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on July 10, 2016
Are you kidding me? I'm a 68 year old woman who has been sewing as long as I can recall. I used to design and sew all clothing for myself and my family, including my husbands suits. Well, my 50 year old sewing machine could still sew, but I could no longer lift it and had to resort to sitting on the floor if I needed to sew. So I decided it was time to say goodbye to dear old Bessie!

First project that I tackled was to make 2 soft sided travel totes, which I copied from a popular manufacturer. See attached photos. All work, including the quilting and the piping were done on my new Brother, except for a small potion on the inside that was easier to sew by hand.

I had to resort to reading the manual on several occasions, but quickly learned that any malfunction was user error.

PROS: Unbelievably light weight (I can literally lift it with one finger). Great variety of stitches and presser foots. The option to control by hand instead of the traditional foot pedal is great for frequent stops and starts. Feeds smoothly and doesn't choke.

CONS: So light, I nearly knocked it over a few times. Can't really gripe about'll get used to it quickly!

Bottom line is for a ridiculously low price, you'll get a sewing machine that will handle 90% of your projects.
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on October 28, 2015
I got this sewing machine a couple weeks ago and have used it almost daily ever since. I read almost every review there was for it before purchasing. I was nervous because of the bad reviews mostly saying the same things. I was worried I would get a broken machine that would bend/break needles and ruin my projects. I ended up purchasing this based on all of the positive reviews. Plus many of the negative reviews sounded to me like it was user error. Many of the people who gave bad reviewers said they had been sewing for 30 or 40 years on the same machine. Perhaps they just were not used to the way a newer sewing machine works? People tend to not like new things or want to change how they do things. Also so many people said they followed the directions and did everything right and still had problems. Remember, we are only going off of their word that they did everything right. I actually read that when people thread the machine they are often times doing it wrong, either doing it backwards or not putting the thread over the metal clip. Either way, I know I did it right and I haven't had any problems at all. This machine sews wonderfully. I was originally persuaded to purchase THIS machine because I loved the decorative stitches such as the leaves. I started practicing straight stitches. I must say this is the first machine I have ever owned and I had only just started learning on my wife's sewing machine. I had only ever done a straight stitch before so this was very new. On my wife's sewing machine, also a Brother, I had to thread the machine and needle myself. I was uncomfortable with it and it took away from a lot of my sewing time. I usually had to stop for long amounts of time until my wife could rethread the machine for me. But now with my new machine I am able to do it all myself and quickly. I love the ease of the built in needle threader. It takes seconds and if by some chance the thread accidentally comes out it doesn't take me forever to rethread it. I love the ease of changing the foots? feet? anyways... I am able to quickly go from doing a straight stich to a zigzag to a decorative stitch to a button hole. I did my first ever button hole, I taught myself to do an overcast stitch and it was beautiful. This machine can also sew on buttons for you. How amazing is that??? It is fancy and inexpensive and can do so much. I also sewed through 6 layers of flannel and it worked just fine. I like that I can use this without the pedal. Right now I am working on a rag quilt, my very first ever. Of course I understand that problems can arise after long time use. I will post updates as times goes by and I will include pictures as I finish projects. Oh yeah, also, this comes with a quilting table to attach as well as many feet and needles and bobbins and other accessories. It was a nice surprise since I wasn't expecting any of it. It can be found in the little compartment thing in a bag.
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on February 24, 2015
I am beyond pleased with this sewing machine. Living in Hawaii and being without access to many products, I use Amazon for a lot of my purchases. I have never written a review before although I rely heavily on them and base my purchases on them. I am grateful for the honest reviews that others have given, and feel compelled now to let people know about this great find. I had not touched a sewing machine in 30 years, but having recently become semi-retired, find myself with extra time on my hands and decided to try sewing again. I am a novice seamstress, so I only needed a simple machine. I researched for months before deciding on this Brother CS6000i. I am totally impressed with everything about the machine. Set-up and instructions for use were clearly explained, and it worked like a charm, even going through thick portions of material easily. My first two projects were pencil cases with zippers. I am including photos. The best thing about the pencil cases is that I used material that I found at garage sales so it cost me less than $1 each to make! I am looking forward to many more projects using my new Brother CS6000i.
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on November 2, 2015
I'm a first time quilter and obviously needed a machine. The reviews of this machine and not wanting to purchase a high end machine since I wasn't sure how my new adventure was going to go led me to buy this sewing machine. It's great and easy to use. The only frustration I have is the bobbin can be finicky where it can snag/catch the material in the feed dogs. I usually wind a new one and I'm fine. The quilt pictured below is my second quilt using this Brother. This time I did free motion quilting on the edges and stitch in the ditch with the walking foot. My limitations of course is the throat size. For never have sewed in the past, I couldn't be more pleased.
I give it 4 stars because of the bobbin issue.
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on September 9, 2016
This sewing machine replaced my previous Brother which was about 10 years old when it finally stopped working. For the inexpensive price of this machine it was less to buy this than to try and have my other machine repaired. I was skeptical of the digital upgrade from my old machine, afraid I may not have as much control without physical knobs, but I was wrong it's way easier. A few things I love about this machine: I've been pleasantly surprised at what a workhouse this is, I've sewn through multiple layers of thick felt without an issue, I've also sewn through upholstery vinyl and leather with the right needles. It does have an auto off to prevent breaking needles if it hits a pin or something that is too thick,

