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on September 5, 2013
Very low quality product. Colors wear off within 1 day of use. I am tempted to get a lead test kit to see if this product contains lead paint. I complained to the company and they sent another set that colors wore off within 1 day of use also.
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on August 28, 2015
Just yesterday I was in love with these. Now I'm saying BE CAREFUL with these!
Today the little plastic plug that attaches to the phone's earphone jack broke off in my phone!! Yep, the little plastic plug just fell apart and left a broken off nub in my phone. Please see pic.
It was VERY difficult to get out of my phone. I tried gently with a pliers, but little chips and pieces of the plug kept coming off (making there less and less area still sticking out of my phone to grab). Finally I got it out by trying to raise one last edge of the plug with a flat screwdriver. Honestly I was terrified I'd not get it out completely and lose the ability to listen to music through my earphones. Gahh!!
Extremely disappointed that this little gadget comes along with that kind of risk. I had rated it four stars yesterday, but now need bring it down to three because of this problem (I should probably only rate it two stars, but I still think the concept is a good idea... perhaps if the plug were metal it would be less risky).

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about these.

My fingers are clumsy and large. Ever since I got my smart phone I've been pretty much relying on using the 'voice to text' feature when I text. But that is not always convenient as it can disturb other people. The price was right on these Generic 10 in 1 Bundle Mini Capacitive Stylus / Styli pens, so I gave them a try.

They work great for texting (and words with friends is so much easier to maneuver). I have a moto g phone, the little adapter fits easily into my earphone plug for storage.

The only downside I see is that I really wish there were a longer and stretchy cord. As it is, you only store it in your earphone jack... when you need to use it, you removed from there and replace when done. I'd rather a long stretchy cord so that I could just use it while attached and forget about it. As it is now it just sort of dangles off my phone like a tail. If it were longer I could also tuck it up into my phone cover.

UPDATE: Just wanted to say how much I like these little guys now. I still get annoyed with the "dangle" every once in a while, but accurate texting is so much easier now. I've seen some other reviews that talk about the color coming off, I have not had that problem. I'm thrilled to have something so handy at such a great price. I also ordered some of the longer ones. They have not yet arrived, but am anxious to try them too!
review image
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on September 9, 2013
The tip is big and squishy and not very responsive. I can get better accuracy and fine drawing with my finger tip.
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on December 27, 2014
December 2014.
I bought these styluses for my own use and to give as gifts to both men and women for Christmas this year. To my joy, everyone with touch screen phones loved them. Their reasons were: "now I won't lose the stylus", "I needed something because my fingers are so big that I keep making mistakes", and "I didn't know what a stylus is". Kept hearing "how cool!", "thank you", and "I needed this". These styluses proved to be a very gratifying purchase for me personally, and then even more so when it pleased those I gave them to.

March 2015
WE are all stilling enjoying using these styluses.

One of the ladies in my family, who I gifted one to, told me she is using her stylus at her work desk for her touchscreen computer. She said she gets lots of comments on it by other employees. She says she loves it because it works better than the other stylus that she had that is made for the touchscreen computer.

As inexpensive as this set of styluses is, is worth every penny. I can honestly say, "it may be inexpensive, but it is not a cheap product." I'm sure you know what I mean.
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on September 23, 2013
These mini styli are extremely useful little items for a smart phone. They fit into the spot designed for ear buds so stay handy for texting, entering search information or navigational information. It is far, far faster and more efficient than fingers. I have a phone with a slide out keyboard but not long after purchasing the phone, a friend gave me one of these little styli. Now, I literally never bother with the keyboard because this is more efficient than that.

Some phones experience a problem with hearing phone callers when this stylus is in the ear bud spot. I have occasionally experienced that problem but solved it in one of three ways: 1) When speaking on the phone always select the speaker mode, or 2) just changing to a different stylus from the package (seems some have a slightly longer end piece than others, somewhat inconsistent), ot 3) just removing and holding the stylus in my hand when speaking on the phone.

I've purchased these twice even though each stylus lasts a very long time (I've yet to wear one out). But I find that friends and acquaintances see the stylus in use and want one so I just give them the one I have and take out a fresh one. Also, the styli do tend to get pulled out accidentally and disappear.

Some may not like the "dangling" stylus from their phone but I find the convenience it brings to me far outweighs the annoyance of the dangling stylus.

I have searched for these items in retail stores but so far, have never found them. I'm very glad they are available on Amazon.
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on April 16, 2013
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on November 21, 2016
Overall the stylus are a real bargain for the price. They work well on both my iPhone and iPad. But, the real problem is the plug that is intended to be inserted into the earphone jack on the various devices. On all of the stylii in my bunch, except one, the plastic plug was oversized. If you forced it into the jack it was very difficult to remove. Other reviews have noticed the same problem. As I said 1 out of ten fit properly, the rest were simply too big. I compared the plugs to those on another manufacturer's stylus and the difference is barely noticeable. But I am not willing to bet that they won't break off and ruin a $500 iPad. If you have some fine sandpaper, you might be able to reduce the size of the plug enough to use the stylus. Probably more trouble than it is worth.
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on June 21, 2013
This is my first try at using stylii with my phone. I gotta say I'm pleasently impressed. This are a really nice little (and I mean little at only 1 5/8") stylus. They work very well for typing (I just "upgraded to an onscreen keyboard from a slide out and my typing skills have taken a horrible turn for the worse). I also play a lot of word games and solitare and these are real good for that too. About the only issues I seem to have is when I need to swipe. About half the time it takes me several trys to get a swipe to work. The little earphone dongle works well (yea) and Allows me to keep one of these with my phone easily enough. The colors are just a gaudy as the picture (no real issue, just know that these are going to stand out). Construction is typical Asian import qality and these are very light weight (good for carrying around hooked to the phone jack, bad if you want a "real" writing instrument). At the INCREDIBLY low price these come out at it really becomes a no brainer. Shipping took a bit of time (VERY clearly stated in the description) but these still arrived over a week quicker than quoted. All in all I like these and they work well enough, and the price is incredibly low so it's easy to give them away, or lose them without getting too upset.
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on June 5, 2013
The 10 in 1 seemed like a bargain, but these styli are tiny--an inch long--and difficult to hold. I do have to say that the variety of colors make them very attractive (which is why I gave it an extra star and the shipping was very good), but they are completely made of plastic including the metallic-colored piece between the rubber and the handle. Due to this piece being plastic, it does not hold the rubber to the stylus tightly and came off after a few weeks of use. This is also caused by the rubber not being smooth on the screen. My previous stylus was longer, made of metal and had a smooth enough rubber that it can glide a bit on the screen. The rubber on these minis do not glide across the screen when you need to slide a picture or play Scramble, so you end up getting jerky motions when you try to swipe the stylus across the screen. My previous stylus glided when oils from the fingers got on the screen. These styli won't glide even with an oily screen. Being that they lasted only a few weeks each, and do not glide across the screen, I cannot recommend this set. However, if you only need the stylus for tapping the screen, then these would work fine.
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on November 13, 2014
I am notorious for losing my stylus and I wanted something that had several to choose from. I wish I could have realized how truly small these are. I am a beginner in graphic design and thought this might be helpful in drawing but it's more of a hindrance unfortunately. You have to hold it like chopsticks to be able to use it properly. They are cute but just too short. I saw they were short in the pic but didn't realize how seriously short they would be. They have been durable however the paint rubs off quickly and looks pretty bad after a little use .
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