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on April 14, 2012
I read through many reviews and heard all the horror stories, but my gut told me to get one anyway. I bought one and I got a good one the t-dot is not tilted and no flare on any of the brightness settings. Fits great on my DPMS. I put a little blue loctite on it so the mounting screws wouldn't come loose. I know it's not an acog, but it makes it look cool because it does look like one, and the back up sights on top work just fine. If you want to you could always put a magnifier behind it if you wanted to!! Glad I bought it!!
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on March 22, 2016
It lasted me pretty long, but it will need to be re-sighted every time we went to the range. I don't think I would buy it again. Not sure
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on October 11, 2010
received in quick time, as usual for Amazon and Prime. Item appeared to be in good condition out of the box, attractive and good solid looking mounting surfaces. Reticule was clear as I have seen a red-dot sight before, although the green settings wee a bit sharper.

Ran 20 rounds through new rifle, no issues, stayed on target after a quick sight in. Then it sat in the safe (off). Opened the safe to find it was not working on green. Through I would try still using it on red, see if it was just a quirk of some sort. Put 5 more rounds through the rifle, and no more reticule. 5.56 62 grain may be a bit too much for it.

Came home, removed from the rifle, red works again. No sign of green.

So back to Amazon and Bushnell, and good riddance. Will not be buying another. Seems to be less quality than my $30 BSA dot, which has held up over 5 years, many rounds, many guns, and even some paintball. So you may not always get what you pay for.... but unless you are using this for airsoft or something else like that, and get it for less than $50, look elsewhere and save a few bucks towards a decent optic.

Other thing.. this thing is huge, and the sights on top are useless, if not an interesting idea.
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on February 19, 2013
Purchased and recieved as normal. Description said it was new
The item looked like an open box return but the paperwork was missing.
Out of the box the scope reticle (As others have noted) was canted. The sight was also blurry at every brightness level.
I've personally used one of these scopes before. None of the issues I had were on the old scope.
I guess it's a gamble. I realize that I could have sent it back to Bushnell for warranty work but that should not have happened. Considering the many reviews from others about this issue.

BTW: I'd buy this scope, Only if I could open the box, insert the battery and check for issues as noted.
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on October 1, 2010
The Bushnell Tactical Elite 1x32 Red/Green T-Dot Scope is a great buy for the price. Bushnell knows how to make a quality riflescope with magnification, so when it came to producing a scope without magnification such as the Trophy Red Dot, they were able to offer it at a price far cheaper than their competitors. However, as Bushnell does not have a strong foothold in the tactical electronic rifle scope market (the box actually says for shotgun and pistol, doesn't mention rifle), like AimPoint or Trijicon, the quality is just short of spectacular, but good nonetheless.

I have seen other comments about a slight "tilt" in the T-Reticle, and this is true for mine as well. It seems like the reticle is off kilter, but mine is so slight that it is barely noticable.

