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Bulletstorm - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:$14.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 12, 2016
A rather hilarious game that knows no boundaries in its universe of fighting against the enemies. Bulletstorm is a shooting game of its own kind, which is easily distinguishable for the characters' sense of humor, a plasma leash that's hooked onto the player's arm for pulling enemies or objects, and most importantly, to kill with skill slogan. The game isn't just a typical game that shoots and kills. It requires the player to kill enemies using various tactics, such as sliding to trip them, leashing them towards the player or onto something, or killing a number of enemies using explosive bombardments. It is a game that you play and don't want to stop until the end!
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While playing this game all I could think of is how crazy the characters and story were and how addictive and exciting it was to play, a little similar to BF:Bad Company 1&2. The graphics are great and the effects though taking a use to at first make the game that much more entertaining and the wacky personalities of the characters throughout the game make it just that much more fun to play though if you find offensive language not to your liking then this game is a definite pass for you as 95% of the dialogue is full of cursing through the mouth.

The game centers around a group of ex spec-ops who after finding out that their missions have not been what they thought decide after a tense confrontation to desert and seek retribution and in some cases atonement but mostly to just get revenge on their commander who betrayed them. The basic controls like firing targeting and such are pretty much standard with all FPS but you also get one or two unique abilities in the game that make it a little more entertaining when facing against enemies.

So if you have Borderlands or BF:Bad Company then this game is a great addition to add to your game library.
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on April 24, 2016
Who needs a deep, riveting story when the gameplay is so freaking fun? I had a blast playing this game from the very start to the very end. This is one of the most action packed, and downright HILARIOUS first-person shooters I've ever played.
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on July 8, 2016
This is probably the best fps game there is. That's all I have to say. This entire game is just shooting and more shooting plus a bonus more action and shooting. I have played plenty of fps games from the god awful call of duty, to the mediocre battlefield to some other great ones such as Far cry, borderlands, fear and Bioshock. This one lands in the good ones section. This is a game I recommend anyone who loves fps games. The length of it id say its a good 8-10 hours it does feel quite long that when you think it may end soon it doesnt. There aren't a lit of weapons but this game features ways to kill your enemies using your surroundings which I think this addition brings a new dimension to fps games. This is the spark/flare of this beauty. Graphically it isn't realistic like but the gameplay just makes up for graphics. This is truly those games that proves gameplay is better than graphics.
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on August 5, 2012
With the most basic knowledge of Bulletstorm one will see it as another generic FPS using a couple gimmicks in a hope to make it interesting and unique. Yet it isn't till one gets to playing it that they see it has a lot of polish and interesting features underneath the mundane looks it may give off.

The game itself has a pretty bare-bones revenge story, and the game knows that since it focuses on the characters instead. The characters themselves are obnoxiously crass and crude with half of their dialogue being some combination of swear words and/or a description of doing some graphic sexual or violent act to one of the other characters. The characters are all jerks, it's just the villain of the story is excessively more of a jerk. The game revels in all this, yet these all became boring to me within a hour or so. Fortunately the game doesn't attempt to force you to care about the story or even the characters, it's all about the spectacle.

Due to the nature of the game the game uses a lot of color along the with the massive amount of detail and gore most AAA games also use nowadays. Which is refreshing compared to the excessive amount of brown and bloom used in other games. The score is nothing special, and will get drowned out by the voice acting and sound effects. The majority of the game takes place in a deserted futuristic city where plant life has taken control of toppled buildings, this lends to an immense amount of detail in every level. I didn't run into any gamebreaking glitches or even any noticeable lag on my PS3 copy.

The combat system is where this game really shines. The game encourages one to "kill with skill" by using preset environmental hazards, well timed detonations on explosives and other methods to kill the enemies in different ways. The game rewards these "skillshots" with points that can be used on upgrades for weapons and tools, yet one will probably run out of stuff to spend the points on when you will generally stick to the three or four weapons you enjoy the most. All in all, I didn't really care for the skillshot system much, I didn't feel a need to find out what all the silly names for shooting a guy in the groin and/or butt were. Yet that doesn't matter, because it's fine enough to go through the game without much concern for the skillshots.

The controls are smooth and quick, it's easy to combine the multitude of tools one has to kill the huge amount of mindless enemies. I really had a lot of fun using the slide mechanic, I found it very satisfying to slide-kick an unsuspecting enemy.

