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on August 9, 2013
I find myself eschewing American TV lately for these absorbingly realistic British series. The people in this show quickly seem real and transport you effortlessly into being part of their fictional world. In Broadchurch, the seaside town is a seemingly caring, close-knit small community. Their warmth and connection to one another is heartening, and immediately puts the viewer on notice that the murder of one the village's children will affect all who live there. The newcomer is the new DI Alec Hardy, who has taken the spot from his new assistant Ellie Miller while she was on vacation. References to a dark past make you wonder about his brusque, almost-pompous attitude, and heightens the tension between him and the close-knit police force & neighborhood he has dropped into at the start of investigating the worst crime the town has supposedly seen, the murder of an 11-year-old boy.

I enjoy how normal and non-stereotyped the British actors in this police show are, and the dialogue rings true and succinct. Also, not having visited, the scenes of this British beach town are a delight to see. I look forward to continuing to watch the investigation unfold as well as learning the deeper emotional lives of this multi-faceted program. Why can't American producers use real-looking characters instead of showing us stories populated with character "types" and starring "beautiful" people of normal sizes and shapes?
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on February 19, 2014
I can't say too much without giving the plot away, however, I will say this superbly acted, well crafted, expertly written long mini-series packed so much into it, I'll not likely forget it for a long, long time. I love murder mysteries and this is by far, the absolute best. I watched the first three episodes on a very long flight and loved it so much I PAID to watch the remainder of the series. I don't pay for movies. We have cable and a number of premium channels included in our package. I just wait for them to come to HBO or something. This was so good, there was no way I'd wait. So many murder mysteries are "formula" and I have them figured out or give a good guess well before they finish. Not so with this one. I also find the BBC and traditional Hollywood projects often take a type of political "side" and then preach about it sometimes not artfully in their movies or series. Not so with Broadchurch. There were moral lessons, but none of it in-your-face. They were woven so well into the storyline that you didn't know you were being taught something. So well done. Brilliant as the Brits would say!
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on November 10, 2014
EXCELLENT series that proved to be thought-provoking and very disturbing. I initially brought to this series because I had seen several of the DR WHO episodes that featured David Tennent. I ordered this series only after briefly hearing that he was associated with it. Once I started watching, I was quickly drawn in. I found it a very interesting mini-series, and although it was technically a 'murder mystery' I didn't find myself trying to 'guess the guilty party' so much as I studied the behavior of so many of the characters. By the end of the series, I found that not only was I off in my suspicions, but I was emotionally drained by the disturbing storyline. Clearly, British television producers have learned a few 'stylistic' touches from their American counterparts, but let's hope that they don't adopt many of our more commercial bad habits. Although some American viewers might find this series too slow a burn, I found the pacing to be just right, as the story paid respectful attention to detail, characterization and tone. An EXCELLENT series and I'm surprised to see that it will continue!
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on August 19, 2013
Of course, this TV program is intended for adults or very mature young adults. What I like best about it is the portrayal of the people involved in both the lives of the murdered boy and those in the town who are deeply affected by the unusual event.

The writing is excellent in digging deeply into the personalities & behaviors of those in the story, while spreading hints of possible illicit relationships the along the way.

Also, the acting is so well done, that it is sometimes hard to remember that it is just a TV story. This is so memorable that we can keep the story & people clearly in mind from week to week & look forward to the next episode.
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on August 12, 2015
Why can't American television by like this? The storyline is heartbreaking, and so well acted that you become attached to the characters which are so marvelously portrayed. When this story was remade in America (also staring the wonderful David Tennant), it didn't have the same feel about it. Quite frankly it lost something in the translation. This is such a great series (and Season 2 is just as good if not better). I recommend it to anyone who enjoys finely crafted storytelling
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on August 27, 2014
One of the best series I have ever seen. The casting is fantastic. Every actor was superb. The depth of the characters is astounding. This the most realistic portrayal of what happens to a family when a child is murdered. There was not one scene that was unrealistic or hinted at overreaching. The setting is spectacular and filmed with a deft touch. You are immediately transported to the English sea coast and become a voyeur constantly amazed by every outdoor scene.

