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on July 25, 2011
Got V2 Slope version on Friday and played with it on 2 rounds at a course I never played before. I have been using Golf Buddy, which is a good device, but I think I won't be using it anymore. On the first day, 7 over par. On second round, 1 over par (my handicap index is 6.4). I will be lying if I say V2 was the only reason why I had played a lot better on second round with it, but it definitely helped. One thing with the GPS device is that it gives me distance to predetermined area within the green (not to where the actual flag is), in which you have to think and calculate the actual distance..and then the slope of the green and etc. The accuracy of the GPS reading is another issue. It can be off by 10 yards in certain cases. I can't tell you how many times I was doubting the reading on GPS and ended up making bad shots. With V2 Slope, I definitely felt more confident about the distance. The biggest advantage about V2 for me was approach shots from 120 yds and in, especially 40-80 yd. I don't have to second guess. After 2 rounds, I felt very confident about the reading V2 was giving me. Oh yeah, the pinseeking tech on this thing definitely helps me to know that distance is to the flag, not a tree behind it. Another nice thing is the 5x magnification. Anywhere within 130 yds, magnification actually helped me to get a good overview of the green slope, whether to approach right of the flag, short of the flag and etc. Of course it won't give you slope reading as if you are on the green. Not a big deal if you know the course, but it helped on a new course that I never played before. It was also nice to check the distance to clear the fairway sand, big tree on the middle of the fairway, and etc. It helped me to make a better choice on my shots, which I think was an important reason for playing well today.

I think once you trust the reading from V2, you will play better. Don't just use it for distance to the flag. Look for distance to clear the hazard, quick overview of the green (on approach shots within 120 yds), and etc. One thing that bothered me when I was playing with someone who had the rangefinder before was waiting for that person to finish the reading. It was just annoying to see the guy sit inside the cart and stare through that thing. With GPS, it was a quick glance. V2 is very quick, and when I see the yardage with the little pin icon circled, I know it is the correct reading. I also tested out with shooting it on a player on the green, since the flag was pulled. That works too. While waiting for the front group to putt out, I use the V2 to look at the hazard distance, slope of the green, and etc. Once the flag is placed back, do a quick reading on the pin, and you are good to go. Yes,it helps to have the steady hand, but you will get use to it. I had easier time using it while sitting inside cart than standing up.

Amazon had the best price, and I'm extremely happy with the device, it is quick and accurate. I bought the slope version because the price here is not too much more than what others are offering for the non-slope version ($299). Plus it's not like I'm trying out for a PGA or on amateur circuit. If I was playing in a tournament and they don't allow the slope version (as only non-slope version is allowed by USGA), I would use this on the practice round to do some mapping and make my own yardage book. No issues with battery drainage. No guarantee that Bushnell V2 Slope will always give me a fantastic round like today, but it will definitely improve my game. One thing, buy extra battery when you purchase this, since this is not run on rechargeable battery. Which actually can be a positive thing, as you don't have to worry about forgetting to recharging it or running out of juice during a round.
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on August 8, 2011
I'm allowed to play golf 2-3 times a week and to keep from being bored, I try not to play the same courses over and over. Therefore, I usually do what the professionals do and make a yardage book of courses I like and play on a regular basis. I wish my memory was sharp enough to recall the yardages from various points on the course to the green, but it's not. That's where the yardage book comes in handy and making up that yardage book is much simpler with the Bushnell Tour V2 Slope. Rather than having to pace off distances to hazards or landing areas, a quick look with the range finder gives an accurate, instant reading. I have re-checked some of my yardage books with this range finder and 95% of the time they agree perfectly. Where there is a gross discrepancy, I feel confident with inserting the range finder reading and don't give it a second thought.

When playing a course for the first time, (no yardage book) I would estimate I save a good 10 strokes a round with the range finder as opposed to going it blind and guessing yardages. The "slope" feature becomes invaluable when dealing with highly elevated greens or tees; in providing the knowledge that, "yes", you need to hit the 5-wood from the 150yard marker to get to the elevated green; and "no", from this elevated tee, your driver stands the proverbial snowball's chance of clearing the creek crossing the fairway, so it's time to use a 3-wood and lay up.

