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on April 30, 2014
Bullet to the Head, with Sylvester Stallone (Blu-ray edition is copyright 2013) must
never be confused with the John Woo film by a similar name, also released
on DVD for US players (in the original Cantonese with terrible English subtitling).

To watch this film, obviously, first you have to like watching Sylvester Stallone---
at least SOMETIMES. After all, he's the star. As far as I'm concerned this was,
in certain ways one of his best films.

There's a twist to this action film in that Stallone plays the ostensibly bad
character--an assassin for hire. As circumstances have it, he (reluctantly)
pairs up with an Asian-American police detective (another loose sort of
association with Woo's film) to catch some especially bad guys, who
killed his co-worker. So at the outset there's a tension at work: for the
detective. this is about solving a crime and catching the bad guys (of which
Stallone himself is one), while for Stallone's character it's about revenge,
and perhaps about making sure he's not next on someone's list....

Sure, there's plenty of shooting, fighting, some nudity--everything you'd
ask for in an R-rated movie. What there is also is Stallone delivering
some of his funniest-ever lines in a movie. Remember how he
"couldn't act" [what they say about most male action stars] ? Well,
clearly there were some good script writers, but his delivery was also
spot-on. For an action-suspense movie, this had me repeatedly
breaking up---all of it at Stallone's lines. And of course there's
a satisfactorily happy ending.....
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on August 3, 2013
Bowling for Movies Score: 197.625 of 300

What is Bowling for Movies you might ask - it's a score that I, just your average dude, have come up with to rate and score movies. I gotta lot time on my hands and I watch movies - many MANY movies. Using the latest technology and a mixture of pseudo and quasi science, I have developed a formula (which literally has nothing to do with bowling) to capture the pure essence of Hollywood magic... displayed as a score ranging from 0 to 300. A score of 108 would be a "just ok, not particularly good / bad" movie, where a score of 192 would tell you it was a very good movie. Now, break 200 and you've got something really special. Throw too many "gutterballs" will land you under 100 and well - you get the idea. :]

Bullet to the Head - we own the Blu Ray, DVD, Ultraviolet Digital Copy edition

Movie Explanation (no-there is too much, let me sum up):

Bullet to the Head is an old-school sort of action flick. Jimmy Bonomo aka "Bobo" is a not so nice guy who just happens to get himself into a lot of
boo-boos when he uncovers a deep plot involving politicians, mercenaries and worst of all, lawyers. All he wanted to do was off this scumbag for money, and look what happens. He ends up teamed with a cop and a beautiful young lady to try and get this whole mess taken care of.
This film was essentially a no-brainer of fun. There was some awesome action and a good amount of explosions. Jason Momoa (Keegan, a hired man who really takes pride in serving up death on a stick), a real up and comer of the action genre, is a perfect compliment to Sly Stallone's skill and many years of experience. It is like the old era meets the new era and puts a bullet in it. The partnership of Bobo and Kwon provided some humor, though I have to say I never liked the cop. Maybe I just like the bad guys? Who knows...

What I loved:

The story was actually a little better put together than expected.
The New Orleans style was all over the film. It was pretty cool.
The way that it ended. I did not expect it to end quite like that.

What I did NOT like:

I was annoyed, at best, by Kwon. I know buddy opposites work in films but this one, I don't know, at some points it felt forced.
The marketing of this movie was non-existent. I did not even know it had been made until I happened upon it as a new release on Amazon.

Hey, if you have a question about this review, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer promptly. I will be leaving more movie reviews with bowling scores so check out my other reviews. Bowling for Movies is in no way affiliated with Amazon nor do I have a website or other business interest - I'm just a dude who watches movies (and dabbles in quasi/pseudo-science) :] Want me to review a movie and score it in an Amazon review - I'd be happy to - if I have it, you'll get it.
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on June 8, 2017
All three stars are for the beautiful Jason Mamoa (he plays a villain, but it is hard not to cheer him on) - the rest is pretty awful. Watching Mamoa (especially in the last fight scene) is worth sitting through this short film. An overdone story combined with Stallone's bad delivery are my two main reasons for giving this film no more than three stars. I will actually add a half a star for Stallone being in such spectacular shape for a 67 year old, (I suspect cosmetic surgery, and steroids have a hand in this phenomenon) - still - it is inspiring. Stallone's leading man action days are past (or should be). Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger et al are no longer "action hero leading men." It is time producers hand over these lead action roles to a young man (like Mamoa).
Christian Slater also has a small role in this - so that might be another reason to watch - Slater has not done anything in a long time. Actor Sung Kwong (the cop that accompanies Stallone throughout the film) is whiny, and underwhelming.
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on September 29, 2013
Stallone needs action. This flick has some, but not enough. Stallone needs a cause, but this plot was just about a guy you didn't really like very much plodding from one situation to the next. For a new generation flick the fights were pretty poorly choreographed. I actually disliked most of the characters, ESPECIALLY Stallone's, and sort of wished somebody would just shoot him and get to the end. The doc who did Sly's face lift must have been drunk when he operated... The dialog writers could not have had more than a grade school education.

