Customer Reviews: Bugaboo Cameleon3 Base Baby Strollers, Dark Grey (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on May 30, 2013
No doubt this is a high quality product. However, there is one particular "feature" (you could actually call it design flaw)in it, that had it been better specified in the product description my wife and I would had probably bought a different stroller.

The cameleon3 does not lock when collapsed. Why? because they have this "really cool feature" where you can open it with a single hand. That of course if you can take it out of your car without messing it up with BOTH hands. It makes no sense to me, when all the other functions on this stroller need to be performed with BOTH hands (remove the car seat, remove the car seat adapter*, and of course collapse it), why bother making this change from the previous cameleon? Then, when traveling, you will probably be forced to buy a travel bag or come up with a way to strap it secure. Otherwise, expect a broken stroller when you come out of your plane.

This is a large and heavy unit, if you decide to buy it please be careful and watch your fingers (the same message I received from their customer service).

Good luck with your baby!

*Depending on the car seat model (for the Chicco you need both hands).
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on August 13, 2014
I researched a lot before buying the cameleon 3.
We were going to buy the Bee, but I really wanted the bassinet, since it is highly reccomended that the baby sleep/lay in a flat surface untill 6 mo, and I was not convinced the baby would be confortable sleeping in the bee's reclined seat with the coccon ( it seems soooo hot to use in a tropical country, and seems to add only head support). I also was planning on using the bassinet for the baby to sleep during the first days in our bedroom and around the house. So the cameleon it was. What convinced us torwards the cameleon rather than the stokke xplory or the quinny buzz (other strollers we were considering) was that it included the bassinet but that wasnt a separate "volume" ( we bought it abroad and had to think about luggage limits), it is just a piece of fabric that you strap to the seat chassis, and exchange for the "seat" fabric after the baby is 6mo. The cameleon also seemed smaller than the others and looked like it would be really easy to fold, even with the inconvenience of having to remove the seat to close, wich the buzz does not have. Overall it seemed like it had great design!
The company says you are supposed to keep using the bassinet until the baby is 6mo, but realistically it is quite uncomfortable for the baby when the stroller is in motion.(I found out several other moms had the following issues too)
My Baby HATED the bassinet, and cryied ALL the time in it.
First off all, the baby lays pretty "loose" in there, and it is not "hugged" like in a car seat, which looks more size-appropriate and confortable for a NB when the stroller is moving. Then , the baby IS actually loose, meaning there is no strap or harness of any kind, and even if it had, it would be uncomfortable ( some strollers offer a harness with the bassinet, but really?) So I kept thinking what would be of the baby in case something happenned to the stroller. It seemed VERY unsafe. Also, my neighborhood has hills, so the baby was always sliding down or up, hitting his head/feet on the top and bottom of the bassinet, so I had to keep rearranging him. My baby would not have fit in the bassinet for much longer than 4mo. You have to consider the baby has to have some moving space, and also the sliding fator.The only good thing about having a bassinet was when, rarely, I knew we were going to be away from home for long periods of time, since it was like having a portable crib. But this could have been solved in a differet way.
So it was a problem for me to use the bassinet, but I still could't use the seat because my baby was too young for it. We had bought a reversible carseat instead of an infant car seat, exactly because we had the bassinet for a NB. So I talked to my pediatrician and asked about the age "limit". She said it was ok to use the seat ( baby was 4 mo), as long as he seemed confortable and the stroller seat was reclined or flat. And added that all babies want to see the world, not the ceiling! Obviously he wasn't in the stroller for long periods of time! I also made sure he had head/body support with an insert ( I highly recommend that bugaboo develops an insert of their own, like the uppababy one, so the seat can also be used with NB).
When I started using the seat everything was better. It is still a large stroller, with a complicated fold, not because of the steps you had to go through, but because, as another reviewer metioned, it is slightly heavy but the fold does not have a "lock", so the structure is all loose and keeps unfolding at it's own will. And then there is the separate seat. The good thing is that the basket has a "lid", so at least you dont have to remove everything each time you fold the stroller.
The very good points, in my opinion, are:
-the suspension and wheels are awesome! Such a good confortable ride for the parentes and the baby. The sidewalks in my neighborhood are awfull but with this suspension and the wheels we had great walks. It's a big difference from our umbrella stroller in terms of confort.I've never used a stroller with such an amazing suspension.
- the handle "shifts" , it can be in the babys foot side or head side, lets say. On the brand demonstration this is used to switch to a "rough terrain" mode, since the big wheels then are in the front. In practice, the big wheels in the front make the car extremely difficult to manouver. Before using the stroller, we thought our neighborhood's dificult sidewalks could be managed with this feature, but it is just too hard to manage. On the other hand, this feature is usefull when the baby is in the stroller and the sun is hitting his face, but the canopy cannot help: Its a quick way to solve the problem without having to reverse the seat ( and remove the kid). But it is amazingly usefull to make it easyer to put the baby in and out, and also so the stroller can get closer to you when you are sitting down, in a restaurant or whatever. This is something I use a lot everyday, even though It doen'st sound that usefull. Every mom I know goes "- ahhhhh! what did you do there???" when I switch the handle side.
Overall, now that my baby is older we use this as our Neighborhood stroller, goin to the park, having long walks with it. We keep an umbrela stroller in the car for shopping, going to the mall, etc.
I still think its a great stroller, but knowing what I know now, I would have probably done better with the Bee, since its lighter, smaller, folds with the seat, and has everything else the big strollers do except the bassinet, wich you can probably get by now I dont really recommend/aprecciate. The Bee does have a suspension (I dont really know if it is as good as the cameleon one), and can be used with a carseat for NB, or the stroller seat with an insert (I have a friend that has the Bee and didn't even felt the need for that, her baby used the seat on its own).
We are planning on having a second child, and we intend to buy na adaptor to use the cameleon with a carseat. It wouldnt make sense to buy a new stroller , ours is looking just new - that I have to say about the bugaboo - it is sturdy and durable, easy to clean and wash all the parts, the wheels, everything.

