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on June 8, 2014
Would get 5 stars if it was a bit less expensive, but still worth it. I had earlier purchased the smaller one, and have been very happy with it. This bigger one cleaned up a big mess of cords on my living room entertainment center. For before and after pictures,see pic I uploaded to this page.
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What took me so long to clean up my hodgepodge of wires, cables, and cords? Aesthetics and safety are important to me, especially in my study, which is also the library, piano room, and yoga room. I desire a calm ambiance, surrounded by my 2000 books. However, until I bought this BlueLounge box, the floor between my desk and pedestal looked like the center of the "Dallas mixmaster" of interstates, with prominent dust bunnies collecting on this untidy collection of cables. Now, it is clean, orderly, and unobtrusive.

The box is plain, rectangular, and deep, with a matte finish (I have the black one), made from fire-retardant plastic. If you are using a precarious device to store your cables, like a shoebox, it is a dangerous fire hazard; it is well worth the money to protect your home from turning into a fireball.

Dimensions are 398 mm/15.6 in long, 154 mm/6 in wide, and 134 mm/5.3 inches deep, with rubber feet to prevent it from slipping. There's plenty of storage space--looks about the size of a shoebox.

I placed a large 12-outlet surge protector in the BlueLounge box without needing to unplug anything. I could have easily fit a second one in there, also. The outlets or openings on each end of the box are about 3.5 inches long and ¾ inch wide, plenty of room for the mass of cables. I tucked the box on the bottom shelf of my pedestal, and voila! From helter-skelter to harmony, all in a few minutes. It's like a 3-minute manager for just 25 bucks.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2017
They want *how* much money for a plastic box? Seriously?

Yeah, that's what I thought too. A shame, really, because while I refused to give in to the ransom demands, the rat's nest of wires behind my entertainment center grew ever larger. I tied the individual cables together with Velcro ties, labeled and color-coded them with cable tagging systems, and told myself they were nice, neat, and organized. As long as nobody looked behind them, that is. Back there, it looked like the Gordian knot of electronics.

The tipping point was when I finally got a robot vacuum cleaner, and I knew I could never let it into the media room, lest it eat the cable ball of twine. Or, perhaps, be eaten by the twine. It was pretty large by then.

I started small, by ordering a couple of smaller boxes from a different company. Cable Management Box Organizer by DMoose - Wooden Style - Hides Power Strips, Surge Protectors & Cords. Large Size for Entertainment Center, Home Office, Computers - Kids & Pet Friendly I put it in the other room, where the cable problem was much smaller. Best to walk before running. They worked really well in there, especially since the cover was made to look like wood, and there are wood floors in that room. Also, the top is deliberately bowed to facilitate putting something on top of it, and I needed to do that because the wireless receiver for my subwoofer was too large to fit in the box with the cables. A few zip ties later, along with a nifty zip-up black neoprene tube DigitGear 4 x Neoprene Cable Management Zipper Sleeve Organizer, Black, and I was feeling pretty smug.

I knew the ever-growing mass in the other room was going to need something a bit sturdier, so I bit the bullet and ordered the black one from Bluelounge. When it came, I knew I had the solution. In the end, I used the black one in the back of the room and bought two sage green ones for either side of the entertainment center. I used two power strips Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, one in each box. I unraveled the knot, tied up each cable to shorten it, and ran them to the nearest box. And with that, the insurmountable problem was solved.

I should note that at the time of this writing, both the new sage green and midnight blue Bluelounge boxes have incorrect dimensions. The actual sizes for the two new colors are identical to the older black and white large boxes. I took a picture of one of the sage green ones next to a black one, and you can clearly see they are identical other than the color. My media room has sea glass green walls, so the sage green boxes look fantastic in there. My bedroom is azure blue, so the midnight blue one went in that room. The black ones went in less visible places where I wanted them to stay that way.

If there is a negative to this sturdy, attractive, well-designed box with a nicely tight-fitting lid, it is this. After getting one and seeing what it does to your wiring nightmare, you will no longer think the price is excessive. On the contrary, you will find yourself gleefully ordering many more of them to solve the problem in every room, not just that one where we can't let the vacuum into. Or company, unless they really like us.

If you are having trouble picking colors, the midnight blue one is almost black and will work well in rooms that have predominately cooler colors without red tones like teal, cold grays, and blues. The sage green is close to a grass-stained white. It will work well with warmer colors like browns, taupes, reds, and greens. If you are putting it in a darkened area, the matte black is a good choice. I'd save the white one for areas that already have a lot of white.

Very highly recommended.

