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on November 26, 2013
UPDATE Jan 1, 2014:
I finally replaced the sample toner cartridge that came with the printer. I had roughly 800 pages printed on the sample toner. I purchased an aftermarket replacement toner and it works perfectly. I have no idea how many pages it will yield, but the toner cost me approximately $13 versus around $45 for an original brother toner. Even if I get half of the yield, its still worth it to go for an aftermarket toner.

I have owned several brother laser printers and not a single one of them has broken down on me yet.

I own two of the HL-2270DW. The first one is connected directly to my router through an ethernet connection. The other printer is connected through wifi. The wifi setup is fairly simple if you're computer savvy.

The printer is very small and it fits very conveniently in the bottom shelf of my closet! So great! It automatically prints double sided without having to reload the pages and figure out all that nonsense.

My only complaint about this printer is that the software tells you that you are out of toner way before you are actually out of toner! It can be really frustrating because it just won't allow you to print. But don't worry!!! There is a way to continue printing. Follow these instructions:

STEP 1: open the front cover of your printer and leave it open
STEP 2: Turn the printer off using the on/off switch
STEP 3: Hold down the "go/start" button while turning the printer back on. You should see all of the lights turn on
STEP 4: Release the "go/start" button
STEP 5: Press the "go/start" button 2 times. You should now see all the lights turn on
STEP 6: Press the "go/start" button 5 times. Once you do this, the toner light should be offer and you may see the error light flashing.
STEP 7: Close the cover and the ready light should be the only light that is on
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on December 20, 2014
I purchased this printer in May 2014. The first thing I did was go into the printer settings and configure the printer for toner save mode and to continue on the "replace toner" message, via the web interface for the device (I use it wirelessly). I'm still on my starter cartridge and have printed out 968 pages as of today. The toner cartridge says it is low (the replace toner light has been on for quite a while) but it still prints very well and is still going strong. I have a replacement cartridge waiting for when it runs completely out.

This printer works well and prints fast. I am very content with it, and consider it to be the best printer I've ever owned. I have to turn the power off when I'm not using it however, because you can apparently press the buttons on the top in a certain order and mess up the wireless configuration - a feat that my cats and my grandson can achieve with alarming ease. While it is easy to reset the wireless on the printer (press a button by inserting a paperclip while telling my router to accept the first printer that tries to connect), it is annoying because I never discover it has been reset until we actually need to print something so I just manually switch it off when not in use to avoid the issue.

I will update this review when I replace the toner cartridge. I had planned to hold off on my review until after I replaced the cartridge the first time but it has been MONTHS now and the starter cartridge is still going strong. For the record, this printer became my main printer, replacing an inkjet printer that was costing me a fortune even when I used remanufactured cartridges. We still have the inkjet for the occasional color printout (and for scanning) but this is now our go-to printer and even prints out black and white images beautifully.

UPDATE 1/5/15: I still haven't had to replace the toner cartridge. I've printed out 1,063 pages thus far on the starter cartridge. Occasionally the printouts have lighter areas but the print is still readable and it really isn't that noticeable except on images. I'm rather surprised. The printer still works very well and runs quiet.

For the record, I use this printer on a Mac and with our iPads and my daughters iPod Touch. For the iOS devices we use the Brother iPrint and Scan App that is available for these devices.

UPDATE 2/12/15: 1,257 pages printed and the maintenance page is saying that I need to replace the toner. The last printout I did got a bit too light so I changed the toner cartridge. I wonder how many pages I will get out of this high-capacity cartridge, since I got so many pages from the starter one?
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on April 17, 2011
I'm going to do a quick review of my last Epson for comparison. It was mac compatible. It could do network printing. It could do bluetooth printing with an $80 adapter (a non-epson $10 adapter worked). What they didn't tell me was that it didn't do network printing with a mac even with another computer set up as a server, and that bluetooth printing would only work with .pdf and .jpg files.

