. Alien-This album opener is a nice mid-tempo, breezy track. There are some areas of the song where I feel Britney struggles vocally but overall the song is nice. 3/5

2. Work Bitch-I like this track because it takes chances with its production and is quit unique. The lyrics on the other hand take a back seat here, this is a very juvenile song for Britney at this point in her career. This was the first mistake from this era in choosing this as the lead single for the album as this song was destined to get little to no radio play based on the way the word bitch was being used. 3.5/5

3.Perfume-A standout solid track that lets Britney showcase her vocal ability. This is a nice mid-tempo song that has me hitting repeat!! This is the second and final single from the album, but unfortunately failed to make an impact on the charts I feel because of the casual fan being turned off from the poor choice of the first single. Had this been(and I think it should have been) chosen as the first single I feel this album would have played out differently 5/5

4.It Should Be Easy(Feat:Will.I.Am)-Trying to recapture the success that they shared with "scream and Shout" Britney and Will.I.Am reteam on this track but unfortunately it fails miserably to find its way and falls rather flat resulting in nothing more than a forgettable album filler. 2/5

5.Tik Tik Boom-This is a fun club banger with great production and hard beats, while the song does not offer much lyrically it succeeds doing what its meant to do..make you wanna dance. 4/5

6.Body Ache-Another hard hitting club banger, this is the hidden gem of the album. Amazing production and strong vocals from Britney this should have been a no brainer second single. This song would have offered up great remixes for the club circuit.5/5

7.Til It's Gone-Another fun dance track with hard beats and a crazy sick breakdown, potentially would have been a wise choice for a 3rd single 5/5

8.Passenger-This track is an abysmal mess from beginning to end. such a weak track to follow the previous three. Britney's voice is horrendous on here and the entire song at most times comes off as a unfinished demo very hard to get through this song. 1/5

9.Chillin' with you(Feat: Jamie Lynn Spears)-This breeze ballad is a cute little song done with her sister, and while I find this song a guilty pleasure I don't feel it should have made the final cut of the album. This truly should have been on Jamie Lynn's album and not Britney's because it is quit clear the sole purpose of this track is to introduce Jamie in the music industry.3.5/5

10.Don't Cry-A fantastic song and could have been a strong single. A ballad very reminiscent of the ballads from her "Oops, I did it again" album. This is the Britney the world fell in love with. 5/5

11.Brightest Morning Star-This is where the album confused me and made me feel the album was directionless on an album that started out with a song called "Work Bitch" I was shocked to find a lullaby ballad focused toward her two boys. To me this trips up a lot of the production of this album which makes it seem a little all over the place. But not in a good way. 2.5/5

12.Hold On Tight-A great track, just a simple ballad with strong old school Britney vocals 5/5

13.Now that I found you-A fun fun bubbly song and a good way to end the album on a high note. 4/5

I would not call this project a complete disaster, it has it ups and downs and is not her strongest offering My advise to Britney on her next go round get better song writers, find a more mature sound and pay attention to the little details.
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