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on January 4, 2012
I have one of these that now has over 20,000 pages printed. It keeps going and going and going!

I use it to print black and white (of course) documents, sometimes hundreds of pages at a time. I just printed a 97 page document on legal paper that was printed in less than 4 minutes.

No, it's not wireless (someone gave it a 1 star review because of reading comprehension), BTW if you do any volume printing you don't want the printer to be in the next room, you need to monitor it so the papers don't pile up too high.

I have this sitting next to my inkjet all in one, which is color and wireless, so I have all the bases covered. I find myself printing with the Brother over 90% of the time. Who needs color for most stuff? Plus, the toner never dries up!

Buy it! Get generic toner and don't look back!
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on January 16, 2014
Good personal printer. While this printer isn't made for massive printing jobs, it does an excellent job of printing smaller jobs with no problem. The only problem is Brother's toner sensor that will prevent the printer from printing when it senses the toner is low. Take a little piece of electrical tape and a paper clip to tuck it snugly into the clear sensor opening on the toner cartridge at the ends. Eventually the toner will begin to discolor the page and will have to be replaced, but you can get as many as 1000 additional sheets out of a toner this way.
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on February 28, 2012
This is my second Brother HL2230 that I buying for our office. I bought the first one a couple of months ago. We needed another printer and I went with the one I already know will do the job. We mostly use it to print shipping labels and it definitely does the job well. No issues with the printer itself what so ever. We have printed a few thousand labels so far. The only complain is that the toner is relatively expensive, but thats how they get you. It is the same with most printer manufacturers. Luckily you can buy after market toner or simply buy toner powder and refill cartridges yourself.

Highly recommended. I dont think there is any other product in the market that will beat this unit by price and quality.
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on July 14, 2014
I had to replace my older model Brother printer and decided on this model. Just a simple black and white laser printer. It prints nicely and does not smudge. Then I tried an envelope and a terrible crease appeared which made it impossible to mail something in. I tried a lot of things to no avail and decided the printer must just have a problem and ordered another one just like it. When I tried an envelope with my second brother it performed the same. Terrible crease. I went online to the brother site to see if there was a solution and a five page instruction was given to "remedy" the problem. It did not solve the problem so I called customer service. I had a tech on the line who went through the steps with me to print an envelope. Same result. Terrible crease. I returned printer number two which was still under warranty. The help desk wanted to replace my first printer with the same model but another one and I declined since I already tried it. They also offered to bring it to a repair center. I resorted to labels on my envelopes.
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on September 1, 2012
I only need to print out text, crossword puzzles, and generally things that don't require color. So this printer has been perfect. It's fast and quiet. It works in both Windows 7 and Linux.
I don't do enough printing to be able to say how much toner it uses, and when I do print, I always do it in draft mode.
The only complaint I've had is that if I don't specifically set the borders of my document in from the edges of the paper, in the printer setup, it can occasionally end up printing 4 or 5 pages, instead of one page. For example, if I have a gif image of a crossword puzzle to print out, and in the setup, I leave the edges of the puzzle at their default location, against the left and top edges of the paper, the printer will print it out in sections, splitting up the crossword and accompanying text onto several pages. Very strange, but it's never repeated that problem now that I always set the borders at a half inch on the left and the top.
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on September 12, 2013
I was getting so tired of dealing with the "chipped" (NSA-like microchip tracking of install/manufacture date and ink level) inkjet cartridges in my HP Photosmart 8250 that I finally HAD to find some alternative for a reasonable price. I wasn't necessarily looking for a laser, but was shocked to find one for $65 that also supported Linux. Turns out Brother is pretty Linux friendly, with a helpful install 'app' on their site to automagically install all the needed driver files. After reading numerous reviews I ordered this, as well as a "reset gear" kit to eventually turn the starter toner into a refillable one when the day comes. The printer arrived quickly and installed easily on my system. Note that no USB cable is included so you'll need to pick one up. After a quick set up, including turning on the toner saver feature, I ran a number of test pages with no issues. I'm a writer and do a substantial amount of printing, so having a quality, dependable printer is essential. This seems to fit the bill on both counts. (Note: To find the Linux install directions and install script download, go into a search engine and type this -- Brother Linux I'm finding it difficult to install the printer driver . You should easily find the help page on Brother's site describing the process. Follow it exactly, substituting the text HL-2230 where is says 'Brother machine name'. In other words, in Step 5,

bash linux-brprinter-installer-1.0.4-1 Brother machine name

--is edited to become--

bash linux-brprinter-installer-1.0.4-1 HL-2230

Got it?)

Update: It's been over 6 months now and I've run perhaps 150 pages through the printer at this point. Text, graphics like coupons, etc. Still going strong on the starter cartridge. No fading, lines, or problems of any kind. Really happy with it. Just FYI...
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on February 20, 2014
I had an HP printer that needed ink to be replaced almost monthly at $20 for black and $30 for color and barely gave me a few hundred prints on the lowest setting. Needless to say, I got fed up and purchased this $50 guy and have not regretted it. On OSX, installation only takes a few minutes as it automatically downloads the drivers. Windows 7 requires a CD rom drive or a little prodding around on the website but wasn't too difficult.

It prints within about 5-7 seconds, lines are very crisp but shaded areas not so much but hey! I am not paying $50 for ink again! Id recommend this printer for college students who print a lot.

