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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars

on June 21, 2015
I simply adore this albume and Yann Tiersen's music. This albume has almost all of my most favorite music of him, so very happy to have purchased it. He has the most interesting, soulful and beautiful music, even his sad songs make me happy and changes my mood. I love the "layers" in his music, they are simply genious and make his music so interesting. My son and I love listening to the cd while we drive and I listen to it even when I work... And he started playing some of his pieces in piano.. I love all the songs in the cd. The only thing I wish it was different is for Yann Tiersen to have song, instead of Dominique A., the two pieces, monochrome and bagatelle. I heard/watched him singing these in YouTube and they are absolutely adorable.If anyone close to him reads this, please thank him for making such beautiful music that so many of his listeners are in love with and can't get tired of...
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on July 15, 2008
I'm not a fan of live CDs and I'm even less of a fan of import CD prices. So please bear that in mind when I say this is one of the most fantastic music purchases I've ever made!

Like many non-French speaking people I was introduced to the music of Yann Tiersen through the film AMELIE. And after playing the film soundtrack a few hundred times I grew hungry for more Tiersen. I searched around, and this CD was the best choice I found to sample Tiersen's other music.

Basically you get a "best of' Tiersen's work on this 2 disc set. Some familiar tracks from the AMELIE soundtrack are present here, but several pieces that were instrumentals on the AMELIE soundtrack have vocal arrangements (some in English & some in French) on them here. Also, Tiersen does something I love in live shows--he segues beautifully from one song into another without being choppy or jarring. Absent from this live set is my biggest pet peeve of live CDs--the audience background noise. Thankfully the audience at this performance just lets Tiersen play his music, and man does he play! His passion is so visceral, so palpable that I could feel it through my speakers. And the most you can expect from good music is it makes you feel--that what Tiersen's music does on this CD.

And a quick note on the import price. I got it for $28 here on Amazon, and if you choose free s&h that breaks down to only $14 a CD, which is a bargain for the great music you're getting.
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on April 6, 2010
I simply love these two CDs, I've been listening to them for a month in my car and they always manage to give me a peaceful feeling, I can't have enough of this music! I'm familiar with both French music in general and the movies (Amelie, Goodbye Lenin), but this is something I listen for itself, regardless the reason it was composed for.
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on October 26, 2016
Excellent music show.
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on January 12, 2015
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A must have for any Yann Tiersen fan.
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on December 1, 2015
Bed sound quality. Went directly to a trash can.
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on October 1, 2012
Recorded on February 2 2002 during a live concert done in Paris, this recording presents many tracks that have been used in the French movie "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain" known in the USA as Amelie, along with other compositions from Yann Tiersen's other albums.

Through his concert, Tiersen offers us a complete range of musical interpretations that he does on various instruments such as Harmonica, violin, piano, accordion, guitar, and even ocarina. As a special treat, he even interprets a Serge Gainsbourg song called "La Noyee", which just adds a melancholy to his musical universe. As such, I think this whole album is wonderful way to discover an incredible artist, and return into the universe of Amelie Poulain

Of my favourite tracks in this album, I loved on the first CD the songs "C'etait ici", "Les jours Tristes" (a lyrical version of the melody that was used in the end credits of Amelie), "La noyee", "La Terrasse" and "le Fromveur". On the second album, I loved "Le Meridien", "l'Absente", "la Parade", "Plus au Sud", "La Crise", "les Bras de Mer", the excellent "Monochrome", which Dominique Arpin sings with a gorgeous voice, and Fevrier, whose tension made me think of a duel between samourais or of a Kabuki play.

In the end, this album is a must for anybody who loved Amelie, but also Yann Tiersen's work.
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on August 18, 2010
How is it possible not to be taken away by the charm and power of this live by French composer Yann Tiersen. His unique style and sound, that some of you may have encountered on Amélie Poulain or Goodbye Lenin's soundtracks takes a whole new intensity when played live by the maestro and his guests.
This double live album, recorded in February of 2002 at La Cité de La Musique of Paris with the Synaxis Orchestra (directed by Guillaume Bourgogne) is the most poignant and heartfelt work in the whole of Tiersen's quality catalogue.
Of course, the guests, the "Tiersen Family" as many of them can also be found on his "Black Session" recording, bring a little extra grain of salt to Yann's music but, would all the tracks they're featured on be absent from this tracklist we have had the perfect display of the grace within Tiersen's music.
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on February 15, 2003
C'Etait Ici is an amazing recording of a live show that I wish I could have seen. If your knowledge of Yann Tiersen is limited to Amelie, this is the best CD for you to test the waters. A great 2 disc collection featuring some of the best vocal and instrumental pieces that are scattered throughout his other works. Songs that whisk you off to Paris, songs with lyrics that hit home, and songs that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Such as the vocal tracks from the uplifting Le Meridien, the "do what you gotta do song" Les Jours Tristes. Not to mention the impeccable Monochrome from the Le Phare album (I personally prefer the live version). Then there's the piano pieces like, Rue Des Cascades and Le Moulin, songs so amazing I can't even fathom that a human composed them. So basically you get a grand mix, huge orchestra instrumentals, quiet solo piano pieces, songs in French, songs in English, female vocals, Yann vocals... all magic.
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