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Color: Blue|Style: Devastator|Change
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on January 28, 2015
I was in the market to ditch my no frills plain keyboard to buy a more expensive, gaming keyboard. After seeing all the positive reviews for this one (plus a mouse) and for a lower end price, I figured I would give it a shot over some of the popular namebrands like Corsair or Razer.

The keyboard looks just like the image. The backlight is relatively bright and you will have no trouble seeing the keys. The keys are also not very loud when typing compared to some other keyboards at a similar price. The rubber grips on the bottom are very effective at stopping the keyboard from moving around. As other reviews have mentioned, the keys are very tough to see, almost unreadable, when the backlight is turned off (picture included).

The mouse is also slick looking, just as the picture shows. It has a lower height than I thought but not to the extent of being a detractor. It is very responsive and very fast when set to the highest preset level. I wasn't even in the market for a new mouse but I will play this one out for now since I am pleasantly surprised with it.

All in all, this is a great deal if you are in the market for a gaming keyboard and mouse but want to avoid the higher prices of top of the line gear.
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on November 12, 2014
First, I will start off by saying that my main driver is a Logitech G710+ and a G602, so quality is a factor when purchasing products. I purchased this set for a client gaming build, and I was very surprised. Here are the pros and cons for both items


-The keys! They actually feel mechanical, even though they are membrane. They have a sort of tactile feedback without the noise of springs. I would (almost) argue that they have a better feeling then Cherry MX, but are slightly harder to type on. Then again, its practically a 20 dollar keyboard.
-The backlighting is bright, but not too bad. All the space under the keys are lit up, as well as the tops of the caps.
-Full 10 key layout for maximum usage, but in a slightly compact form factor.
-Normal key layout that most people should be familior with.
-Dedicated media keys and volume up/down (no mute)

-On or off backlighting, and when off the lettering is near to impossible to see. So basically all black keys.
-No software support for macros (knew this before purchasing)
-Raised keys, which may feel different at first for people used to using flat keys. (Similar to mechanical keycaps)


-Fairly comfortable, palm grip feels good and claw grip is possible (more of a palm mouse though).
-Clicky right/left buttons feel normal, nothing exceptional though
-Smooth scroll wheel with clicky increments.
-DPI switch for on the fly changes in games.
-Forward/back keys on the left side.
-Rubber grip on the front side for 2 two outside fingers.
-Awesome looking lighting down the middle, on the scroll wheel, and even on the front like a car grill.


-Again, no marcos, which is understandable for a 10 dollar mouse.
-Not much support for the outside fingers.
-Light always stays on.

To wrap it up, these are both exceptional products for 30 dollars (I say about 20 for the keyboard, 10 for the mouse). There is nothing else on the market name brand like this for that price. This is also a good entry keyboard for someone who doesn't know if a mechanical keyboard is good for them since it sort of has the correct feel. I can easily recommend this for any gamer with any system, or even for someone who wants a good looking setup. It has a passive aggressive look that is hard to produce, but Cooler Master hit the ball out of the park on this one.
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on July 11, 2015
Overall, this is a good keyboard for the price. I use it on a computer that dual boots Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon.

The mouse light is always on while it has power. At first I had it on, even when the computer was turned off. That can be fixed by changing a setting in BIOS telling your motherboard that you don't want to be powering usb devices when turned off.

On Windows, the keyboard starts with LEDs all off, but they can be toggled with SCR LK.

For Linux, here is a summary of tweaks I had to do to make the keyboard work the way I wanted it:

1 - add: "xset led 3" to startup applications to make the keyboard backlight turn on AFTER you log in.

2- to turn it on BEFORE login, I edited /etc/mdm/Init/Default, adding "/usr/bin/xset led 3" just before the "exit 0" at the end of the file.

