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on May 11, 2016
I am no watch aficionado. My husband has a few nice Citizen watches and I own a Wenger and a Kate Spade so that's about our experience with higher end watches so take this review for what you will.

Color/Look: This watch is VERY beautiful. The brown color does NOT make the watch appear dull. The sliver is shiny but not overpowering. It looks very rich. It blends well into an outfit (meaning it compliments it well) but still stands out in a way that lets people know you are wearing a nice watch. I can't explain it any better than that. The little 'peephole' on the front of the face is fun to look at as it sometimes moves and adds a cool element to the watch.

Face size: Perfect for my husband's wrist. He is average build and 6' 4". The face is not so large that it engulfs the wrist, and not so small that it looks like a woman's watch. The face is a fraction smaller than the width of his wrist.

Band/Clasp: Firm, but adaptable. What you'd expect from a new leather band. THE CLASP! We had never owned a watch with this kind of clasp before (again we are newbies to the designer watch realm). We had no idea how to open it and resize originally, but after much googling we finally figured it out. Here's a link to the youtube video showing how to resize. Just skip to about 4 minutes in and he shows you how to do it. (...)

Power/Keeping time: This is the thing that is a pain. If my husband doesn't wear the watch for a day, it dies. That's because it powers up by you wearing it on your wrist and moving around. Now everytime before he puts the watch on, he spins it around for a minute to power it up, and then has to readjust the time. That is annoying, but that's how a mechanical watch works. At least you never have to replace a battery.

Overall, he loves the watch. It's perfect for classing up a casual outfit for going out or for some days at work. I think it would be fine with some suits, though I personally prefer a 'shinier' watch for suits and formal wear. Very classy. I will definitely buy from Bulova again.
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on May 14, 2013
I like this watch because of the see through window on the dial showing the balance wheel and spring moving with each tick. The clear case back is fun to look at. You can see many of the gears moving and clearly see the escape wheel, pallet, balance wheel, and hairspring working. The watch keeps very accurate time. I set the minute hand exactly to the correct time and it stayed perfectly accurate even after several days with no noticeable variation. The genuine leather band is very comfortable and easily adjustable to my small wrist. The only thing I don't like about it is the non-hacking seconds. When you pull out the crown to set the time, the seconds always keep ticking. I set the minute hand to the correct time, and just dis-regard the seconds hand. The watch dial is large enough to tell the seconds down to 1/4 of a minute just by looking at the minute hand. You can manually wind the watch by simply turning the crown clockwise when the crown is pushed in. It isn't a screw-down crown, but I've gotten mine wet without any issues. Just be sure the crown is always pushed in after setting the time to keep the water out. I would never dive, shower, or swim with the watch on, but it should be safe if you get caught in the rain. This watch is great for every day wear, and is good for casual or formal clothes. It's not too flashy or large, yet it does reflect light nicely on the mirror finish hour marks and hands. The Domed mineral crystal is very scratch resistant, but the brushed stainless steel case can be scratched, like any other watch. The watch hands are easy to see in the dark, even after several minutes after being exposed to light. The tips of the hour marks and the entire hour/minute hands glow brightly green. I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a nice looking affordable automatic mechanical watch. Amazon sent my watch quickly and the watch came in perfect condition. The Bulova watch box is nice, and includes a manual. You can't find a nicer mechanical watch for this price anywhere else. I found it in my local mall for a much higher price.
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on September 26, 2016
Love this watch! Have had it for years now and love wearing it. Love that it doesnt need a battery and keeps accurate time. Only problem is one of the bands thay keep the strap close to your wrist got overly stretched within the first couple months so it slides off easily.
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on June 22, 2014
My wife purchased this for me for Father's Day. (I did kind of point it out for her) I own a number of watches including some of the high end ones. I have only had this one for a week so far but I have worn it each day since I received it. This is a very nice looking watch as well as a well thought out watch. The snap clasp type leather band is very quick to take off and put on. I have arthritis vey bad so this is important. I have received several compliments on the watch. The most important thing is that it keeps time properly. That is the ultimate goal. I set it against the Atomic Clock and in 1 week this watch has not lost or gained a single second. Now I will watch this over the next month. If this changes, I will report it. No batteries to worry about. No winding to worry about. If it does not gain or loose over 1 second per month, I'll be a happy camper. I can live with 12 seconds per year as I will most likely only wear this watch 1 month per year. Excellent watch for the money and yes, I would recommend this watch to my friends.
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on December 9, 2014
I've had this watch for quite a while now, and it has exceeded expectations in every way. It was worth every penny.

