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on March 17, 2010
I did tons of research online to find the best gas grill. I wanted a good quality grill that will last, not rust out and not need constant upkeep and replacement parts. I'm only cooking for my wife and I so I did not need a huge oversized grill. I checked all of the local big box stores. The smaller grills at these stores had a nice price tag ($80-$150) but they were so flimsy and all of the online reviews said they either rusted out or broke after a year or two of use. I was willing to step it up a notch and pay more, but in the big box stores all you get for a bigger price tag is a bigger grill that will still rust out and break down after a couple of years. I wanted something that would last. The next option up in the big box stores was to purchase a Weber. Weber has a great reputation for quality, but they are so expensive and big. I found that the Broil King brand was the perfect solution to my problem. They build high quality grills (via Onward Manufacturing Co. which has some affiliateion with Weber, but I'mnot sure what.) Broil King has several differnt models with a lot of configurations and options. They are one of the few companies that use cast aluminum for the oven (it will not rust and comes with a lifetime warranty). Their burner design is praised in online reviews and comes with a 5 year warranty. They use heavy duty cast iron cooking grids that weigh over seven pounds each. Their heat diffuser (Flav-R-Wave) is made of heavy duty stainless steel (other companies use cheap steel..just a step up from aluminum foil). I finally narrowed my search down to a Monarch or Crown model. Amazon's price ($319), no tax and free shipping sold me on the Monarch 40.

One thing to note, is that the stand looks like stainless steel, but it isn't. It is steel painted to look like stainless. Also, I agree with another poster that the stand could use some extra stffness. The fact that the casters are plastic bother me, but they work and they are used on all of the Broil King's grills. So I think the only con on the Monarch line is the cart/stand. ***SEE UPDATE*** It will last, but I think the actual grill will outlast the cart. Of course, this is the bottom of the Broil King line. In the end, I think I finally found what I was looking for. I just wish Broil King was sold in more local stores. If they were, the would tear up the competition!

One final thought. The "Mr. Bar-B-Q Platinum Prestige Medium Grill Cover" is the perfect fit and best quality cover I have found. It was only $19.99 when I bought it...and free shipping!

It's been four years and the cart finally broke. The casters have become more difficult to maneuver lately and the added stress to the plastic base caused it to crack. Last year I had to replace the cooking grates because the ceramic coating was flaking so badly. I replaced with custom made stainless steel which was over $100. Now I know that having an aluminum oven isn't everything.
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on April 11, 2010
I chose the Broil King over a Weber Spirit 210 after much study and indecision. Walmart discounted the Webers by (...) but they did not have cast iron grates. Home Depot has the Weber with the cast iron grates but at full retail (Walmart now has dropped price on Weber by (...) for floor models. The reviews of the Broil King were all very good and I liked the style and the cast iron grates which make for a great sear. I purchased my Monarch 40 from Amazon and received it in 2 days with free shipping. The box arrived with a hole in the side which looked like a forklift had missed a pallet and hit the box. I opened the box fearing the worse. There was no apparent forklift damage but three key pieces were bent. Both sides of the stand were bend along the fringe where the holes are placed for assembly. The front edge of the grill oven itself, the most visible area below the knobs, was bent in two places. I began assembly and realized that the second plastic caster (small wheel) was missing. I will be calling customer service tomorrow and will follow up with a report on service. The grill was very easy to assemble although the directions are not very detailed. Much of the assembly is obvious and there are no steps that take you too far so you have to disassemble if you make a mistake. I had to use a red brick to balance for the missing castor but the grill fired right up and was at nearly 700 degrees in about 15 minutes. I seared and cooked boneless chicken breast, onions wrapped in foil and attempted to cook tofu kabobs but they stuck onto the grate and the warming rack (my mistake not the grill). The chicken and onions turned our great and when I turned down the temperature it leveled off to around 250 - 300 degrees and the chicken was moist inside but with a nice sear. At over (...), it was extremely distressing to find bent parts. Only the bent edge of the oven is visible once assembled. Missing a castor was irritating as well. It seems like the actual cooking parts of the grill are solid and well made and I was pleased with the first cooking experience. I had what I think was a small Broil King in the 1990s that lasted several years and the stand gave out before the actual oven. I am hoping I will get that type of performance from this one and that I do not regret passing up the Weber. I have tried Uniflame and Charbroil grills and never got more than a year to 18 months out of them before parts rusted, broke off of stopped working. I would recommend this grill based upon my initial impressions notwithstanding the bent parts and missing castor. There are a lot of bad grills out there and few worth parting with (...) or more. From my research, Broil King and Weber appear to be a safe investment.
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on May 4, 2010
I like to consider myself a smart shopper, and like any other smart shopper I did tons of research on various brand and models of gas grills. I was surprised how small the brand name selection was in the Twin Cities. Regardless of where I went (Home Depot, Mernards, Lowe's, Ace, Hank's Hardware), they all pretty much had the same brands. Of course, one could easily pick up a top of the line Weber for about $800-900 if they desired cast iron grills, a lifetime warranty, and a side burner. However, a lot of people (me included) don't have the luxury of blowing 2 car payments on a grill, nor should they have to.