3- I found a simple script to enable SCR LK to toggle the backlight. Then I added bound it to a custom shortcut under (Keyboard settings) -> Keyboard shortcuts (tab) -> Custom Shortcuts. Here is the script:

MASK=`xset q | grep LED | cut -d' ' -f 21 | cut -b 8`
if [ $(($MASK & 4)) = 4 ]; then
xset -led 3
xset led 3

All in all, I am happy I got the keyboard, but -1 star for making me do so much research to make it work for linux. I wish it just had an on/off switch built into the keyboard that didn't require any interaction with the OS, or just left it always on because you really can't read the keys when the light is off.
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on June 14, 2015
The CM Devastator combo is a decent peripheral combination for the price. At $29.99 you get a back lit membrane keyboard and 2000 DPI LED lit mouse in blue, red or green.
The Keyboard:
As membrane keyboards go, this one is a much higher quality than most. Although the box does not post numbers, most membrane keyboards are rated at around 5 million key presses. The keyboard itself is a grainy matte finish with shiny accents around the sides of the keyboard that are a huge fingerprint magnet. A CM Storm logo sits beneath the num,caps and scr lock indicators. The key caps are laser-etched to show the lighting from within the keys, and have a very pleasing smooth rubber coating to them. CM boasts "tactile" feel but this is nothing like a mechanical keyboard. There is a "bump" before the key bottoms out, but it feels more resistant to your presses, but being a membrane requires you to bottom out. Some have compared the feel almost to a Cherry MX Brown but I would disagree. As far as membranes go, this is one of the best feeling out there. The blue lighting is even across all keys, and the back plate is white to help disperse the lighting. The num, caps and scr lock indicators also match the back lighting, and oddly CM requires the scr lock button to be pushed to have the LED's light up. There are no lighting modes nor brightness settings, which is a shame. With the lighting off, the keys are difficult to see in dark lighting so it is usually necessary to keep the back light on all the time. The keyboard has media keys across the top in the form of stop, play/pause, rewind and fast forward on the left and volume up and volume down on the right. The inclusion of the media keys is very welcome. Because of the thick bezel around the whole keyboard, it is difficult to use a wrist rest and the sloping area beneath the keyboard is not extensive enough to use as the wrist rest. Using, I averaged a best of about 79 WPM with a 1% error rate, but using a mechanical for as long as I have it took some getting used to because of it's membrane build. Using the Microsoft Ghosting tool, the keyboard could barely squeeze our 6KRO, but not for close keys. The lack of a Windows key lockout on the keyboard is a sore omission to a gaming keyboard. It all wraps up to a flimsy feeling rubber mouse cord going to a silver USB plug. The plug does not have any indications as to what it is, so finding the plug on the back of your PC may require following the cord. The bottom also has 4 well placed rubber feet, but the elevation tabs are not rubberized. This keyboard is also plug-and-play, no software even available.
The Mouse:
The mouse has a very similar build quality to the keyboard, being covered in the same pleasing smooth matte finish as the key caps. The side of the mouse has a rubber area towards the front of the mouse on the left and right for grip, and has forward/back buttons on the left, and the DPI selector right below the scroll wheel. Despite only being on the left, the mouse is uniform on both sides so a left hander should be able to use with no problem as long as that individual doesn't need the forward/back buttons. The mouse will have the same color LED's as the keyboard when you purchase, and illuminates the front of the mouse with sort of "headlights" under the left and right buttons, the left and right of the scroll wheel, the DPI selector and some "veins" right below that selector. Overall it is very tastefully done and isn't too "gamey" looking. Sadly you cannot turn off the lighting like the keyboard, and the mouse stayed lit up even when the PC was powered down. On the bottom are 4 very small mouse skates, but provided smooth tracking. CM does not indicate what type of sensor is used, nor the switch type for the buttons, but the presses were positive and had a nice sound. The 3 DPI settings are indicated by the lighting of the DPI selector. Off means 1000 DPI, dim lighting is 1600 DPI, and bright lighting is 2000 DPI. 1000 was a little too slow for me but strangely I could barely tell the difference between 1600 and 2000. There is obvious acceleration going on in the mouse. I usually kept it at 2000, but I experienced no tracking issues while playing some FPS's and RTS's. The scroll wheel itself is rather spongy when scrolling but the steps were noticeable. There is no optional weights to the mouse, and it was on the light side. The mouse has a similar rubber cord going to a silver USB, also not labeled.
Overall, this is a solid combo, and is a decent product for basic gaming and PC use. The back lighting looks good the tactile key presses feel much better than a regular membrane keyboard. The mouse is decent for gaming and looks great with the lighting.
Feels much better than most membrane keyboards; good looks and good back lighting; media keys; nice finish on mouse and key caps; 3 mouse DPI settings; awesome price; 3 available back light colors.
Cons: Keyboard is hard to see with lights off; lighting is either on or off with keyboard; can't turn mouse lighting off, even when powered down; DPI settings are difficult to tell apart at the 2 highest settings.
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on September 18, 2015
One of the best tech purchases I've made. I have a typing speed of 111wpm and I've been using chiclet style keyboards on laptops and from iMacs for most of my life. However, I've always wondered about the appeal of a more tactile keyboard besides the satisfying sounds.

