Customer Reviews: Bullied (Book One in the Bullied Series)
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on May 12, 2011
A wonderfully written book about a young man who- after being bullied for years- is given the means to stand up for himself. A well-paced book that leaves the reader wanting more at the end.
I would have been turned off by the cover of this book, but it sounded interesting and was offered for free. I am very glad I read it.
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on December 24, 2011
I understand author's will try and reel readers in by ofering cheap or free books in a hope we will then purchase follow up books. In this case I do feel slightly annoyed as a) this in effect is more of a preview as opposed to a book (trust me - it is short) and b) it is not a stand alone book with the cliffhanger ending leaving me feeling very frustrated.

There are three further books in the series, each quite short I believe, and each $2.99. Leads to me having to pay $9 for a complete story. I have decided not to do so.

With regards this particular intro (I refuse to call it a book) it has great potential. A main character who has an opportunity to avenge the bullying he has been receivng for years, but is trying to maintain a sense of proportion as well as 'baddies' who you are willing to pay for their actions. The writing is okay, but does appear rushed. In the space of a few pages you experience a few events which could have been described more comprensively. I find this ironic, as I have read plenty of books that were just drawn out short stories. This is a reverse of those and could easily have been doubled in length to give both the story and characters justice.


Yes if you understand you will be expected to purchase follow up chapters in order to get the whole story. It is not even a stand alone book, but as already stated, is more of a teaser or sample of what is yet to come.
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on August 7, 2011
Seth Moore has not been granted the best lot in life. He lives in a trailer, his parents are both unemployed drunks, his skin is covered in acne, and his body is weak. Thanks to this terrific combination of attributes, he has been bullied his entire life. The last three years of high school have seen him beat up regularly and verbally abused constantly by his fellow students.

On the first day of his senior year, Seth receives an amulet as a gift from a friend of his father. This amulet gives him the power to change his life. Anything he can envision with his mind and his heart, he can make happen.

As Seth begins to use the amulet to defend himself against the students who have bullied him AND the teachers who have allowed the bullying to continue, he discovers that this new power can be difficult to control. The hate in his own heart could turn him into a bully himself. Furthermore, if the hate gets the best of him, he could accidentally kill someone. And worse yet, the bullies could increase the intensity of their attacks against him instead of backing down.

First of all, I have to give kudos to the cover designer for this book. It is a freakin awesome cover. I don't often read/review YA novels, but I made an exception in this case because the cover had me hooked. Brilliant time to publish this book too, considering bullying is finally being publicly recognized for the problem it is.

Anybody out there get bullied in school? I did. I can very clearly remember the insults that were thrown at me from two girls in junior high school on a daily basis. For those of you who were bullied, do you remember the stuff you fantasized would happen to your bullies? I used to fantasize that the girls who bullied me would have all their hair fall out overnight. Seth's amulet gives him the power to do things like that to the kids who bully him.... and trust me, he takes advantage. You will not be able to put this book down, nor will you want to.

But there is a message here too. Because, once we start treating people with hatred, whether we think they deserve it or not, we are letting ourselves become just as bad as they are. No matter how tempting it is to follow the path of revenge, evil only breeds more evil and hate only breeds more hate.

This is a short book and therefore a quick read. There are three books in the series that I know of, so I'm guessing that combined they probably equal one full-length novel. This book ends with a doozie of a cliffhanger, so if you are going to read it, you may as well get the 2nd book, Revenge, at the same time.

Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been bullied and/or anyone who has been a bully. That should include pretty much everyone.
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on April 29, 2011
I did find a lesson in this book for those who might be bullied...and that was the budding of the main character's confidence. As the changes took place, his confidence built and it was noticeable in that he stood a little if the victim could glean from that and work on their confidence that would help quite a bit, instead of the headhanging posture of one wanting to just disappear. The ending of bullied really made me want the next increment!!! Very exciting. I want every bullied young person to read this!!!
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on May 26, 2011
Bullied (Book One in the Bullied Series)Bullied will keep your heart pounding with every turn of the page. You are introduced to Seth, a kid who has been bullied his entire life for reasons he never had control of. With every punch or mocking word, you real in disgust at the torment he goes through. But, he is given a chance to redeem his last year of school. With a magical token from his uncle, Seth has the opportunity to take revenge and turn the tables. It's not every day that a victim of bullying gets that chance.

