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on June 18, 2012
This show is phenomenal. Unfortunately alot of critics complain that the show is very slow-paced, or not moving quickly enough. But literally each episode covers one day. This show is supposed to mirror real-life, everyday emotions and movement through a murder case, and it does just that and more. I, like the previous reviewer, appreciate the fact that this show avoids the common theme: "sex sells." I love that this show makes you think, and draws you in with its beautiful imagery (the way the camera is used) and acting. This show is very well-casted all around, specifically members of the Larsen family and Detective Linden and Holder. The emotions of the Larsen family throughout the course of this show is just so real and raw.

The season finale of The Killing, definitely answers "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" I think that the answer to this question was surprising and definitely left me in a daze. There were so many twists and turns in this episode, and you really see certain characters change, or unleash a part of themselves that was previously hidden. Another thing that critics complained about was that they felt as though they still did not know who Rosie Larsen was a person. I admit that we did not get a great overall sense of who Rosie Larsen was, but one, that is not the premise of the show, or what the show set out to answer; and two, the little we did know about Rosie was well-crafted--people were drawn to her. And I find it amazing that one teenage girl changed the lives and situations of people forever. I feel as though the season finale of The Killing was amazing, and hopefully this show gets a well deserved season 3!
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on April 11, 2012
This episode doesn't disappoint, but then I haven't found an episode that didn't leave me analyzing, reflecting and begging for more. I never dreamed that a show involving a single homicide could take such a multitude of diverse paths and story lines while stimulating a viewers intellect and challenging ones' cognitive thinking process. All of this coming from a cable network channel. A sincere thank you & a true entertainment bravo to all involved with writing/production/direction, etc. Linden & Holder's characters have me completely involved in each development and loving every directional twist that continues to arise!
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on June 18, 2012
I found both series 1 and 2 utterly enthralling. The plot kept me guessing and looking forward to the next episode. But above all it was the acting that impressed me the most. Each character was well-drawn and thoughtfully played. The slower pace allowed the development of more-rounded characters than usually seen in detective series. The story was propelled, more often than not, by gestures and silences. I think it takes strong ensemble acting to achieve that, and this group really seemed to have it!. If Sarah Linden and Holder come back in another series - I will not be disappointed!!
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on May 22, 2012
It goes to show, the world we live in, everybody wants the "quick fix." This show is masterfully executed...brilliantly timed. What started as another murder story of a teen, has mushroomed into a broad-scoped, ominous, multifaceted mini novel. The plateaus in between the rises are well-placed. There are NO "slow spots." Those who think so are impatient and immature. And now, with "Sayonara Hiawatha" things get ratcheted up yet another notch. The way this is written and produced, the story is more than just about Rosie's murder--it's bigger...MUCH bigger. I don't feel like things are being "milked" or drawn out at all. There's so much more at stake here and Linden and Holder are the only ones keeping the heat under the Rosie Larsen case so as to make things happen AT ALL. Otherwise, the darker, more sinister happenings would continue to go on undetected. Rosie was a sore sacrifice to slay the evil beast(s) that have been lurking...circling in the dark waters of the Seattle harbor and waterfront. STICK WITH IT!
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on May 27, 2012
This series continues to be intriguing. A glimpse into the personal hells of characters circled within the ripples of a young woman's murder. Just when things become obvious the focus eclipses. Layers peel back upon layers. We have to forgive our heroes their sins. We have to rethink our conclusions. Everyone is breaking the rules a little. And the rules are breaking everyone. You find it slow? I find it intense!!!
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on June 18, 2012
From the 1st show I was hooked! Literally!! I loved how they left out sex scandals and scenes without sex and how it wasn't about sex at all!! That seems to be on every station, and on every show. It was a very realistic case with some very passionate detectives trying to figure it out!! I couldn't get over how every show took a turn that I could not see coming!! Absolutely made me so intrigued I had know what was next!! Great Job everybody!! Thanks Amazon for making The Killing series available online (and as soon as the next day after the program aired!!) because I do not have cable TV. Amazon made it affordable too! And so easy!! Thanks again Amazon, AMCtv, the actors who were so real, producers, etc! Awesome!
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on May 15, 2012
I can't wait for each episode to download--it's gripped me at the core. Remarkable acting, great music, scary cinematography and I have to know WHO DONE IT!
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on February 6, 2016
Season 2 wraps up season 1. It leaves you wanting more, but be prepared Prime users, Amazon will charge you $1.99 per episode for seasons 3 and 4. Shame on you Amazon. It is still free if you have a Netflix subscription.
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on May 28, 2012
It keeps spinning. Sarah lets down walls only out of desperation. Stan makes a play for redemption on several levels. We were supposed to underestimate Holder right? Because the tweaker is not the weakest link. Oh Snap! He's a latent hero.... This story is a charcoal rendered in shades of grey. But we still know how to see the shine on the righteous. And as for shine... fgs I live in Seattle. More than once in awhile the sun shines people!
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VINE VOICEon July 9, 2015
Season 2 continues to keep one on the edge of his/her seat. A smart script, top-notch acting, good editing, and great atmospherics make this continue to be one of the more overlooked gems ever to have been on a TV screen. I found myself comparing it with Breaking Bad and even surpassing it in some ways because The Killing is more plausible. Breaking Bad provided more comic relief, but at least Holder provides a little of that in The Killing. Holder, however, is no Shakespeare-type fool; so the series remains pretty dark, and perpetually under Seattle's cloudy weather.

