Customer Reviews: Brother Printer MFCJ4510DW Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled
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on February 24, 2013
I've been using AIO printers at home for years. Started off with HP models, then moved on to Epsons. Always dismissed Brother as too ugly and too lame.

Was in my local Staples recently intending to upgrade from my Epson Artisan 837 to their newer Expression XP-800 (which I had previously bought for my daughter, and which has served her well) when I spotted this Brother machine.

It's got great eye appeal: it's way smaller than most AIO's (even smaller than Epson's so-called "small-on-one's"). Plus it's mostly white, with black accents (as opposed to the all black or all industrial grey of most competitive models).

So I fell for the looks and took it home for a first date.

And now, a few weeks and a few reams of paper later, I am happy to say (sorry for the lame pun) it's way more than a one-night-stand: it's a total keeper.

Here's what I love about it:
* super small foot print on my desk
* very fast and nicely crisp printing
* error free (compared to all my prior HP and Epson models)- has yet to jam, and the only mistake so far was it once grabbed two pieces of paper instead of one.
* error free applies to the auto-duplex feature: my Epson Artisan jammed about 50% of the time on duplex printing; the Brother has not screwed up once on this.
* quick setup: I and my family were up and printing on three Macs, three iPads, and three iPhones in about 30 minutes
* less ink-thirsty than HP and Epson: I've been through two reams of paper so far, and the so called "starter" ink cartridges are still at healthy levels: with my Epson, even with their extended inks, I would be needing to replace one or more cartridges by now.
* easy printing from iPhone, iPad
* easy/problem free scanning and faxing

Also, to address some of the issues raised by previous reviewers:

* re noise: I can only assume that those who have complained about the Brother's noise have never had a home AIO before.
Would I want to have the Brother start printing as I was sleeping? No. But is it any noisier than other brands of home AIO's -- absolutely not!!

* re "flimsy" nature of the plastic parts, especially the paper supply drawer: every AIO brand I have ever had uses the same "flimsy" plastic in its home machines -- that's part of what keeps them affordable for home use. But I've never had any of those paper drawers break -- and the one on the Brother is actually less complicated and thus probably less likely to break than those on its competitors. And the Brother's paper drawer has at least three advantages over those of Epson's "small-in-one's": (1) it can hold many more sheets of paper, and (2) it is a dedicated paper feeder drawer, and thus doesn't have the added complexity of the photo paper feeder that Epson combines in with its paper drawer, and (3) it has an open window on the outside that lets you get a quick visual read of how much paper is left.

To summarize:

If you need to have an AIO with a sexy brand name, then this isn't for you. But if you want to have an AIO that is wonderfully functional, supremely efficient, and modestly good looking, then this is perfect.
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on November 27, 2012
I didn't buy at Amazon because Office Depot had a black Friday special of $129.95. Otherwise I would have. Anyhow, after going through an number of home printers, HP, Dell, Canon, I brought this baby home. I knew it was substantial just because it felt hefty in the box. Set up was a breeze. The operating panel is intuitive and the quality excellent. Note, though, that if you want best quality you must select it. One of the best things is that the ink cartridge is just an ink resevoir. The print head is part of the machine. Means the cartridges give you more pages for the $. Also, there is a warning to be sure to leave the machine in standby mode as it wakes up periodically and does some exercise to keep the nozzles open - without using paper and apparently very little ink.

UPDATE A YEAR LATER: About 9 months ago, I purchased a set of ink cartridges so I would have some in reserve. Last month, about 8 months after I bought it, I installed the new black large size ink cartridge, several months before its expiration date. The cartridge lasted 20 days and printed less than 20 pages. Two online chats and three phone calls to Brother Customer Service has brought nothing but a song and dance that since I bought the cartridge more than 90 days ago they would not replace. Never mind the expiration date. For this reason, I can no longer recommend this printer
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on October 25, 2012
This printer from Brother is a breath of fresh air. It's nicely designed and takes up much less space because it prints landscape (or sideways). Set-up was very fast and the printer responds almost instantly when you hit send. I really like being able to print from my iPhone as well. The touchscreen works well, too. I haven't printed 11x17 yet, but thus far it's a big step up from the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 it replaced in our home office.
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on January 28, 2013
The brother MFP-J4510DW is a bit of a mouthful but it looks good on the desk, takes up less space and is easy to clean and dust.

