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on March 3, 2009
First off, I bought a Brother XL-2600 10 years ago. I do light sewing--curtains, the occasional skirt or apron, throw pillows, jeans mending, lots of alterations, etc. Haven't had a single problem with it, and can do everything from silk to jeans--basic stuff only, though. I took it in for routine cleaning, which I've never done once, and it's taking the repair shop a long time to get to it, so I wanted a value-priced machine to back up my old machine in the meantime. I found the XL-3750 after doing a lot of research and seriously considering the Kenmore 58-stitch, which also gets good reviews.

The first XL-3750 I got from Amazon had a broken top-thread tension setting--didn't work no matter what I did. I sent that one back (FREE RETURNS, FOLKS!), and in 2 days got a second XL-3750 (they send a replacement right away, pending your return). Setup took less than 5 minutes, and I was sewing that night.

This machine does a lot for a non-computerized machine, and can handle most any fabric. I've even tried some knit sewing on it, and it works. I don't even have to use an ugly zigzag stitch to do knits on it b/c it has some stretch-fabric stitches. (...or you can just go with a straight stitch.)

I am very pleased with this machine, although I haven't had it long and might be favorably prejudiced toward it by the quality of my old Brother.

This machine is a great value for the novice or intermediate sewist.

Good features:
--drop-in bobbin
--needle threader: what an invention!
--comes with lots of foot attachments you'd normally pay a lot for (including quilting bar and rolling foot)
--machine cover included
--lots of utility and decorative stitches for the price
--quick setup
--one-step buttonhole maker
--terrific value
--relatively quiet (compared to older machines)
--snap-on feet
--pedal responds well to pressure changes, making speed easy to adjust

Good Amazon features:
--free returns
--quick shipping of replacement item

NOTE: I am an Amazon Prime member. Don't know if that makes a difference with the shipping and returns.

No complaints thus far. I will update the review if I end up having any.
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on January 22, 2017
I'm an old guy with crappy vision and clumsy hands, and I'm here to tell you THIS is the machine for neophytes. I've never used a sewing machine and was a little intimidated at first after viewing the "Quick" setup pages. Sheesh! ...But when I went through the owners manual I was able to get the bobbins wound and the machine threaded in short order. I will add that the "automatic needle threader" is a work of genius! The procedure is simple and explained well. I was able to use the machine to embroider a small design which impressed Wifey and Mom in-law! All and all, this is an excellent choice and should pay for itself in short order, what with the high cost of clothing repairs.
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on March 28, 2017
I bought this basic sewing machine so I don't have to keep switching embroidery set up and sewing set up in my SE400 combo machine. I left the SE400 just for embroidering and I am using the XL3750 for regular sewing. It is a strong machine, contrary to some comments. Some also say it goes too fast, but the speed is easily controlled by the pedal. It is noisier than my other machine but it sounds sturdy and does a good job of stitching. I have already made three shirts for my grandson and had no problem. For the buttonhole feature just remember to push back the little lever every time you start a new buttonhole, I forgot doing that and thought the machine didn't work right. It's a good machine for the price. I didn't give it 5 stars only because it is a little rougher and noisier than the SE400 but other than that it is a workhorse. No complaints.
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on April 28, 2017
It was lightweight and it is wonderfully. The quick start guide was easy to follow to get started right away . It is a diagram-based chart for getting the bobbin and the machine threaded and I breezed through it quickly; however, when I got to the automatic needle threader, I got a bit frustrated figuring out how the mechanism works. I realized I had to look at the needle hole at a left angle and not straight on, I looked carefully how the mechanism worked and it then was so easily to thread the machine. I have never had an automatic needle threader before and it is wonderful product for a great price.
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on January 7, 2011
This machine is ridiculous! It does so many things and for this price? If you're looking for a beginner machine or a little upgrade for the one you have I say go for this!

I've bought mine a few weeks ago to replace my Singer 1525. I've been sewing for years and yes, older models are a lot better than plastic ones like these. But sewing has been my passion and I can't afford the more high end machines. With that being said, don't underestimate this machine. It's sews most fabrics, even three layers of denim with ease (Use appropriate needle size). However I don't think it's going to sew a belt-thick multiple layers of fabric and dense materials. (Maybe it can, but I strongly doubt it) I'm fine with that because I mostly sew using cotton, knits and lightweight fabrics. And I want to mention how this machine sounds. I've always been picky with sewing machines especially with how they sound. This one doesn't rattle and it's not even loud. It's also lightweight, lighter than my anatomy textbook. It may not be one of those pricier high end machines but it's cheaper and packed with features.

