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on March 5, 2013
After 3 months of waiting, i've fanally got my copy of Broken Bones.
I'll start with the songs... 3 stars, there are 3 or 4 songs that stays on your head, memorable, but the rest are forgetable. Empire, Broken Bones, Tonight are amazing songs, with great guitars, great choruses, great solos and they stick on your mind for a long time. The rest of the songs allthough are good, are conventional & sometimes when you're not paying attention, it seems you're listening to the same song (due mostly to Don's lower vocal range)
Solos: 4.5 STARS. Oh my... Jon finally got off George's shadow on this one!! he is playing his way, his rules, not trying to be George. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the record. Most of the songs have excellent solos. Way to go Jon!!
Voice & Choruses 3.5 STARS: Ok... we all know Don's voice is all screwed up, but the good thing here is that he found a tone where he is confortable and he can sing, sounds repetitive sometimes, but is way better than listening to him trying to reach the high tones without good results. The good thing here, is that they add lots of choruses and voices like the good old records, so the choruses sound really good, no matter that Don's singing the lower parts, its good enough.
Production: 4.5 STARS: I have to say, this is the best Dokken record in terms of production since Disfunctional. Sounds amazing! the sound quality and the little details are really well taken. I gave the first listen with earphones and listening to the CD directly. I like the songs way better that way. After that I add them to my ipod and you loose a lot of sound quality.

I recently bought T&N which I think is a great great record. I feel they play with more energy, and the songs are more memorable sometimes, But the production is not the same and the solos are better in Broken Bones (Yes, George was second place this time)

Bottomline... A great & honorable record for a band that survived it all and it's saying goodbye.
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on November 19, 2012
As a Dokken fan since 1985, this album has more than met my expectations. I love the album, any "true" Dokken fan will. Especially those like me, which enjoy the more obscure tracks on all the previously released albums and on the Japanese releases. Some of the best songs I feel are Empire, Blind, Waterfall, Fade Away, Best of Me, Tonight and my personal favorite For the Last Time. Perhaps, there are those that don't agree with my opinion, but the best way to decide is to keep an open mind, remember we all change the way we look at the world and understand the same album can't be rewritten repeatedly. There are samples of it, possibly even the entire album on the internet. If you don't like it don't buy it, but understand others should have the opportunity to form opinions for themselves. I also realize there are some out there that seem to take pleasure in ganging up on Don for the changes in his voice, but I love the edge he has now. He's done quite a remarkable job of adapting his voice, which sounds great for all he's been through. Especially, trying to ensure all of us fans can enjoy listening to him for a good while longer; have a heart, be a fan, and give him a break. Let's face it kiddies, all of us are getting older and things happen to all of us whether it is by our own making or not. Now my answer to the rant about this not being Dokken because George Lynch isn't part of the band or there are "newer" members. First off, George didn't like being in Dokken and especially didn't like that he's stuck with being a significant part of the Dokken sound, which to me, he seems as though he's always trying to distance himself from that piece of history. However, Jon Levin's abilities more than make up for what George would ever have contributed. Jon has truly brought his own style and has made Dokken much better with his presence. Jon is undeniably that good. I really respect him for his ability to ignore the whims of a few, who long for the past and truly contribute, as well as improve upon a gift from the 80s. I was fortunate to have seen Dokken live recently; I love the fact that "Wild" Mick is still hanging in there, but Jimmy DeGrasso does a wonderful job filling in for Mick while he's touring with Ted Nugent and Sean McNabb wows everyone with his energy and abilities on bass as well. Don has said, Dokken will continue to tour because it is their passion. So, if you can, please go out and support these guys. They deliver a kick ass show. I don't believe you will be disappointed, and this album is definitely proof of the hard work they put in for the fans.
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on December 10, 2012
Dokken's new CD "Broken Bones" is simply put - Amazing. Don and co. have definitly put out their best CD in many years. I am not saying their last few albums were bad. Their last CD "Lightning Strikes Again" was Awesome. However this CD is even light years ahead of that one. This album features the great line up of Don Dokken on Vocals (Obviously) and has their line up of the past few years, Jon Levin on Guitars, Sean Mcnabb on Bass, and Mick Brown on Drums. It also Features tour Drummer Jimmy DeGrasso on Additional Percussion and Talented Singer Marc Boals on Background Vocals. I know Wild Mick is not touring again with Dokken (The Second Tour in a row). There are rumors that this is the end for Dokken. If it is indeed the end, they are going out on a real high note with this CD. The songs are strong and the playing on it is top notch. Now for the people that have talked about Don's declining voice (If you have seen them on tour, or listened to the recent Greatest Hits Package, of re-recorded Hits) then you know that indeed Don's voice is not what it once was. However, they got his voice to sound great on this album. Whatever they did, it worked. If you are now, or ever were a Dokken fan, then this album is absolutly a must buy.
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on December 6, 2013
Even amidst constant rumors of a Dokken reunion, the last twelve years has been a relatively stable period for the band. The current line-up has sustained the longest stretch of continuity since the original group splintered for the final time back in the late 90s. And even though they have only released three albums, they have marked a concentrated (and fairly successful) effort to recapture the classic Dokken sound. John Levin has proven himself beyond any doubt to be the perfect replacement for George Lynch - his riffs and solos just a seamless extension of Dokken's classic sound. That sound is alive and well on this album, with Don and company creating some of their most memorable songs of the last twenty years. The first three tracks are probably the strongest. Empire for it's energy, Broken Bones for it's groove and Best of Me for it's melody, but the album is solid all the way through. Said to be the last Dokken album, Broken Bones might not have Don going out on top, but he's going out on his own terms, with his head held high and a solid final chapter in the Dokken story.