The single player campaign will take 6-9 hours for one playthrough, there are collectibles that also give the points used for upgrades. There's a surprisingly addicting "Echoes" mode that is simply just chopped up sections of the single player campaign, but with a par time and other methods to raise the score for each part in order to win up to three stars. All of these sections have leaderboards to compare your score to friends and everyone else. There's also a multiplayer co-op mode where a team of players will be placed in arenas and attempt to meet a minimum score by working together killing creatively. This mode can also easily be ruined by just one player who intentionally or not will ruin the teams chance by not working on getting combos on the enemies, so getting a team of friends to prevent that and have better communication would be best. Overall, the multiplayer mode feels tacked on, there isn't more than one or two games going on at even peak hours (at least on the PS3 side, I doubt it's any different for the 360 or PC side).

I received the Limited Edition game without even knowing that it would come that way, yet to my disappointment all that gave was some useless vanity items and some XP for the multiplayer ranking system. There is no inside cover art for the PS3 version, the manual is a black/white 12 page little thing. Also WARNING for used buyers, there is a Online Pass but it doesn't block out online play at all, but it does block like half the multiplayer maps and some more vanity items.

Overall, anyone looking for a refreshing FPS shouldn't go wrong with Bulletstorm, especially at the $10-$20 pricetag it's currently running at.
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on June 26, 2011
'Bulletstorm' is a pleasant reminder of why I love video games (particularly first-person shooters). It's an adrenaline-charged thrill-ride that plays with it's FPS mechanics, encouraging creativity on behalf of the player. Throw in a sharp story with an amusing sense of humor to boot and you have one of the most exciting FPS games in recent memory!

'Bulletstorm' puts you in the role of Grayson Hunt, one of the dumbest (and funniest) FPS protagonists since Duke Nukem! Grayson's a former soldier turned space pirate who, through a wreckless (and intoxicated) act of revenge lands him on planet that was a former vacation resort and now overrun with monsters and criminals. With his surviving crew member and a stranded soldier named Trishka, Grayson and his comrades have to fight their way off planet while he tries for another shot at revenge. The story of Bulletstorm, despite it's low-brow sensibilites (and d*ck jokes) is actually very well thought-out and engaging and actually makes you interested in these characters and their story. The ending is a bit of a let-down (and predictable) but the narrative carries this game better than any other FPS I've played.

While a good story and characters are a plus, they're nothing if the gameplay doesn't match. Thankfully, 'Bulletstorm' is just as fun to play as it is to listen to. There's the usual running and gunning mechincs, but added to this is an electric whip/grappling hook that allows you to latch on to enemies (and other objects) and combine them with your guns and melee attacks for some wacky kills. Everything in the gameplay can be used to creatively dispatch an enemy and 'Bulletstorm' actually rewards you points for your kills which you use to purchase upgrades and weapons. The more creative (and tasteless) the kill, the more points you get.

The pacing and level design in 'Bulletstorm' is also exceptional. While the game progresses on a linear scale, the environments and enemies are designed for maximum effect, so much so that you practically feel like you're playing through an epic film. Even the scripted events give way to some of the most memorable and exciting levels I've ever seen in an FPS with a giant wheel of death and a remote-controlled dinosaur being the standouts!

Unfortunately, while 'Bulletstorm' is entertaining right to the end (and never wears out it's welcome) it is a very SHORT game. I finished it at around six hours and that was taking my time to find collectables. I can see myself going back to it at some point but it's hard to recommend as a purchase.