Sean Logue, 2017
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on August 15, 2017
This has done a fantastic job of reducing cord clutter in my living room to hide the cables for my power-reclining sofa. There are cheaper ones out there, but at the time this one was the only one that would fit my surge protector inside it with enough room to spare so that the wall warts would fit as well. Build quality is pretty solid all things considered, and I really have no complaints about the product itself. Pricing is the only thing keeping me from having 10+ of these in my house, hiding every exposed cord I could get my hands on. In the mean time I'm happy with the one I have.
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on December 25, 2016
I keep buying these because they're the best cable boxes you can buy. I have 7 of them and just bought an 8th. I probably need one more too if I'm being honest with myself.

If I were BlueLounge and wanted to release an updated version, there's only a couple of things I'd change:
* Add rubberized bottom to keep it from moving at all. It doesn't move much, but it'd be nice.
* Make the larger ones an inch or two wider to accommodate larger surge protectors. This is a *huge* pain point for me and probably for most of the people buying this.

If you need a cable box, don't buy the cheap ones—I did this once just to see and they're nowhere near as quality as this one.
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on July 21, 2016
If you're looking to organize the clutter behind your TV or office table, or have an entertainment system with multiple components with wires running all over the place I would highly recommend this little box of perfection. You can use conduits or clean wire ties to organize the mass of audio and power cables, but the surge protector is going to need a home.

- Available in different sized to fit any need
- Sturdy construction and solid feel
- Looks and feels like a quality product making it less obtrusive in open areas
- Has enough room to house the surge protector and extra lengths of cord
- No clutter and cleaning in the area is now incredibly easy.

- Use this box with a wire sleeve to consolidate your cables into a neat bundle No more dust balls hanging on my cords or lifting up the entire surge protector to clean the area.

- Not necessarily a con but pricing is a bit high for a plastic box, but for the clean and organized look I get behind my TV I do not regret the purchase at all. Planning to pick up a second one for the other side of my system to clean up another fully loaded surge protector.
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on May 15, 2013
It does the job very well. People voiced two main criticisms: 1. it is "just" a plastic box and is pricey for what it is; 2. It isn't large enough to store the bulky plugs + power bricks that the target demographic has.

I think those criticisms are not that valid. Here's why:

1. There are different kinds of plastic. You have the other Chinese knock offs that you're probably seeing in the Amazon "people who viewed this product also viewed..." section. The reason why they are cheaper is very likely that they use a lower quality plastic. The quality of plastic used in this item is a higher, more durable quality. You can feel it when you hold it. No, this is not just me rationalizing the cost. :)

2. I use this for my desktop computer workstation. I can fit a larger power strip in there with power bricks/cables for speakers and printer, cables for desktop, laptop, monitor with PLENTY of room to spare. All it requires is a little bit of planning to bundle your cables up properly for storage instead of just trying to stuff them in there.

It is a bit pricey -- if it were 20% less I think it would be at a great price point. However, all other products in this segment are clearly inferior, so of course they will continue to charge a price that is worth it in that respect.

Anyway, if you can't decide between this and the cheaper knock offs, GET THIS. It is worth it. Plus, don't support the Chinese knock off industry.
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on June 10, 2016
Everyone needs this!! I mean it, even if you think you don't. I was really upset that my desk was always such a mess with my cords, and one day I was told by a good friend about Bluelounge cablebox's. I honestly didn't find them impressive when I looked at them online, and then I ordered my first one and my office life changed!

Let me be the first to tell you that when you organize your work space it just feels like you are being more productive. I zip tied some wires here, tucked some cords there and boom! An amazing desk a Feng Shui master would be proud of. The price is a little steep but let's be honest you pay for quality not quantity.
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on April 17, 2015
Okay. I admit it. The negative reviewers have their points. This is a brittle plastic box. It's too small for a good surge protector, and it's too large for a small power strip. And whatever its use, it's a bit pricey.

But I'll tell you, it met my needs exactly. All of my normal chords and plugs and boxes and modems and routers are mounted invisibly on the back of a computer credenza. That was not my problem. My problem was one medium sized power strip near my nightstand. It has 3 chargers, an alarm clock, a lamp (and occasionally several other things). It also had some 6-inch extension chords to facilitate some of these plugs.

It was an unsightly mess that depressed me for years. I tried hiding the mess behind the nightstand and under the bed, but somehow it always found its way back into sight. When I happened upon this Bluelounge CableBox on Amazon, I instantly purchased it. Within minutes of the CableBox delivery, I had packed all the unsightly mess into this box, and I am extremely happy with the purchase. For the next three days, I found myself often glancing at this orderly little corner just to enjoy the difference.

If you have a depressing mess, the Bluelounge Cablebox may be just what you're looking for.
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on September 26, 2013
Based on some of the reviews here, I was expecting a low-quality plastic box. However, it is made well, snaps shut, has no-slip grips on the bottom, is much bigger than I expected and looks sharp. In fact, this worked so well that I bought a second one. Seriously, you won't be disappointed. Check out my the pictures I uploaded - I fit TWO loaded surge protectors inside.
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