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If you already have the previous ADV collection you'll be surprised at how much seemed to have been cleaned up mostly with the audio rather then video though as the video quality of both sets is pretty good though this newest one has sharper detail and a little better clarity. Also the Spanish audio track has been removed so if you were a fan of that then stick with the older set and not the new released set as it only has the Japanese and English audio tracks. The series still shows the entertainment value it had when I first saw it almost eight years ago and it's kept that level of quality superbly well as the characters are endearing and the story plot thought provoking. The animation was done in the 90's so if you one of those anime fans who prefer the more CGI rendered animes then you might not care for this one too much but I suggest giving it a chance.

Either way an entertaining series at a very affordable price is here for all anime fans to enjoy and add to their anime collection.
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on January 14, 2012
I am so very glad I stopped dragging my feet and purchased the BGCT 2040 collection! I have some very fond memories of this version of the series -- it reawakened my love of anime and was wonderfully empowering to me as a female fan. (Priss inspired me to start riding motorcycles!) This is a great series and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves things mecha. Even though it's got a strong female ensemble cast, the series is strong on action, gritty character development and great story. Although this is an 'older' title, it's aged fairly well; fluid animation in the fight scenes, good dub, and character designs that don't all look alike! At the price you just can't go wrong, so score a piece of anime history and enjoy.
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on October 3, 2012
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is a remake of a famous 1980s anime that fleshes out the storyline more and allows for a lot of character development. At 26 episodes, a lot of time is spent on the various characters and none of them lack for attention. Rather than get into details, I will say this is a lot more intelligent than the sexy art indicates and that I stumbled upon the series by accident. Pretty girls in exoskeleton armor suits fighting rogue androids sounded pretty cliched, but the execution is so much better than that. Heavily elements of noir, both in visual design and character interaction got my attention and held it.

Yes, the main gals are all beautiful and sexily drawn, but they are all strong women in different ways. I think that was the biggest surprise of the show. Independent, feisty, and intelligent, they are very appealing characters. While the males are secondary characters, they are all well written too.

Then there is the fantastic soundtrack, with the explosive opening theme declaring the attitude of the whole production. Having one of the main characters being the singer of the vocal tracks added considerably to how well music, story, and visuals combined. If you like cyberpunk, a good story, or inventive battles, this is a good series to check out. I do dock it one star due to the unexpected nudity in the final two episodes. While not as detailed as R rated animes depict, it is more than the Barbie doll nudity of Spice and Wolf. Other than saying it had metaphorical reasons to be there, I can't say more due to spoiling the intricate storyline.

This edition by Funimation looks good and the art holds up fairly well despite being made in the 90s. That means 1.33:1 video, no widescreen. Sound quality is very good, which is absolutely necessary given the soundtrack. The case is decent, with sturdy leaves inside holding all four discs. The only real extras are the opening and closing themes presented without text. A thin card slipcase encloses the plastic case but is nothing to write home about. Still, it is a good bargain for a long series.

If you like this version of Bubblegum Crisis, I also recommend A.D. Police - To Protect and Serve (Complete Series) a good prequel about cops in the anti-boomer division. Do not bother with Parasite Dolls, that was pure garbage.
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on January 5, 2013
My grand daughter likes anime and anything animated which sort of figures since she loves to draw. She usually only watches a little anime with my son & I because most of the stories are focused on male characters. The only exception that she would watch several episodes of in a row has been Ghost in The Shell, until now. Several friends told me that Bubblegum Crisis was popular and focused on female characters so I got it for my grand daughter as a Christmas gift. She thinks the series is great, loves the characters, and has watched the whole series through twice already. Well worth the price as a solid entertainment value for your family anime fans in spite of somewhat predictible story lines.
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on October 5, 2015
I can say this series is very good used to see it during the early 2000's and when Encore used to have an late night anime block. Tried to buy it on another seller but didn't turn out good. This is a very big improvement. Would recommend this to anyone interested in old anime has influences of Blade Runner.
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on November 24, 2012
As a relatively young anime fan, I had never seen this series back when it first hit the States in the early part of the previous decade. Having only seen a couple of episodes of the original OVA series, I knew next to nothing about the characters or the setting.

"Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" has since become one of my all-time favorite anime series, and I even managed to successfully lobby to get in shown at my college's anime club. The cyberpunk motifs and well-fleshed out, mostly female cast is a nice contrast to the stereotypical post-"Lucky Star" "moe" phenomenon of cute girls doing cute things. I liken this series to being a cross between "Blade Runner" and "Robocop," along with certain elements of the bishoujo genre thrown in for good measure. It feels like it could have aired alongside Tenchi or Dragon Ball back during the Toonami days, but the story and themes, concerning the place of technology in man's future, make it as relevant as newer series like Ergo Proxy or GITS: SAC.

I think other reviewers have said enough about the story line. This is, unfortunately, a rather bare-bones release, but I am glad that Funimation has successfully saved it from becoming all too obscure.
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on January 22, 2013
As far as packaging goes, great. As far as content, its a little dated. I grew up on toonami and adult swim anime and always heard this was a great cyberpunk anime. It is a pretty good concept and worth a watch, however the animation is a good bit static and kind of lame. The story is ok, some parts are better than others. A lot of modern anime steal ideas from this one, especially Burst Angel. I liked the overall story but I felt it was a bit drug out, I would recommend a watch though since it is a classic.
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on December 18, 2011
I saw the trailer for this anime online and decided to buy it. At this time I'm half way through it and its great! I'm a huge mecha & cyberpunk fan and this anime is just what I wanted! I could not stop watching! Two things that I'm not a big fan of are the vocies for the cast and they made the suits look like they have heels...but I've gotten over them. I got it for 25$ which is fine with me.
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on March 21, 2016
Aside from the fan service towards the end it's a great watch. I wish they made more anime like this. One of the best action sci fi series ever made. I recommend skipping the other offshoots of Bubblegum.
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on March 2, 2016
great series, a must have in any collection. saw is on encore actions animidnight block back in 2002 and has been on my buy list since
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