Mechanical - The Japanese movement in this has functioned perfectly for me. It's kept nearly perfect time; there's been a negligible amount of error between time changes. It's also nice and quiet; to hear it ticking, I have to put it all the way up to the ear. This has also been an extremely sturdy watch. I've worn it while working outside, etc, and aside from some light case scratches, it's no worse for wear.

Style - This is a beautiful timepiece. The simple brown sunray dial with the window over the balance wheel is elegant in its simplicity, and the brown leather band with deployment buckle looks and works great. It has a great fit and feel on the wrist.
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on January 24, 2015
I have had this watch for almost a year now and I still love it. I wear this as my everyday watch. Work and play. I still receive complements. I highly recommend this watch. It does lose time, and if you don't wear it for a day or so you have to reset the time. Honestly not a that big of a deal for me personally, but just as a heads up.

I have a Moto 360 Smart Watch and I barely wear it. My first instinct in the morning is to grab this watch.

In meetings I catch the eyes of my coworkers glancing at my wrist. Whenever someone looks at it their reactions are always the same... "whoa that's a beautiful watch, how much did you spend on that?" Just smile and say doesn't matter. I am sold on Bulova until I make the step to the next level.
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on December 29, 2012
This is my 2nd Bulova watch and I am really liking the brand. This watch came just as described, and looks a lot nicer than the image. The brown dial is beautiful and looks very rich. And with the automatic feature, I wound this watch once and it has kept accurate time for days without wear.
My only knock on the watch is more of a knock in the packaging - specifically, a lack of instuctions. I never had a watch before that had a quick release diver's clasp, and I wasn't sure how to adjust the size of the strap. The clasp that attaches to the adjustable holes on the strap didnt seem to open, and i didnt want to pry at a brabd new $200 watch. Luckily, we live in a time where all answers are in your pocket via your smart phone, and I found that the clasp will open, it's just tough on brand new watches. With the confidence I gained from the video, I applied sone force to the clasp and was able to get it open and adjust the size of the band. The booklet that cones with this watch is generic to all Bulova watches, and doesn't say anything of value. A guide to the clasp would have been nice, but I wouldn't detract from this review on account of that. Now that I know what to do with a quick release clasp, I wouldnt be looking for instuctions on future products.
Overall, this is a fantastic watch. If you are looking for a classy automatic watch to wear with outfits in a brown color palette, or if you just prefer brown watches (I usually prefer steel bands and black dials) this is a great buy!
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on April 28, 2012
The watch looks incredible. Keeps perfect time. After winding it ten times and wearing it all day, it makes it well into the next day without needing wound. It's stylish, can be worn with a suit or with jeans, the leather band is excellent and clasp works very well. It's also very comfortable. Bulova did an excellent job. The second hand is sweeping so it moves very smoothly. It's got the nice tickticktickticktick second hand, not tick...tick....tick, as said it looks very smooth, also very quiet. I like how you can see the inner workings and the glass backing allows you to look at the inner workings and flywheel. It looks just as good as a more expensive one and keeps perfect time. The only thing I can say might be bad is that the glass is mineral and not sapphire. So it may scratch eventually. That being said I think the glass would be very easy to replace if you can get parts directly from Bulova. (I may order a few from them, just to have. Or maybe a sapphire face.) The watch is a little big (not a manhole, but definitely a larger one) so you need to have a somewhat larger wrist to pull it off. I have included a youtube link to the opening of a new one, looking over it. This is the best quality and style you can get for around $200.00. [...]
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on January 18, 2013
I bought this as my first watch. First of all, it's a beautiful watch. I feel you can use it for both formal settings as well as everyday use. Its automatic self winding works great. As long as you don't leave it alone for more than 1-2 days you won't have to think about winding. The build quality and the quality of the band seems to be very good. The clasp type can be a bit challenging at first, but you'll soon realize that it's great and a very easy clasp to use.

The only negative thing I have to say is that it seems to be a bit off when it comes to precise time keeping. Something like a minute too fast every second day, by my estimates. That is pretty bad compared to my Citizen (that I bought about a month after this), which is only a couple of seconds off every month. I have to take away a star for this.

A great watch, that I recommend for this price.
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on October 26, 2016
Not the same mechanism as shown in the pictures but still a good product that keeps the time as it should.
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