Even though 'Bulletstorm' will probably be a rental for most gamers, it is a title I recommend most people try out! The ending does give way for a sequel, but if EPIC games can create another game as entertaining and fun to play as this one then I'm all for it!
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on May 20, 2011
Games in this day and age are starting to go towards the extremely realistic and serious, while this is not a bad thing it can wear on you after a while because what are games for other that a way to have fun and escape the seriousness of real life once in a while. That is where bulletstorm comes in, it is the latest game by the guys at people can fly makers of painkiller; There is nothing serious about this game in a good way, from the over the top set pieces to the raunchy dialog of the characters, this is a welcome game in the realm of seriousness we are constantly surrounded by. The game follows Grayson Hunt voiced by Steve Blum (who is most well known for his voice as Spike Speigle in the cowboy bebop anime series) and Ishi Sato as they are on another mission given by their general Serrano, lets just say things go wrong and they end up on a ex resort planet now populated by mutants. This may sound like your traditional first person alien shoot em' up but where it changes things up is the fact that you are constantly graded for your kills, whether it be shooting someone in half, kicking them into the abyss or shooting them up the A** (you actually get points for that specific kill) you receive points for them which can be used for weapon upgrades and ammo. Also the game gives you a leash which catches your enemies and hurls them towards you while putting them in slow motion for you to get "creative" you can also slide into enemies or kick them to trigger slow motion for your killing pleasure. The graphics in this game are fantastic from huge rolling vistas to god rays coming off of your gun sights it never ceases to look beautiful. This over the top shooter has a very good story as well as great tight game-play. the weapons are creative and will leave you going oooooh that had to hurt when you read the name of your kill along with witnessing it. and while it does get a bit repetitive it is still fantastic and If you want a game thats not so serious and makes you feel like a man this is the one for you, needless to say this game is mature, have fun!
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on March 27, 2011
*Single player campaign review only*

I think this is a game where it's best to just list the pros and cons, rather than a summary.


1. Great set of weapons. Very few weapons overall, but considering a great deal of the game is strategy in how to effectively take out the enemies, it works well and each weapon is unique to the others and seems to have it's own type of "personality". The thing I liked a lot was the incorporation of "skillshots" - points for different methods of dispatching the enemy. The more unique, the more skill points you'd get, and thus the more you could upgrade your weapons. This made it interesting and unique in terms of how much it felt useful to conserve ammo. It was rarely that there wasn't enough ammo, it was much more that you wanted to conserve to try and do interesting moves. Segueing into,
2. apart from your weapons you have some unique skills. The traditional "melee" is now more of a "kick" feature, where you kick a guy and it slows down time so you can continue to dispatch him however you want. You also have a "leash" which is perhaps the heart and soul of this game. You can pull things to you, activate things, pull enemies to you, and eventually use it as a weapon. Finally related to the melee is the ability to "slide" - it's basically a slide tackle move where again it slows down time but also can be used to attack enemies from a distance to quickly get up close.
3. I was expecting a brainless shooter with a lot of interesting ways to kill guys, but I actually was kept very much in the game with the overall storyline. It is a bit cliche, perhaps, but still enjoyable, and the plot does develop the characters and story much better than you think it will. The story kept moving and never slowed which was nice.
4. I was quite impressed with the graphics. Seemed really well done. At one point you're battling a city-sized beast and the scope is amazing.
5. Considering the recent slew of EXTREMELY short games I've purchased (Medal of Honor, Homefront, COD Black Ops) this one was more like Kill Zone 3 in terms of a better length. Certainly felt long enough for me to be happy.


1. Game was very very linear. It was something you could look past since there was always something going on, but besides the occasional little area you could hunt around for ammo boxes, it was completely a straight path.
2. The enemies were quite repetitive. I don't know how to emphasize this more, but while a few different types emerged at later points in the game, you did feel at times like it was the same thing over and over and over and over. I mean this is an iffy critique for any FPS, since I don't know what they're supposed to do to combat this type of thing, but it definitely felt like you were basically facing few different enemies total.
3. You have to choose three weapons out of your entire stash to be able to carry at a time. This was frustrating because I ended up basically just using three different weapons (machine gun, pistol, & sniper rifle) since I didn't know what the other weapons could do exactly and never seemed to have a moment where I'd be able to get them down before using them. Bulletstorm has a quick-cycle thing to choose your weapon, but I have played other games where you can cycle through all of them at any time and the gameplay stops while you're doing so. Of course many games these days only allow you to carry a light and heavy weapon period.

Random thoughts:

1. Sniper rifle "bullet time:" basically you pull the trigger, the bullet heads towards the enemy, then it switches to a slowed down bullet time where you can direct the bullet. This was both cool and frustrating. The effect was cool, but I found until I was able to upgrade the weapon it was very hard to actually hit guys - they'd always jump out of the way of the bullet a little too intelligently. The sniper rifle later becomes much more useful to me when you can make additions to the type of ammo.
2. Your computer teammates are pretty much indifferent to your quest, which I think is good after playing games where they are too important and thus can screw up your own methodology to FPS. They help sometimes but never get in the way, which is nice enough.
3. In response to the amount of cussing people mentioned in other comments, it is no worse then half the other games out there. Yes there is an ample amount, but never so much you're distracted by it. Some of it is even amusing. If it's distracting when you hear bad words then don't buy mature rated games. The cussing works with the dialogue.

