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on December 25, 2012
I have been building a monster house for the past 6 months. I needed something to carry what I need on the roof, in the walls, and in the ceiling so I dont have to make several trips. I also wanted something comfortable and well designed:

Tons of pockets.
Dual hammer loops (one back right, one front right)
Phone pockets on the belt and on suspenders (belts sizing is for smart phone, however was able to stuff Droid Charge with the flap open snuggly) good because it maintains function if you ditch the suspenders on a hot day
3 pencil slots in front of right large bag, slot for chisel , torpedo level, utility knife, speed square
2 more marker/ pencil slots on outside front of left big bag, room directly behind them for a pocket knife
Small upper pocket above left side for tape measure
Fully loaded (over 50lbs of nails and tools) very manageable,
Very comfortable
Chest clasp for added support
D ring on back to hang
tons of slots on front right of suspenders for clips, beners, etc

Im 5'10 @ 180lbs- It has 4" of adjustment smaller from there- so if you are shorter you may be out of luck
Belts eyelets on clasp are fraying
Small fastener pockets on the outside left side bottom, when set down, will dump their contents.

Overall was a good investment. Made everyone else hate their bags.
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on March 11, 2011
I looked long and hard after my old leather tool belt wore out. It was the old style and the pockets were mounted high and tools would poke me in the stomach when bending over. I am semi-professional as I don't use it everyday but work some jobs as handyman.

Out of all the new ones I've seen, this one is one of the best for me although it was most expensive. The belt is easy to use and is separate from padding. The rings for the suspenders are velcro belt loops on the padded belt, not the on bags as on some designs like AWP. This gives you more flexibility arranging your bags. And if you want, the bags come on/off individually and can be moved around. They are deep pockets, and hold themselves open. This is my first belt with the layered pockets but works for me and is easy to move around with.

There is a slot behind one of the lower bags for a carpenters square. There is a small neoprene style stretch pocket on the belt AND suspenders either of which may hold a cell phone - although seems small for like a Android type phone, but I have a razr. Another Another looks like it was designed for a utility knife, some called it a chisel pocket. I was hoping it had electrical sort of bag pack with it - could not tell from picture, it does not, but I can add one easily enough if I need it. really its got a lot of capacity and is only missing a few screwdriver slots and a tape hanger. One minor gripe, is that for me I'm not sure what some of the pockets are designed for, as I have never seen some of those designs before, and there is no brownbagcompany website nor any pictures to show you what they designed to fit where. Sure, I'll play with it but if they had a picture that would have been worth something as I seem to lacking imagination to figure it all out.

The most used part, the measuring tape bag in the middle in the Amazon picture, is the opposite of my old belt which was snug and sometimes a bit of tussle to get tape out, on this one its an open pocket that is way bigger than the tape and is only held in by gravity, which makes it fast and easy to use, time will tell if it lets the tape fall out however if you're climbing or scrambling around. Having said that, I'm assuming that is the pocket for the tape, but it doesn't show what pockets are for so I'm guessing.

The supplied suspenders are well padded with gel, however as some noted the padded part is not all that long and you have to adjust it for your best fit and position on your shoulder. I'm 6' and mostly long torso and I had to tighten up the shoulder straps, so it should have enough adjustment for most tall folks. The waist band is long and is nearly bottomed out at my 34" waist, but fits fine. The excess belt is not that easily stored it seems, it does have velcro on it but you have to feed it under the bag to keep it from flopping, and since there is no quick release like my old belt you have to take it out and back in every time you put it on, or at least loosen it. I may cut off the long part since I don't plan on being really fat.

Business card holder is a great idea. The ballistic nylon seems very durable, they provide a sample you can try to tear (good luck). There are no rivets only heavy tacking the stress points, but with that material I assume ts going to last, and that may weigh less. For what it is, unloaded it is pretty light.