Although I won't put any overt spoilers into my comments, the reader is warned that you may draw some conclusions from what I have to say that come close to being spoilers; so if you want to watch the series with absolutely no preconceived ideas, you should perhaps stop reading at this point. You will just have to wonder why I only gave Season 2 three stars in spite of the praise I just heaped on it.

FIrst, I have read about the uproar among fans about the twist in the finale of Season 1. Having more-or-less binge-watched Seasons 1 and 2, I have to say that Season 1's cliffhanger wasn't all that frustrating; it doesn't take long for Season 2 to put things back on course. I mention this because I found the finale of Season 2 to be extremely disappointing. It manages to make the rest of the season seem like a fraud--the viewers have been played for fools; and I am not sure I want to trust my emotions with this crew of writers for Seasons 3 and 4. Still, up until episode 26 of this saga (counting both Seasons 1 and 2) this roller coaster of a mystery was thoroughly entertaining, thrilling, and captivating; so how could one be too upset with one "bad" episode? From my standpoint, it retroactively tarnished the whole series up to that point. Some viewers will disagree with me entirely, as some will enjoy being tricked more than I did. Even I will admit that the ending is plausible, and many viewers will feel that life does indeed have its disappointments and that it is entirely appropriate for a series that has all along been so convincingly hard-nosed-realistic, to end with some bitter lessons about human nature.

The beginning of one of the final plot twists occurred at the end of Season 2/episode 12, at which point I took stock of the situation and realized that the writers had basically two options of how to wrap things up. One of those options would have been more or less predictable, and the other far-fetched. I was disappointed that the writers chose to take the far-fetched path. It depends on the viewer's personality as to whether he or she would have preferred the more predictable outcome.

There are some interesting comparisons available on the Internet between The Killing and the Danish series upon which it was modeled. The one that I read in depth made the case that The Killing would have had far more integrity if it had stayed closer to the original series. Were it not for the ending, I would not agree with that assessment. I think that the American version has a richness and appeal than the more straightforward Danish original (based only on the article--I have not seen the Swedish version myself); and as good as Swedish actors can be, I cannot imagine that they could surpass those (not all American) in The Killing; and there are other articles on the Internet that agree with me in preferring the American version.

In the end, I guess I recommend the series; but I am very sorry that the finale reduced my rating to 3 stars from what otherwise would have been 5.
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