EDIT: 02/10/14 - We had an issue with the stroller and I had to get in touch with the company to work it out. I really had no hope of ever solving my problem because I live abroad, and thought they would just tell me I had to take it to an authorized servisse center, which I wouldn't be able to do. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!!! Not only the process was easy, fast and uncomplicated, they sent me an entirely new chassis, all payd for by them ( including fees, shipping, etc), And in 5 days I had a new stroller in my house. SOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!SOOOOOO , so much!
Overall the bugaboo brand just proved to be awsome, and I would buy from them again and reccomend to anyone, just choose the stroller model that would really suit your life the best.
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on January 29, 2014
Over the last six years, our stroller has been pushed thousands of miles, been folded and flown across the country several times, and has lulled two boys to sleep for countless hours. It is still the best city stroller I have come across, if not only for its strong, cushioned wheels, then for its ability to withstand bumps, potholes, rain, snow, and more.
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on August 8, 2013
We bought this stroller before out little one was born in January and I was quite excited about it. I had done tons of research looking into the strollers and settled on this. We did not buy any additional accessories for this stroller and found it to be a pain in the ass! Honestly I found it to be much more cheaply made than the Uppababy Vista we bought after this (when our little one was 3 months old).
The price tag in my opinion is not even worth half or what they sell this for. Here is a simple pro and cons which I found with this stroller (after having the uppababy vista and using it and a little comparison as I know many moms and dads debate between the two.

