Customer Reviews: Bumbo Floor Seat, Blue
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on October 11, 2014
I can't profess my love for Bumbos enough. First, let me say that we have an old model without the seatbelt. I think the seatbelt is stupid. If your kid is big/strong/old enough to flip out of a Bumbo, chances are the whole seat will tip and the belt won't do any good. Plus, I imagine it makes the seat harder to clean. The seamless design of the Bumbo makes it so easy to wipe down if baby spits up or has a blowout (or if you're like me and slack on buying a real high chair and feed baby in the Bumbo), adding nooks and crannies is just gonna gum up the works.

Secondly, I still get comments all the time from sanctimonious parents telling me they would never put their baby in something as dangerous as a Bumbo. It's not dangerous if you're not a dummy. Look, I broke all the rules. I used in on raised surfaces. I used it in the tub/shower so I could bathe my two under two together and make life easier. I did not ever leave them unattended in these scenarios. My middle son was also freakishly strong from birth and hit his motor milestones early and learned to arch his back and flip out of the seat around five months old, so I quit using it on raised surfaces. It was kind of a neat party trick after that to watch him roll himself out onto a blanket on the floor.

I'm also not a fan of the "baby bucket" carseat and have used convertible seats with my last two babies, but it meant having to get creative a lot of the time, like when we went to restaurants. Before they could sit up in the wooden restaurant high chair, we would just bring the Bumbo and sit it in the booth with us (or, admittedly, on the table if there was enough space). We've used the Bumbo virtually anywhere and everywhere, within reason. I know a lot of people would choose to wear their babies in that situation but I always feel awkward trying to eat over my baby's head.

Anyway, Bumbo: good.
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2013
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My daughter is in the 95th percentile for height and weight at 5 months. She carries most of that weight in her thighs. Seriously, they are a scary sight to behold. I don't know how big these other kids thighs are, because while hers may occasionally be a little snug when removing her from the chair, it's not a comfort issue while she sits in it. She does have some wiggle room.

She loves this chair. Loves sitting up in general, so the chair gives me a break from constantly having her on my lap. But sitting in the chair does have its price. No matter when I put her in it, full or empty stomach, she spits up. A lot. Repeatedly. Now she doesn't care, but it does make quite a mess sometimes. I guess it helps with the gas and digestion, which is good. And if it isn't coming out that end, well you can imagine where else the digestion is showing itself. Thankfully, this is an easy to clean chair.

My issue with the chair is the stupid seat belt. And I mean stupid. It's positioned in a way that it's almost impossible to use. While there is a way to adjust the strap on either side, you can't adjust the height of the middle T clip. It's set too low to use without poking and prodding your child for minutes at a time and even then you're risking catching the chubby legs in the clip. And just how safe is it really making this seat? The odds of your child climbing out of it - slim. The odds of it tipping over with your child inside, much greater. And the seat belt is only ensuring that the are still connected to the seat while lying on their face. Helpful.
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on January 14, 2015
I went back and forth about buying this. But I wanted to try this out because my little dude loves sitting up and it gets tiring holding him. His bouncy seat reclines and he's often gets frustrated trying to sit up more in it. I loved that it has a tray, which I bought as well. I thought it would be a great "drum" for him as he's always swinging his arm down to bop his thighs and loves when I put a box or something there and it makes a sound.The reviews seem to be split 50/50 on it being too small or just right. I didn't know what to think. But then I got a gift certificate for Christmas and thought "why not?".

The Bumbo is a great idea. My only issue with it is it's lack of a weight guideline. This is what everyone's issue seems to boil down to. This is the only baby product I've seen with a size guideline based on a developmental milestone. Saying a baby can use it once they can "hold their head up without assistance" does not tell you the size of this product. If they're going to have that vague a guideline they need to offer different sizes. Even if every single baby reached this milestone at exactly the same age they would all be different weights and heights at that time.

I also think children's clothes should be sold based on weight instead of "months" which is really a different size for every brand and can give new parents anxiety that their children are too small or too big.

But I digress.