It's really versatile, I've used the machine for basic sewing and crafting projects, upholstery some chairs and quilting. The feed-dog is adjustable so you can move it down for freehand quilting. I love that it has images of all of the stitches right on the machine, and for anything I've needed to look up how to set up on the machine the book has been really helpful. I don't think I'll ever use all of the decorative stitches but it's great that they are available. The machine sews really smoothly and easily. The bottom bobbin threading is way easier than my old machine, and threading the top thread is easy with numbers printed right on the machine to help put it in the right order. It even has a little tool to help thread the needle. It's also really nice that it came with a bunch of extras, like the walking foot, quilting foot, quilting guide, quilting table attachment and case, since I previously had to buy these all separately with my old machine.

My only complaint is I wish the light was a little brighter, and that there was an adapter to use cone thread as well. I also wish the hard case could fit with thread still on the top some how. I always just leave mine sort of balanced over it.

This is a great machine for someone who is experienced or just learning. After using mine for a year I purchased one for my sister-in-law to learn to sew as well. I'd definitely recommend this machine!
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on April 29, 2015
My old sewing machine finally gave out so I was in the market for a new one. After much research and looking at various models, I decided on this Brother machine. It's small in size, easy to store and set up and does a host of wonderful stitches. As I had used a sewing machine for years I thought I could just thread it and go...WRONG! Please please please read the very comprehensive instruction booklet that comes with the machine and then with the machine turned on in front of you, read the booklet again!

I had various materials in front of me to do test runs on, seeing which was the best for my first project and checking out the many stitch patterns.. I will have to agree with other reviewers here in that you should always try to use the same (high quality) thread in the bobbin as is used on the top. It does make a huge difference. A cheap thread will only cause you headaches. The only problem I ran into was that I didn't have the machine properly threaded and after smacking myself on the head several times, I went back to the booklet and found the correct way to do this.