True it will lighten your wallet a bunch, but for a very comfortable tool belt with tons of room for tools and cell phones, etc., this maybe an easy expense to justify.
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on January 15, 2009
Brown Bag Company 30299 ToolRider GSR

I can vouch for the quality of the ToolRider GSR, as I have just received mine.

I've been a professional finish carpenter for 35 years. I wear my tool belt with the pouches in the rear, not in the front, as this makes climbing and bending over much easier. I bought my last tool belt 23 years ago. It was also nylon ("Cordura") and is still in good condition.

I really hadn't thought of replacing it until I saw all the features of the current generation of tool belts at various sites online.

The main features that made me want to upgrade were:
~ Sheer number of pockets
~ Easily adjustable belt
~ Gel-foam padded suspenders with breathable fabric
~ Padded belt with breathable fabric

Since I expected this to be the last tool rig I would ever need, I ended up doing quite a bit of online research of possibly every brand of tool rig made with one or more of these features. I also considered buying belts and suspenders separately.

Ultimately, I picked the Brown Bag ToolRider GSR because it had all the right features at a reasonable price, in one package. I ordered it from Amazon at the lowest price on the Web including the free shipping, and it arrived in 5 days.

I was not disappointed, except for the fact that it was made in China, like many U.S. name-brand tools are now. The workmanship and materials, however, are very impressive. The nylon material is 1680 denier, the toughest I could find. I was relieved to see that it has a nylon hammer loop in front of the right bag, which is where I have always carried mine. It was hard to tell from the pictures if it had one or not.

Most of the smaller pencil and tool pockets are located inside the large right bag. It is nice to have a dedicated place for each small tool. No more fishing around with several floating items. There is a dedicated pocket behind the left nail pouches for my 8 inch Speed Square. Also nice is having three pouches on the left side for fasteners instead of the usual one. There's even a business card-sized transparent pocket in back so you won't miss an opportunity to bag another client while working on the job!

My old belt has a large plastic clip-type "buckle" on the belt. To adjust the size, I have to take the belt off and tediously move the belt through plastic loop-style adjusters. The GSR has a twin-tine "normal style" metal buckle, so adjustment is instantaneous every time I put it on.

I had standard, unpadded suspenders attached to my old belt, and they worked just fine, but would collect sweat during the hot summer months. The GSR's not only have a breathable mesh layer underneath, but substantial gel-foam padding that can be adjusted to rest perfectly on the tops of the shoulders. Also important is the adjustable connecting strap between the two straps in front that helps keep the shoulder pads in the most comfortable spot. The suspenders also have three pencil sleeves and a bonus carabiner on the right strap and a padded cell phone or PDA pocket with a velcro lid on the left. There is also an identical cell phone pocket on the belt. The slightly stretchy pocket is a snug fit for my oversize MDA Pocket PC PDA/phone.

The exact color and appearance was hard to tell from various photos online. With the name "Brown Bag", and from some pictures, I thought it would probably be a grayish tan, and I was concerned that the tool belt and suspenders matched. Actually, they do, but the main color is an attractive, slightly silvery charcoal gray, with black edging and gray stitching. The mesh fabric covering the padding on the waist belt and suspenders is a lighter gray. The black edging around the rims of the various pouches contains a stiffer core that can be bent to shape the pouches "just right". All the metal hardware is plated with an attractive "black chrome" finish.

I used to have a problem with the bags shifting positions on the belt. The GSR has velcro between them, so I can adjust them once, lock it in and forget it.

All in all, I consider this one of the best tool investments I've ever made. I find new features just about every time I wear it. Someone really must have put in a lot of time and thought into its design and function. I, myself, did the same in researching and shopping for it. I hope my efforts save you a lot of time and trouble.

There may be equal or better rigs out there, but I consider this to be the best value for the money. If you buy this rig, I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed.