Photo printing is amazing. Document printing is ok and very fast in normal mode. For documents where you need laser like quality you need to put it in 'best' mode and the text is very crisp although it is quite a bit slower. It is however way better than my previous HP where in best mode the inks would run slightly.

The feature of being able to print A3 is a great boon for my work when I occasionally need to print out plans. Envelope printing, from the paper tray, is also cleverly designed. The scanner is nice and fast but only does single sided, with no software option to create double-sided manually, which leads me onto the printer's greatest weakness, the bundled software and human interface

The ControlCentre software looks ok. You can scan an image or you can scan to a text file (with no formatting). What you can't do is scan to a searchable image file, TIFF or PDF , which is really a must for anybody who wants to use a scanner for electronic document storage. Also, I found that the OCR didn't work for me, just producing a .txt file of garbage. The other annoying thing is that a document with text is not automatically rotated to be the right way up.

The Nuance software is enormous, taking 200 MB on the disk, but looks like it was written for Vista and hasn't been updated since. Also, as well as not really reading text it also makes the CPU run high and is impossible to turn off without uninstalling it. It seems that if you want a working OCR application written more recently you have to fork out on something like Abbyy which is great software but effectively doubles the price of the printer.

The software installed easily on Windows 7 but I was a little disappointed that I had to use a DVD at all. If companies like Logitech can get Windows to install everything they need from the web, why can't Brother? Also, on Windows 8 the installation disk didn't work, despite the new OS having been out in preview form for ages, and required the use of Google to find the right drivers from the Brother website. Fail.

If you have a PC the touch interface really doesn't add any value, even though it is very slick, because it is still less convenient than controlling the printer direct from a PC. Also, the one thing that might be useful direct from the printer is to scan directly to a file. However, scan to file doesn't do this, despite its name. Instead it scans to the PC and then asks you what application you want to use to open this file, with no option to remember this choice in future. Only then does it save the scan to a file. But if you've got to use the PC interface each time to complete the operation, you might as well have started from there. There is also a scan to network location which sounds like what I might need but when you click on it, it says you must set this up using the web based management on my computer, but I can't find where. There is the ability to setup direct scanning to things like Google Drive and Flikr but I can't see why anybody would want to do this unless you don't have a PC. And again, you need a PC to use this feature as it accesses these services via a temporary code so you need to set it up each time you use it.

I find myself still using the Windows Fax and Scan application. The fact that the Brother software is little more functional than this and less easy to use says a lot about how Brother have failed here. This is not to say that they are much worse than the rest of the industry that all seems to fall into the same trap: doing a bad job of replicating functionality that is already in Windows whilst neglecting the core functionality of drivers or offering genuinely useful extras such as working OCR. I would say that Brother is slightly worse than HP on this score but still not by enough to make an HP printer a choice over this one because of how great the Brother hardware is.
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on January 15, 2013
First off...I am not a "Brother" fan. I've had a few bad experiences with Brother products, but for the price, I decided to go ahead and give this unit a try. I'm GLAD I did! For $199 bucks, I am super impressed with this printer! Set-up was a piece of cake and the fax machine nearly configured itself. The touch screen menu is simple to use. I purchased this because I needed a printer to print 11 x 17 inch prints and most printers run upwards of $500-$1000 for large-format printing.
To be honest, hand-feeding each (11 x 17) page is a pain in the neck! However, for the $$ savings, I just turn up the music and continue hand-feeding. I will be hand-feeding approximately 400 sheets of paper...I may feel differently after I finish, but right now it works fine. The unit is quiet and sleek and fits just about anywhere. Don't over-think it like I did...just get one! You won't be sorry!
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on December 25, 2012
I've been through at least 3 of these printers in the last month only to find out that this "so-called business" printer cannot print basic Comm #10 envelopes. I'm guessing that people who gave good reviews of the printer did not run the printer through its paces. I have never experienced a printer that will override MS Word and Excel's margins. It is unbelievable that this printer cannot perform basic functions.

