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on July 10, 2009
I have to see Bruno more than once, most people probably do too. That's because Bruno is one of those rare movies where you're laughing so hard at some parts you know you're missing the next funny thing. As gay, Austrian fashionista and celebrity-wannabe Bruno, Baron Cohen continues his jaw-droppingly crass and outrageous stealth comedy antics. Purportedly, Baron Cohen has been beaten up while in character, so it only seems fair that he makes his audience laugh hard enough to hurt.

Of course the usual Baron Cohen caveat is in order: yes, its offensive, yes, its gross, yes, there is a LOT of nudity, mostly male. If any of this is not your cup of tea, that's dandy, no hard feelings. If you don't mind the occasional sight of literally bouncing balls in the name of comedy, Bruno is pure gold.

Post Borat fame has probably necessitated that more of this movie be staged, with at least some of the people (a talk show host, the driver of an oncoming car) in on the joke. But scripted or natural- its wickedly funny. And enough of it is genuine- including Bruno's interview/sex tape with Ron Paul, parents of would-be baby stars volunteering their 12-month-olds to play Nazis, ex-gay ministers, straight-rally wrestling audiences and general bystanders to Bruno's public antics.

Bruno balances the line between social commentary and comedy like a model on a catwalk. As with Borat half the humor comes from people reactings (or not) to the character's outrageous behavior, and half from the eerily apt caricature Baron Cohen creates. Fame-hound Bruno is everything narcissitic, uninformed, vain and with the all-too-common undeserved sense of entitlement that makes up the worst of American pop culture. As with Borat, Bruno learns some life-lessons and grows as a person by the end of the movie- as Baron Cohen always seems to want to better his audience, even if he has to beat them over the head with a dildo to do it.
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VINE VOICEon July 10, 2009
This movie is *clearly* for those not easily offended. It is shocking and hysterical, but I don't think I could allow my parents to go see it.

Sasha Baron Cohen's latest creation, Bruno, makes his way to America to become uber-famous any way he can. And he goes through lots of different attempts on his way. Acting, interviewing celebrities, guesting on talk shows, becoming straight, he tries many methods, each with it's painfully funny result. You'll love the Paula Abdul interview, particularly.

The interactions with people are wonderful, and you will be appalled at what some parents will do to get their children into show business. Just stunning.

There are a lot of shocking/uncomfortable funny moments (be prepared for gratuitous male nudity), and I am no sure how they will hold up for repeated viewings, but in a crowded theater, it was a scream. The ending is worth the buildup, and stick around for the closing song.

I laughed so hard that my face was hurting, and my wife was crying from laughing so hard. It takes a while to recover, but soooooo worth it!

NOT for the kids.
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on January 7, 2010
After the movie Borat in 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen returned to the big screen in 2009 with another of his characters, gay Austrian (you read that right, it's not Australian) Bruno. 19 years old Bruno is known for hosting what is said to be the most famous German speaking television show outside of Germany "Funkyzeit mit Bruno", a show about fashion and for his flamboyant style. Bruno is doing well in the world of fashion but when he gets fired, his assistant leaves him and his lover dumps him he decides to leave for America in order to become famous by any means.When he comes to America Bruno tries a talent agency to get to stare in a big Hollywood movie and become famous, he unsuccessfully tries to starts a new television show, he does an interview, interviews people and he even tries to become straight amongst other things. He will do anything to get famous and is not ashamed of it which will end up in hilarious situations . Bruno to me was really funny, there were some moments were I laughed, others were I was in shock and others in which I didn't quite know what to think which I think was Baron Cohen's goal with this movie. There is a lot of nudity and other shocking things in this movie so be aware it's not for children and not everyone will like it because of it. Bruno goes far with homosexuality and if you are not comfortable with this then Bruno may not be for you. I have no problem with it at all and therefore enjoyed the movie and thought the character was great.

You may not like what Baron Cohen does but you can't deny his ability to re-invent himself, from his Ali-G character to Borat and others and keep what he does controversial, fresh and interesting . Bruno stands on its own and is not a Borat clone, there are a few similarities but the two are very different while retaining the same style of humor Baron Cohen is known for. If you are easily offended don't watch this, it's a different kind of humor that not everyone can appreciate. When it comes to Bruno it's pretty simple you will either love it or hate it. The rating here on amazon may prove otherwise but it's because of the mix of very positive and very negative reviews, there is hardly any middle ground.
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on December 6, 2009
I rented Bruno from NetFlix with mixed feelings. I had seen Cohen's other works, including Borat and the Ali G Show, both of which I found deceptively intelligent and political. His ability to make his characters' stupidity an incisive mirror which he holds up to society is mind-boggling. With Borat, I thought this form of comedy had reached it's highest point. I was wrong. Bruno goes further. Some are offended by the gratuitous male nudity. Deal with it. If looking at penises makes you deeply uncomfortable, you probably have issues that run deeper than Bruno. It's true that a lot of the content of the movie revolves around Cohen using his flamboyantly gay character Bruno to make conservative anti-gay types uncomfortable. This can be uncomfortable for the viewer as well, but with the ultimate pay-off of revealing America's deep-seated homophobia and questioning it.


