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on December 22, 2010
After going through loads and loads of reviews on multiple kindle covers - I am finally happy and satisfied that I made the right choice.
It is definitely difficult to make a decision as there are so many options available out there and we really cant try out each and everyone before you choose the right one.

Below were the categories that I divided covers into:
1. Ones that connect to the spine of the kindle
2. Ones that have flaps on all 4 sides to hold the device
3. Sleeve type (like the envelope type)
4. This product that I am writing a review about.

Below are the pros and cons of each of these types:

#1 (Ones that connect to the spine of the kindle)
pros: Great view (we get the see the entire device with nothing on top of it.
cons: We just feel like it may not be holding on to the device for ever. Also, there were some reviews where this was resulting in freezing the device in some cases (as there are connections to the battery of the device for the light in some covers)

#2 (Ones that have flaps on all 4 sides to hold the device)
pros: my opinion, none
cons: I just felt it ugly design that some 4 flaps hold on to the corners of the device. The below flaps also cover part of the buttons - just didnt like it.

#3 (Sleeve type)
pros: Good to use it as a carry case if thats the only purpose of it.
cons: No cover when using the device.

#4 (This product)
pros: Holds the device firmly without some weird looking flaps, the cuts are made right so that the screen, keyboard and connectors are free to use. And great price!
cons: The material is synthetic leather - looks good but not "leather" (which didnt matter to me as it was at a great price)

So, to summarize, I felt the cover was the perfect purposeful product for the kindle at a very good price.
I just couldnt convince myself to pay $35 (Other covers) or more when the reader itself was $139

Hope this review helps.

[Update - March 29, 2011]
Am still very happy with the product - no issues what so ever.
I did drop the kindle (with cover ofcourse) more than couple of times - no damages.

[Update - January 26, 2012]
My usage of kindle has reduced a bit lately, blame my iPad2 for it! Well, for reading books its still the Kindle!
Coming back to the kindle cover, its still holding very well, no issues what so ever - my usage hasn't been that extensive though.
About the negatives, the kindle cover is open from the top ... my kindle hasn't fallen out of it yet, but it has slid out a bit and I have managed to be careful.
Otherwise, still doing great!
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on December 9, 2010
I purchased this cover after going to several Best Buy stores and coming up empty. (Best Buy sells the Kindle and other eReaders. They also offer covers in the store.) I even tried to purchase a cover that was supposed to be for the Kindle 3. I went to my vehicle to see if it would hold my Kindle in place if the case accidentally fell out of my purse, it did not. I left my vehicle and returned the $40 case for a full refund.
Then I returned home and began searching Amazon for a cover. This cover seemed perfect. Now that I have received it, it is great because the Kindle slides in from top of the case. It provides access to the page keys, the USB port, and the power button. The left side of the case is firm, but lightly padded to provide some protection for the screen. It is a perfect case for tossing my Kindle into my purse. Wish it came in different colors, like RED! Oh well, other than that it is GREAT!!!
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on December 22, 2010
For the price, it is an excellent cover. It fits the K3 exactly and will not let it fall out, even through the open flap at the top. But that's how you get the kindle in anyway.

1) Holds the K3 perfectly (as mentioned above)
2) The price was decent
3) Makes me feel as if I am holding a 'real' book open
4) I never have to touch my K3. I am only touching the buttons to turn the page & to type.
5) Does not obstruct the function of the kindle. I can still plug it into my computer, plug in my head phones, have it read out loud, etc. without it being muffled by the case or without removing it from the case.

1) It is thin leather and I would not feel comfortable throwing it around in a bag with my keys and wallet, but that's just me.
2)The magnet is not terribly strong, but I have a feeling that it if it were, it might interfere with the K3's internal wiring & battery as other faulty cases have.