My son is just over 4 months and weighs 19lbs and is 26 inches. He's a big boy for his age- 95th percentile. But he just started really holding his head up steadily a few weeks ago, at which point he was still 18lbs. I wouldn't have felt safe having him sitting in this before then- his head control made me afraid he'd get whiplash. Even now he occasionally scares me the way he'll whip his head around.

I got the box today and was actually pretty excited. We had to wait until it warmed up because the box was sitting outside in 10 degree weather. Then I put him in and waited for the magic.

*sigh* So much fail here. The straps are pointless and in a horrible place. Why not put them on top? But he didn't seem to mind, it was under his diaper so they didn't dig in to him while I tried to finagle them out. But he seemed to be stuffed into the seat. Yes, we had to push his legs in a bit but it's a foam seat so it's not like it hurt. He didn't even wince. That didn't bother me. But I couldn't get him out of it without lifting him and pulling the thing off his butt. and the front piece was squishing him in a way I was sure would cause a rash.

It's a shame because he seemed to genuinely enjoy sitting up and looking around. He hit the tray a couple times and smiled. But between smiles was a look of discomfort that was becoming more and more apparent every time he turned around or tried to move at all. I think he wanted to like it but it's just too small.

So, Bumbo, my advice to you, which I'm sure you don't need as these things are wildly popular, is this: make different sizes. Tell us the ideal weight/height for each size. Babies are not one size fits all.
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on August 19, 2014
We have the old school bumbo, the model without the seatbelt, we live dangerously. I feel like the company got a bit of a bad rap with kids falling out of them, but ultimately the seat isn't made for kids who can't support themselves and if you're using it to help your child improve this skill then you should probably be staying with them and not leaving them alone. Alright, rant over.

We really like our dangerous old bumbo. We have fatty mc fact pants babies and we still get a decent use out of them. However, our kids also hit their motor milestones really early so that may have something to do with it as it receives earlier use and in turn, longevity. Wipes clean with no problems although some discoloration after long term use, bought the tray table for this baby and she loves hanging out like she's a big kid. Won't ever buy a new one because this one seems indestructible. Pretty solid investment; you may not get a ton of use out of it but kids seem to really like them, they're not terribly pricey, and you'll never have to buy another one again.
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on June 23, 2015
Looks like a great product. Well made, easily cleaned. My 5.5 month old is 20 lbs. and has fat legs. I gave them 4 stars since it's not the company's fault that my baby is this big.
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on June 8, 2016
My daughter has acid reflux really bad, so she loves sitting up... She is just barely 2 months old and we got this chair today. She was crying and I put her in and she was happy as can be. Sat in it for about 30 minutes, which is great for my squirmy little kiddo!
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on July 25, 2015
I actually am not super impressed with the bumbo. We received for my 1st son and did use as much as I thought we would. Now with my second son, his legs are so big they barely fit. I have big babies, but he is not that big.
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on May 19, 2014
My little guy loves his bumbo! He is pretty big, so he had fairly good head control early on. We have been using the bumbo for about 6 weeks (he is now 11 weeks old) and he likes it more and more! He loves to sit up and look around, so this allows him to do that while offering the support he still needs.
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on October 29, 2014
Based on the reviews, I bought it right away for my daughter. However, after the first time my 4 month baby put her legs in, I knew that I had to return it right away. Very uncomfortable for her even though she doesnt have chunky legs. I think if I keep it, I have to throw it away after 2 week because my baby will not no longer fit the product. She is not overweight, just very average, about 14 pounds. Around 40 bucks for this product, and I bought the tray which was about $17 and I cant use it in one month, such a waste. Look at the picture, even without the restraint belt, she already felt uncomfortable.
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on October 9, 2015
My daughter is 7 months old and only 13 pounds so she still fits like a champ in this. She loves this and it lets me get some housework done because I can put her on the living room floor and she can't wiggle out of this and roll around the whole house. We also sit her on the couch in her seat and we have not had an issue because she is always supervised. She hasn't even come close to tipping it.
I think parents should do some research before buying baby products. I went to Target and checked it out to see if I would like the material and check out the actual size of it.
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