But the heart of this series is the sensitivity in which each actor assumes their roles. For eight episodes you live with the two frustrated detectives working the case, the heartbroken family bearing an incredible loss, and a dozen secondary townsfolk delicately woven into this mystery. The script is magical in the way it creates suspicion and doubt about certain suspects and then smoothly guides you to considering their possible guilt or innocence. I have to say the ending was a shocker. The treatment of the last episode was marvelous and clever, tender, and insightful. I have been living in this town and now have front row seats in this tragedy which I have never seen so well acted.

I can't wait for season two.
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on September 4, 2013
Broadchurch tells the story of the investigation of the slaying of a young boy in a close-knit community, and the ensuing trauma to the family and friends. It depicts the uncomfortable fact that everyone is a suspect until they're eliminated from suspicion. And, as in real life, many people seem suspicious because of their alibis or lack thereof.

The father of the deceased child is not a sympathetic character. I don't like him at all and feel that the writers can't redeem his character in any way. The mother is in so much emotional pain and has no one to turn to.

The detectives investigating the crime are an unusual partnership. The male partner is brooding, on-the-edge and carries a lot of emotional baggage. The female partner is a happily-married wife and mother. (Her son was a friend of the slain boy.) The detectives' antagonism toward each other slowly dissolves as they struggle through their differences. They manage to work together in spite of their differing approaches to solving the mystery.

The writers do a good job of plotting the progression of the investigation, and don't skip over the emotional trauma caused by the murder. There are several "bad guys" in the community and each impacts the investigation in some way. The cinematography is excellent and the outdoor scene locations are breathtakingly beautiful.

Although this is a British series (always excellent) the story is a universal one, and will appeal to almost everyone.
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on December 31, 2013
The best part of this crime drama from the U.K. is that it continually questions the truth, not only of who killed an 11 yr. old boy in the small, idyllic, town of Broadchurch, but of who the people are that make up the town. At first we only see the lovely exterior of a quaint seaside village and slowly, with each episode, the series tears away at the outwardly perfect exterior of the town and its people and we see the many truths unfold before us.

The truths of the townspeople are what draws us deeper into the story. We are like the lead detective, DI Alec Hardy, played by David Tennant, who do not know that pasts of these people and so are able to be objective while solving the crime. Then we find out that even Hardy cannot be completely objective because his past is catching up with him and he has made a promise to the family of the murdered boy that he may not be able to keep.

Each episode we learn more about what was really happening in the town at the time of the murder and we experience many smaller truths while DI Alec Hardy, DI Ellie Miller and the rest of the police force assigned to the case investigates the motives of the various suspects have for ending the life of a young boy. What we learn throughout the series is that nothing is what it seems. There is much more than meets the eye and as soon as the story brings us close to apprehending a suspect the evidence leads us into a different direction.

The drama is cleverly written, the acting is excellent, and the setting perfect, or so it seems.
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on November 27, 2014
"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy"--F. Scott Fitzgerald. Let me begin with the ending, not to give it away, but to say that it suddenly brought everything together in a meaningful way and made it all worth while. It is a story of a small and close knit town where there are secrets but closely kept so it's a perfect little town. The fabric begins to rip apart and show the undersides when eleven year old Danny is found dead under unusual and suspicious circumstances. New police investigator Alec Hardy (David Tennant) arrives and takes the position that Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) had expected to be promoted to, so there is instant tension between the two. Alec Hardy (Tennant) is a micro-managing bad boss, showing her little respect, criticizing her often and in front of others while she tries to move past personal bitterness and focus on the case of Danny Latimer. Ellie's son Tom is a friend of Danny so the death and investigation have many personal issues for her. Each episode left me hungry for the next one and I found few flaws in the plot. The music moved the plot along in a dynamic way. One thing I should mention. For those who have lost a child, this is powerful and can be painful. I lost my only son eleven years ago. He was no longer a child as he was 36 when he died in 2003 but the loss of any child is difficult. It reopened some things in me and I found myself crying in several episodes but I also learned that I haven't finished grieving and that's good for me to know. I liked the series and I can recommend it with that one caveat for parents who have lost a child. Red Boots.
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on November 10, 2016
A story that captured me from the first episode. DCI Hardy was a bit hard for me to understand at times (and I spend a great deal of the year in England) but the others were not a problem. Found it on an internet story called "shows you never heard of but should watch". Very true.
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