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on January 16, 2014
The movie itself is timeless as far as I'm concerned. The unfolding of the depth behind this initially horrendous Billy Brown character is paced in such a way that you are watching the evolution of his past and present character simultaneously. Layla who seems to have a great insight into Billy's pain turns out to be his savior, and even though she is presented without any back story whatsoever you can't help but admire how important she becomes to the story. There is some controversy about misogynistic and homophobic acts and language in the film. While these aren't completely unwarranted someone going through the events portrayed in the film would most likely have these type of feelings regardless of moral guidelines. Billy is not meant to be portrayed as a saint but as a deeply flawed (damaged) character from a lifetime of humiliation and feeling inadequate. It is through Layla's acceptance and understanding that he evolves and begins to accept love and friendship as a tangible and obtainable goal. This part of the story is actually quite beautiful if you can move past the gritty and nasty behavior and try to see Billy as Layla does, accept him as a deeply flawed and hurt product of his environment with redeemable qualities that can be nurtured to bring out his true nature.

All of this is set just underneath or on top of (depending on your view) a very effective dry humor. It is through this humor that you stay engaged and willing to take the journey with an initially deplorable person and find yourself discovering there is more than what is on the surface. Real life opinions of Gallo aside this film is amazing and deserves far more credit and attention than it receives. There was a rather painstaking process to the actual filming and production that was more expensive and "inferior" according to the people who bankroll the film. This process was insisted on by Gallo and it adds a really artistic quality to the cinematography. There are many little touches such as the surreal singing moment or Layla's dance at the bowling alley that remind you that this is art...and they are mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. Do not miss this movie.

As for the Blu-ray itself. A 15th anniversary edition with only a trailer as the "special features" is a travesty. And while the movie looks and sounds great the fact that it got a single layer 25GB pressing with an inferior bitrate to the very high quality Japanese pressing is a real annoyance. If I had been aware of this single fact before purchase I would have spent the extra $15 or so for the nearly doubled (37GB vs 21GB) pressing with a total bitrate around 40Mbps which is the top end of what Blu-ray is capable of. These are technicalities of course and as I said this pressing looks great, but I am left wondering how much fine detail I missed out on by not purchasing the obviously less constrained and compressed Japanese version which is still region A and in English. I would have paid the additional funds for this copy to be of equal quality.

You aren't likely to be disappointed with the picture quality on this version though especially if you never see the Japanese copy. It looks as good as many of my high bitrate Blu-rays and better than some. Be aware that while the sound is high quality, it is only in stereo. This is a limitation of both pressings with the Japanese version having a TrueHD stereo track and this version having a DTS-HDMA stereo track. It is an impressive track none the less and if you have quality speakers with good imaging you won't be taken out of the experience because of it.
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on April 17, 2012
Gallo once said that growing up in Buffalo NY - "at home everything was ugly, casual, lacking in love, from furniture to clothes, to behaviors...". He's a strange dude but once you get his style of his filmmaking you'll completely appreciate it. His 1998 piece 'Buffalo 66' is art with a capital A. Starring himself and Christina Ricci, the film revolves around Billy Brown, out of prison after 5 years. Billy's seeking revenge against Scott Wood (nods to a former Buffalo Bills kicker, Scott Norwood, who missed a game-winning field goal in Super Bowl XXV against the Giants). He kidnaps Layla to impress his parents (Gazzara and Huston) and she likes it from the get-go. But he doesn't like her. But maybe he does.

The beauty of this film is in a few things. The more obvious is, like the controversial 'The Brown Bunny' - is the art direction/cinematography. From the gloomy Buffalo setting to the surreal stop-animation sequence in the strip club the movie emanates artistic originality. Another is that you like Billy Brown even though he's unlikable. You want to see him move on and succeed at something regardless of how much of a loser he is. And Layla was the mystery. Like the mystery I feel when walking lonely through a dirty, soulless city, expecting to encounter only tedium and more loneliness, but hoping to run into a serious, beautiful tapdancer who will love me instantly for no good reason. I don't believe the movie is 100% perfect by any means, but it is a pleasure to watch and it's a shame Gallo doesn't make more films.
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on December 25, 2013
Loved this movie! But.....this is a movie for a select audience - not your run-of-the-mill movie-goer. Definitely for a sophisticated viewer who appreciates a film noir type genre laced with psychological subtleties. It has so many layers that it was challenging and stimulating to watch - at least for me. Read the synopsis before you order or view...Gallo is one fine actor as well as director in the film with an outstanding supporting cast of Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, and Mickey Rourke. This is close to a film noir, sprinkled with moments of comedy but mostly focused on intense psychological torments that Billy (Vince Gallo) struggles with as he returns to society after years of incarceration. The title of the movie is the thread that unravels throughout the end of the movie. It is a film that can be discussed over and over and over. Again, I loved it - with all its amazing intonations!
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on February 17, 2016
I love this film, it has that oddball goofiness that early Jim Jarmusch films have (e.g. Stranger Than Paradise, or Down By Law), and follows the misadventures of a central character who's something of a loveable loser.