After a day or so of intense searching, I stumbled across the Broil King Monarch 40. It seemed to have everything I wanted:
-High quality cast iron grids
-Rugged, long-lasting fire box
-Plenty of cooking space
-Side Burner
-Fantastic warranty
-Great customer service

I was convinced to give it a try. It took roughly a week to get here via UPS Ground, which greatly surprised me as a package that large and heavy should probably go freight. There were a couple of minor parts that were slightly bent, but I was able to hammer them back into place. Initially, I called customer service to report this and they were extremely helpful and even offered to ship the parts out free of charge.

I've used it every day since I've gotten it and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. The fire box gets quite hot. According to the thermometer, it gets upwards of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The grates heat evenly and do a great job of holding the heat. The Flav-R-Wave system works just like it should, reducing flare-ups while enhancing the flavor. Last but not least, the starter works flawlessly

My only gripes are the stand and the wheels. They're of lower quality, but the actual guts of the grill more than make up for it.

The final word? If you want a great, fully-featured grill with free shipping (and no taxes), give it a try. You won't be sorry.
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on June 5, 2010
Grill arrived six days early, used Amazon free ship. As other reviewers have noted, the grill base is basically
a three-sided sheet metal box, with no interior frame or structure, shelves, base and wheels are plastic, therefore it is a bit rickety. Mine also showed up with some bent parts on the stand, but they were easy to bend back into place. The propane tank inserts through the back, which remains OPEN. However, that's where the problems stop...

The money you pay for this product goes into the grill box, side burner and cast iron grates. Having shopped around, there isn't any other grill I found that provides 40,000 BTUs of cooking power, cast iron grates, stainless steel "flavor bars" (actually one big stainless unit), AND a side burner, for just over $300. It's clear where they put the money on this one: the cooking components. Burners (note: there are only TWO burner controls, the third know is for the side burner.) light perfectly, don't look anything like the long tubes found in American grills. Igniter is real electronic piezo, not the spring-load junk you usually find. I've just assembled it, fired it up, and am trying it out.