By contrast, this Brother printer is actually mac compatible. It can do USB, ethernet, and wifi. They all actually work with a mac. Duplex printing is fully functional with a mac. The installation disc was really easy to use on macs and PC's. In standby mode the printer uses less than 1 watt of power, according to my kill-a-watt. I just hit print on my laptop and this printer wakes up and starts printing within 30 seconds. This printer impressed me so much that I've been trying to get all my friends to buy the same one... and now I'm trying to get random strangers on amazon to buy one too :p
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on March 1, 2015
This printer was purchased to use in volunteer tax preparation, and works well, except for 2 times when it lost it's wireless setting. Wish I could give it more stars, but this review is about not only the worst, but possibly the most dangerous, Customer Support I have ever encountered. Since nothing purchased these days includes a Users Manual, and the one for this product is over 100 pages, I didn't download and print it.

We were printing wirelessly, and one day near the end of our tax preparation, the printer stopped with the error light flashing. We tried everything, including looking for a paper jam, but nothing worked. So, I got the phone number for CS (Customer Support) in large numbers on the Brother web site, thinking that would be a quick way for them to look up in the manual where it explains what the error light means. I got a man who was very hard to understand, and the first thing that should have thrown up a red flag was when he asked for the brand name & model name of the printer.

Strange, I thought, isn't this the BROTHER CS service? Apparently some manufacturers have gone to a generic CS service. I tried to explain that my problem was surely simple enough that anyone there could quickly clue me in, but he insisted he was going to forward me to an "online chat", and there I got Michael, and typed in my problem. We had a few messages between us, with him suggesting the problem might be on my laptop, but I told him we could not print from any of the 6 laptop we were using, not just mine, so it had to be the printer.

He ignored what I was saying, and asked if he could take control of my laptop, which I assumed would be OK. I was mystified when he began searching thru many areas of my laptop that had nothing to do with printing, so as time went on, I became much more suspicious, and finally told
him I was going to shut down and have the IT guy at the library where we were working look at it the next day.

That night at home, it was very easy to search the online manual, which revealed the error light meant "paper jam". I have no idea why the CS guy could not find that as quickly as I could, without monkeying with anything in my laptop.

Next day, the IT guy and I removed the paper jam, but also found the printer had lost its wireless settings, which it had done before. Reset those, but it still wouldn't print. After much searching, my IT guy found that the CS guy had disabled the wireless on my laptop. Who knows why?

But my laptop began to strangely slow down, and even began to show a link to an ad in an actual TAX RETURN I was looking at! Very serious problem. I looked at my list of programs and found 12 I have never heard of, and all were installed the same day! I uninstalled 7, but the rest could not be uninstalled. All sorts of pop-ups are clogging my view on startup, along with the very serious problem in a tax return. Once again, I am going to enlist the help of the very helpful IT guy, but if he cannot fix the problem, I simply can't prepare tax returns on this laptop, my own, which is a very good Sony.

Let me hasten to say I cannot be sure CS is to blame for all this, but consider these points I have made:
Generic CS service, not simply Brother.
First responder made no attempt to solve the problem, but insisted I go to the online chat.
Online chat guy, Michael, ignored what I was saying, and wanted to "take control" of my laptop.
Searched areas that had nothing to do with the problem. Even a person with limited knowledge
like me would notice this. He even wanted to know why I was shutting down.
Unwanted programs were installed after CS bumbling. I have been using this laptop for several years
without any problems like this, and I am using Microsoft Security Essentials for virus protection.
Even Michael's misspelling of common words indicated someone with limited English skills. Is this a problem?
Not necessarily, but to me, it arouses suspicion of something strange going on. Why did he want to
take control? Shouldn't he have been looking for the simplest solution?

Wish I could give more stars, Brother, but I am highly disappointed in your Customer Support.