-Looks nice
-Extremely compact
-Handle bar goes both ways-convenient for when you are eating out, etc and don't want to switch the bassinet or seat with baby inside
-No padding in bassinet
-Thin fabric that I have seen fade quickly and then look pretty cheap

-NO STORAGE- the under-seat bag is absolutely worthless in my opinion. Its impossible to get things in and out and can not even hold my diaper bag
-Does not fold in one piece, When you are having to put the baby in the car and get going quickly the LAST thing you want to be doing is to take the stroller apart and set one piece on the ground will putting the other in the trunk

Now onto the Uppababy vista for those who might be interested
-Fold of the stroller: Uppababy wins. Althought both can not be folded with bassinet the Uppababy folds with the seat attached unlike the Bugaboo which you MUST take a part at each fold
-Bassinet- Uppababy wins by FAR. Uppababy makes an all organic, padded mattress, and really nice a comfortable bassinet for baby, the Bugaboo bassinet is really simple and I found to also be flimsy.
-Fabric-Uppababy wins by far. The fabrics are extremly thick and durable and I don't see the fabrics fading like the Bugaboo fabrics do
-Storage-Uppababy....I can fit an ENTIRE cart of groceries into the under seat basket, I couldn't even fit my diaper bag in the bugaboo storage thing
-Smooth/Ease of push- I would say they are about equal. The uppababy I believe handles terrain a bit bitter and the bugaboo might seem a bit easier as the entire stroller is more lightweight
-Harness: Uppababy wins....its padded and easy to adjust
-Belly bar: Uppababy had a removable cover that can be washed unlike the bugaboo
-Handle bar: Uppababy just seems more durable and more comfortable than the simple handlebar on the bugaboo

Honestly I don't think this stroller is practical at all. I really wish I would have bought the Uppababy from the beginning. I know everyone has different needs so definitely test them out and think about the little things before purchasing!

If you don't need storage space and don't fold your stroller up often this might be for you. If you are going to running errands and folding it up a lot....go with the uppabby!
Also love the uppababy becomes a double stroller so easily.
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on July 9, 2016
We had considered buying this stroller for a long time before our baby appeared. Finally, we decided to spend over 1,000 USD and truly believed it was a good decision and the stroller would serve at least 2 children.
Initially, we were super happy with the purchase: light, easy to drive, stable, with so many practical functions! We absolutely loved it! It was a pleasure to go for walks, no matter the season or terrain as it was so easy and quick to reverse the handle bar and be able to chose the wheels that suited best. Also, we had no problems with folding the stroller into the car trunk.
However, our love and admiration of the stroller dissipated some weeks ago when it appeared that one of the hinges in the frame got broken and it's no longer possible to reverse the handlebar or to fold the stroller altogether.
We contacted the manufacturer (through the supplier who was very concerned and helpful) and got the answer that the stroller is no longer under warranty so we have to bear the cost of repair.
I am very disappointed for many reasons: first of all that the stroller has only a 2-year-warranty (although I have noticed on that now the warranty can be extended by an extra year – a pity that it was not possible when we bought our stroller) even though it cost almost 1,200 USD. Secondly, that it got broken after such a short time. We won't be able to use it properly and fully with the second baby (being on the way). Thirdly, that it is impossible to conduct any repair on your own as the stroller has only rivets, not screws, which can't be mended.
In general: I don't recommend investing so much money in the stroller that breaks relatively quickly. We bought it almost 2 and half years ago but have used it less than that as we frequently travel for extensive periods of time and during those times are using a different stroller.
For this money one can buy either a stroller that has a life-time warranty or two cheaper ones and then don't feel bad when one breaks down.
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on June 17, 2014
I would be lost without our bugaboo. Our daughter arrived 12 weeks too soon, so when she finally came home from the hospital, she was very small and we used the bassinet stroller set up for quite a bit of time. This setting gave us another option for moving her around during her newborn "fussy" stage. We could easily switch out the bassinet for the car seat adapter for the Chicco Keyfit 30 we had. With a sleeping infant, the car seat adapter is the way to go. With clicking our daughter our of her car seat base and into the stroller adapter, we were able to move from one errand to the next without our daughter waking. It was a win/win for parents and baby. Once it was time to convert the stroller to its upright setting on its own, I was able to figure out most of the set up on my phone and only needed to look up a youtube video once to get a closer look on the final snaps.

