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on August 14, 2015
I am absolutely in love with my Brother embroidery machine. It is by far the best embroidery machine at/around this price point. For those who are considering the Brother machine with the 4"x4" embroidery area (as I did), you should really save up for this one instead. Just like any new hobby or skill you are trying to acquire, you will not be an embroidery master on your first try... and the only thing a prior background in sewing helps is for threading, which is easy anyway. For any of those who experience problems with the machine -- it's not the machine's fault but rather user error is more likely. I have thought it was my machine at times, but it was always something I was doing (or not doing). Make sure to test with different stabilizers, fabric types, stitch design densities, toppers, needle types, hooping tensions and techniques, etc. There is also a Facebook group dedicated to this machine that is an excellent resource, as well as many YouTube videos and blogs. I have owned this machine for just over six months and I am so happy with my purchase and embroider everything! I have also used the embroidery thread and pre-wound bobbins by Embroidex (also sold on Amazon) with great results!

Edited to add: Even after 6+ months I'm still learning more about the best ways to use this machine! I just learned a new tip that I thought I would pass along. Sometimes the spool holder can be finicky. If your top thread is repetitively breaking (not just once in awhile), and you've already tried replacing the needle and re-threading the machine, put your thread spool in a clean coffee cup behind your machine instead of on the spool holder. This should solve this issue -- at least it has for me!
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on June 9, 2016
After a LOT of research and comparisons I decided that the Brother PE770 was going to by my first embroidery machine. I have to say it was once of the best purchases I have made in a long time, and Amazon had it at the perfect price. I watched for a few weeks and snagged it when the price dropped! I sew handmade cosmetic bags, pouches, and accessories and was looking to embroidery to further personalize these items. I learned to sew from a young age using Brother machines, and my current machine (also purchased on Amazon) Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover is Brother. Aside from paying for maintenance and cleaning every 6-12 months, I have had no major issues with any Brother machine.

The Brother PE770 creates great quality embroidery designs without the need for special embroidery software. So many designs are already included with the machine. However, I LOVE the fact that there is a USB port on the machine for easy upload of designs. I can easily create my designs and upload via USB and resize and position on the machines digital screen. I definitely recommend this machine to both beginners or avid sewers/crafters. I've used this for applique and stitched embroidery designs and always have a beautiful outcome! I suggest researching and purchasing multiple hoops (I use the 5x7 hoop for most everything) and stabilizer for projects.
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on August 29, 2015
A lot of research, technical mind, outstanding results.

I'm not inclined to buy cheap equipment, cars or machines. It's just never paid off. Many times they under perform and are a waste of money. When I decided to buy the Brother PE 770 it was after finally deciding $6000 or $600? Am I going to like machine embroidery? Maybe the risk outweighs the cost and I should give it a try with a small investment instead of a large one.

Some of the bad reviews of the Brother 770 really concerned me. Threading problems, bobbin problems, quality problems ... hum ... it doesn't surprise me now that I've used one for a week. There are a lot of opportunities for pilot error, impatience learning how to load hoops, wind a bobbin, learn the screen commands. It's a lot. I'm computer savvy, learn fast and have an aptitude for problem solving. I can see that ANY embroidery machine would face the same challenges.

Other than the bonafide lemons, this machine can embroider beautifully on light, medium and heavy fabric. It does split designs although that's a pain in my neck (but hey, I only spent $600).

It's very, very, very easy to embroider a pattern in the 5x7 hoop that comes with it that's loaded on the machine. There is a lot of help on youtube and limitless people who want to share their knowledge to help you. But. There is a lot to learn. And it's crazy fun. Addictive. I want to embroider everything in my closet, my husband's closet (he's resisting), my kids, grandkids etc ...

Coming from the BMW, KitchenAid and similar quality brand loyalty, I don't have time to mess with the cheap stuff anymore (it's not so cheap), but this Brother 770 works and works well.

Don't buy one if you don't have the commitment to learning the craft. It won't work. But it won't be the machine's fault.