The pros outweigh the cons for me. I am happy with my new case for my K3.
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on April 7, 2011
I have research many cases before I decided on this one. There were two reasons for my decision - price and look. There are other cases that might be better make with better materials, but I cannot see why I should spend $50-$100 for a case to protect a product that costs $139. So the $15 price for the CE case was prefect. I received the case within 1 week and what a pleasant surprise. Even though the case is not leather but it looks great and it fits the Kindle 3 perfectly. There was a review that said the Kindle will slip out if holding the case upside down. I turned the case upside down and tried to shake the Kindle out. The case holds the Kindle firmly in place. The weight of the case is light that it did not bother me when holding it. Overall, I love this case and would recommend to others.
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on December 16, 2010
The perfect case for the Kindle, IMO. Sleek and elegant-looking, it looks like it'd cost three or four times more than what it does, fits the Kindle snugly, and leaves all of the Kindle's buttons accessible. My main concern before purchasing was that the Kindle might slide out of the top-loading opening, but it's such an exact fit that even with some jostling and shaking, it's in there to stay. The back speakers are of course covered up, but it doesn't seem to impede the sound one bit. Totally recommended, and what great value--why would anyone pay for the ridiculously expensive proprietary Kindle case when you can get this?!
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on March 31, 2011
I've been using this cover for a couple days now and overall, I'm pleased. There were a couple very small defects; a small glue bump and one tiny scratch in the leather which reduced my rating one star. Compared to the prices for many of the other cases, this one is very good for the price you're paying. The magnetic clasp isn't the strongest magnet on the planet, but that also means there's no sharp metal to potentially scratch my beautiful Kindle. The inside flap is a little tight but I'm sure it'll give a bit more once being broken in. As for the basic functionality, the screen, all buttons and connections are easily accessible and my Kindle fits in very snug and it only adds a tiny bit of weight to my Kindle (in fact, I can barely tell). The front cover folds back very easily for one-handed reading. Overall, I'm very pleased.
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on February 20, 2015
I should have paid more attention to the 1 star reviews, but there were so many 4 and 5 star reviews that I confess I just skimmed over the first couple 1 star reviews and they seemed innocuous enough. I bought this cover because I was changing the color of the cases on my iPads, phone, and iPod and I like everything to be color coordinated. There are not very many covers to choose from for the Kindle Keyboard anymore (and black was not my first color choice but it was the best I could find to go with the blue ones I had chosen for my other things), so my options were severely limited. From the number of 4 and 5 star reviews this seemed like a good enough cover, not terribly expensive, and eligible for Amazon Prime, so I paid the $10. Or I suppose I should say that I threw away $10. There is NO way I am going to put my kindle in this case. Flimsy, badly designed, shoddy workmanship, sub par materials. For instance, when you close the cover the magnet on strap that holds it closed does not line up with the magnet on the cover, so you either have the front of the cover jacked at an angle or the strap runs uphill. Also (again my fault for not reading all the reviews) the kindle slides in the top and there is nothing to hold it in place. I will not be using this case. The Case Crown case that I currently have on it is still nearly pristine (and sturdy and well made and had they still been available that is what I would have bought) so my kindle will just have to be the red accent piece in a sea of blue. I just wish I had saved my $10.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 30, 2015
I love the Kindle Keyboard and have owned a few with two of them still working fine. Normally I purchase the case that Amazon promotes for this Kindle with the elastic strap around the cover. However, because I use a clip-on light which has a fairly thick clip, the elastic eventually stretches and I have to buy a new cover. So, I decided to go with this cover. I liked the fact that it closes with the magnetic snap and that there is a pouch on the left side one might use for some small item - driver's license/atm card if you're traveling light.

However, I wasn't impressed with the way my Kindle fit inside the case. The bottom part has an open area which allows the reader access to the keys including the "go back" key. My case covers up part of the keys which I need to maneuver through the book. For example, the "go back" key is somewhat covered up which means I have to continually adjust the case cover to accommodate my desire to go back and forth.

I finally decided to use the cushion that came with the Kindle and slipped it behind the Kindle which causes the cover to fit more tightly around the Kindle. It makes the case and Kindle look and feel bulky. So, although this cover has some nice features, I really don't care for it all that much. I may decide to purchase the same cover with the elastic strapping once again. It's very nice until the strap loses its elasticity which takes about two years for me. I was fortunate to get a new Kindle Keyboard from a different source than Amazon since Amazon no longer sells them. I have a Kindle Fire, a Kindle Paper White and an older Kindle Keyboard. The Keyboard remains my favorite since it's easier on my eyes than those who have the inside light feature.
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on March 28, 2011
I have to agree with all the positive reviews on here regarding this cover. Its a lightweight cover that is surprisingly well constructed. Many reviews concerning Kindle covers focus on the smell of the materials - the odor does dissipate after some time and all new covers made of vinyl (or other plastics) will off-gas, this is normal, although I do understand some materials do have stronger odors than others. For me, this is not a concern as the smell is minimal - I didn't actually notice it until I put my nose to the cover and took a sniff. Why did I sniff it? Because so many reviews on Amazon complain about the smell! :) Again, for me, this is a non-issue.

I'm impressed with how well the Kindle fits into the sleeve and love that it protects my Kindle as well as giving the Kindle a little more bulk for me to hold on to while reading. Access to all the buttons/ports and all cut-outs are done well. Its not perfect, but it is a very functional and well designed cover ... and a very, very economical one at that! The cover is still new to me so I can't comment on the durability of it yet but it appears to be very well constructed.

So, as of right now, I am completely satisfied with this product - I think it is a great cover for general use and I recommend it, especially if it proves durable over time.
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on September 8, 2012
Alright I ain't gonna lie this case is not so bad. Yea it is pretty damn cheap and fairly thin. Has no way to keep the cover open without you holding it. Yea it has a magnet for it to close... then you have to count that the opening for the Kindle to fit in is at the top, which just risks it falling out.

Even after all of that to consider its still pretty descent, as descent as other covers I have paid more for. I still rated it with 4 stars because like I said, I have seen and paid for others that have done the same thing. Not only that but I have dropped my Kindle a few times (Not to hard) and it held up and protected it, with it slipping out just a little. I've had the case for 2 months and use it daily and its still holding up descent for the material (Its just worn out around the bottom where the on/off button is) other than that its perfect and holding up.
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