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on February 27, 2004
John Podhoretz makes a cogent, appealing argument in favor of and in defense of President George W. Bush and his administration. It is well-written and argued, as are Mr. Podhoretz's weekly columns, and an easy read -- it is not a book heavy with minute details, but gives a great summary of Mr. Bush's character and leadership style.
This book provides supporters of President Bush a needed diversion from four months of non-stop uncritical media coverage of the Democratic presidential race and their presumptive liberal nominee, John "French" Kerry. ...
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on August 27, 2004
George W. Bush is a man for his time, and will go down in all-time as a great President-regardless of the outcome of the 2004 election. John Podhoretz's account of Bush the Younger's presidency provides a compelling read for this election season. I recommend it.

For one thing, the organization of the book is great. Eight solid chapters are each accompanied by sub-chapters that address the most crazy and foolish left-wing ideas about our President, with a summary chapter closing it up. Podhoretz does a splendid job in dismantling the ridiculous (and conflicting) claims that our energetic executive is a mere moron, puppet, fanatic, etc., etc., etc. Over the last year I've also seen plenty of left-wingers in downtown Seattle waving signs comparing our President to Hitler. Not only is there a new generation of Lyndon LaRouche supporters to supplant the old guys with long beards outside post offices (the new guys go to the post offices, too), but the LaRouche message is all but identical to the many of our most whacked-out college professors and those Dean-dongs-turned-Kerry-supporters.

This reviewer was once an ardent Democrat who voted for Democrats. I was fortunate to make the change in my early 20s and am now spending my mid-20s doing what I can to re-elect the man who will do the most for our nations' security. I am tired of the "blame America first" stuff and our country demands a strong leader who will protect us from terrorism. As Podhoretz shows, we have such a leader in George W. Bush.

Particularly important is Podhoretz's overview of President Bush's strategy against terrorism. He highlights our President's resolve to bring the battle to the terrorists-right to where they are. To make our last line of defense a more rigorous system of port scanning is not only logistically and economically impossible, but leaves us vulnerable and gives the terrorists valuable time to make their advances. Podhoretz discusses some of the major foreign policy speeches where our Commander-in-Chief lays out the case for aggressive action against terrorism and asserts the importance of American self-determination.

Very enjoyable is Podhoretz's account of the almost lighting-quick rise of George W. Bush, right up to the highest office of the land. His climb to the top was certainly remarkable. Podhoretz asserts that the man who ran for the White House in 2000 became a different kind of leader and rose to the challenges that the new, post 9/11 world presents.

Podhoretz also gives credit to President Bush for the strong leader and stellar politician that he is. One of the reasons the "loony left" dislikes the President is because he has been so effective at achieving results. While the President's foreign policy achievements are the most remarkable, he has also successfully landed a series of domestic policy victories-including some crucial tax cuts.

Another reason many on the left despise our President is because of his faith. Podhoretz does an excellent job in discussing this issue, demonstrating that while the President's faith is a source of strength, the President has always been guided in his policy decisions by the oath he swore to the Constitution and the best-interests of our nation.

Podhoretz is a former speech-writer and a reporter, so the writing is solid and the book has great flow. Keep in mind the timeliness of this book and our elections--if you're going get it, I suggest you do so now!
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on February 22, 2004
If you can get past Podhoretz's assertion that George W. Bush is a "great" president, here's another goodie for you. The Pod calls GWB "the best presidential speaker since Franklin Delano Roosevelt." Uh-hunh, right. It takes a real classy background to call Vladimir Putin "Pootie-Poot."
This collection of preposterously wishful thinking (George W. Bush has, says Podhoretz, "remarkable self-discipline in his personal life") is for right-wing diehards only, who aren't about to let the truth get in the way of what they consider a good story.
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on February 18, 2004
I doubt that the author of this witless diatribe ever cast a vote for George W. Bush or any other Republican candidate for any office whatsoever. These intemperate comments could come only from one of the fanatic haters on the far left wing of the Democratic Party.
John Podhoretz is a "preposterous clown," "one of those hard core propagandists who sees a chance to make a quick buck."
If you can't answer your opponents arguments denigrate the man. It's called the ad hominim falacy - a favorite debating technique of the current crop of Democratic candidates and pundits.
"The only point here is to cash in on the rubes out there --"
This statement alone gives the author away as a card carrying member of the left wing of the Democratic Party. Who else would express such utter contempt for the average citizen?
This attitude is absolutely typical of Leftist thinking everywhere. Its pedigree can be traced back to the master himself, Karl Marx, who had nothing but contempt for ordinary people, as opposed to self appointed pseudo-intellectuals like himself and his followers.
"...this preposterous book." "Mr. Podhoritz is a propagandist, not a credible journalst." More of the same ad hominim falacy. Don't answer the argument. Pour contempt on the maker of the argument instead. This is what passes for logic among left wing Democrats.
Regarding the President the writer, working himself into a state of near hysteria, denounces "the lies about the need for war, the lies about the economic recovery, the lies about his National Guard Service." Talk about propaganda! Josef Goebbles couldn't have done it better.
But most of us "rubes" out here would appreciated it if the writer could at least be truthful about who he is and where he is coming from, instead of trying to con us by passing himself off as a disgruntled Bush supporter.
An altogether disguting performance.
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