I LOVE SETH. Can I make that any more clear? Who hasn't had their days of being bullied? Who doesn't have a tale to tell? I recall being slammed into a locker my freshman year. I will never forget the tears of rage that burned my eyes or a fury that was unleashed in my veins. Thankfully I let that taunting go only one more day before I stood up to her and put an end to it. Not everyone has the courage to take that stand or the opportunity. Having that knowledge of my own past, it was not difficult to attach myself to this character.

In an interesting twist, I can put myself on the other side of bullying as a teacher. No, I have never let a bully get away with anything in my classroom, but I have seen teachers do so. It is sick, demeaning and an injustice. It is easier to stop in elementary school, though. High school is a whole other world of bullying. Smith outlines the true horrors and gets the reader wanting to take a stand right then.
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on August 31, 2011
This book was awesome- left me wanting more and more..Well written and a relevant subject- kids being bullied and adults ignoring it. Christopher Smith is a wonderful author who, I have just found and don't intend to give up.
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on September 15, 2011
I will start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Chris Smith's. I loved Fifth Avenue, and Running of the Bulls. I bought this solely because he wrote it, I am MUCH older than what I would consider his target audience for this series:)

I thought it was a great story, interesting characters, enough uncertainly that I still find myself hoping that Seth's friends are truly friends and don't end up somehow being his enemies. I would recommend this story to anyone - but have the entire series ready:)

I couldnt put it down, and was glad I had the next 2 books in the series waiting. I wish the 4th book was available because I was ready to read it the second I finished the 3rd.

This is a very short book, and there is no real ending - it continues right into the 2nd book, and the 3rd.. I read all 3 during a double-shift at work. Each book had its own cliffhanger, and left me wanting to know immediately what happened next.

On the way to a baseball game 2 weeks ago, with my 21 year old daughter in the backseat - I knew the second she finished "Bullied". "WHAT!!! That's it??? It cant end like that, what happened??" She finished the 2nd book while actually at the ballfield, and the 3rd that night.
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on September 13, 2011
This book is clearly a labor of love. Smith's character development of Seth from this young man going through a terrible experience to this powerful confident but dangerous character is fast paced and pulls at the heart strings of anyone who has ever been bullied. But smith doesn't let revenge become this all encompassing self rightous endeavor where Seth is given a carte blanch to eventually become that which he despises. Instead we live in this grey zone where Seth is just and where seth crosses the line. The cover of the book tells you alot. When you finish reading it you have to wonder if that was the Bully or if that was Seth on the cover with the menacing look.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 24, 2012
This first novella of a series of 4 introduces us to Seth, who is nearly 18 years old living with drunken parents in a trailer park, with no self respect or confidence because he has been emotionally and physically bullied all of his school life. When he starts his last year at school an old man at the park gives him an amulet necklace containing a piece of human bone and tells him that, used properly, the magic powers of amulet will help him to counter bullying and create a better life. The old man warns Seth to be careful as the powers of the amulet could cause harm to others as well as to himself.

Seth's first day of school is dramatic as he explores how to use the power of the amulet to counter both bullying students of both sexes and the disinterest of his teachers. For the first time Seth finds some self confidence and as a result makes a couple of friends, Alex and Jennifer, who look set to support and follow him. The novella ends dramatically in a way that opens the way for vengeance down the track.

Most of us will have experienced some kind of emotional or physical bullying during our school days and will identify in some way to the extreme bullying and the bullies that Seth faces. With the power of the amulet as a great plot opener Christopher Smith introduces us to the roller coaster ride that converts a downtrodden youth into a powerful and vengeful person. While I am not a fantasy person the idea is an interesting one and I will go along with the ride, at least for the next novella. The latter 2 novellas appear to tend to the supernatural and I will pass judgement when I get there.
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on May 16, 2012
I just finished reading this after downloading for free...and felt compelled to let you all know this is worth it! The author does a fine job of letting you in Seth's head, and the topic is right on with what is going on in schools today. Can't wait to read the second book to see what Seth does now that he has the power to get back at all those kids who've bullied him for years!
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