The reasons why I got this machine are:
1. One step Buttonhole
2. Variety of stitches
3. Uses twin needles
4. Complete set (different presser feet, quilting features etc) It even has a carrying case.
5. Best deal (Kudos to Amazon)

The buttonhole is so fun! I barely needed to adjust the width of the stitches. Just sew and you have a buttonhole! I had a couple of errors with this one while I was trying to familiarize myself with it. I had a few jams on the bobbin thread. This is because of my tension and also, since the stitches are so close you want to make sure you have enough layer of fabric so the needle won't just push it down the feed dog and jam things up. Few moments later I had 7 buttonholes. I'm very very pleased.

I told myself.. now all I have to do is sew the button. But I don't need to because this machine can do that for me! I didn't know that until I had the machine. You just need to know the width of the holes and you will need to use a zigzag stitch. The manual has all the information you'll need. I just followed its clear instructions and I was smiling all the time. (Yes I had to add that.)

The variety of stitches are so exciting! Just by turning the knob, you can do heirloom stitches, regular and top stitches. You can use them as decorative and functional stitches. Make sure to use the right tension and stitches for every fabric. You have the manual for that. You might say, well I don't need all that stitches. True. But if you can get a machine that has those stitches for this price, I still think it's a good deal.

It also uses a twin needle, I've never had a machine that uses one before so I had to try it. You can almost sew on all stitches using the twin needle (except the buttonhole)but make sure your stitch width is not bigger than three! Your twin needle will break! You can use the twin needle for decorative top stitches. Use different colored threads or the same ones.

Some things I'm not so gaga about:

1. Automatic needle threader - I imagined it be something less strenuous to the eyes. But it still is, you need to make sure your thread goes through the hook. So basically instead of going through the eye of the needle, you need your thread to pass a hook which is still relatively small.

2. The quilting bed - I thought it would be something bigger. I'm not a quilter but I saw what my quilter friends do and they need a bigger space than the one that comes with the machine.

3. The carrying case is more like a storage case. It has no handles so I guess if you want to carry it, you'll scrunch it between your waist and one arm.

These three aren't even a big deal because I'm gaga over all the machine. I'm very happy with my Brother XL-3750.

A note on the thread tension of the bobbin, you need to make sure your bobbin thread passes through the tension dial. To be sure you did this right, you're going to hear a soft click and when you try to remove the thread by going the opposite direction (if you're operating the machine it will be to your right)it won't come off easily. This is because the bobbin is in the tension dial.

Bottom line: This machine is the best deal. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

P.S. I recently learned that Singer went bankrupt and had to go for cheap Chinese parts. Brothers are all made in Taiwan. Working with both machines, I prefer the Brother with over all performance. I'm not a big fan of computerized sewing machines, they cost more to repair than mechanical ones.

Have fun sewing enthusiasts! I hope you find your BFF machine like I did with this one. Happy Shopping!
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on March 29, 2012
This is not my first XL-3750. The first one was acquired -in 2008 I think- when I lived in South America. I moved, I couldn't keep it, so sadly I had to sell it. I liked and used it a lot, so it was my favourite option this time.
There are a couple of minimal differences between the two of them, the most important,the way of bobbin thread should fit before sewing, which is an issue for some reviewers here, but has an easy solution as you can see in the video.

For me this is almost a perfect machine: a lot of decorative stitches -at least for my needs-, good speed control by your foot pressure,durable foot controller,different presser feet availability in the market and by Brother, not electronic which I think is the best, because in case of maintenance or fix you spend less money than with electronic machines, and are less fragile. The only thing I don't like is the lack of enough power to sew a few layers of denim or canvas or several layers of thick fabrics. But reviews about other models and marks let me know that you won't get that unless you buy old traditional or industrial machines.

Once I received my machine, I tried it. It was a shock at first moment, threading didn't work the same way as my first Brother. So, I just followed the included instructions about threading step by step. And it worked! I have to say that people who wrote the instructions didn't give enough importance to a very fine detail about this, that's why you overlook it and don't get how to do it correctly. I included a video with a simple guide of how to thread the bobbin, so you do not have tension problems. Once you know how to do it, the machine works perfectly, and you start to enjoy it. It's important to clean and oil the machine every week, if you use it every day, or clean it every time you have used it, in case of ocasional use. This way you can avoid that hard sound of an old machine as well as bad stitches and fabric trapped between feed dogs. I hope the video helps!
Only 4 stars, because of the thick fabrics issue and because of the poor instructions about threading or the not-so-practical bobbin threading. I do recommend this machine!