The film's finale gathers a large number of red-neck cage-fight enthusiasts in an arena for an event hosted by "Straight Dave", Bruno's straight alter-ego. When they get a touching (if gratuitously gay) scene of male-male reconciliation and love, the fans go crazy with disgust. Some of the audience leave, some yell violent hate slogans, some throw drinks at Bruno and his lover. Several of the fans looks shocked and betrayed, several of them comically wearing "Straight Dave" T-shirts they'd gotten for the event. I even saw a few in the crowd who looked like they understood the point that Cohen was making. People who were suddenly more disgusted by the gross display of homophobic violence on the part of the fans than the homosexual love that was taking place within the cage.

While his methods may be questionable, I feel America is indebted to Cohen for his bravery, and that he is one of the single largest contributors to intelligent social commentary through comedy today.
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on December 24, 2009
For those of you who may be "different" or gay and have been hurt, intimidated or shunned by society, you will love this fun-filled jab at your tormentors! As a gay person, I admit to a sadistic thrill out of seeing every single uncomfortable straight person in the film, and those watching it. The hillbilly's, the conservatives, the testosterone-filled and religious nuts all get a taste of their own medicine in this 'Borat-as-a-gay' fun fest.

Some of the scenarios are screamingly funny (the 'channeling Milli Vanilli' scene comes to mind) and you really have to admire the fact that Sasha Baron Cohen is a straight man creating these outlandish situations. So much of it comes off the top of his head, and he has an amazing ability to stay in character.

If you are "offended by male nudity"...then get a life! I saw that phrase SO MANY times in the reviews on here! How many times have you been asked if you were offended by "female nudity"? How many hundreds of movies have you seen with breasts (and "other parts") displayed across the big screen, larger than two-car garages? Did we gasp? Did we run home and complain about how "offensive" it was? I doubt it. Bruno has a penis and we see it, big deal! DOES have a urethra that talks...but still. He's an unconventional fella...

Why so many Sarah Palin-type Americans chose to view this film anyway, is a mystery. Bruno is UNMISTAKABLY gay on the cover, and they knew he was played by the same guy who was Borat. What were they expecting, a Liberace concert? The truth? Borat was offensive and STRAIGHT and everyone loved it. Bruno is offensive and GAY. And that, apparently, is 'not allowed.'

I say, buy this film. Play it when you're feeling down and it will guarantee you lots of laughs.
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on March 15, 2016
For whatever reason, I saw this twice in theaters back in 2009. I thought it was pretty funny then, if a little awkward in places. It also had a weak story, but BORAT had basically the same problem. Now with seven years of perspective, I found it about as funny as I did then, but I watched it with better company this time. A slim majority of the gags hit, but I laughed just as hard at them the third time around. Despite being quite scattershot in its targets until the final act, BRUNO does have some interesting points about the way homosexuals and homosexuality are treated in America. Definitely not for the easily offended, and probably best suited to Sacha Baron Cohen fans.
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on June 23, 2016
I can't stop watching this movie. Whenever I have enough time to just sit and watch a movie from beginning to end, I choose Bruno.
It's so hilarious! My favorite part is the military part. The military is very serious, and Bruno is not. So funny!
I love it more than Borat, and I find Borat to be hilarious as well!
Bruno is now one of my favorite comedies.
Sacha Baron Cohen did a great job, well done.

The psychic / milli Vanilli 'make-out' part is a so funny, but maybe a tad bit long. I just can't believe the guy sat there the whole time and wanted until Bruno was finished.

Paula Abdul looked gorgeous.
Harrison Ford was funny and my favorite male actor of all time! Go Indy.
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on April 14, 2016
The first time I watched Bruno, I was shocked. I wasn't offended but it was stuff Id never seen in a movie and it was shocking and a little off putting. However, since I always give movies a second chance, I gave this one. I have to say the more you watch it, the funnier it gets. The only part I don't watch is when he goes to the swinger's party. That's just off putting and I can't get past it. However, the rest is funny, really funny. Give it a chance.
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on July 29, 2009
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on March 21, 2010
After ten minutes into "Bruno" I was almost ready to go for the remote. I was almost convinced I knew why people were leaving this film in droves when it was in theatres. What kept me from shutting it off was the memories of the brilliant "Borat" in my memory banks. Soldiering on the film got better, in part, with brilliant bits that challenge institutional homophobia in America. The worst parts were those designed for shock value without any artistic significance. So it's a definite mixed review from me. Sacha Baron Cohen says he's retired Borat. Rethink it Sacha and return to what you do best.
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