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Flavor: Variety Pack|Size: 12 Count, Pack of 2|Change
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A friend recommended these Brothers Crisps and I am very pleased that we took her advice! Being a type 2 diabetic and trying to watch my carbs and calories, these are good snacks that satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings without overly spiking up my blood sugar levels. The real test with any "good for you" snacks is if my teens will eat them, and they also love them!

These are made from real fruit (and nothing else) that has been sliced and freeze dried, making them crispy (exactly like "Astronaut Ice Cream") but they will reconstitute in your mouth if you leave them in long enough. This process also makes them very flavorful.

This variety pack has an assortment of 3 different types, Fuji Apple, Strawberry Banana, and Asian Pear.

Fuji Apple:
About 1 1/2 Apples per pack
39 Calories
7 NET Carbs (6 from sugar)

Strawberry Banana:
About 1 Banana and 4 Strawberries per pack
45 Calories
8 NET Carbs (6 from sugar)

Asian Pear:
About 1 1/2 Pears per pack
40 Calories
8 NET Carbs (7 from sugar)

I like the Asian Pears the best, but all of the flavors are really good. The Strawberries can be a little tart which is different and not displeasing to me.

These are a good tasting healthy snack alternative that, if it wasn't for the fairly high cost, I would keep on hand all of the time!

Highly Recommended!

Note: These are made in China

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on September 8, 2016
I love these apple crisps! I am 36 years old and have no small kids, so there's no way I can disguise that I am buying what could be toddler food for myself and my colleagues at work. I bought two cases on a monthly subscription. My colleagues keep coming into my office and taking two packs at a time. I just can't keep them on the shelf. The texture is not like dehydrated food normally is. These are not hard or brittle. They have more of a puffy fluffy texture, since they are freeze dried. They have a nice snap to them, without being dense or chewy at all. Imagine the texture of a corn puff, and it's kind of like that.

I opted for the cinnamon ones, because they were a little cheaper. These would be great in school lunch boxes and would even be safe for your toddler who is starting to self feed. I have never experienced any issue with seeds or had a bite that wouldn't dissolve in your mouth over time.
If you are looking to replace chips, salty snacks, high calorie foods, or fatty guilty pleasures, look no further! The serving size provided in a package isn't very big, but that would be my only complaint. We often just opt to open two bags to cure our craving.

This is a one of a kind snack - in taste, in texture, in calories, and in pure indulgence. Please purchase these with great confidence. I would recommend these for school lunch boxes, toddler snacks, soft food for elderly folks, or a nice snack to take to the office and share with friends. You can't go wrong here no matter who you are. Bring some joy into your life!
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on March 15, 2016
We get these delivered on a monthly basis through Subscribe & Save. My excuse for my mindless eating is that I'm working at a computer for many more hours than I'd like to on a day-to-day basis, and if I'm going to mindlessly eat, it may as well be on something that's not totally horrible for me yet is still convenient. These are wonderful! Sure, it's easy to eat too many of them, but have some self control. I feel like I get more benefit per calorie than I would with, say... potato chips. These give me an even boost of energy for a good while (a "while" being an undetermined amount of time which changes from day to day based on stress, but let's say an average of an hour) which helps me from feeling completely brain-drained by the end of the day. Will continue to subscribe to these as long as they stay within a reasonable price range.
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on March 16, 2017
Although I really like this companies freeze dried fruit, this comes with the basic apples. The cinnamon apples are way better. But in this pack you get the apples, great tasting pears and strawberry/banana mix so I still like them a lot. But I order the cinnamon apples separately as well.
I snack on them at work instead of the usual candy bars or cakes.
Looking up the nutritional info online, the amount of nutrition lost due to the freeze drying is so miniscule, it's not worth complaining about (Per Livestrong). According to multiple nutrition sources, you still get the same nutrients and fiber and so forth. So, just be sure to drink water or other hydration your body needs. These are really light weight so it's easier to carry to work or walks, hiking etc.
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on March 1, 2017
We discovered these delights while at Disneyland. They are delish! Everyone in our family loves them and they are pretty travel friendly and make for a healthy fun snack. They are less messy than some snacks but our two year old does enjoy upending the bag when he is through with them (to make sure he got them all) and there is an apple powder that accumulates at the bottom in varying quantities that gets everywhere when upended. They can get crushed quite easily into the powder but they can also survive in a diaper bag strangely enough. They also turn into a weird soft product after the bag is left open for too long, as they reclaim moisture from the air. That can be avoided by simply folding the bag shut so not extra air gets in once they have been opened.
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on February 10, 2015
I'm writing this review on behalf of my two year old daughter who just can't get enough of these! They are really good, I have to say. Just a light dusting of cinnamon, no added sugar (it definitely doesn't need added sugar - they are perfect as is). They are a good snack to offer her in the car because they are mainly mess-free (other than if she flips the bag over when she's done and gets all the little crumbs (more like dust) all over the car... we're working on that part. but overall for the price this is a pretty good deal. We were buying variety packs of freeze-dried fruit, but found she ended up liking the apples the best, so now we just get this. it's a great healthy option. we will continue to subscribe to this every month.
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on February 8, 2013
This is the second brand of freeze dried banana chips that I have tried, and although the price is hard to beat, the texture is a bit odd. Starting with the Brothers branded banana chips, I found the look of the banana chips very strange, they seem to be very puffed and airy looking, only partially resembling a banana slice. Strangely enough, the texture of chips when eaten also gave off a light and very airy feeling where the chip sort of dissolves in your mouth. When chewed, the banana turns into a sticky paste that sticks all over your teeth. Although the taste wasn't horrible, I wouldn't say it is the very best either. There was a definite banana taste, but the other two factors really affected the enjoyment of the actual crisp for me.

I have tried the richmoor brand of freeze dried banana chips and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste as well as the texture. The richmoor banana slices were much more banana-like and there was much more of a satisfying crunch when eaten. From what I understand, the freeze drying process is supposed to preserve the actual shape and look of the food while removing all of the moisture. The richmoor brand of chips is indicative of this process and the brothers brand is not.
review image review image
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on January 10, 2016
This is fast becoming my favorite snack. I used to have sugar cravings and eat things that were not good for me. Now when I want a between meal snack, or something sweet in particular, I reach for these apples. They are sweet but healthy and each bag contains only 40 calories. I have lost weight by switching to these instead of going for the processed sugar. I love these things!
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on April 5, 2012
Based on the recommendation of my sister-in-law I ordered a couple of boxes of the Brothers-all-natural fruit crisps. I also ordered the Kirkland brand as well. I would have to say that I prefer the cheaper Kirkland brand over the more expensive Brothers brand. I am not sure if the Brothers brand is supposed to taste stale or not but at least two of the packages that I have tried have tasted stale and not crisp as advertised. The expiration date on the individual packages is 01-06-14 which leads me to believe that this brand either taste this way or I just got a bad batch. Nonetheless, I will stick with the Kirkland brand and just chalk this one up as a loss.
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on August 31, 2014
DELICIOUS but from China - not buying them again, now that I know where they're from. Too many edible-related issues coming out of Chinese products in the past many years. Very disappointed. PLEASE resource these so we can order them regularly!
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