Customer Reviews: The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks, Weasels, and Snakes From Killing Your Organization
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Over more years than I wish to specify, I have been centrally involved in dozens of different work environments and on only two occasions was I the "target" of bullying. (Ruth and Gary Namie prefer "target" to "victim" and I agree with them.) In both situations, I refused to be intimidated because I had learned, years before on an elementary school playground, that bullies are essentially cowards. However, as the Namies so thoroughly explain, bullying in the workplace is a very serious (albeit underestimated) problem. It is also a complicated, generally misunderstood problem. They have devoted their professional careers to doing all they can to help alleviate (if not eliminate) the problem. They and their associates in The Workplace Bullying Institute are pioneers as they sustain their commitment to eliminating the need for the information, insights, and counsel that are provided in this book.

The Namies respond to questions such as these:

o What is (and isn't) workplace bullying?
o Based on what is now known, what are the nature and extent of this process?
o What is the range of impact on targeted employees?
o To what extent can targets be legally protected from bullies?
o How can bullying weaken (if not destroy) an organization?
o What are the preventable causes of bullying?
o What are the essential components of a program to eliminate bullying?
o In that program, what should be HR's new role?
o Which preliminary steps should be taken to prevent and correct workplace bullying?
o To what extent can bullies be identified during the interview process?
o What is necessary to sustain a bully-free culture?

The Namies have devised "The Namie Blueprint to Prevent and Correct Workplace Bullying" and much of what it involves is thoroughly explained in the book. They cordially invite their readers to check out the wealth of resources at two websites, The Work Doctor and Workplace Bullying Institute.

As a result of reading this book, I am even more convinced now than ever before that, starting with its C-level executives (or their equivalent), every organization must establish and then strictly enforce (all at all levels and in all areas) zero tolerance of bullying and other forms of incivility. What may be technically legal or is at least not illegal may nonetheless be inappropriate and thus impermissible. Period. Also, I am even more convinced that pathological bullies have problems that are far more serious than not being able to "get along" with others home as well as at work. They need professional help, help that few (if any) of their associates are qualified to provide. Finally, if and when bullying occurs, I am convinced that it must be addressed immediately and resolved in a timely manner. To tolerate it is to condone it.
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on August 21, 2011
The Namie's book is a must read for all workplace leaders. They have done extensive work and research to enlighten the public about this very psychologically traumatic issue.

It is truly amazing that an individual can serve this country as a military veteran and come home to so much lack of dignity and respect issues from a workplace bully. Employees are spoken to like prisoners-of-war by arrogant leaders who know nothing about operational details and only have strategic plans that never gets off the ground.

If you passed a bully the trash it would be more than they deserve!

I agree with the Namie's:

"Workplace bullying must be addressed by the organizations leader. It should not be delegated to the Human Resource (HR) department to solve. Many HR departments see their primary function as management support."

I reported a workplace bully to his boss and the next thing you know I was sitting in a room with two Labor Relations specialists from HR, a woman, and a really huge guy who reminded me of Xerxes from the movie "300." They told me to have a seat in the office with two doors and they both came through a seperate door at the same time and sat in front of me on the other side of the table like we were in a police interrogation. I explained my statement to them over and over again while "Xerxes" was talking in a deep voice saying words like "listen, I like you..." But they seemed more concerned that I had bothered a bigger boss. I emailed my complaint to the boss, and the HR people said to me with a grin chuckle "I would think twice before hitting that send key on your computer." I kindly replied, "I did, and that's why I sent it." Xerxes lost his smile.

In typical fashion any investigation involving management is unfair, inadequate, and there is never a follow-up.

"Bullying makes the workplace an irrational and scary place to spend your working hours."

PhD's Gary and Ruth Namie are the solutions and they are loaded with ideas for all of us, especially the politicians who need to adapt legislation. This book is very informative and an easy 5 star read.

Thank you Ruth & Gary.
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on June 12, 2013
This book contained information that was helpful in identifying a bully, it gave an excellent example of a real life situation. It showed how other countries deal with this issue. Then it gave solutions to dealing with these situations. I generally take a bit of time to read through books with this topic...I had a hard time putting this book down. I actually purchased this book to assist another person and I could see what was happening page by page. It shed some light on issues I hadn't thought about. Excellent read and resource.
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on December 8, 2015
Excellent book I suggest this book to help you understand what a bully's hidden agenda is. I was able to confront my bully and then tell my boss what was happening. She was moved to a different unit and now our team works even better together. I was so well armed when I went to my boss she was shocked.
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on June 24, 2016
Must have for all Americans who file and pay their taxes! Too many bullies get away with devious tactics that turn democracy upside down. For those suffering, do not forget "no taxation without representation". Let us get back to the basics of ethical conduct.
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on October 10, 2012
Being a target of workplace bullying, I found this book very factual. Unfortunately, workplace bullying is legal until the Healthy Workplace Bill gets into legislation. I am sure companies do NOT want to deal with this issue!
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on March 30, 2014
It is sad to think that bullying occurs in jobs we love and care about, but it does happen. This book helped me to realize that it wasn't about me, and how to take steps to move on and what to look for now in workplace relationships. Recommend to anyone for reading about workplace behavior.
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on January 26, 2016
Legislation is needed in all states. That is the only way to put an end to a work environment that can cause depression, stress related illnesses, and even suicide. Bullying tactics should never be used as a way for disciplining, dismissing an employee, or making them submissive. It's a disgrace to anyone of any character. Everyone seems to care about childhood bullying when in reality workplace (orchestrated adult bullying) can be much worse. Why? It comes out of the blue-an all out attack with no warning from those you thought were mature with some kind of conscience of basic human dignity. The bullies - they could care less! They love it! They coerce their puppets to assist (and many stooges go along). It's represents power to them. Many have the encouragement and support of their own supervisors. Sad but a reality.
Laws are needed to protect people from this revolting psychological violence. To make it a criminal offense to orchestrate a pack-like attack on a workplace employee. A bright light needs to shine on them publicly - to embarrass them - to hit them where it hurts - by negatively affecting their personal/business financial and legal standings.
Firm laws in place and a huge public spotlight as to what's happening are the only things that would bring these types to their knees.
Support Workplace-Anti-Bullying Legislation/Awareness to end this practice.
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on October 4, 2012
This book was very helpful in validating my feelings about bullying in the workplace. A big part part of finding the solution is understanding the problem. This book helps!
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on August 29, 2013
These people are the pioneers of what needs to be recognized in the United States as monumentally important in today's workplace.
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