I need to apologize to Brother. It has become apparent that I got a fake support site, not an official Brother Support site. I should have realized there was a problem when the guy at the fake site asked for the name & model number of the printer. And I should have never allowed them to take control of my laptop. I became suspicious when I saw them ignoring what might have been a solution for my printer problem, but were searching thru my system. I closed, but not soon enough.

Isn't it sad that we must now be suspicious of every site out there claiming to be official, but in fact are wanting to install malware? I have even heard some sites that want you to download their product which they say will remove viruses and malware, will instead infect your computer with malware.
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on May 7, 2018
I bought this printer in June 2014. I installed the WiFi connect using another reviewer's (KSB-2) instructions. I have used the printer connect by WiFi for almost 4 years now. Just the last couple of days the printer would not connect via WiFi. So after several hours of trying to get it WiFi connected, I gave up and am using a USB cable. Other reviewers have said they had problems with wireless connection. So the printer is terrific and I guess I was lucky to have WiFi connection with no problems for almost 4 years. The toner cartridges are expensive. I see 1 reviewer recommending refilling the toner cartridge yourself and saving a lot of money. I have not tried it yet but when my toner cartridge is empty I am going to try it. I would give the printer 5 stars except for the problem of losing WiFi connection.
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on June 3, 2012
This printer is fine except for one issue: When the toner gets low, the printer prevents you from printing. Of course, there is still plenty of toner in the cartridge so this is simply a trick to get you to buy more toner.

Here is how you override this:

Go into the printer control page for the printer on your network via a web browser. This will be whatever IP address your printer is on, for e.g. 192.168.1.x where x is the ip assigned by your network. Just type it into your address bar. For example, mine is [...]
Once in, choose "printer settings" - it will ask you for a user name and password, and Brother tells you on the page to use "user" and "access". If you cannot get in, use the "administrator access" and the password of "admin" and password "access".

Then go down to where it says Replace Toner - right down at the bottom. Change the bullet from "stop" to "continue". Press the "submit" button. Exit from the whole thing.... and off you go, printing away merrily again.
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on August 6, 2013
August '13 - received printer for light home use. Just couldn't bear to buy an all-in-one, with so many bad reviews out there for every brand. I don't need color printing.

*Compact, not too heavy, sturdy enough
*Turned On!
*Printed a beautiful, double sided test page
*Did not use included disc, instead downloaded driver and wizards from Brother website easily and quickly
*I'm NOT a whiz, and it was very easy to configure for wireless using the downloaded wizard
*Printed first wireless test page perfectly, with printer right next to router
*Moved printer to another room, nearby, but signal must pass through a wall. Printed perfectly.

none so far

*HandyPrint from Netputing (downloaded to MAC computer) allows me to print directly from applicable apps on my iPad without AirPrint
*Brother iPrint & Scan app also allows for printing of files (photos, webpages, docs, etc) from my iPad
*Both were easily set up

March '14

We are still running through the original toner received with the printer. We print about a dozen pages per week, max.

Print quality is great, wireless function has been flawless, no paper jams, duplex works fine. We print wirelessly from Mac, iPad, and PC laptop - all with ease.

A very good purchase, no complaints.
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VINE VOICEon April 13, 2012
Loved my HL-2070N. This is even better.


* Cost per page is very low (see Note 1)
* Printer cost is very low at times (see Pricing below)
* Duplex and Booklet functions save paper
* Browser interface - tons of settings, options, & reports
* Reliability is good
* Energy efficient when not in use (see Note 2)


- Ease of use is pretty good.
- Wired or Wireless connection (but not both)
- Toner-low shut-down hassle of previous models is now solved with a menu setting
- Warranty: 1 year


- Noise: Fan noise for several minutes; chunk-a-clunk noise while printing. I've learned to ignore it.
- Does not support AirPrint (Apple's protocol for printing from iPhone, iPad)

- - - Alternatives - - -

- Non-networking version Brother HL-2240D
. . . . $15 less, on average
. . . . Lacks the very useful browser interface and hassle free printer sharing

- Multi-Function versions: MFC-7460DN,MFC-7860DW

- - - Pricing - - -

Price is *very* bouncy. Low tide is around $80. Amazing deal. There's an "Online Price Alert" that will email you whenever this or any amazon product dips below your target price. Google it. It's nicely done. Or try camelcamelcamel.