Other observations:
I've never purchased a GPS unit. I have used them. But, why invest in a unit that will only tell you within a club and a half of which club to use? I can probably guess that good. Not to mention subscriber fees, downloads, and purchase price. They do provide you with instant gratification, in that, they instantly give you a "number".
I have confirmed, something I've always suspected, some courses' sprinkler head yardages are way off, as are the yardage books some courses provide you with for $10-12.00. (How many of those have I bought, looking for some help?) Greens and tees get moved or enlarged; fairways widen and shrink; and these yardage markers never get updated.

Batteries: I'm still on my original battery after several months of use. I have seen these batteries for sale for $24.00 at some retail locations. Camera shops are notorious for this. I guess if you can afford a lens for $7500 bucks, what's a measly battery in the whole scheme of things? There are stores out there that specialize in selling batteries. They generally have quality items at a fair price. Or, check on the Internet with free shipping right to your door; no tax, no road rage, no speeding tickets, no fender benders, no parking, no mpg, all for about $3.50 ea.

Improve your odds. Golf is an easy game: hit the fairway, hit the green, two putt, and get out of town. Golf happens between the ears, as do a lot of other things. (Just ask Mr. Woods about that!) I find one of the best uses for this equipment is locating a wide, flat area to land my ball and it tells me the exact yardage to that point. Using this instrument wisely for course management, rather than a toy to stroke your ego and you will shave many strokes off you total score, guaranteed. So, if you can't laze it, you probably can't taze it!
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on June 12, 2013
I started seriously golfing about 3 years ago. When I joined a club and golfed regularly I didn't have anything for range. After a few weeks I noticed that many of the golfers had GPS units, Golf Caddie, Garmin, or the like. I bought a GPS unit and used it for about a year but realized that the distance it gave was dependent on the accuracy of the waypoints that were input to the map being used. Also it wouldn't give information like the front edge of hazards and the carry over that hazard from a specific point. My GPS was really bad for two holes on my course that I discovered were off by ~25 yards.

Sooo, I broke down and bought the Bushnell to see if it was really worth having. WOW, is the best way to put it. I no longer care what the pin placement of the day is, since I can see the green through my scope tell what level the pin is on AND tell the distance to the pin, the bunkers in front and the bunker in back. I travel for work and this scope doesn't care where you are or what course you are on, it just shows you the distance, plain, simple, exact!

If you are considering a Scope -vs- GPS buy this scope, period.
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on November 28, 2012
I used a GPS type unit for the last 5 years. It was a hassle to program new courses and keep its software updated, difficult to use on the course, and the annual service fee was a rip-off. Therefore, I got to where I didn't use it.

A friend of mine let me use his Bushnell Tour V2. I now have my own. It gives me all the information I need to play golf; it is easy to use, and the yardages are very accurate. Plus, I don't have any annual fees, computer software updates, or battery charging to fool with.

Three Suggestions. 1) Follow the KISS principal and buy the standard addition. Unless you are a really advanced golfer, the Slope Addition doesn't provide any more useable information, and it is move complicated to learn to use. 2) keep an extra battery with you in the carrying case. 3) The protective skin is a good option for protecting it in the golf cart so you are not fiddling with taking it in and out of the storage case while you play.

BTW: The current $50 factory rebate plus the recently lowered price on Amazon make the V2 a good buy.
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on January 15, 2013
I had done alot of research on the best rangefinder and everywhere came back with the Bushnell being number one. Checked the price at Dick's and Golf Galaxy and they were the same at roughly $300. Then tried watching Ebay and saw it go for nearly $270.

Eventually I made my way over to Amazon and saw a deal under the "Used" tab from the Amazon Warehouse. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I managed to get one in "Like New" condition for only $75. The only thing separating what I got from brand new is that the box had previously been opened and then returned to Amazon. All accessories were there, as was the original box (still in perfect shape), instructions, registration form, case, and of course the rangefinder.