Keep in mind this keyboard is NOT mechanical, but rather rubber-dome. That said, the keys are very clicky and I love typing on it. At first, you notice the rubbery feel of the keys but as you keep typing, you get used to it. The media control keys at the top are stiff when you first get them. You need to break them in by using them in your everyday tasks. To this day, they're still kind of stiff for me because I don't use them often, but that doesn't concern me. I've been using this keyboard for a solid week or two and I'm already preferring it over chiclet style keys. In the beginning, I had trouble typing properly because chiclet style keyboards are more spaced out and have less travel (my preference) which caused me to have more typos than ever before.

I adapted to the keyboard within 2 days and now my typing speed can reach past 120wpm -- a number I've never reached before in my life. I'm curious to see how fast I can type with a mechanical keyboard with easier travel. Anywho, I bought the RED LED keyboard that came with the RED mouse. Best decision I've made. The red colors are not washed out. I've heard the reds described as the red color typical in alarm clocks, but I think it's a deeper, richer red. Which is good. You activate it by pressing the scroll lock key, which, unfortunately, is not OFFICIALLY supported for Mac but there's a workaround on their support forums if you search for it.

IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ChromeOS. Since it uses the scroll lock key, it is impossible to activate the backlighting because ChromeOS has no function to recognize the key input. However, the mouse automatically lights up when plugged in. That's great.

Speaking of the mouse, it has two buttons on the side, which are used for pressing back and forward in your browser, which is extremely useful. The button in the middle is mapped as a DPI function, which should work regardless of OS. It basically increases the speed or distance traveled which can really help with larger monitors or first person shooters.

Overall, I really, really love this keyboard. It's only $30 and I can't believe the value I'm getting out of it. The only downside that this keyboard has is that it CAN attract oil or fingerprints (not much, actually) on the mouse and keyboard, but you can wipe it down with a cloth if you need to.
On another note, when the backlighting is OFF, the keys are low-profile which is great for a minimal look on your desk.

I used this without the backlighting for a week with my Chromebook and didn't find any problems with the lack of the lighting. I switched to a PC with backlighting this week and I'm loving it but I find myself almost never looking down at the keyboard to enjoy it as much as I should. But that's me.
I know a lot of people actually NEED backlighting on their keyboards, but I found it to be purely for aesthetics in my own personal usage. Great for night time looks, though!

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on May 8, 2015
UPDATE: Mouse scroll wheel broke after 1 1/2 months. Mouse is very cheap.

This keyboard + mouse combo is very hard to beat when it comes to the price. For less than $30, I am more than happy with my purchase. If you need to save on money, buy this combo. If not, get a mechanical keyboard. My complaints with this is the squeaky mouse scroll wheel, the impossible to see keys without backlight and the mouse is a bit flatter than expected. But that's just my personal opinion since I have a larger hand.

Great price
Backlight with color variety
Keyboard seems durable
Extra 2 buttons on the mouse

Keyboard keys are impossible to see without the backlight
Squeaky mouse scroll wheel
Small is small and cheap
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on May 11, 2015
The only reason I will not give this product a 4 star review is like other people have commented: the scroll lock is the only way to get the back-lighting on the keyboard.

I don't mind using the keyboard without the backlighting. I'm a touch typist. I also think it is a cool design at times (like some of the razer keyboards that do not have visible key markings)

That being said, this is a great keyboard except you are forced to share your scroll lock with the backlight toggle. This is going to be very annoying if you want to use the backlight and an excel document at the same time for example.

Also, I have tested the product on Windows 8.1 and the most current LTS of Ubuntu 14.04 at the time of this posting. The backlighting feature will not work on ubuntu natively, even when trying to use the scroll lock. I was eventually able to get the scroll lock key to toggle the backlighting in Ubuntu, however it required troubleshooting and a few terminal commands. Not anything that you would want from a 'plug-and-play' perspective.

For most users this is a great keyboard:
The keys are very responsive and I agree with other reviewers that they *FEEL* like a mechanical keyboard. The keypresses feel much stronger and more responsive than the 8 year old Logitech G15 that I replaced. Even though this is a much cheaper keyboard than a similar logitech model and I don't know how long it will hold up, the construction seems to be sturdier than most keyboards and it is a very attractive keyboard.

