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on January 14, 2016
I've gone through about half of it, so far, & it seems very thorough. The only complaint i have is the scripts are hard to follow, because of the way Kindle has it formatted, ie one line of script does not all fall on one line of text, so you have to really look at it to figure out where one line starts and ends.
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on March 7, 2017
Good C++ book! It explains the basics with clarity and provides lots of examples that are useful to teach the concepts. I reference this book many times as it has helped explain how the language is best used. I recommend this book to everyone.
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on December 8, 2012
This book is a hefty 1200 pages!

I already knew c++ before buying this but i wanted a more in depth understanding before proceeding to direct x framework.

Holy cow i didn't realize how much info this book was going to have!

For 35 bucks this book is deff worth it!
This is the definitive guide to c++!

I have bought this book new and its stated that this is the 3rd printing which was printed in july 2012!

I don't see any errors so don't be afraid of the errors, there may not be any!

This is my favorite book in my library
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on July 11, 2012
Having never programmed seriously before (I dabbled in BASIC when I was younger), this book has been an incredibly valuable resource! I feel very comfortable now in the basics of C++, and can approach the multitude of online resources now without a great amount of head scratching. The code examples are excellent and abundant, and the end-of-chapter exercises are very good -- after going through each chapter and completing them, I feel like I have a good grasp of the previous concepts. And, the book certainly will be a great reference in the future - it is squarely both a valuable learning book as well as a resource afterwards.

There are several typos in the book, but nothing that is a showstopper. I wouldn't even count then as a nuisance, just a few bumps along the road.

I highly recommend this for anyone learning C++!
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on November 21, 2015
I purchased my first copy of this book years ago when I was teaching myself c. The book is a no-nonsense book on the subject that is clearly written and explains difficult subjects like pointers very well. When ever anyone is new to c programming I recommend they get this book. I purchased this copy for my son who is a college freshman working on a Computer Science degree.
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on March 17, 2010
I have gone through a little over half of this book so far, and I feel I need
to write a review based on a few things I have seen.

1. The book is very well organized. It starts from absolute basics, and builds
on everything from there. This makes going from chapter to chapter very easy.
2. Some of the examples are very easy, and others are not. You do not want a
book that does everything for you. You might get stuck for hours, but in the end
you will learn something, which leads me to...
3. The downside of this book (actually I noticed that could be debatable), is
the number of typos in the examples of code. You can tell that the editors did
catch all the copy-paste mistakes as they were made quite a bit. But sometimes I
sat for hours wondering why my code wouldn't compile only to realize he made a
typo mistake. One of them I remember is when he had done a 'switch' statement,
he left out the integer expression... and being a newbie, it takes awhile to
catch. And he confuses his pointer names A LOT, naming one *pt then switching
to *pn. The up-side to this is you will be fixing people's code in the real world,
debugging, etc... so that's how I look at it. But frustrating nonetheless.
4. Sometimes it isn't quite clear how he is explaining a certain point, but
after thinking about it a bit, it starts to make sense later, usually in examples
or when he explains other ways of doing it. For the most part, the explanations
are pretty good.

Bottom-line, the standard hasn't changed too much since this edition so unless
you want to fish out top-dollar for the 6th edition that is out now, this one
will do fine; I got mine new for $10 shipped.
I actually started with Java as my first language and classes, objects, etc
didn't make too much sense until I studied them in C++ from this book... I
recommend studying C++ as a first language rather than Java like most schools
and universities do as Java is a more higher level language than C++, meaning
it has a little more abstraction level, however in theory Java is 'easier' to C++.
Just that C++ answered all my problems I had with Java.
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on November 25, 2010
Stephen Prata's C++ Primer Plus is a good book on learning C++.

1) Large coverage of the language in 1 book
2) Easily readable, but also can be used for a quick reference if needs be
3) Logical progression of topics.
4) Lots of code examples.
5) Exercises and questions at the end of chapter with answers in back of book

1) Errors. Lots of them. This is version 4 of the book and it is extremely obvious that this book is just barely tweaked and resold. There is no way the author is unaware of these errors. I confirmed they were also in the 3rd edition. When it is an easy topic, you can figure out what he meant if you aren't a new programmer. However, when it gets to complicated subjects, those errors can really waste a lot of time. If this were a first edition, I'd let it slide a little more. But for a 4th edition after all these years. No way. Just shows laziness/greed.
2) Detail on certain topics. Yes I know this is a "primer," but I found explanations on Cplusplus.com sometimes covered more detail than the book on basic topics.

The book is still a good book. Not great, but good. If you need to learn C++, grabbing a used copy for under $15 is a no brainer.
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on April 29, 2017
This is the BEST programming tutorial book EVER. Cannot recommend enough.
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on February 11, 2008
*important: before reading this book I had lots of experience with [...] and Basic.

I bought this book almost two years ago. On my first run I read the thing up to Chapter 9, this only took me less than a month, for it is written in a very relaxed way. In that month I was on vacations, and I gave three to four hours for of my daily time to this book, which is not very much considering you have to work through examples and stuff. As I was reading it I was conscious that I was becoming in love with the text and explanations, and more importantly, I was loving C++ (well, more C up to that point). Once I entered college as a freshman I had to stop because it was way too demanding for me to seriously work on the book, but in my programming classes I was a complete master. This book is so detailed that even if we worked in C and not C++ (Introduction to Programming was the course) I was able to achieve an A+ without breaking a sweat. This particular course is known to be a serious slut in my college: almost 50% of the class has to retake it.

As timed passed I kept coming back to reread some chapters that had valuable information and that proved to me how good a reference this books also is: the first time I read it, I thought that you HAD to read it from beginning to end, but jumping into chapters is very possible. I was also beginning to advance through the book although at a very slow pace. Until a year ago I was still on chapter 14. This time I took Object Oriented Programming course, and here too, I was top of the class, even If the course is given in the Java programming language. The concepts of OOP are so universal and Prata does such a nice job teaching about the public interface, containment, encapsulation, and other concepts, that even when exposed to a very different language, I was able to succeed.

Two years later I decided that I had had too much and read the whole deal in two weeks. Yes, from chapter 1 to 17 and the appendices. Finally, after reading the "What now?" section at the end of chapter 17, I felt that it was right to write the review, but hadn't had the time. Now I do, and I think my weird experience with it gives me the right to recommend the book in two lights: as an amazing tutorial and reference. Yes, you'll probably have to work through other books (Effective C++ by Meyers, Algorithms in C++ by Sedgewick, STL by Josuttis, and finally The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup) to be a good and efficient C++ programmer, but this is your best way to start.

Some people say that after reading this you should read C++ Primer (no plus). Well, this was not the case for me. I have worked through all the books mentioned in the parenthesis above, and I never felt lost, never (Stroustrup's was read last I must add). I have read books on DirectX and 3D math (more specifically, Luna's and Dun y Parberry's), and on others topics too (that require some C++), and this book did me much justice.

Hope this helps.
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on September 22, 2017
Great book for learning C++
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