As with Jarmusch's Down By Law, this movie finds our protagonist leaving prison, only here he exits officially. The opening scene, in which the institutionalised Billy Brown (Gallo) desperately searches for somewhere to take a pee sets up the whole film perfectly.

I won't summarise the plot; if you don't know the film I don't want to spoil your enjoyment! But I'll just say that it's wryly witty, with excellent performances from all involved, some well-known, some not.

Gallo's choices of music - including some he did himself - give the film an additional layer of character. One key climactic scene of the film is set to an intense King Crimson track, and is one of the most perfect bits of cinema I've ever had the pleasure to experience.
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2009
I admit to originally renting this movie because of Christina Ricci during her fuller-figured days. Aside from Ricci, I did not expect much else from this movie, but what I did get during the process was a lot more than I ever thought. I will delve a bit deeper but first I want to cover a few of the basics.

This is pretty much a bare-bones DVD with just the movie itself and little else in the way of special-features. The few extra things you do get include: English and Spanish subtitles as well as a handful of trailers semi-hidden as easter-eggs. The trailers you get are Buffalo 66, The Big Kahuna(Danny Devito), and Confidence(Dustin Hoffman). The movie runs 109 minutes.

For starters, obviously, this movie is not for everyone. Those who dislike it, dislike it tremendously. They'll find it senseless and will never ever like it. But so what..this movie was obviously not intended for everyone; and so for those that this movie did touch, you're guaranteed a unique and transformational experience.

From the first time I've seen Buffalo 66 on a VHS copy in 2002 till now, I must have watched this movie at least a dozen times, it never gets old. And each time I watch it, I get something new from it. From the moment that Billy leaves prison and lays on that snowy bench by himself, I begin to feel his angst. His world is dark and dreary with more than a hint of misery.

But, right underneath these somber circumstances, I could sense a need to push beyond it and a need to transform all of it. Billy's obsessed goal is to kill the Buffalo Bills kicker for doing him wrong. Along the way, Billy kidnaps Layla(Ricci). Then he uses her as a prop in order to decieve his aloof parents whom he has not seen in years, since before he went to prison.

For me, this movie fits with the old adage of something being indescribable. You just gotta experience it. The process and the journey is what this movie is all about. There is plenty of black humor and some subtle sweet moments along the way, it's all part of the adventure. All the other characters add their little spice to Billy Brown's world. So if you are adventurous enough, come take a journey to the world of Buffalo 66.
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on November 20, 2013
Vincent Gallo made an excellent Noir comedy and the acting was very good. I caught this movie in 1998 when I was living in Hawaii it was a late night showing and I was bored. I was blown away by the story and realism and fantasy it created, it was only in the theater maybe a week or so but when the DVD came out I immediatly bought it in 2001 and watched it alot. It reminded of home alot and Billy Brown reminded of a friend I grew up with in NJ, and the way alot families interact with one another in the upper North east. It is a love story and in the end Layla and Billy fall in love but I love to have seen a part 2 and wondering what Billy would tell his parents and explain why he lied about her and his life. I wish Vincent Gallo would do that and I can't figure out why he never really broke out in the movie world like Quentin Tarantino just raising some eyebrows. Very good movie I suggest picking it up.
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on May 9, 2013
Buffalo 66: 15th Anniversary [Blu-ray]I hated it the first time watching it then I hopelessly fell in love with it. So many scenes have so many repeat viewing values. I don't know why because no one in their right mind should feel sorry for Billy but in the end we all will. This is just a beautiful beautiful beautiful film. The story is emotionally real and rich, the lightning is quirky but fresh, the performances are top-notch, the cinematography is gorgeous, the camera angles are inventive and what a score! I listen to the OST of this film everytime I put on my iPod(Sweetness, Heart of the Sunshine and Fools rush in being my favourite.) Now please someone release the blu-ray version of this film in North America, then I will buy it and watch it 100 times more with the best sound and picture quality available. It's not fair that only the Japanese get the exclusive blu-ray release of this film.
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on June 7, 2016
This may seem hard to believe, at first, but VERY believable reflection on America and its culture. Kind of humorous at times and an absolute all star cast.
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on November 25, 2014
Vincent Gallo's movies have never let me down. Intellectual, and psychologically thrilling. Creative and simple. Genius off beat satirical, dark comedy if you are really paying close attention. He writes about realities that are so human. Somehow he brings beauty to his characters, and plots. Produced well, written well, great cast, acted well.
This is what I classify as independent, very unique pace, was created ahead of its time.
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on October 4, 2016
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