You can pay $500+ for a big name tactical carbine scope, but you end up spending about $350 of that to get something a little bit lighter and prettier, but functionally the same. To me it's just not worth it, and I'll stick with the Bushnell.
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on April 18, 2011
I picked up this Bushnell scope to put on my new Smith and Wesson M&P15. I got the Optics Ready version of the rifle (i.e. flat top, with no scopes of any kind mounted), so I was not worried about compatibility with iron sights, etc. The sight attached quickly and easily to my rifle, and is a snap to mount in a desirable location. After toying with where I want it, I tightened it down.
The rubber end caps that come with it are nice, but have no means to attached them to the scope, so can pop off easily and get lost, misplaced, etc. Wish there was a built in system here, or that they were more secure. As they are, they are form fitting soft rubber, and can easily slip off. The view through the scope is nice. There is a little reflectivity, which is a minor distraction, but at this price point, that's just the way it is. The reticle is clear, and the brightness adjustments look good and work well, though I found the adjustment knob hard to twist and use. The red color is easier for me to see and use by far, day or night.
I have been unable to find or use the zoom feature advertised for this scope, however. I'm really disappointed with this, as it was one of the reason I bought this scope. The ability to change the reticle size was a major selling point for me. I'm still debating sending it back for lack thereof.
As far as the battery cover goes, I've had zero problems with it. Either I'm lucky, or the users who have problems with it are hamfisted. The adjustment (up/down, right/left) knobs are also covered by a screw on cap, and require a coin or something similar to engage them. They work pretty easily, and I have no real complaints there, except maybe that the adjustments could have been made to feel a little more tactile. There is a click that supposed = 1 MOA of adjustment, but the click often just feels like a short twist once you break the knob free of its resistance to turning. There definitely isn't a smooth, yet tactile response here, but for the price range, I can cope.
The built in iron sights are worthless. The front sight on my unit is actually stamped/painted on skewed to the left, sitting warped on the SIDE of the uneven front "sight," making it very hard to use. They don't match up at all with a zeroed in scope, so do not attempt to use them. They would perhaps be helpful at 5 yards if you needed them, but at that point, just aim generally and you'll get results as good. These "iron sights" should be left off the scope entirely, or they should be functional.
Be sure to properly tighten down your scope. I thought I had mine tightened down pretty well, and went for my first trip to the range. I was shooting all over the place, and realized my scope had come loose. Batter down the hatches! After getting it tightened up, I was good to go. Scope, from factory, already had me on paper. I was shooting sub one inch groups at 20 yards. 40 yards is proving difficult, especially because the reticle is so big and I can't adjust it! I'm hoping I can get this more dialed in once I get my bore sighter in. As such, I can't speak to the accuracy of this scope at any real distance, but within 25 yards, you are definitely good to go with a few small adjustments out of the box.
Over all, the scope looks and performs pretty well. Construction quality isn't the best (the molding is pocked and marked up pretty badly where it connects to its base on the right side), but it's good enough for the price. It looks pretty good on my AR-15, and I'm convinced it will do the trick for accuracy once it's totally set up. Beware that there is no adjustment for MOA size on the reticle that I can find, and that the built in iron sights are absolutely worthless. Other than that, this is a good deal, and I'm guessing it far outperforms the other optics in its price range (and under). If you can't afford an ACOG, Aimpoint, or EOTech, this isn't a bad alternative.
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on February 7, 2011
great looking sight and perfectly adjustable! Love the T shaped reticle.....much better than a simple dot.
the red reticle is strong and easily viewable in all lighting conditions.
the green reticle is a softer green, not what I was expecting, but useful in dimly lit areas, such as indoors or dusk/dawn situation. the lower setting on green are fairly useless and too dim. "4" or "5" are likely what you'd use for the green reticle.

the windage and elevation adjustments are very fine....not sure how much each click adjusts but it is a fine, precision adjustment.

finally, this sight works very well for "eyes open" target aquisition. I was worried that the body of the sight might be too long for that style of shooting, but it is not. It works well. It's not as easy as using an EOTECH, but for 1/5 the price, it is a nice piece!
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on December 30, 2011
I now own three of these. I bought the first one mail order and took a chance. I liked it so much I bought more. Easy to keep minute of angle groups at 100 yd if you are so inclined. Fine dot in middle of reticle is easy to keep on a small target at distance. There are also cross hairs to the sides of the center dot so larger targets at closer range are not a problem either. Two reticle color choices are available with several intensity settings for different light conditions. Installs literally in seconds using a coin or screw driver. Adjustments for sighting in are easy. Rugged, good optics quality, long battery life, low cost. What's not to like?
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on April 10, 2013
For the cost I was really impressed with this scope. I mounted it easily on my AR-15. Took no time to sight in. It has a green and red T-dot that lines up perfectly with my front sight. Its a nice inexpensive scope, And it looks really nice on my rifle too. I feel like I got a good deal not to mention it was $10 or $20 dollars cheaper than other places I looked. And it took no time for it to get to my house. Thanks again Amazon for being badass!!!

Cons: Dont know of any as of yet. This is the first thing ive bought for my guns off Amazon. So far so good.

Would for sure recommend this to a friend.
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on April 27, 2013
I Took this scope to the range for the first btime today, loved it. easy install, easy to zero. I never liked my EOtech and swapped to this. Kept every shot inside the 8 ring at 50 yards. Does not obscure target for precise shooting Like EOtech does. EOTECH is a great product for clearing a room, But covers too much target at 50 plus yrds. this scope is just as easy to aquire close targets quickly and still has a refined reticle for 100 yd small targey precision. I would recommend to anyone. EOTECH is unstoppable and never fails but I'm am killing paper not clearing rooms. YOU will like this scope. Remember though, its not magnified.
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