UPDATE. JULY 2015 (6.5 years later)
Still happy with this purchase! Being at the center of any job I do, it's always a pleasure to strap this on at the beginning, knowing it will make it easier and more comfortable. It's held up well, with absolutely no repairs needed.
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on March 14, 2013
Been remodeling for 13 years now professionally. Needed something that wouldn't keep getting holes in it from everyday wear and tear. I'd call it the Veto Pro Pac of tool belts, and if you haven't heard of those be sure to look them up. Price is the same as my local Menard's @ $99. It's an investment, but well worth the cash. The fabric sample that comes with the bags is pretty cool and makes a statement about the quality of the materials used. I keep it in the cell pocket for anyone looking for a challenge and it hasn't been torn yet. Finally, I was slightly nervous to order it due to others' posts about being for taller folks. i'm 5'7" and it shortens up to fit my just fine.
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on February 22, 2015
Was good for a while. I'm an electrician and used this frequently. I'm only 5'8" and the harness was a bit large. Pockets wise this was great. Enough pockets to fit my load out so I didn't have to carry all my tools in my pockets and weigh my pants down. Only thing is that the harness straps broke after a while.
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on April 1, 2011
Here's a quick review/ my .02, I haven't gotten to wear the belt for a full day but I do have it fitted and rearranged.

I love the suspenders. perfect cell phone holder, gel inserts seem to be comfortable, and they fit perfect! I am a short and stout guy, 5'7" 190lbs, and if I were ANY smaller they would be too big for me. They also have a few loops and a D-ring, seems useful.

The belt and cushion combo seems to be ok. the cushion does not go all the way around your body like my current husky belt does(the husky Velcros together in the front then the belt gets tightened), which leaves not a whole lot of room for all the bags to be attached to it, but i made it work.

The bags.
NO SPEED SQUARE POCKET! AH I'm pissed about that. Knife holder, pencil holders, nail set holders, nice deep pockets, a few other tool holders, and no speed square holder. I hate the noise of a speed square hitting concrete or ashphalt..
There is also no metal hammer loop attached to the bags. just a fabric one as well as loops for a combo square and cats paw. However, it does come with a free standing loop which I can't find any space for except on the very back of my right hip which I think is too far away, I'd rather have it right at the bag

The fabric really doesn't seem to be thin to me. It seems very very well constructed and probably about 75% thicker than my husky.

Overall on the first day Im going to give it a B or B+ we'll see how they hold up!
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on February 1, 2010
I've been a professional frame to finish carpenter for the past 15+ years. In which time I've chewed up various, and numerous belts. Only finding one other that I was happy with and that was about 12 years ago. I am very hard on belts and I have been using this one without a hitch for 5 months now. This thing seems to be bullet proof, it's comfortable and rides well all day. My only gripe: I'm right handed and normally pull my tape with my left and mark with my right. The tape clip is in the right bag, as well as the pencil slots. No real big deal, I just sacrificed the small top nail pocket in the left bag to my tape, still plenty of room for nails, never had much luck with those clips anyway.
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on October 18, 2011
I am a contractor and have had several rigs over the years. I found this one and thought for 100 bucks i could get good bags and a great suspension system all in one. Well the bags are great can't be ripped, torn, etc. (this remains to be seen) But like other reviewers the suspenders are not made for people over 6 foot they just dont sit on your shoulders the way they should. I gave them to one of my subs and they work for him but he is also several inches shorter than me. I like the belt it came with but I am so use to using leather I swapped it out for that. My reccommendations if you want just the bags go to menards $60.00 bucks. if you want the whole thing and are under 6ft. then this is a great rig.
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on April 18, 2013
This is a quality item, made of some tought material, it seamed heavy at first but after loading it up it was worth the little extra weight. Works great feels great and I know it will last. A lot different then the one it replaced, advanced in every way. Not like the old tool bags from the 80's......
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on January 3, 2014
Never came in the mail and now they say there is no more in stock so im going to get a refund in 7 to 10 days. This is bogus, extremely frustrating exspecially since this was a xmas gift. Ive been waiting for a month to get this issue resolved. I vote negative 10 stars! Mise well just give my money to the needy, atleast ill get something in return. I only gave it a staf because i had to. Please safe your time and money people.
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