Follow up: I have used this printer for a while now daily. It has a full 500 pages through and is still performing fine. The resolution is MUCH better than my old inkjet too, my engineering drawings look more professional.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon January 3, 2013
Seems I got a deal based on the current price bouncing in the 80-90 buck range... and I did buy from Amazon with Free Shipping on 12/20/2012. It works fast, prints nice and was ALMOST easy to install. I use it as a shared printer on my home network (this is not a Network Printer but can be shared through a router) but the included software disk was a problem. The computer it's attached to runs on XP but the others run on later versions. If you want to share it you have to install all the required drivers on the host computer or separately on the other machines. You can't just use the Add Printer function on other computers because even though it finds the printer you want it won't load the required driver. You can't load a driver off the disk without running the install and then that stops when there's no printer attached to the computer you're trying to add it on. I suspect I could have found the required driver for Windows 7 somewhere on the disk or downloaded it but after about an hour I gave up, attached the printer to another computer and booted it up. The driver was found immediately and all was well so the printer went back to the host computer. Paper does come out a bit curled but that's happened to me on other laser printers so if it's an issue for anyone buy a better printer, buy better paper (I have a case of cheap about 12 years old) go with heavier paper or go with an Ink Jet. I prefer laser printers because I use it infrequently and never have to worry about my toner evaporating. This unit replaced several HP 5L Laser Jet printers that served well for decades but toner cartridges were becoming so much of a problem in quality & price replacement seemed like the most viable alternative. The last "new" toner cartridge for my 5L was defective and dumped all the toner in the printer, on me and on the floor... once the tape was removed the toner just flowed out like water. I'm going with 4 stars because I don't think it would have been too difficult for Brother to allow me to load just a driver off the disk or tell me something more than contacting my administrator for adding it as a shared printer but the printer alone is worth 5 stars based on what I paid and how it performs. If the current price is still near the 90 buck range I would have considered moving up to the all-in-one machine. By the way, if a paper manual is important you won't be getting one with this printer... just a link to download a PDF file. It does not come with the cable to connect to your computer but I picked one up on Amazon for less than a buck fifty Importer520 Black 10 ft Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Printer Scanner Cable Type A Male to Type B Male For HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Dell with free shipping and it's not a reason for me to lower a rating. Lastly, I did purchase an extra generic toner but other reviewers have pointed out ways to bypass the Toner light and get some more mileage so I'll try that when the time comes.
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on August 5, 2014
I needed a printer to print coupons and keep my costs as low as possible, so I thought I'd invest in a laser printer. The printer is great, but I wished I had saved more money and bought one that comes with a scanner / copy machine.This is a basic laser printer, but it works great if you only need black and white prints. The toner it came with was a small one, but it still lasted from January until April. I ordered a new toner from Amazon in April and the printer still says it has 75% off left. I have tried forever to figure out how much toner is left and somebody left a message here that was very helpful. You just press the Go button 3 times consecutively and it will print a report. If you want to use paper smaller than A4 (again, something us couponers have to deal with), just go to Control Panel - Devices and Printers, right-click on the printer and pick Printer Preferences. At the top of the box, you have Paper Size. Pick User Defined and pick 8.5 and 8.4. This way, if you have pages where you printed only 1 coupon, just cut the coupon and use the rest of the page to print 2 more coupons. The approximate sizes are 8.5' and 8.4'. You also have to make sure you adjust the paper tray to fit the smaller paper.

The only problem I have encountered so far is probably toner-related or maybe it's a drum issue. Some pages start printing faded. I have to remove the toner and shake it a bit and then it will print great. But I have to keep doing it and I really don't want to damage it. I couldn't figure out how to fix this issue.

Other than that, I am very happy with it. It doesn't take a lot of room, it's medium size and not very heavy.
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on July 28, 2012
What can I say, but WOW. I love this Brother HL2230 Laser Printer. In the past I was using a HP 3520 ink jet printer and hated having to replace the ink carts almost every three months do to the ink drying out, getting clogged, or just running empty after printing about 100 or so pages.

After reading reviews on Laser printers vs ink jet printers, I decided on getting this laser printer. I was a little worried at first this printer would not work in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit Linux, but after reading reviews on how to get this printer to work in Ubuntu Linux, it worked just fine for me.

I got the Laser printer three days after ordering it on-line and was pleased right off the bat after opening the box. Set it up and downloaded the Ubuntu deb drivers from the web site and noticed right away they only come in 32 bit. I found a web site that explains in detail how to force install the 32 bit linux drivers onto a 64 bit Ubuntu. Turns out after reboot, my Ubuntu 11.10 saw the Laser printer no problem.

When loading up a bunch of paper and going through all the settings, I did the printer test page first and couldn't believe how crisp and clear the images and text were. Then tried printing my first PDF file and again, perfect text and images. Bear in mind, this is a black and white printer, which is fine for me.

Things a like about this printer are:

1. USB printing.

2. Toner last a lot longer than Ink, and will print up to 2,500 pages on an extended toner cart.

3. Works great in Ubuntu 11.10 Linux.

4. Refill the toner cart up to four times.

If you only want USB, and black and white printing with no networking, this printer is for you.

UPDATE: 01/25/2013

I now have Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and testing out Ubuntu 12.10, both 64 bit OS's and this laser printer still works great. Installing the DEB drivers is bit tricky but still compatible if done right. Printer is still working like new and so far no problems.

UPDATE: 07/11/2017

Good news, My Brother HL-2230 Printer is still kicking like a champ. Both the toner and the toner drum had to be replaced. A visit to a Office Max and was able to buy the items I needed. I've updated my Linux since my last review and now using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and printer using the same drivers I used in the past still work great. Be prepared when it comes time to replace a Toner Drum, it can set you back $180 dollars for an OEM. So far so good. Haven't had to replace the printer itself yet. Will keep everyone updated as more things need replacing or fixed.
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