Every one of the 7 project's I've made have been full of learning and success. Take a look. And if you have what it takes your life will be changed forever.
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on May 21, 2016
Many of the problems that you read about with this machine originate because it is inexpensive enough for the beginner to purchase instead of leaping into purchases that are three or four times the cost. That being said, there are a host of issues that the novice must address before he/she will be pleased with the machine. First, and most importantly, is the recognition (and acceptance) that different fabrics and different projects require a constant manipulation of the settings of the machine, and there are many variables that a seasoned seamstress knows and unconsciously compensates for that a beginner doesn't even know that he doesn't know. Those of us who have an inkling that we don't know the extent of our own inexperience are always caught in a quandary about whether our problems are user errors or the machine is faulty. Well, from my experience, I can affirm that user error and a lack of knowledge caused most of my problems. I was clueless about how many things have to be adjusted and how important all the details about thread and stabilizers are in the smooth operation of this machine. Thanks to Vince Acuri on you tube and Kenny at embroidery library my learning curve was greatly accelerated and I finally got the 770 up and running as I had hoped it would. If you have limited knowledge about sewing machines, don't be put off by the few negative reviews or even your first projects. Just be aware that there are some things that you need to know beforehand. While I still am incredibly ignorant of most things regarding any element of sewing, I am quite pleased with what this machine has produced thus far, and I am very grateful to all of those folks on the internet who are so generous with their talent and knowledge.
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on June 18, 2013
I am an avid machine embroidery enthusiast & have been for years. The 2 embroidery machines I have been using have become obsolete due to no USB ports to communicate with a computer & transfer designs efficiently. I did a lot of research before choosing the Brother PE770. I am THRILLED with it....the stitching is superb...the construction of the machine is impressive....the manuals are informative....I did go to You Tube before my machine arrived & viewed a 1-hour tutorial video by a man named Vince Acuri on unpacking the PE770 & getting started. The video is a little dry but was totally helpful and would help all buyers as it explains exactly what to expect & answers a lot of questions before they come up. I would recommend this embroidery-only machine to anyone...trouble mentioned in other reviews of this machine must be due to lack of experience & embroidery machine operation education. A beginner can operate this machine successfully if they first educate themselves & then proceed cautiously until they are comfortable with the operation of the unit. An experienced operator will have good results if they are willing to learn this particular machine. All sewing or embroidery machines are complex and must be treated with respect...never try to force a machine to do anything, never try to operate a machine based on the operation of other machines, be patient when getting started & have an open, positive attitude. I chose to order through Amazon because I have such good results with Amazon.com., and I have a Prime Membership & get free shipping & outstanding service.
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on December 9, 2015
Straight out of the box this machine stitches like a dream! The PE770 is much quieter and WAY faster than the Brother pe500 I owned before it. The machine comes with all the tools needed, just add stabilizer and fabric and get to stitching! The image I am including is my first shop order completed with this machine, no errors, stitched each one easily and quickly. I love that it takes a USB thumb drive as my computer is not in the sewing room, so much more simple! The display is bright and tough screen responsive to light tough. Very clear threading diagram for the top thread, and Brother's bobbin area design is one of my favorites :) Happy stitching!
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on December 6, 2016
my love of computer graphic design and love of sewing had a baby; it's an embroidery machine. OMG PERFECT. My favorite part of this hobby is the digitizing. I make it on the computer, save a PES and my machine magically sews my design!

If you are still comparison shopping, get this one instead of the machines with a smaller frame. I didn't think I'd "ever" need over a 4x4 frame but someone wisely warned told me I'd soon want a bigger frame. I've had this machine for 3 weeks and i'm already thrilled with the 5x7 frame capability. My digitizing projects are big and rich! the shiny embroidery thread makes them look so pretty.

I also had a singer Quantum futura in the past. HATED it. thought I hated embroidery, Turns out i just had the wrong machine, with horrible software.

Note: this machine does not "come" with software. USB loading of embroidery files allows me to use whatever software I choose as long as I can save to PES, and avoids software going obsolete when it can't keep up with new operating systems. (The old Quantum futura software won't even load on my windows 10 computer)
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on November 11, 2015
I am totally brand-new to embroidery - never even watched someone use such a machine - and I am on my third T-shirt now and as happy as I have not been in a long time in my adult life. This is so much fun! The machine works great right out of the box.

I was so disappointed at the prices at the stores that I almost passed on embroidery all together. Some folks in the stores seem to think everyone can afford to spend thousands and if you don't, you are just being stubborn. When I found out about the low end Brother machines, I was excited again. The SE400 seems to be great and has great reviews, but I wanted the 5" by 7" embroidery area. Also, I already have a sewing machine, so I did not need the dual function of the SE400 that people like.