Scott -
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on August 5, 2013
Like many, I became a Dokken fan in the 80's largely because of George Lynch's great guitar work and the bands penchant for writing catchy tunes that were on a slightly deeper level than most of the "hair bands" of the day. Then when they broke up, I was really disappointed and soon after lost interest in the band. I'd check back in to see what new incarnations of Dokken were up to from time to time, but while some of the releases were pretty solid, it just was lacking something. With that said, Don has hit an absolute gold mine in finding Jon Levin- this guy can flat out blister a fret board and is the PERFECT guitarist for Dokken. He nails that signature sound and lead style. Levin has filled that void that was left by Lynch not being in the band, and this is coming from a big GL fan. And my hat is of to Don for beating cancer and coming back strong, his voice is clearly better in this album than it was for Lightning Strikes Again (another rokken album by the way). This album has stayed in my CD player since the day I bought it. I love it.
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on November 26, 2012
If "Broken Bones" is Dokken's last album ever as lead singer Don Dokken has indicated, then what a way to go out. This is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece from a band that has put out great album after great album even through changing line-ups. I have been a huge fan of Dokken since the very beginning in the early 1980s, and I absolutely love this new album. Things get off to a fast and very heavy start with the perfect lead off track "Empire" and the quality continues all the way through. Don Dokken sings in his range perfectly and the guitar work is sensational. Other highlights include the Journey like "Burning Tears", the Led Zeppelin like "Victim Of The Crime" and the perfect album closer "Tonight". Solid lyrics and excellent production also enhance the overall impact. This is a musical masterpiece and should not be ignored. I hope that Don Dokken reconsiders and puts out more Dokken albums in the future.
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on May 2, 2013
In sharp contrast to what a few people may have been saying about Don Dokken and crew, this album is an In-Your-Face testament to the nay sayers that Dokken is not washed up! It demonstrates that Dokken can still create catchy riffs and hooks that harken back to their 80's hey days! I personally liked this lastest effort from the Dokken crew. Don can no longer hit extremely high notes in that register unfortunayely,but the music is accordingly tuned to accomodate him and doesn't detract from the quality. Levin replaces George Lynch flawlessly and can realy rip on the guitar, while still providing wonderful melodies. Two of my favorites are "Blind" and "Empire". These songs are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going and definately shows Dokken revisiting the old sound that they've built upon. This follow up to "Lightning strikes Again" is a great masterpiece from a very talented band that I hope will continue to release great music such as this!
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on September 25, 2012
OK, honestly, this is a damn good rock record. Foot tapping, good hooks, and Don Dokken's voice is in good form on songs such as Broken Bones. Dokken-style harmony is back on tunes like Best of Me. I thought these guys wouldn't have an album like this left in 'em, but they do.

And I remain very impressed with the band's current guitarist Jon Levin. On his first album with the band, I thought he injected some soul into some very interesting technical solos. I contacted him back then and asked him what scales he worked with and what technical practice he recommended to other guitarists, and he said he played completely from the heart. I'm telling you, this guy Levin can play with feeling and technique, and it's a pleasure to hear even for those old George Lynch lovers.
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on April 13, 2013
Wow.......For all those like me who grew up with Dokken as their favorite metal band--this is a must purchase! I have continued to follow Don and his tumultuous times with different band mates, and YES have loved the entire trip, "but" it is great to see him and Jon go back to the roots of what made Dokken so great!! Levin & Don have truly been the best match since Lynch left the band and it shows on this album through and through. This album is top notch on every track. Hearing Don say this is the last studio album is hard to believe, because they are just warming up with the newest line-up. Don Dokken you simply are the best of all time...Rokken with Dokken Rules!
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on March 11, 2013
I was a big fan of Dokken's Lynch years and decided to see what the latest offering presented. I was very impressed with Jon Levin. His guitar playing is stellar and is a real highlight of this album. Song writing is very good. Highlights for me include Empire, Victim of the Crime and Tonight, but there is a good balance of well written songs here. Some great backing vocals as well throughout the album. Don Dokken sounds great, even though he can't sing like he could in the 80's, he still delivers that Dokkenian style Dokken fans have enjoyed. Go for a drive, throw on Broken Bones and crank it!

Amazon delivery was fast.
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