UPDATE December 26, 2012: So far my machine works really fine. I have sewn several projects and have made my work with cleaning after each one. It sounds and looks like new. It's a little bit lazy with thick fabrics in layers as I said, so those jobs remain for my very old sturdy machine from other renowned brand which I got in a second-hand shop for a few dollars.
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on September 6, 2011
I bought the Brother XL-3750 based on the 4-star rating at Amazon and was thrilled when it showed up. My first attempts at sewing produced stitches that were so-so, which surprised me since it should have been basically fine right out of the box. I was attempting to make something for an upcoming craft fair and no way would the sewing pass muster and sell, so I adjusted the tension knob. As others have written, it did absolutely nothing. Actually, with each tweak the stitching got worse. I couldn't even backtrack and set it the way it had been. I tried for 4 hours to get anything that was even remotely passable with no luck. I was tired, frustrated, and on the verge of tears. I called Brother first thing this morning and they insisted I must have threaded the machine wrong or put the bobbin in backwards. They were really no help. They wouldn't cover the machine under warranty even though it was brand new because all I had was an online e-mail verification (no receipt came in the box). I then called their closest authorized dealership just to see if they had run into the problem with this particular machine because, as I now discovered, there were so many negative comments about tension problems all over the internet. They told me to come on down, looking at it was free. I made the 12 mile trip and they fixed the machine in 5 minutes, no charge. Their fix: they took the plate off and popped out the bobbin case, dusted underneath it, then popped it back in properly, tightened everything up and voila! the blasted thing sewed beautifully. Apparently, Brother is now making some lower end inexpensive machines that are sold on Amazon, on eBay, and in places like Wal-Mart, which may work great IF they work, but they aren't taking the same care to make sure they go out tuned up and ready to sew. Hence the reason why some people love the machine and others say it doesn't work at all. Consistency leaving the factory is a problem, I guess. I have no idea how long this fix will work--hopefully forever--but as of this moment the darn thing sews fine. So if you are one of the unlucky ones who gets a Brother XL-3750 that has what seems to be major tension problems and the tension knob isn't doing a blasted thing, please look into taking the bobbin case out--not the bobbin, but the bobbin case--and make sure it's clean underneath and that it sits properly in its spot. They made me look at how it's positioned, but please refer to a manual/diagram to see. They said mine was wedged in improperly and there was a good amount of dust underneath. If this is such an easy fix I'm surprised Brother doesn't acknowledge it or even suggest or recommend you look into an improperly seated bobbin case. Good luck, I hope this helps all those who are as frustrated as I was. I'm giving this a one star review because no one should have to go through so much trouble to make a brand new out of the box machine work.
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on January 22, 2016
The machine is easy to use and worked fine for the first couple of projects. On the third project, the machine quit working. There was power to the machine itself, but when the foot controller is depressed, it failed to operate the sewing needle. I purchased a new foot controller/power cord hoping this would solve the issue; it did not. I have contacted Brother and they suggested taking the machine to a local service dealer. However, there are not licensed dealers within 100 miles of my location. I am very disappointed in my purchase as I have only had this machine for 4 months and have used it for just three projects.
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on September 22, 2012
I've had this machine for 14 months now, and I'd consider myself a moderate-heavy user (I'd be a HEAVY user if I had more time to sew! :P). Overall, it's a great little machine. Tons of features for the price, and it's my 2nd Brother; I've been very happy with both (my first one was literally $79 and still worked great). This one is VERY quiet, which is nice!

It rarely jams/tangles, but I've noticed when it does it can get very finicky. It does NOT tolerate dust/fuzz well AT ALL. If I get a tangle/snapped thread, I almost always have to take the bobbin casing out and blow it out with compressed air to get it stitching well again. Fortunately it's fairly easy to take apart and blow out.

Bottom line, if you're a Beginner to Intermediate level seamstress, this is a dynamite little machine for the money. Just keep it clean and read some of the other reviews about threading the bobbin so you don't have tension problems.

I purchased this machine in July 2011; its now (almost) Jan 2013 and it's still going strong. I've had no trouble with it other than the dust/fuzz issue I mentioned in my original review. I've done a LOT of sewing on it in the last 18 months (heavy usage) and it's holding up wonderfully.
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on December 5, 2011
I haven't had a sewing machine in many years, and began looking for a basic "entry level" portable under $200 for my 61st Birthday. I looked at Singer and Brother predominantly, but did look at the features on Bernina and others as well.

After reviewing and reading lots of reviews I decided on this machine. Boy! Am I glad I did....

First of all, the setup is quick and easy. The machine is lightweight and very quiet. Loading bobbins is easy. Haven't quite figured out the needle threading, but even without that feature using one of the little hand-held needle-threaders,it is still simple and quick. I am sure I'll figure out the self-threading eventually...LOL!! Also, the foot pedal is very responsive: a complaint I read about on some other machines.

The machine also comes with lots of extras...most of which I will have to figure out...button-holer, darner, quilting foot, and the list goes on. The little front/side piece comes off very easily to make cuffs and such very easy work on...and the quilting "table" is a nice device as well, pops right on. Also, there is a very nice dust cover which comes with the machine.

I hate reading directions and these were simple and had enough illustrations to suit my visual learning curve.

I purchased the plastic Brother's Universal case and the dust cover and foot pedal as well as an extension cord (mine) fits right in.

All in all, after a few hours use, I think I made the right decision on this little machine. If I run into problems, I'll let you all know.
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