- - - Tip - - -

- Toner refill powder such as TN-450 Toner Refill with Reset Flag Gear & Lever by AAAtoner or Laser Tek Toner Refill Kit 4 Pack for Brother TN-450 reduces cost even further.

- - - Notes - - -

Note 1: Cost per page (Toner + Drum) can be...

- 2.3 cents -- Brother toner and drum replacements at average amazon price
- 1.9 cents -- Brother toner and drum replacements at lowest price and extended usage; (3,000 copies per cartridge, 15,000 per drum -- reduced quality at tail end)
- 0.8 cents -- Use toner refill powder at lowest price and extended usage.

Brother Toner TN-450 is $42.50-47.00, 2600 pages. Brother DR-420 drum is $ 69-74, 12,000 pages. When replacing the gougy-priced drum, it's sometimes cheaper to buy an entire HL-2230 or HL-2240 printer on sale for $70 or less (includes DR-420 drum and a 700 page starter cartridge).

Toner refill powder: $8-12 (assume 3000 copies -- average 0.30 cents per copy). Starter cartridge requires Flag Gear Kit, about $3-6 (one time).

The hardware itself costs almost nothing. Printer comes with drum and 700 page starter toner (worth $69 + $12).

Save more ink (and paper) by shrink-printing (2 to1) when appropriate.

Note 2: Standby energy: My old Brother HL-2070N pulled 5.3 watts on standby. That's $25 to $75 over 5-years (24x365x5 @ 11 to 33 cents per kilowatt hour). This HL-2070DW draws 0.95 watts on standby (deep sleep, wired network, wireless off). That's $5 to $15 over 5 years. This printer also has a hard-off switch, which some other printers don't have.

~~~ Comments & questions welcome ~~~
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on March 18, 2014
Page count: 10252
Toners used: 6, including starter. Always replaced with original TN450 high yield, did not do the "toner trick" to bypass the brother replacement requirement. (not really a scam on their part as it isn't secret info)
Effective cost for toner: 2.3 cents per page, would have been ~ 2.05 cents per page if I had used the "toner trick"
Drum life left: ~12%

I'm happy as a clam with the unit, only 12 jams and many of those were my fault. That is 99.993% jam-free printing. My third laser printer and so far my favorite. Everyone should have one and only use inkjet when needed for color, the $$$ for inkjet cartridges is ridiculous. (and epson printer heads clog, always go with another such as Canon unless you KNOW you will print from it every month or so.)

Never used the wireless, had some setup issues when trying to adjust printer server for increased wired network security but that is my own ineptitude. Look into printer security and you will be horrified, not a fault of this printer itself all of them are suspect.
review image
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on September 3, 2011
I bought this printer to use it's wireless capabilities for my two laptops and was encouraged by the reviews that said it was very easy to setup the wireless. Mine is setup but only after several hours of trying and failing with the confusing instructions in the 'quick start guide'. Customer service is only available M-F so I resorted to other instructions on-line at Brother's website. These addressed the error I was getting but did not resolve the issue.
The issue was that the setup did not ask for my Pass Key as the instructions indicated it would. However it seemed to setup the SSID information correctly. However my computer was not recognizing the printer indicating to me it wasn't correct.
In case others have the same problems I am listing what worked:
The method of no cables at all worked for me in combination with installing the drivers and using windows 7 network features. 1) I followed the article on Brother's web-site entitled "How do I configures the wireless printer and install the printer driver without a cable on a Windows PC using the downloaded driver?" 2. I went to the Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center, clicked on my network name then double-clicked on the Brother printer. Windows 7 installed the drivers. I was then able to use the printer. 3. Once this was done, using the CD worked just fine on the second laptop.
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