The PE770 has some nasty one star reviews, though, so I hesitated. One review (not one star) mentioned Vince Arcuri's you tube videos, and that gentleman gave me confidence in the machine again. I watched his intro to the PE770, and he has such a calm and positive manner and shows the machine in operation that I could see it may well work for me. Thank you so much, Vince Arcuri! I am so glad I got a PE770. It is really all I needed and works great so far.

I did a few things to give us (the machine and me) the best chance:

1) I ordered the two stabilizers and the glue spray Vince Arcuri shows in his video right here on Amazon, (have since ordered cut-away stabilizer also, since the T-shirt designs will probably distort with the wash away over time) and I am using two layers of the wash away on the bottom and the clear stuff on top with the spay to hold the fabric in place,
Tear & Wash Away - Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Backing Medium Weight 2.0oz. Roll of 12 in X 50 Yds
Sulky 12-Inch by 9-Yard Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer Roll
Sulky 4.23-Ounce Temporary Spray Adhesive

2) I researched and ordered the recommended bobbin threads for the machine in pre-wound bobbins since people said they work better than the home-wound bobbins - I think it matters to get the 90 weight bobbin thread and that was a little more expensive than the abundant ones that come in a case of 144, here is a link to the ones that work for me
20 Prewound 90 Weight Thread Embroidery Bobbins Size A Class 15 Style 15J For Brother Baby Lock SA156

3) I got very good thread - had a special pack of 35 Isacord threads that I picked up on sale when I was shopping for machines in the stores and found an even better deal on eBay (25 spools for 90.- where you can pick your own colors and sometimes people sell used spools that are still pretty full at a good price) - anyway, - Isacord is supposed to be one of the best and the machine runs great with those - it is making a mouse in a pin box, cute sewing design with 31 thread changes as I type this review and everything is working like clockwork – smiling from ear to ear every time I go back to the machine to change threads and see my cute design developing

4) I did read the manual on threading the machine and carefully cut all loose threads off, stopping the machine after the first few stitches for each color to cut the top thread ( as Vince Arcuri showed in his you tube video) - one did get sucked in when I did not stop the machine in time - I cut the mess off on the bottom and it was no problem, but I try very hard not to let that happen and catch the loose ends before the machine gets going on each color - you can press a button to start, stop, and re-start - it is very convenient for me (am not mass producing, so no worries about the time it takes at the moment - maybe I can ask the machine to cut the threads but I have not been motivated to find out yet - just excited to see it work!)

5) Not sure this helps, but it made me feel better to set the max speed to the lower setting before sewing

Since I am so new to embroidery, I cannot say if the machine would meet expectations of someone experienced, but for a beginner like me, I can highly recommend it!

With Amazon's return policy, I felt like I could try this machine even if there may be individual lemons out there - I am planning to use it as much as possible right away to test it. So far 5 Stars all the way.

Oh, and by the way, that is in spite of the fact that the poor thing has been shipped upside down! I am not sure what brainiac did this, but someone put the PE770 box inside another box upside down, and the outer box was delivered right-side-up, of course, so the machine probably traveled upside down for a few days. Still - it is fine and I am keeping it! =]

Beginners should also be aware that a machine like this cannot change your design and the screen for viewing the design is not very useful (does not bother me - I put one design at a time on my memory stick and I know what the machine sees on the stick) - software to manipulate designs is very expensive and somewhat complicated, depending on what computer skills you have and what you want to do (change colors or size all the way to digitize your own designs) – I felt that you really need some basic program, which may be found under 200.-, to view the design and the colors and stich order, so you can pick colors from the threads you have and know where in the design they show up – I did this with two free trial versions of software I downloaded for testing so far but they expire after 30 days - you also need some software to do multiple lines of text, like a quilt label and have the spacing perfect, I think - I did one line of text on the machine without software: my name - could reposition the needle to write the next line but would have to guess the spacing, from what I see so far

I am fairly computer savvy and want to digitize photos of animals - downloaded a free trial version of PE Design 10 and Embird and decided to buy the Embird, but there is other software also - I heard about SewEasy, for example, but have not looked at it. Be prepared to pay as much for some software packages as you paid for the machine, or more. Embird comes in modules, to allow us to start with what we can afford and build on it. Nice for beginners, I think. The basic module does a lot and is 164.- to download from online. That’s the one I decided on.

