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on March 5, 2015
I am pleased it finally came out. I think the show is terriffic! 2 motorcycle cops out there who actually know how to make a difference. The show has taught me to respect any motorcycle cop on the highway. John & Frank handle stuff big & small. Some of the accidents I've seen are the kind where electricity poles get knocked over, or broken in half. & In one episode they try to keep a car from going over a 600 ft cliff, while the third officer tries to get a mother & 2 kids out of the car. Its not long before it goes over. & they always deal with roadragers on the freeways. They always give kids advice, confidence for example. Stuff like that. As well as helping folks who fight on freeways sort out they're differences. What we see in this season 2 groups whites & Hispanics fighting on the road & at the beach. I would have never guessed they'd be getting along at the end of the show. That's what IM talking about. Frank & John I got to give them 2 thumbs up!
Anyways I am enjoying the show. & Im looking forward to seeing season 4 come out. & I'll wait as long as I have to! People? Don't ask me how desperate I am! When I get all the seasons, whew! Won't I be relieved!! Its funny? I watched the other show In the Heat of the night with Carroll O Connor. All seasons came out in such a short amount of time One after the other. Why can't they do the same with Chips? It doesn't make any sense!!
Don't worry I won't go on & on about it! As long as Warner Bros understands where Im coming from. We all have do only one thing, Hold our breath & keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely a show worth watching, & I'm just as eager as the rest of you guys out there to receive the rest of the seasons! Erik Estrada? Tell them to hurry up with the 3 remaining seasons! Your about the only one who can convince them! We're all very impatient!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on April 14, 2015
It's been a long wait, but the hot seventies roller-disco mama's in short-shorts and halter/tube tops with Dorothy Hamill hair-do's are back, along with both has-been and future celebrities, and the crashing/flipping/speeding craptastic '70's cars and bikes!

What isn't back, thankfully are the el-cheapo flipper discs (i.e., double-sided) which are historically destined to fail. The individual slimline disc cases are gone, replaced by a single stacker case. AFAIK, there's been ZERO restoration of either picture or soundtrack and no Hi-Rez re-scan. Disappointing, especially considering the price they're charging. Vid and sound quality are, therefore, variable with some visible pic degradation (noise and soft rez) and soundtrack issues (wow/flutter, drop-outs, no extended HF response, etc,). Aditionally, no special features of any kind are included, unlike previous release(s)

Lightweight content aside, this has become a cult classic for many, myself included! I love the show, and while I'm happy to be gradually replacing my inferior UK bootleg DVD's of all 6 seasons dubbed from off-air VCR sources, they could have, and should have, done better!

Regardless, it's good, clean fun and wholesome family entertainment...Highly Recommended!

4 stars for content, 1 star for execution, packaging & lack of features.
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on March 18, 2015
Finally the 3rd Season with 24 Episodes is out after all those years waiting.

Picture-Format: 1,33:1 / 4:3 (appears correct on 16:9 TV's with black bars left and right side)
Picture-Quality: good
Sound: mono

Subtitles: English

CHIPS, the 3rd Season is again full of fun and thrilling moments on the California Highway (Los Angeles Area).
Jon and Ponch again hunting on their motorbikes bad guys and helping people.

As a new Officer is starring now Michael Dorn who might be famous for his role as Worf in the Star Trek Franchise TNG.

Guest Actors: Jim Brown ("The dirty Dozen", "Rio Concho"), Aldo Ray ("We're No Angels"), Billy Barty, Andrew Duggan, Bruce Glover (James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever), Robert Dowdell (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea), Ponchs Mother played by Anna Navarro was in "Topaz", Rosemary Forsyth, Warren Berlinger, Edd Byrnes (77 Street).

Episode 2 "Roller Disco - Part 2" contains some great names who did a cameo for the "Benefit"-Storyline: George A-TEAM Peppard, Adam BATMAN West, Ruth Buzzi, Melissa LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE Anderson and any more.

- in the Episode "Hot Wheels" can be seen a Fire-Truck with the Number 51. Its the same truck used in the serie "Emergency".
- Episode 12 "Destruction Derby" is Billy Green Bush guest starring. He is the father of the famous Twin-Sisters Sydney and Lindsay Greenbush (!) who played Carrie Ingals in the longtime running "Little House on the Prairie"

FAZIT: old-fashioned? Possible. But its entertaining with a good portion of humor.
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on October 22, 2017
Yes, this show is cheesy but perhaps that's why it's so endearing. Have just started watching the first disc with the "Roller Disco" episode and boy, did that bring back memories. Leif Garrett! LOL. How he graced many of my 16 magazines back in the day. Well, we all know how he turned out later on in life...sad. But what really made me chuckle was the list of "celebrities" that showed up for the charity disco. Younger people today wouldn't know any of them at all. Jo Ann Pflug? Ruth Buzzi? Lee Meriwether? Robert Manden? And most of the cast from 8 is Enough,it looked like. Funny how fame is so fleeting. They could make a show like that with the "stars" of today and it will look just as silly as this does 30 years from now. Not to discredit actors but when I was watching them name names and caught a glimpse of each "star" I kinda laughed instead of feeling like "Ohhhh....Cindy Williams! Wow!" All ends well as we watch Leif lip synch to one of his "hit songs" before the record so obviously fades out. LOL!

And, naturally, we get to view Ponch disco dancing for a brief moment..macho cheesiness at it's best.

