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Top Contributor: Campingon January 15, 2011
I ordered this skillet because meats don't brown well in our nonstick skillet. After years of using nonstick, I had to relearn what my mother taught me--preheat dry on medium high heat until droplets of water "dance" in the pan when tossed from fingertips, then add 1 tablespoon oil and coat the bottom of the pan. Add food before oil gets smoking hot. To avoid sticking, do not try to turn food until cooked halfway through.

The heavy copper bottom distributes heat evenly, allowing even cooking. Sticking is minimal, even with delicate foods like tilapia and eggs.

Best of all, deglazing this pan produces a nice sauce to serve over the meat, not the watery broth I used to get with the nonstick skillet.

Two weeks into using this skillet, I don't know how I managed without it.
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on October 23, 2011
for the prices that Tfal offers, it is simply one of the best brands to buy if you cannot afford the unbelievable expensive calphalon, cuisinart etc...
for a 1/3 of the price you will an excellent pan that heats up quickly, distributes heat evenly and cleans like a CHARM!
this is the first stainless steel pan that I have owned and so far it's been amazing.

For those people complaining about sticking... it's stainless steel folks you need to know how to adjust the heat correctly for food not to stick
There are certain tips and tricks that chefs in restaurants use to prevent sticking on stainless steel cookware one of them was by none other than Alton Brown in his Good Eats show where he was pan searing a fish fillet.

His trick was to put some form of fat in the pan first (oil, butter etc...) and as soon as the fish hits the HEATED pan,move it by shaking the pan back and forth for like 30 seconds and that will prevent the fish from sticking to the pan until it forms a nice crust on its outside

This is not the best stainless steel pan you can ever buy, but for under 30$ it surpasses many others than cost more than twice as much. Tfal is still one of my favorite brands to use. Most of my kitchen ware consists of Tfal pots and pans and I have been very happy with them.
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on August 12, 2012
Disclaimer: I'm a single guy who doesn't cook much, so I certainly don't claim to be a cookware expert (boy, is that an understatement!).

That said, I prefer tri-clad stainless steel cookware (primarily stainless steel, with copper bottom and internal aluminum), and it seems that most of my friends & acquaintances (who also tend to be much wealthier than I) use either All Clad or Calphalon. As a 'non-gourmet', I don't feel qualified to speak to the distinctions between those far more expensive brands and more-affordable brands like T-fal.

I can say this: comparing weight, balance, design, materials, fit & finish, appearance, and other features, I'm totally impressed by the T-fal C8390564 Performance Stainless Steel Copper Bottom 10.5-Inch Fry / Saute Pan, Silver (and the T-fal C8392364 Performance Stainless Steel Copper Bottom 2-Quart Sauce Pan with Glass Lid, Silver).

The T-fals have substantial heft and feel, just marginally slightly lighter in weight than the All Clads and Calphalons, and perhaps they're not in quite the same class as those ultra-high-end brands. But as far as I'm concerned, these are exceptional pans, and a FAR(!) better value - they heat evenly, cook beautifully (which - as bad a cook as I am - is really saying something - I'm the kind of guy who can set the kitchen on fire pouring a glass of ice water), clean very easily, and they're really gorgeous (yeah, I know: 'gorgeous' might not be the most important feature in a pan, but they're actually very cool to look at - every bit as nice as those super-expensive pans).

I'm not a wealthy guy (another understatement!), and - like most people - I can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a pan or two - maybe for those who can, brands like All Clad and Calphalon are worth the price. (I also realize that at $30-$35 per pan, the T-fals are not cheap, and cost more than many people can afford.)

I should add that I'm a firm believer that - as with most things - it's not the cost of the cookware that determines the quality of the meal - it's the cook (yes, that probably even applies to ice water).
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on June 23, 2011
This was part of my first foray into stainless steel cookware, and there's no going back!

I have used non-stick for many years and I've smelled the terrible smell of teflon burning. I don't like the idea of chemicals leeching into my food and Stainless, Copper, or Aluminum pots and pans allow you to cook at much higher temperatures than what is safe with non-stick. This means you can do what chefs have always told us to do -- put cold oil on a hot pan (and not the other way around) :)

Higher temperature cooking (as well as not worrying about scraping off teflon coating) has allowed me to cook differently than I did before. I have had a lot of fun pan-frying meat until it's nice and crispy without worrying about consequences. Although this pan is technically too small for a lot of stir fry, it also enables you to do quick, hot methods to prepare food.

The problem I've had with other stainless steel cookware is their neglect toward ergonomics. I'm not sure why companies would design thin, crampy handles, but T-Fal has done us all a favor and made something completely comfy.

In terms of staining, my pan does not look like it did originally, but I'm sure with some Barkeep's Friend I can get it back to normal. But hey, I use my cookware to cook, not as a set-piece!

For the price, you cannot do better than this pan. I would recommend it to anyone, and I hope T-Fal enjoys success and produces more in this line of products.
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on March 2, 2014
Everyone should have a pan this size at least for browning stuff. There are many higher-end pans, but this one performs wonderfully and is priced very well. Because I own several pans like this that are light to medium weight, I have learned they will will ding at the rim if dropped, so I have learned to be careful that this doesn't happen. The bottom is adequately heavy duty and distributes heat as promised, but the rim and handle are somewhat light weight. The handle is not indestructible and has a weak point, but if used as it is designed for that should not be a problem. The benefit of these specs is that overall weight is light for its size, and so for its size it is easy on the wrist. I have owned this pan for quite awhile and I use it ALL the time. It is wonderful to be able to use it on the stove top and in the oven. Again, even though you can pay hundreds and upwards for a pan of this type, I would say the quality and durability of this pan is excellent and it is also an aesthetically pleasing pan.
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on February 9, 2013
For those people who are slipping foiled dishes from boxes into the oven or microwave - stop it! Get this pan, chop veggies until your wrist is well -exercised, add some excellent stock, a big sprinkle of orzo, whisper of wine, a few shrimp, your favorite seasonings and let it bubble and smile in this pan.

This T-fal with the steel/copper bottom is thick enough to take some high heat as well as simmer those dishes that have people coming back for seconds.

Try it. You'll love it.
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on January 19, 2013
I love this pan. I know I am no longer getting toxins leaching in my food. The pan is just the right weight and is high quality. They don't make lids especially for this pan but you probably already have a lid that will do. It is easy to clean. I take out the food and immediately run cold water in it and by the time I'm done eating it washes easily with no scrubbing. I thought I would never give up my non-stick pans but this one has me convinced. Food even tastes better!!
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on September 2, 2012
I love this type of pan. The key is that you use a lower heat and heat the pan before adding anything to cook with these pans and the food cooks more evenly over traditional pans. Easy to clean, if you make the mistake of putting them in the dishwasher you can easily clean off the water marks that look like they stained the pans. If anything sticks to the pan just soak it in water before washing.
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on August 12, 2013
I love this pan. I just wish that there was an 8-inch version for smaller dishes. I would buy it also.

The amazing thing is that with a little olive oil or butter, this is as non-stick as the chemically treated pans, with none of the worries about the chemicals that you are eating.

I would buy this again in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone.
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Most of my pans are non-stick, but some dishes call for using a stainless steel pan. This pan is very attractive and heats up quickly with the help of it's copper bottom. I have a flat range stove top, and there have been no problems using this. Getting the pan clean and shiny can be a bit tricky, but using Bar Keepers Friend definitely helps.
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