Only concern, as my first perfectly seared rib-eyes sizzle away, is the grease pan. My old grill (Weber) had a big "bin" which slid out so I could empty out the ashes. It was supported by rails, and the drip pan supported by a metal frame. This grill comes only with a tiny aluminum foil "tray", with no support underneath. Perhaps the design is such that all of the drippings cook off, before they reach the little pan. I'll revisit my post in a month or so, and report back on this issue.
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on July 19, 2010
I bought this grill based on other online reviews. I am surprised no one said anything about the handles. Very awkward placement. I am used to a handle across the front. The left one is in the way when the side burner is used. You definately buy this unit for the grilling, not for the extras, since there aren't any. The side tables are very flimsy. It is hard to maneuver. The small trays in front are not useable for anything I can tell. I would like a wire basket in front. That said, I love this grill. It gets HOT, which is what I wanted, b/c I wanted to be able to cook in a skillet, for stir fry, etc. (I don't cook anything greasy or smelly in the house. I had been using an electric skillet outside.) The thermometer gets up to 500 or 600 very quickly. I don't know if this is accurate, b/c the needle starts at 100, not 0. I have used it for grilling -the cast iron grate with "V" channels is great; for cooking in a cast iron skillet; and for roasting. Everything turned out perfectly with not a lot of attention. I did burn some bacon on the side burner--as I said, this thing gets HOT and I had set the knob at Medium instead of Low. There are no hot or cold spots. It fires up easily. I like that the sides fold down, it takes up very little space on my deck. I paid around $330. Compared to what I would get for $200 at any local store, it is well worth it. It had a few dings from shipping. The box was falling apart. There is a dent right in the front by the knobs. I'll live with it. I am very happy with this grill. On my old Charbroil, grilling was hit or miss. It IS small, especially when the bun-warmer grill is in, and BTW, there is no place to store this when you don't want to use it.
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on November 2, 2012
Would not buy this item again. The price was right, but the side panels are too flimsy to set anything with any weight on them, the handles will not stay tight without loctite on the bolts (cheap hardware) and it cooks unevenly.

That being said, I use this grill all the time and have learned to cook with it. Like most low-end gas grills, you have to learn the hot spots and the cool spots and rotate your food accordingly.

On the positive side, I have used this grill for all-day-long slow cooking and added wood pellets encased in foil to add smoked flavor. With one burner off, the other set to the lowest setting and the lid propped open, I have cooked ribs, roasts and chicken at very low temp for long periods of time, essentially smoking the meat.

It is NOT a smoker, but with a bit of planning, it is possible to get decent results without having to open the grill and add charcoal every hour or two for this style of cooking.

Next grill, I won't be so cheap and get a true pellet grill.

Hope that helps
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on June 2, 2010
I did a lot of research before buying this grill. I really wanted to stay away from the grills made in China. I found many positive comments about the grills built by Onward Manufacturing in Canada and many positive reviews about this particular grill. Plus, the price was right. I have been nothing but thrilled with this grill's performance. We use it on average at least twice a week and both meats and veggies have cooked spectacularly. On a side note regarding the company: When the grill arrived, the box was dented and had a hole in it. After assembling the entire grill, I found that one of the grill surfaces was broken. I called Amazon and basically got no help whatsoever, in fact was told that I would have to buy the replacement part myself but that they could give me a 20% discount... or... I could return the entire item. Um.... no. So I tracked down the number of Onward Manufacturing (actually not difficult at all, listed on their website) and told them what had happened. Mind you, this was no fault of theirs. (Probably in reality the fault of FedEx, but I bought through Amazon so I felt that Amazon should have handled the problem.) In any case, Onward immediately sent out a replacement part with no questions asked. I would not hesitate to buy a product from this company again.
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on March 31, 2011
I just got my new Broil King 40. I have been looking for ever, for a good price and quality. I have been to Home Depot, local BBQ stores and then Amazon and up came the Broil King. I was excited as it was made in Canada and not China. It took only about 45 min to put together. I have to report after reading other reviews about shipping damage and missing parts, I was concerned but now glad to report that our grill showed up perfectly! Most comments where about the stand being flimsy but I found it to be very fine, The flimsy part of the grill are the shelfs, Im glad they fold down, but concerned about them holding a heavy pot of water or food on the side burner or the side shelf. I am pretty crafty and will make some adjustments to enforce the shelfs. Also one person commented on the side handles being in way of the side burner I got that, and depending on what you cooking or how big the cookware it could be a problem. I do however like the side handles. So far after starting it, out of all the grills I have owned the ignition is the best. It heats up really fast in fact making the knobs and shelfs a tad hot. I am going to cook on it this week and will follow up with a cooking commentary to complete my review of the grill. However so far it is looking like the best grill I have had. The burner, vaporizer, and cast iron grates and aluminum oven is leading to a solid grill. I have had time to cook on the grill and here is what I have cooked, smoked a turkey, sear steaks, grill chicken, lobster, with the indirect cooking feature ( my old grill never got hot enough) I can sear a steak finish on indirect. I love cooking on this grill! I wish now I would have gotten the bigger one! I will remove the screws from the lid that covers the side burner, and just lift if off,as opening to the side is kinda in the way. For cooking you can't beat this grill!
review image
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on July 22, 2011
Bought this grill back in March. My fiance and I absolutely love it. After spending several weeks researching grills on line and going to see them in the store we decided to go with the Broil King Monarch based on its reviews. Basically, we were considering all sorts of grills, from Weber to Kenmore. Seemed like everyone we asked had a different opinion about buying a grill..."you should go for it and buy a Weber because you'll end up getting what you pay for"..to "grills dont last that long 2-3 years so you shouldnt invest too much money in it". It made the decision making process very difficult. Everyone that I knew had a Weber and liked it however, Weber grills are not cheap and who's to say they are any better from some of the other options out there. Turns out, Broil King and Weber have the same parent company, after finding this out, and taking into consideration the fact that 1) the Broil King Monarch was signicantly more afforable and 2) they are manufactured by the same company...we decided to go with the Broil King and could not be happier.

