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on October 7, 2016
This is my second Brother Serger in 3 years. I bought this one to replace the serger I had, due to that one having cam slippage. I am so glad I bought this one. It does a lovely job. I mainly use it on cotton fabrics to finish edges of bibs, pillow cases and such.

There is one factor that bothered me and is the reason I give it a 4 Star rating. This machine needs pre oiling before you use it the first time!!! How do you know this?!? I found it in the reviews BEFORE I purchased it. On Page 57 it shows where the oiling needs to happen. Word of advice... DO IT! You will not regret it. I oil it about once a month or so unless I've been taking a break from sewing. I wish this would be put in a quick guide so that if the machine is new to you, you know to oil it! Quickest way to destroy a machine.. No oil!

That being said, once this little work horse is oiled, it will serge like a dream. Quickly and efficient, it makes short work of quickly finishing raw edges. It has a removable arm, to sew cuffs. I love that you can adjust for the type of fabric and your stitch width. I know it has several stitch types, however I just use it for serging. I find it quick and easy to load with thread, though like most sergers, the lower feeds sometimes can be a bit tricky. For quick color changes, I simply cut the threads back behind the feeders, tie the new color on, then run it out on swatches of left over fabric, I have found this to be much faster and easier than re-threading my entire machine.

Nice neat serging
Quick and easy set up (Make sure you oil the machine prior to first use, reference page 57) See attached photo
Adjustments for fabric type
Stitch adjustments (Length and style)
Can tuck the blade out of the way when needed

The directions for oiling the machine are tucked away in the back of the user manual, which can be missed and cause issues with the machine

Other than the aforementioned issue with oiling of the machine and lack of 'In Your Face' directions to tell you to make sure you do oil it. This is a great little machine for the price point. If you are an avid sewer, then this would be a fabulous machine for you!
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on September 13, 2006
I think if you're looking at this machine, you're either a) new to serging or b) impressed by the price and interested in the quality. I'm completely new to sergers, but I did my homework before buying this one, and for the price and the performance, this serger has a perfect balance.

I was also concerned about being able to figure out how to use it on my own (so many people talk about taking a class) but within a day I felt like I knew it inside and out. It's setup is uncomplicated and I was able to get right to work. There's something to be said about passing over the machine that can "do it all" and buying one that just does what you need.

1) The "how-to" videos are wonderful for the visual learner. You can pick up the same knowledge from the thorough instruction book(s) included, but the videos reinforce the book. Watching the video on "threading" once, and following the line drawings on the machine itself, I was able to thread the machine in 5 minutes. (It's really not that hard - it's all color coded and the steps are numbered, but the videos help)

2) Included are two additional feet, one for a blind hem/flatlock and another for gathering ruffles as you sew. Together, they themselves are an $60 value. The feet are "snap-on" (when I read about that online I instantly thought of breakable plastic, but the feet are primarily metal with some plastic pieces on the blind hem foot) - the "snap-on" construction is very easy to use and solid (i.e. nothing is going to snap OFF over time)

3) It's very easy to set the tension and the manual has a very clear chart on troubleshooting uneven stitches (with 4 threads, there are multiple things that can be off with the tension).

4) The company description says that it does 22 stitch functions, which I think is a little misleading (it does the basic stuff and they show different applications for the basics).
1. 3/4-thread overlock (uses 4 threads; best for use with knits or upholstery fabric)
2. 3-thread overlock (general use) in two widths - 3mm (using only the right needle) and 5mm (using only the left)
3. Rolled hem (great for edges of napkins, pajama bottoms, frilly skirts, etc)
4. Flatlock stitch (decorative or flat seams)
5. Blind hem
1. Coverlock stitch (stretchy stitch with two straight lines on the front of the fabric). If you're sewing for yourself (i.e. not selling what you make), you can fake this stitch on your regular zigzag sewing machine with a twin needle. It's not quite the same, but close enough for me.
2. Chain stitch (a semi-straight stitch, similar to a regular sewing machine but easier to rip out (i.e. good for basting) and a good reinforcement for upholstery)
Other sergers I looked at that did the coverlock stitch in addition to overlock, etc. had complicated and time consuming adjustments to be made to switch to the coverlock. If you're going to use it a lot, consider getting a separate machine that does it (the Brother model is 2340CV).
The one feature the 1034D is missing for me is the ability to do a 3-thread overlock and a chain stitch at the same time - good for upholstery but something available only on a 5 thread machine.

5) Nice little things:
1. You have the option of using regular thread spools (cheaper and smaller if you don't need 1000 yards x 4 of whatever color you're buying)
2. You use regular needles - so you can use them in both your regular sewing machine and your serger
3. It's really easy to control speed with the foot pedal - very responsive
4. Disabling the knife (that trims your fabric as you sew) is done with just the flick of a switch
5. Differential feed allows you to sew any thickness of fabric, line up stripes evenly, etc.
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on March 30, 2015
3-30-14---I literally got my serger today and was so excited to get started. I already had my pattern and fabric cut and was just waiting on my NEW machine. I read everything, watched the DVDs and started to do a test sew. The settings were already set and the machine was already threaded for me so all I had to do was start. Perfect!

5 minutes in everything was going fine, until the upper cutting blade broke and flew up from the machine and hit me in the face. I called a local store just to see if they might would have a replacement and they don't. I was informed to call Brother supplies department and so I did... And well... they are closed for the afternoon. I got online and the replacement part is almost $40 and would take 5-7 days to receive the part.

Needless to say my excitement has been quickly deflated.....