The mouse:
It's a great mouse. I am replacing a Razer Lachesis that I have had for many many years that was starting to show it's age. I picked this set because of the keyboard/mouse combo and the price. The mouse responsiveness is not noticeable for me because this is a high DPI mouse. I have used the mouse in photoshop and gaming and have had not had any problems with being able to make very small adjustments with the mouse. I use a standard black foam/rubber mousepad.

Overall this is a good bundle. Sorry CoolerMaster, but I had to ding a star for the Scroll Lock/Backlight issue. There needs to be another key to toggle the backlight.

UPDATE: 2015-Nov-15
I am getting the squeaky scroll bar on the mouse that others have complained about. It is really annoying.
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on August 19, 2015
This is a great set, especially for the price. I bought it for my girlfriend to use on the PC that I just built for her, and I must say, I was tempted to steal it for myself. There are 2 things you should be aware of -- the keyboard backlight does not come on automatically, and it took me a few minutes of randomly pressing buttons to figure out which one turns on the light. Maybe I overlooked it in the instructions, or maybe I'm just plain stupid, but to make everyone else's life easier, its the SCROLL LOCK button that turns the backlight on.

Secondly, the keys feel kind of... filmy, for lack of a better word. Kind of like a freshly pressed dollar bill from the bank. It was somewhat disorienting at first since I'm used to a more glossy feel on my keyboards, but you get used to it pretty quickly and it doesn't hamper your typing ability at all (I can still type about 120 words per minute on this thing).

All in all, it's a pretty cool keyboard. I docked a star because the backlight doesn't turn on automatically, and shuts off every time you restart the computer. It's kind of a annoying since the symbols on the keys can't really be read AT ALL without the backlight. Otherwise, good keyboard and mouse combo (no complaints on the mouse at all).
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on October 20, 2015
Bought this mainly for the keyboard.

Feels like my old keytronic keyboard USB Beige Keyboard which was replaced finally only due to it's low keypress count of no more than 2 character keys and 1 modifier at the same time.

When the backlight is on, the keyboard is dim and just right for me. However, the scroll-lock key must be set as well and this can be problematic for Excel. Perfectly fine if you use LibreOffice or Google Docs.
When the backlight is off, the keyboard's keys are almost featureless. Unless you look really closely, it's impossible to see the letter on the key.

My old Microsoft Mouse Microsoft Intellimouse Optical Mouse died after 15 years of service without issues one month after buying this so I opted to give the CM Storm a try.

Two issues immediately:
1. The back button is perfectly positioned for my thumb to press it and navigate. The thumb however, is the shortest of the "fingers" and the forward button is placed ahead of the back button on the same side of the mouse. It's impossible to press without using a claw grip instead of my preferred fingertip grip.

2. The mouse wheel squeaks. Loudly. That's where the warranty comes in, you can send it back to coolermaster within two years of purchase for them to fix. The Assurant 360 plan is worthless since CoolerMaster will cover it for two years anyway. The warranty timeline is standard which for Prime users is forever, from *arrival* at their warehouse after you ship it back, it's 9-13 business days to return, so total turn-around time is around 3-4 weeks. A quicker fix that worked for my mouse was to put three drops of SynLube (Bike Chain lubricant) on the mousewheel working it in carefully then letting it sit overnight. Obviously, you should use an non-conducting lubricant instead, but that's what I had handy.
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on November 12, 2016
At work, we use a cheap HP keyboard and mouse combo. Seeing how I spend most of my day in front of the computer, I wanted something more comfortable and with a nicer looking design. At the same time, it's not my own personal rig so I didn't want to break the bank. Bought this combo and am constantly getting compliments on how good it looks.
The keys feel great for typing and the mouse fits my hand well.
This is not a gaming keyboard but it is miles better than the standard office issue HP combo.
I did get a bad keyboard at first. The left control key didn't work but Amazon promptly and easily sent a replacement. The replacement has been trouble free.
One thing I will say is that Cooler Master could have added a dedicated button for the key lighting. As it is, you turn the lighting on using the scroll lock key. The problem is that it affects functionality in Excel, for example. Having the lights on (scroll lock on) prevents jumping from cell to cell using the arrow keys.
I thought about deducting a star because of that but since I didn't buy it for the key lighting, I opted not to. It might be a deal breaker for some but for me it isn't. I keep the key lighting off anyway.
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