We had gone to see grills in person at Sears and Home Depot and noticed that a lot of the time the metal used was very flimsy, looked (and probably would) dent easily. The actual grill part of the Broil King (the lid that opens, that whole top section)is made out of heavy duty cast iron. It is solid as a rock. The grates are cast iron as well and are exteremly sturdy. We have not used the side burner only because our kitchen has a door that leads to the patio...but I am sure that we will use it eventually. We grill at least once a week, if not more, and we could not be happier. The only time that we've encountered a problem is when we had rain for a couple of days (we didnt have it covered) and tried to use the grill when it was wet and we had trouble lighting it. Not a big deal thought because we used a lighter to start it up. This was completely our fault.

Putting the grill together was a little difficult and the instructions did not have any words but by no means was it rocket science. The only part that we had an issue with was connecting the hose/gas line to the side burner. It's a little difficult to explain but there is a gap from where the hose ends to where you would assume it should connect to the burner to feed the gas to the burner. This did not look right to us since it seemed like this would cause the gas to leak. We contacted customer service to clarify the instructions. Customer service was very helpful. In fact, I took a picture with my cell phone and e-mailed it to the customer representative who then referred to a mechanic/technician, who confirmed that that was in fact what it was supposed to look like. If the gas line was directly connected (with no gap/space) then the whole thing would explode. In any event, should you have any issues with assembly, with my experience customer service was very helpful and solved our problem.

This is a great grill. Very sturdy, grills perfectly, it gets very hot very fast and the quality is impeccable. This grill is for someone who wants Weber quality at a reasonable price. Lastly, I would recommend the "Mr. Bar B Q Platinum Prestige Medium Grill Cover" it fits like a glove.
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on April 16, 2010
This grill got high marks on a grill-review site. Had a good price here and so chose it based on positive reviews. Love it. Have grilled steaks, salmon, burgers, chicken, etc. Starts easily and cooks great. Very hot, and warms up quickly. Most grills have gone to a molded sheet metal cook box, but this one is cast aluminum...so it is sturdier and maintains better temperature. Cooking grid is cast iron which is better for grilling...plus gives nice sear marks. Flameup preventer works great and is far superior to other grills I've owned. Can cook really hot, with very few flameups. It's cheaper than other grills, but the economy pieces are the base and sides...not the cook box (which is the most important part). I am VERY pleased with this purchase.
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