I am short, plain and simple, and I usually have to hem my pants so having this machine to zigzag the bottom edge before hemming is invaluable and has saved me the cost of the machine many times over in tailoring fees. Even hemming blue jeans is no problem for this machine. I'm going on my third year with this little beauty and have had no difficulties that I wasn't able to figure out with the help of the booklet or the Brother's website. In every instance the problem was caused by the operator and not the machine. It is light weight making it easy to transport and set up. My only complaint, or design flaw, is I wish the hard cover was made so that I could keep my spool of thread constantly installed without having to take it off when putting the cover on. This machine is a keeper made with the highest workmanship and quality.
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on April 7, 2016
I am advanced sewer with having designed and made my own Wedding Dress. I was in the market for a new sewing machine, since my third Singer sewing machine in three years...yes, my third! died unexpectedly and of course in the middle of a sewing project for a client. I had a Brother sewing machine for 20 plus years and it was a workhorse and was used everyday making Teddy Bears. The machine went through some tough Mohair fabric perfectly, which the Singer would have a hard time getting through. After that one quit working, I bought a Singer, because my Mother has had the same one for over 60 years and runs perfectly. TERRIBLE mistake!! The new Singer's are nothing like the old models from years ago and after having bought my third one (and it lasted less than 6 months), I am now back to the Brother Sewing Machine. I figured I had such great luck years ago, lets see if the reviews are right on this machine. After picking it up out of the shipping box, I was a little worried that it would "bounce" around the table as I sewed, because it is really light weight. If you go super fast it will, but at a slow speed it is just perfect. It has not disappointed me one bit! I sewed some Painter's Cloths together for curtains and it ran beautifully without any chugging or getting stuck. I really like the larger table that comes with the machine and will use this always, what a great feature. I like the Tension Control, which the previous Singer's I had did not have one and was a nightmare trying to control the tension of the thread. A few quirky things bother me...I wish the light was brighter, so I may end up buying a small light to attach to the table. It would be nice if there was a light in the selection screen for the stitches, to see what choice you have selected. Another missed feature would be a bigger storage area for the handy sewing tools and extra bobbins that are small and often used. There's no handle, but I am getting use to the "hand part" in the back of the machine to pick it up with. It is noisier than my Singer, but as long as the Brother keeps working like a horse and runs perfectly without any problems, it will not bother me. Great Birthday gift to myself!!
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on March 9, 2017
I sew for a living and mainly use my serger, so I just needed a basic sewing machine with a decent number of stitch options. I bought a cheap $80 brother at Walmart and it was terrible. No power, no stitch options, and just felt cheap. I was very skeptical of this one because it was the same brand and not much more expensive, but wow. This hands-down has to be the best value around for a sewing machine that comes with several stitch options and a lot of computerized perks. Threading the needle and bobbin is a breeze! The only complaint I have is that the fastest speed isn't very fast, especially on a zig zag stitch. All in all, if you're doing basic sewing, I highly recommend!!
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on April 7, 2016
I bought this machine for my mother and she uses it constantly! The review in her words:

I am an intermediate seamstress and I have been using basic machines for about 45+ years. My daughter told me to pick a new machine for my birthday. I chose the Brother VS6000i first for features, then for price. I was a bit concerned about a few remarks that were pretty negative. I waited for what seemed an eternity my B-day to arrive. I opened my box and dug into the instructions and then into some stitching. I had trouble with the auto threading, auto needle threading, and had consistent jams. But wait! I realized I had the wrong gauge thread (too thick). Wrong brand thread. And just needed some practice and a good understanding of how it works.


I can't say enough about it. I have been all in this thing since I got it. I use Gutermann thread, the correct weight. I got a magnifying glass to closely see what was happening with the needle threadeng, AWESOME. And I gave myself time to adjust to the features I'd never seen before.

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on September 6, 2016
I bought this sewing machine about a year ago because I was looking for a machine somewhere in between for beginner and intermediate sewers. I don't have a lot of experience with different types of machines, but i can say this really sews like a dream! I dont hear it, it has a lot of amazing stitches and i love that if in the future I decide to quilt I can do it with this machine. Now I do want to be honest about my 2 or 3rd project the thread tangled in the bobbin a few times enough to frustrate me. At first I thought I had a faulty machine, but as I researched I realized that certain projects require different needles which I didn't know (I was a newbie sewer still am to a degree) after I changed the needle and educated myself a little more on threads, stitches and fabric I hadn't had an issue. Before you fault a machine you have to make sure you are using it properly thats why I still give this 5 stars because its just the best. I highly recommend for beginners and even more experienced sewers! I can't say for those that have been sewing for years and are more at expert level since I'm not there, but Ive been able to make great projects thus far.
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