I'm not sure if this is a fluke thing or if this is normal for the Brother products. I did lots of research prior to buying and thought I chose the best one for a person who is an intermediate to sewing.

4-13-15---I have called Brother numerous times and still to this day my machine is not fixed. I called customer service numerous times and got nowhere.... then I called the VP of Brother and left a message on his voicemail explaining my problem and never got a response. That was a week ago. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING FROM THEM. This has been one of the worst customer service experience I've ever had. Ridiculous.
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on April 15, 2006
I had seen how sergers worked so decided to purchase one for my own use. Knowing very little about sergers, I took a risk and purchased this one after reading the reviews. I Love it!!! It is so easy to use. The machine comes with CDs containing full instructions on how to use the machine and even helpful hints which I find are great, especially for me, a beginner to serging.

My seams now take no time to finish versus the old fashion way of zig-zagging on a sewing machine. The professional looking finish is awesome. The finished decorative stitches allow me to make one-of-a-kind clothing for both myself and grandkids. And oh the compliments I have gotten.

I am very happy with this serger and would highly recommend it to all. Super easy with fantastic results. Take it from an inexperienced can't go wrong with this machine!
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on September 29, 2016
Easy to thread and sew. I keep it in a wooden crate with handles and can carry it from storage to the sunniest room in the house for sewing. There is a bit of a learning curve for someone who has only used an antique sewing machine, but I enjoyed learning how to blind hem stretchy fabrics and create fun projects from t-shirts.
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on September 1, 2015
I am new to sergers and wanted to find one which was easy to use for a beginner. I heard from everyone that the toughest part is learning how to thread it. This serger really tries to minimize the confusion. They have easy thread color coded and each step numbered. It does come pre - threaded and the threads are color coded with the instructions. This really helped me understand where each thread goes.

This serger can use both 3 or 4 spools which gives you more stitch options.

I've been using this serger for a few months now and am extremely happy with it. It really tries to simplify the machine as much as possible and I have been able to pick it up easily.
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on April 25, 2016
Do not buy this serger. They are selling it as a bestseller and really don't care anymore if something goes wrong. I received machine with needle plate made of 2 different metals, apparently flimsy one pop up and stuck under the knife. It should be attached by screws but it wasn't. I didn't predict it would be a problem. I used this serger only few times and still have warranty and they told me I must ship the machine to them and pay for shipping since they have no service in NYC. Interesting thing is they sell separately the needle plate in one piece, not 2 pieces like they stuck on new machines. The customer care rep was rising voice at me. She tried to convince me that either I go to another state to find service or pay for shipping. The worst treatment ever: SELLING POORLY MADE PRODUCT AND MAKE CUSTOMERS PAY FOR THEIR ERRORS!! Why the needle plate was done flimsy and out of 2 different metals which obviously contributed to this disaster? I own many Singer products and never was treated like this if ever had any problems with their products. Shame on you Brother. Don't just sell lemons and pretend it's ok.
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on October 20, 2016
I have been without a serger for about a year before I purchased this and some third-partyreviews stated that it was the most economically priced serger with the least number of issues (threading, jamming, basic operations), so I went for it. Besides, it's a Brother, and I have had other Brother products and been well-pleased. This will get many years of use from me, I hope, and I love it. I think the only complaint I may have, but which I expected to have from previous machine ownership, is the vibration or bouncing that the machine does when it stitches at a fast rate. Since I had that with my other machine, I have accepted this as part of the system.
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on February 2, 2016
I would have given this a 5 except I had to return the first serger they sent because it didn't work (high pitched whirring sound, needles would not go up and down) and because I found the lower looper threading instructions a little difficult. I eventually figured it out and got the thread to stop breaking. I find this serger to be much easier to use than my original serger, a White Babylock, that is now 20+ years old. You barely have to use the provided tweezers to thread this machine, which as everyone knows is the biggest pain about using a serger. The second biggest pain would be adjusting the tension, but I haven't had to change any settings yet as it arrived perfectly set for my initial projects so I can't give an opinion on that. Maybe I'll set up my old serger permanently for 3 thread projects so I never have to find out. Anyway at less than $200 I highly recommend this product. FYI the Brother 5300 Universal case fits this serger.
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on April 20, 2017
 Have owned this serger for two years and have had no major issues with it. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of buying a serger, but I promise it's really pretty simple to use and even changing out the thread is easier than I expected. For the price, you can't beat the value! Before purchasing a serger, I used a very expensive Baby Lock Ovation at a sewing workshop. Was it good? Of course, but it also retailed for around $6,000. For under $200, I've used the Brother 1034D several times a week, and have not experienced any repair issues or malfunctions. Don't be afraid to purchase a serger online. I know lots of seamstresses will suggest buying one from a local dealer to get customer service and repairs, but for such a low price - you really can't go wrong. None of the Brother sewing machines I've owned have ever needed to be serviced or have broken.

While I know the serger has many functions, I have solely used it as a 4-thread overlocker - which is why I bought it in the first place. I find it to be a bit of a hassle to constantly convert and change a sewing machine. Brother products are so affordable and I personally have found the quality to be great - especially when considering the price.

Adding the Brother 1034D Serger to my sewing machine arsenal has been one of my most useful purchases.

Some tips I can offer to help avoid frustration:
-Always test out scrap fabrics that are the same as the project you're working on
-The different settings including differential feed, stitch length, and stitch width - play around with them using scraps and keep a notebook handy to record which settings worked best with various fabrics as a reference guide
-Make sure the presser foot is down before you start to serge - this may seem kind of common sense, but I've accidentally serged with the presser foot up more times than I'd like to admit!
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