And the schtick with the Bullet Whiskey? I am a whiskey dinker, and it makes no sense, not even in a parallel universe or cartoon world. Sure, it is based on a graphic novel, but when the lead dude's schtick is carrying around a favorite brand of whiskey that is so unpopular that nobody knows about it, is the strongest trait that he has and ends up in the title... well, you get the picture.

I would have given it one star, but I concede that I did watch it to the end, so I must not have hated it.
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on August 25, 2017
I'll take Walter Hill any way I can get him! Pulp stylist and genuine great American film maker, wrote Peckinpah's reconfiguration of Jim Thompson's deranged novel "The Getaway" , Hill is responsible for some truly great movies; see"Last Man Standing" and "Extreme Prejudice" Stallone's best work since the underrated "Get Carter" remake, support these great artists they aint makin any more of em.
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on July 25, 2013
If you are a fan of 80's Action, particularly of Tango & Cash, a Stallone/Kurt Russell film that this movie reminded me of, then you'll like this movie. There were no slow parts, crap blowed up real good, the head badguys were evil, rich, egotistical and slimy and their henchmen, straight from Goons-R-Us, died, like flies.

Violently. There was a lot of the good old ultraviolence in this movie, and it was cartoonish enough to be just fun and lighthearted, and not induce you to feel queasy or guilty.

Stallone, a hitman with some moral standards quipped his way through the movie, eyeing up the stiffs as they said their piece before he blew them to pieces. I would have given the film five stars, but the female character was far too helpless, and Stallone's Fish-Out-of-Water Asian cop buddy/sidekick was a very weak and annoying character.

I would have given the film three stars for Stallone's character and performance, the 4th star is for Jason Momoa. His character was well-written, but his performance was excellent, especially in the final scenes of the movie, where he proved that even psychopathic mercenaries have a flashpoint of moral outrage.

Yes, the plot was thin, and a little confusing, and other than Stallone and Momoa, the rest of the major characters were annoying ciphers. However, Stallone and Momoa were enough to carry the film. What can I say? It's an 80's Action Flick. If you'd rather see Hugh Jackman weep and sing Broadway ditties than skewer badguys, this isn't the movie for you. But, if you like action, in general, and 80's Action in particular, you'll enjoy this film.
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on January 20, 2015
DVD Review: If you buy anything from Media Asia, don't expect any of their movies to fit properly into your Widescreen TV. They are smaller that usual. The Media Asia version of this movie is good with excellent picture and descent sound.

Movie Review: This is my 2nd favorite John Woo film ever. Anything and everything about it rules. THE END!!

Conclusion: 3 1/2 for the DVD and 5 for the film.
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on February 13, 2014
Forget the script. It's strictly by-the-numbers. The pleasures of Bullet to the Head rest squarely on the shoulders of its leading man. Stallone is the film's center of gravity, bringing analog action and a tough guy swagger that's earned. Aside from Jackie Chan, no one has delivered more physicality to the action genre than Stallone. He doesn't cheat his audience; he literally put his body on the line to entertain us. The injuries are legendary, the images are indelible. Bullet to the Head is not in the tradition of great Stallone action films like First Blood, Nighthawks or Cliffhanger, but it's lean and efficient like some of those earlier films. The marriage of Stallone and director Walter Hill turns out to be a good one, if only they selected more worthwhile material. Still, for my money, Sly does solid character work while dispensing the vicious beatdowns, Hill maintains a brisk pace and there's just enough retro cool to keep things interesting.
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on July 5, 2015
This single disc action movie on Blu-Ray, starring Sylvester Stallone, arrived on time and intact, with no damage to either the disc or the case, which the disc came in. Picture, sound and features playback is superb. A good action movie starring Sylvester Stallone at his best as an aging hitman out for revenge and to protect his only daughter from vengeful gangsters, with strong characters and an impressive storyline. I would recommend this particular Blu-Ray movie to anyone who purchases it online from amazon.com.
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on July 19, 2013
For a guy his age, Stallone is in great shape. I'm sure there are those of you who say he's not that great, but I consider him a great action icon. This movie is one of Walter Hills first in quite some time, and it's full of action and very good cinematography. The banter between Stallone and Sung Kang is great. The plot is somewhat predictable, but the action and acting make up for it. I gave it 5 stars due to my love of action flicks, and it's one of the best in recent times, even better than Expendables 2.
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