Just to be clear, the software I am talking about runs on a computer, which you need to have if you want to go this route, it does not run on the embroidery machine. Designs can be transferred from your computer on a memory stick to the PE770. That is a pretty cool feature, and I understand, not available on all embroidery machines. Even if you don't buy the software, the stick transfer can be used for designs bought on the internet with your computer. Free designs are also available on the internet. Pretty cool!
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Top Contributor: Petson December 4, 2016
I have had this machine for almost a full year now and absolutely love it! I waited to do a review on this machine to make sure I could give it an accurate review. I use it almost every week and I have had no problems with it that were not anything more then user errors. It is a very durable little machine, perfect for my home embroidery needs. I do recommend using a higher quality thread and bobbin thread brand for the best quality embroidery. Any quality embroidery machine will work best with good quality thread so don't skimp on your thread brand. I love that it has a generous 5x7 embroidery field and USB port to transfer in designs as well. It comes with a wonderful instruction booklet (with pictures) and an easy reference guide as well. I have been able to successfully embroider on heavy duty materials as well as lightweight. I purchased this product after reading several reviews from many who also started with this machine and recommended it. I would agree that most who have troubles with this machine may be experiencing user errors as opposed to a problem with the machine. This is a very high quality product for anyone who seriously wants to get into embroidery without spending a lot of money.
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on September 5, 2017
My review here is on the SE1800, a sewing and embroidery machine combined. It is my very first embroidery machine. I am very pleased with it as a whole and pretty much love everything about it for the most part. It embroiders beautifully and I've never had a problem with it's performance yet. However there are three things about this machine that I'm a little disappointed with.

The first is the LCD screen....it's WAY too small. It's roughly around 3" w x 2.75" L in size, so if you're going to import several patterns on your flash drive....say a pattern pack for example, when you're looking at them on the screen, it's very difficult to differentiate one pattern from the next when trying to choose the design you want to embroider. The designs are just too small to view clearly. To get around this problem, I will only put the one pattern on the flash drive that I'm going to embroider. Even the 136 embroidery designs the machine comes with is extremely hard to see and pick the one you want. When I look at most other Brother embroidery machines now, I am envious of their very large LCD panel screen that takes the whole right side of their machine up and wonder why Brother didn't make the LCD screen on this one just a bit larger.

Ok, the LCD screen problem I really don't mind living with, but what I'm personally disappointed with is the jumbo hoop size. This embroidery machine uses a small 4x4" hoop and also a large 5x7" hoop, which I love and use the most. It also uses a jumbo 5x12" multi-position hoop (which you have to buy separately), which I use almost as much as the 5x7 hoop. What I don't understand is why in the world Brother made the jumbo hoop only 5" wide! It's a JUMBO hoop after all, so why did Brother make it the same width as the 5x7 hoop? I really wish they had made it at least 6" wide.....a 6"x12" hoop instead. That extra inch in width makes ALL the difference. Since purchasing this machine, I have looked at and purchased many embroidery patterns from many different embroidery web sites these past few months. I'm finding a large percentage of the patterns out there fit the 6"x --" and 8"x --" hoops. It's a real disappointment when I look for and find a pattern I would absolutely love to embroider, only to find my jumbo hoop is once again an inch too narrow. For example; I recently searched for and found a kitchen set I really wanted to embroider, which included an oven glove mitt (which is what I mostly wanted). The pattern was for the 6" x 8" hoop. My 5x12 hoop was 1" too narrow....really frustrating. This problem occurs over and over for me. I can only assume and guess that Brother did this to encourage the sale of their own patterns, I just don't know.

The third thing about this machine is that I wish it could embroider AND sew without having to remove and attach the embroidery unit on and off. Many times I've been in the middle of an embroidery project and needed to sew a seam or some little thing, but you can not do so without detaching the whole embroidery unit if you want to sew. Honestly, I knew this about the machine before I bought it, but didn't think it would become an important issue for me. So this might be an important consideration if you're wanting an embroidery and sewing machine.

I spent many hours throughout the months before buying my embroidery machine, researching the different brands and models and reading countless reviews on them before I finally decided to buy this machine. Even then, being new to the embroidery world, I still lacked the in-depth knowledge that really comes through experience and being involved in the embroidery world I guess. Had I known what I do now, I think I might have chosen a different Brother model to meet my needs better. I wish I had known about these particular things before I bought it.

Over all this is a wonderful machine and a joy to use and grow with....a great machine for the price. I hope this review helps someone who's trying to decide on and choose an embroidery machine. It will really depend on what you personally want/need in an embroidery machine and what's going to be important to you.
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