We live in sunny Arizona, so the sun shade is crucial for any time we spend outside, and the bugaboo shade has wonderful coverage. It does not take much to switch the direction the baby/child is facing while you are out and about to keep the sun out of their eyes. This stroller is so easy to push and turn. You can easily use only one hand to push it, and it navigates wonderfully.
This stroller is wonderful for a trip to the park, grocery store, mall, or other recreational events. We've taken ours to the zoo, on dirt roads at a wild animal park, to a food truck festival on a dirt lot, and to the state fair. The stroller holds us well in all circumstances and provides a comfortable ride for our child every single time. Learning how to open the stroller takes some time, but once you get it down, it is easy to pull the stroller from the trunk and open it. Closing it is also easy. Just be careful not to slam it down on your foot, as I have done when not paying attention.

My only complaint is that once it is converted to an upright stroller, it is hard to get the straps (five point harness) adjusted tight enough. My daughter is now completely capable of sitting in the stroller with minimal support, so it's no longer as issue. Granted, this stroller does not have that much storage space on the bottom, but it is very easy to clip additional items on to the stroller or hang a heavy diaper bag on the handle.

I would recommend that soon-to-be parents go to a baby store and try out the stroller to make sure that it is something that would work for them. We did that before this was purchased as a gift and then we knew without a doubt that it would be a great stroller for us. Yes, it is pricey, but this is a stroller that will grow with your child in the years to come.
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on December 12, 2014
Amazing stroller, light, and easy to moved around and in and out of the car. My wife has no trouble moving it around and she is tiny. If you are going to drop mega bucks on a stroller, this is it.
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on August 4, 2013
This review is for the Bugaboo 2. The Bugaboo Cameleon 2 is a well built and stylish stroller. If you buy this stroller you will definitely be rubbing shoulders with the social elite but for the money you would expect this unit to come with more useful accessories to be easier to unfold and to collapse. The ride is smooth and there are three positions (down for sleeping, reclined for resting the neck, and upright for when your little one gets a bit older and likes to hold her head up and look around. The seat belts work well but if your infant is smaller body type she will not be all that secure until she grows into them. The over sized carry bag on the bottom is great for groceries but has limited access with the seat installed. The seat is very well designed and seems to be very comfy based on how quickly our baby falls asleep in the seat. But on warm days walking in the sun she does seem to get fairly sweaty so we end up carrying her more. There are a lot of accessories for this price point I would think should be included. There was no cup holder for example. All of these issues are minor compared to how difficult this unit is to set up and collapse. I did not really appreciate how important one arm operation was until I was holding the baby and trying to setup the stroller. Since you have to use both hands to release the latches that allow the arm to fold into position it is necessary to have someone else to hold the baby or have a car seat nearby to leave the little one in while you are setting up the Bugaboo. The seat attaches fairly easily but it takes a few tries to get used to how to get the seat onto the pegs. There is also car seat adapters (which you must purchase) that fit onto the same pegs but have to be removed before the unit can fold and be stored. The wheels are excellent and handle pretty much any terrain that we have encountered. The suspension is very well done and makes the ride very smooth and keeps the baby sleeping for the entire trip. Being able to reverse the the handle is a nice design touch so that the big wheels can be in the front for rough terrain. The included bassinet (actually converts into the seat) is nice to have and can actually save a little money if you use this during the first few weeks of your little one's sleep time. The bottom line is that the stroller is of excellent construction and offers a safe and smooth ride. But there are still significant design issues with folding and unfolding. Hopefully version 3 will address these issues.
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on March 26, 2014
- great substitute for the bassinet
- adjustable handle for TALL people

- good only for a mall or perfect park concrete. wont go EVEN over the house sleeper. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the small wheels , cause it is makes stroller useless in many circumstances.
- inconvenient on the go such as taking apart, and carrying around
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on August 19, 2014
Easy to operate, totally recommended,
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