Played around with the rangefinder earlier today and found it to be perfectly accurate and reliable. Definitely will help when it comes to mid-range game and determining club selection. I would highly recommend this device, and further I would highly recommend checking our the Amazon Warehouse for deals. I had never used it before, but I can honestly say that this will not be the last time I use it! Anytime you can save $170 (70%) on a product and have it be basically brand new and in perfect order, it's well worth it in my book!
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on July 5, 2012
I have owned 3 different Sky Caddy models over 14 years. I liked the convenience of "at a glance" yardages, but didn't care for the constantly having to worry about whether it was charged, or to a lesser degree whether I had the right course on it. Another minor annoyance was the annual "membership" purchase.

Last year I "upgraded" to the Callaway uPro MX with touch screen, video fly-byes, etc., etc. That was a drawn out, very painful and well publicised fiasco. I finally cried "Uncle" and went with the V2 and laser versus GPS technology.

Amen, hallelujah... I had finally seen the light. It just plain works! It works great! It works all the time! It works on the range! It works on every course! It will work year after year after year (without fees)!

I had reservations about its size - no problem at all. I was worried that "shooting" the pin would be an added hassle - it's easy and takes no more time than checking a GPS. I had reservations about "blind" shots at the pin - very rare, and there are always simple work arounds. I was concerned about batteries - I'm on the original battery 13 months now. I'm not insanely anal about my game or my yardage, but this product is very accurate, convenient, and was a great purchase that I appreciate every time I play (20 to 30 rounds a year).

One additional thought - the cart mount clip is a very nice, incredibly useful add-on for less than $20.
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on March 4, 2013
The is a very good rangefinder, as the majority of the other reviews attest. I found it very easy to use and the measurements seem pretty accurate.

However, the first unit that I received had a number of small black spots in the optics, right in the center of the field of vision. Amazon replaced this unit very quickly (great service there), but the second unit was even worse....the entire field of vision was covered with small black spots.

These spots don't interfere with the rangefinding function as far as I can tell, but I did find it distracting. I wonder whether perhaps the technology is not completely perfected, or maybe there are just some quality control issues. My biggest concern was that this is an issue that might get worse over time, so I ended up returning the unit for a refund. I'm still in the market for a rangefinder, but I think that I will keep looking.
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on January 13, 2014
The first one was stolen. This one seem lighter and cheaper but still works OK inside 200. Get much over 200 and I begin to have problems with the trees in the background. We also don't have prisms on our flags, which does not help.

I highly recommend one for anyone who strikes the ball consistently, particularly mid through short irons. Knowing exactly how far you have to hit the ball to the stick or carry a bunker really creates confidence. It also helps you learn how far you hit the ball. Took several strokes off my game when I first started using one.

Side by side with a GPS, I have found the GPS can be off as much as 20 yards. usually the GPS are within 5 or 10 yards, but how do you know? That's a full club.
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on December 28, 2011
Got this back in November so it has seen only a few rounds. I went for the 'slope' version and it works perfectly. Choosing between clubs for green approach is much easier, avoiding front and back bunkers also, and of course other kind of hazards. A must have in your bag that will help you take the precision of your golf to a new level. In my case, I've been able to get rid of a few hits in my card already.

Very easy to use, precise pin measuring, slope works perfectly and no battery problems so far. The case included is great with both zipper and magnet closure and a hook to easily clip it to your bag.

Seller service along with Amazon, perfect as always, and in my case waited for the best deal.

Happy purchase.
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on October 2, 2013
The Bushnell Tour V2 works most of the time. It is more difficult to focus on the flag or target than other Bushnell Range Finders I have used. I get many mis-readings and have to work hard to get it to read correctly.

After one day, I got a black blotch in the lens that stayed for about two weeks. Then it went away. I think it was particle inside the Range Finder left from the assembly. I was going to send it back, but then it went away.

I like the battery durability, the size, the lens magnification, and simplicity of the buttons. But, it seems that Bushnell is just rolling out the same old technology in a new wrapper.
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