The rear manual feeder jams constantly, the feed slot has no room to hold paper steady. Even with support from your hands to hold the media you are printing on, it jams like no other. The machine has no sensors to detect a cleared printer so it makes you open every bit of the machine just to clear the jam error code. It seriously locks up the printer until you molest the printer. It will not even allow you to reset the printer just to clear the jam error.

I am one step from filing a chargeback from my credit card.

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on September 26, 2014
Piece. Of. S***. Paper handling is abysmal. Disconnects from network constantly. Steer clear.

Best day of ownership was today when I went Office Space on this piece of garbage!
review image
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on February 16, 2014
I have windows 7 and use this as a wireless printer. One of the main reasons I purchased this printer was for ink efficiency and printing home, work, school, light graphic and photos. I have a Canon i9900 that is used for final artwork and photographic prints (it is an awesome printer I've had since 2005, unfortunately they don't make them like that anymore, not even by Canon). The Canon ink is not cheap, it uses 8 cartridges, but doesn't eat them like the newer ones either. Hence my decision to purchase this Brother printer.

I am amazed at some of the bashing the Brother MFC J4510DW printer has gotten, but if you look at reviews of any printer you will see the same type of bashing, so eventually you just have to be brave and actually try one anyway. This one just seems to have gotten more than its fair share. I sometimes wonder if the printer companies hire the bashers - especially since this printer claims to be ink efficient and most of the printer companies today make most of their profit off of the ink, not the printer. Apparently, it is liquid gold, the most expensive liquid there is! They used to make money off the sale of the printer and be reasonable with the price of the ink, now they charge ridiculous prices for ink. I for one, will not continue to pay those ridiculous prices, but as long as most people will, printer companies will continue to rip people off. A printer that offers economical ink and is a reasonable price with a lot of features must really step on their toes!

I have seen good reviews and a lot of bad reviews on various sites. I really like this printer and believe that a lot of the problems people are having with it are from not following set up instructions and directions to the T. This is not the easiest printer to set up, but once done properly well worth the time. Also if the directions are read thoroughly it avoids problems like paper mis-feeds, etc. Read the instructions! They even have pictures! (the paper should not be pushed back to far and the drawer must be fully pushed in).

I had an issue with software setup when it got to the firewall settings and asked to use usb or manually set - for some reason it did not detect and set correct setting s with the usb connected. I ended up calling customer service and using the manual setup for that part of the configuration. Other than that setup went very smooth, but I did follow setup instructions word for word.

So far I am very satisfied with this printer. After I've had it for 6 -12 months I will update my review as to build quality (how its holding up) and ink efficiency
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on January 13, 2013
I've just got one of these printers.
* I selected 'Best' quality on 'other photo' paper and it came out perfectly on my photo-paper, with no banding.
* You have to remember to place paper the way it shows in manual at a slight slope resting on the back pieces. It's not that hard, but I think it might be cause of some peoples problems, time will tell though on the issue of paper jamming.
* Quiet printing, with a slight high to lower pitch singing effect. Has a blowing-on-paper-edge kind of sound at the start of printing. Not an issue at all.
* Scan and print from network, and iPad, AND there's an App for scanning to email and all the usual things - no problems at all.
* PC drivers do not take up much memory - take note HP and your crazy 80Mb RAM drivers!
* Scans both sides and printed them quickly when copying. Brilliant.
* Paper tray is not really flimsy, they seem light weight but it's fine.
* A3 when you want to print out the occasional poster - this was the that persuaded to buy.
* Oh etc, etc...
Sorry, maybe I'm just easy to amaze!
I'll be recommending Brother machines from now on.
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on November 21, 2012
Small footprint
Wonderful desktop design
Front panel controls are easy to use

Disc software installation was cumbersome to say the least. Not all the required drivers would install. Took 3 attempts to get it working correctly.
Paper feed is extremely noisy! In my quiet office it even scared my dog that was sleeping!
Lacking features on the fax software setup and PC FAX.

If it wasn't for the noisy printing and even noisier paper feeding, I'd recommend this printer and give it at least 4 stars. The print quality is fine along with the scanning quality and speed. I hate to say it but I can't use this printer in my office due to the noise it creates while printing. Going back to my second choice Epson WF-3520. I'll use this printer as a spare.
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