More giggles watching the dummies in cars right before it rolls over. And who knew that everyone back in the day drove cars that had huge dents on the sides and missing hubcaps? Yep, as soon as you see one you just know there will be a smash up. This is particularly side splitting in "High Octane" when the man who's driving the yellow station wagon learns that his car (which looks like it's on its last legs) blows up and he practically faints. He apparently thought he was driving a Porsche instead of an old wreck.

All I can say is....Take me to the freeway! I can't wait to watch more! Love it Love it Love it!!!
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on May 16, 2015
As my title says, Finally. Its been a long time coming for Season 3, and it will not disappoint. I may not have watched the entire disc set as of yet, but CHiPs is like a police action lover's paradise. The intense, multi-car/truck crashes on the freeways around Los Angeles, the crazy antics of Ponch who along with John, Sgt. Getraer and the rest of the supporting cast that made CHiPs a household name back in the 70's and early 80's. I remember long ago, well 2005 and 2006, when Seasons 1 and 2 we're released and it brought me back to my childhood watching the show with my dad every week. So, I figured along with all the other fans that Season 3 would follow suit and be released in 2007, but none of us got our CHiPs 'fix' for another 9 years, after which most other TV DVD sets we're being released regularly.

Great show, keeps you riveted, especially since I recall very little of the individual episodes, except that it had motorcycles, spectacular car crashes, and the caring, but tough Seargeant. Let's hope it doesn't take another 9 years for Season 4 to be released. If that trend continues, I'll be an old man when the final season comes out.
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on May 9, 2015
What can I say these are my classics from my youth. Nostalgia at its best! These are TV shows that were offered back then and we appreciated the entertainment we had before modern technology took over the world! All it brings are memories of a kid in the early 80s . It's got sentiment behind it. Overall great entertainment. Again keep in mind for the younger crowd this is my times , it may be retro for your viewing eyes. But believe me one day your modern sitcoms will be in that same category.
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on November 6, 2014
It's about time they released this 1979-80 Season of this police drama on DVD along with the fact that this was the season when Randi Oakes joins the cast as Officer Bonnie Clark replacing her predecessor Brianne Leary as Officer Sindy Cahill and Michael Dorn joins the cast as Officer Jeb Turner replacing Lew Saunders as Officer Gene Fritz.

This season also takes me back to memory lane to when I was 7 years old in the 1st grade and used to watch it every Saturday night on NBC after HEE-HAW, but eventually this also became the season when CHiPs was moved to Sundays in the Spring of 1980.

This 1979-1980 Season also had some interesting guest stars like

Bill Daily who played Maj. Healey on I DREAM OF JEANNIE in the "Roller Disco"

Edd "Kookie" Byrnes in the "Off Road" episode

James Luisi who played the hard-nosed Lt. Chapman on THE ROCKFORD FILES guest starring in "The Strippers" episode

John McCook who played Eric Forrester on YOUNG & THE RESTLESS & on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL guest starring in the" Thrill Show"

Meredith Mac Rae from PETTICOAT JUNCTION guest starring in the "Off Road" episode

Granville Van Dusen in "The Watch Commander" episode before his co-starring days on YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Michael Conrad from HILL STREET BLUES guest starring in the "Drive Lady Drive" episode

Anne Lockhart who played Lt. Sheba on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA guest starring in the " Return of the Supercycle" episode

Jared Martin from DALLAS in the "Hot Wheels" episode

Larry Linville who played Maj. Burns on M.A.S.H guest starring in "Roller Disco" episode

Dana Plato who played Kimberly Drummond guest starring in the "Nightingale" episode

Football player Jim Brown in the "Roller Disco" episode

Morgan Woodward from DALLAS guest starring in "The Strippers" episode

Singer Leif Garrett in the "Roller Disco" episode

So now that Warner Bros. is finally releasing its Junior year season of CHiPs out on DVD in the Spring of 2015, I can add it to my DVD collection of ADAM-12, DRAGNET, HUNTER, as well as my collection of the first2 seasons of CHiPs on top of that, plus I'll be able to watch these 1979-1980 Season episodes complete & uncut as well as commercial-free without all those deleted scenes you'd get in reruns on TNT, TBS, Me-TV, and H&I.
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on July 14, 2016
I am trying to collect all 6 Seasons of Chips...I loved this show as a young girl not just for the handsome officers but the story lines and other characters...My twin sister and I used to enjoy this program every Saturday evening with our parents and older sister and it just brings back fond memories every time I watch. I like the packaging of my DVD's and they all play very well most of my seasons I bought new except 1 but they all play and can't wait to obtain seasons 4, 5 and 6. I like watching theses DVD's over and over better than some of the things you see on television today. I have even share them with my son who is now 18 and he gets to enjoy with me a program I grew up enjoying...we get to enjoy together.
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In this season Jon and Ponch are on patrol again with trouble brewing around every corner. Ponch is hurt while on patrol and ends up in the hospital with a broken arm and ribs but this is due to the real life accident to Erik Estrada who plays Ponch where he broke his arm in while riding a motorcycle during shooting so they incorporated it into the season that Ponch got hurt and use it to advance the plot of the season. This is a must have for anyone who likes the CHiPs series.
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on May 2, 2015
I love this tv show when I was growing up. When I watch this on DVD I still love the show. It brings me back to the good old days. I wish the would sell the complete seasons of CHIPS. Seasons 1 to 6 or 7..Don't remember after Season Five when Larry Wilcox left the show. They were a great team. I wanted to find out why Larry Wilcox left the show. when I was growing up watching this great TV show. Now I found out that Eric and Larry had some problems working together.
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