Bottom-line: I would say this is worth the cost resoundingly if you're a fan of just fun first person shooters, regardless of how realistic it is or if it's part of a series. But if you don't like alien-shooting games maybe you wouldn't be happy with it. I felt like it is well worth the money - I bought it on an Amazon sale at I think $39.99, and I am very happy with my purchase. It is an original game, with original components, and I think in terms of it being FUN you will be happy with your purchase. It does get repetitive at times, which was why I rated it four stars instead of five overall. But it was a nice pick-me-up after having dropped $60 on the disappointing Homefront game.
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on April 8, 2011
I will keep this brief. Bulletstorm is a next step in the first person shooter genre. It redefines the shooters by scoring you based on not only eliminating your enemies, but how creatively you do it.


1. Excellent graphics and controls - This game looks great and plays fluidly
2. Story - Space pirates seeking redemption and revenge, and not always in that order. You can't go wrong!
3. The single player campaign is a little bit longer than your average shooter these days. I'd say 6-7 hours on normal.
4. KILL WITH SKILL - from a few minutes into the campaign you are shown that just shooting everyone is the least you can do in Bulletstorm. It offers a wide variety of ways to skillfully eliminate the mutants on this lost paradise of a planet. You are scored based on how creatively you can leash, kick, shoot, explode and smash your enemies. The points are used to upgrade weapons and buy ammunition.


1. Annoying load times - each time you die it takes a minute or two to reload everything. (This is playing on the PS3) Maybe a mild complaint, but you sit and watch load screens for waaaay too long in the more intense action sequences.
2. Adult Language - most M rated games have their share of bad language, but Bulletstorm tries combining vulgar language to create new things to say. It can be quite hilarious but, luckily, the options include a filter for the bad language as well as the blood in the game, which is profuse.
3. The Characters - I said the story is ok for a shooter, but this game really doesn't push you to like anyone you meet in it, even your own character is an angry drunk that has made a looong chain of bad decisions.

Other Modes of Play:
Echoes Mode - replay segments of the campaign just to attain a high score and place high on the leaderboards
Multiplayer - Basically Echoes but directly compete with a friend. Could also be considered a Horde mode of sorts.

Overall Opinion: I got Bulletstorm as a Gold Box Deal on Amazon for $39.99. I feel that the Campaign and modes included made it worth that money. If you can get it for that price or cheaper, and you want to see your better than average shooter, then by all means pick this up!
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on May 9, 2011
Bulletstorm is a new entry in a new form of FPS.

The campaign is really interesting and has a back story unlike most FPSs. Bulletstorm follows the tale of Dead Echo Grayson Hunt and his partner Ishi Sato. These two have a bond similar to Shadow and Sonic. The dialogue is pretty solid. The voice actors were well selected for these three. Steven Blum is probably the best voice actor for Grayson. The dialogue was also pretty hilarious.

The gameplay is awesome. The skillshot system is what really blew this game into the atmosphere. 131 skillshots that is easy and difficult at the same time to do. Because of the diffrent skillshots, it leaves you wondering "What else can I do with this gun?"

The 8 weapons in the game may not seem much but it all pays off once you use them. My favorite is the Screamer pistol because it is so powerful and you can shoot enemies into the air and they explode like fireworks. Truly awesome. These guns are very powerful and are very useful in select areas.

One of the reasons I give Bulletstorm a 4 star review is because of the multiplayer. While it seems fun at first, it gets repetitive. It's like the zombies mode in COD. However this is not all bad. Anarchy makes you team up with other players from around the world, using skillshot systems that require the players to team up to win extra points to get through a wave. However, with out a mic to tell teamates what to do, players end up doing the wrong thing and kill the enemy the wrong way. The maps in the multiplayer makes it easy to reach the score limit on a map. My favorite map happens to be Scrapyard because of the use of the car crusher. :3

I give Bulletstorm, 4 stars!
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