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on May 15, 2013
When I discovered that one of my most favorite albums, Bryter Layter by Nick Drake was going to be re-released on vinyl in a special edition box, I was ecstatic and ordered it the day it was out. I just received the box set today and I have to say that the estate of Nick Drake did a wonderful job at at remastering. The sound quality is excellent, and is on very high quality 180 gram vinyl, and has the original inner bag reprinted on a higher quality inner sleeve. It also comes in the original cover and back cover of course.

Some of the extra things included:
-A full sized reproduction of a "Bryter Layter" shop poster (that would have been used to advertise the album).
-A scan of an original concert list showing many acts playing in the area at the time (including some high class acts like Pink Floyd and Fairport Convention as well as Nick Drake of course).
-A scan of Nick's own set list for the handful of concerts he played.
-A scan of the original master-tapes with download codes of the album on the back (including a download code for Nick's own personal copy of Bryter Layter, wow!)

As great as all of these extra things are, there are some minor missteps; firstly, there is no lyric sheet included with the album. This is a pretty inexcusable mistake on their part. For the hefty price of the box set (at around 60 dollars here in the US) there should have been a printed lyric sheet to the album, even if it was on the back of the shop poster, like the poster included with the Beatles White Album. Secondly, the album cover itself is embossed with small bumps (just like the original release back in '70), however they seem to have over embossed the cover; The bumps become really noticeable in Sunlight which sometimes makes it a bit awkward to view the cover (or back cover). Another thing is that in the video showing the un-boxing of the album, the box was in a clamp-shell case, but the box now is just two separate pieces. No biggie, but just something the mention.

All in all, if you are a big fan of Nick Drake, and like the little extras that come included with the album, then I would definitely recommend purchasing this. If you're just looking for a copy of Nick Drake's Bryter Layter, then maybe skip on this one and wait until the album is released as a standalone, like they eventually did with Pink Moon.
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on April 27, 2015
this is some of the most interesting and beautiful music i have heard. very hard to describe genre wise ;;; not really pop or jazz , i think he may have created his very own special place. very gentle and thought provoking ,, i would suggest you put this on when you have the time to sit back and be taken away ...nick's guitar playing is impressive and his lyrics are reflective and thoughtful. alot has been written about nick's sad life story. i prefer to focus on his music which is superb .....
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on April 8, 2011
I got into Nick Drake a few years ago but only had a bunch of downloads of his songs.
This particular album I have on cd but I just had to kick off a vinyl collection with his music. I lucked out when I found a seller who had this vinyl for 30 bucks on amazon, I jumped at the opportunity to order it! I've seen most of his music on websites anywhere from $50-200, maybe even more, I consider myself really lucky to have gotten it for such a good price.

Now onto the music. Reviews below could never be more correct, his music could soothe a tormented soul, I would go so far as to say it's almost as if there's a magic to his words and music. It reaches deep into you and leaves a lasting impression, truly Drake was ahead of his time, and still is to this day.
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on June 3, 2012
I note that a lot of reviews seem to revolve around whether this is Nick Drake's best (or as some say, his worst) album. With all due respect, that's a sort of a goofy question. Each of the 3 albums Drake released in his lifetime is a masterpiece, and I am happy they're so different. Each one has been my favorite at one time or another.

At the moment, this one is my favorite. I find the floaty, jazzy production a perfect compliment to Drake's spare but rapid-fire lyrics. It's also an album centered around Drake's reactions to moving to London, and the jazz-oriented, more heavily produced sound seems appropriate to the material. The quality of the playing, production, and arrangements is first-rate.

Drake's short sad life was unlucky in many ways, but he and we are certainly very fortunate that he found such excellent musical collaborators. This is a true desert island disc, and definitely the best Nick Drake album... except maybe for those other two!
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on March 21, 2009
Nick Drake was a selfless songwriter.His own identidy on this planet meant less to him than his music did.When his music failed to find an audience all that was left was the feeling "of a remnant of something that's passed".It is hard for me to be judgemental on someone for his possible suicide when you listen to the man's music and find that person put all of his very existence into his songs.Not that it would have been the right thing to do,but the amount of healing thru song this man left on all three of his album's is a lifetime's worth.Bryter Layer is probably my favorite one as it still has the feeling of someone who hopes to reach people which is hard to find on his last album "Pink Moon",which is quite a personal album(Though still a masterpiece).Even the instrumental's are stunningly good.His piano playing is both tasteful and subtle at the same time,which leads me to suspect he may have been just as gifted a pianist as he was a guitarist,but may have been disciplined enough of a songwriter not to overdo anything,which is why all of his song's sound so sculpted and finished.He used his instumental gifts to showcase his poetic whisper of a voice.When I look back on his work's the last thing that comes to mind is wasted talent,but on the contrary talent that was recognized,used with all humbleness,and just never appreciated.The beauty in it all is that we still have his album's to find him immortalized.Nick Drake is "The sweet breeze felt in the top of a tree" and the breeze hold's enough beauty to "Brighten" anyone's "Northern Sky".What an artist!
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on April 6, 2003
This is just a CD you've got to have. Once you've gotten to know it, you'll start hearing Drake's influences in musician after musician who knows what he/she is doing. Beck, Robyn Hitchcock, Jim White, Lucinda Williams, David Byrne, Vic Chesnutt. That's just for starters. The list of people who cite Nick Drake as an influence goes on and on. Once you get this CD, you'll want to dig into Drake's entire catalog, which, unfortunately, is only 3 or 4 official albums. Amazing musician who made an incredible splash in his short life and limited number of recordings.
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on July 29, 2017
Nick Drake should be in every serious music lover's collection. Beautiful.
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on January 4, 2014
Nick Drake had a short career, but produced great music. His voice is reminiscent of Donovan ,and his playing is soft , romantic, and folksy. There's lots of strings accompanying his guitar on this recording which emphasizes its romantic texture. His lyrics are introspective and poetic. If you like Donnovan and Tim Buckley, you'll enjoy Nick Drake.
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on November 7, 2013
Very good. I already had the other two Nick Drake CDs, so I bought this to complete my collection. It is not as sparse as his other works, which can be considered good or bad. I have enjoyed it and think that is is worth getting.
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on February 16, 2013
Nick Drake is great, but I think this is his best work. It's pretty varied, both in emotion (from sad to happy, etc), and in style (some pop-y, some more jazz-y or folk-y). It's basically the "Empire Strikes Back" of the Nick Drake studio album trilogy.
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