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VINE VOICEon April 2, 2012
I absolutely love this case. It is (almost) everything I wanted in a case, and more. I love it for its superb functionality inside & out and great air flow ventilation. I was worried it would look like an alien or shine too brightly, to which I can say it looks more normal and doesn't stand out a whole lot with its lights (shown in video). I really wanted front panel USB 3.0 (blue USB ports) which this has. I like an optical drive bay door to cut down on drive noise. It has plenty of 5.25" external drive bays (4) (one convertible to 3.5"), loads of internal bays (2.5" movable bay, 3 x 3.5" bay, a big removable 5 x 3.5" bay), bottom mounted power supply with dedicated bottom vent (more stable & cooler), room to tuck extra things here and there like unused power supply cables, and excellent cable management. I like for the motherboard standoffs they give you a little hand nut that you can use a screwdriver with for easier insertion, and the holes are lettered and follow a template stamped in the case.

It has a huge 200mm case fans to crank air in the front, a 120mm rear exhaust fan, a huge open grate on the top to exhaust or install another optional 200mm fan (which I did). Although I could only find the red Cooler Master Case Fan. But beware that despite the description, or even what is printed right on the box, there is no optional 120mm side fan vent. Maybe it was on an older version, but it seems there is a bigger side window where there might have been a smaller window and side fan if you look at the manual. But these 200mm vents on front and top are huge, alone with all the card slots are open vents too, this case is vary airy. You can remove the big 5 x 3.5" bay to increase airflow too if you aren't using it, which I did. The whole case stays very cool according to my Intel motherboard monitoring software, and the dynamically controlled fans spin at lower RPMs and lower noise levels.

I spent a long time doing good cable management and staying organized. But the results are great. You tie everything down the back side with various points to tie off. run loosely, leave some room at the end, then tie down all the slack on the back. It takes some thinking to plan your runs. But cables out of the way help with air flow too.

There are a only few drawbacks. (1) It is not whisper quiet because it is so airy, the big 200mm vent on the top lets internal noise through. It isn't loud, but it isn't quite, and definitely white noise gets out. (2) The front has a LED light that flashes when the computer is asleep, which catches your eye. Otherwise the case was never overly flashy or bright. (3) The case is larger than some mid towers (wider, deeper, and taller) so make sure you have room. This comes from the huge benefit of all the room in side. But it didn't fit on my previous computer shelf where my Dell used to be. Beware of shoving it too close to the wall or top of a shelf that might restrict good air flow. (4) There is no side fan vent, not that you'll need one, but just fyi because it is contrary to manuals, box, or description. (5) The instructions for removing the 5 x 3.5" cage are misleading, they tell you to remove the front panel and fan, but it is so much easier than that and doesn't require removing anything, just a few screws on either side of the cage. (6) You will spend some time organizing things if you want to make full use of the flexibility and cable management.
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on July 12, 2011
Bought this case to replace my aging Antec P180 case. Delivery came in the original box no extra packing. The unit was in excellent shape upon unpacking it so saving the extra box and popcorn was a good move. The case comes with a small box tied to the inside with all the screws and rails and cable ties you would need for a normal setup. The black interior is sharp looking and really sets this case apart from others. All of the included screws were also black which is good to keep the theme of the case going. It is a very solid case and much lighter than my previous P180. I can actually pick it up assembled without getting a back ache. The case comes with one front fan and one rear fan, it has a spot on top to place another large fan or two smaller ones. All holes are there for whatever configuration you would like to have. The back panel is very clearly labled for either ATX or micro ATX for setting up the motherboard supports and even includes a little adapter to attach to your screw driver to seat them. No guessing on this case which holes to use. The two biggest things that for me set this case apart from my P180 is cable management and having a special mounting system for my Solid State Drive.
Cable management is setup perfectly. Before my case had wires ziptied all over the box trying to maximize airflow. In this setup there is not one wire visible through the window or even if you open the side door. All my wires are on the other side slipped through some very well placed holes for connection to all components. There are little zip tie loops everywhere so you can secure your wires all along the right side of the case. Just ensure they do not get bunched up too much as you will have a hard time closing the door over them. You may want to ensure your power supply has longer type wires as if it does not you may end up not being able to route them thru the back.
In my opinion having the smooth airflow allows for the case not to REQUIRE more fans. You can add them easily if you want though. The case is not overly loud though you can hear the fans blowing, I have not had any trouble with heat since I built it and I run a Intel Core I7 and a rather large power supply for my GTX video card. I removed the hard drive cage very easily and only use the bottom hard mounted cage with the SSD mount moved from the bottom of the case to the top of this cage. This should allow any type video card to be installed with ease. I have a GTX 260 with two power wires and I have PLENTY of room to spare. The case uses very nice quick mounts for the CD Rom drives etc, but uses the old screw system for any PCI type cards. I prefer this as any other case I have seen or used with the tooless PCI mounting has always wiggled free if I decide to take it somewhere.
Overall I highly recommend this case for a great midrange type case. There are better out there of course but your gonna pay more for them. For my money and not wanting to spend allot on a box to hold my stuff but still get great function and value it can not be beat. Good Job Cooler Master!
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on August 28, 2016
I purchased this computer case back in February 2013.

I love the design of the case because of the smooth yet pronounced edges, as well as how the front panel where the cd tray and other accessories are located is concealed behind the sideways opening door. The power button being on top is a good location so there is no accidental button presses. I think the front usb locations could be better because they are at around a 45 degree angle making it sometimes difficult to insert usb devices while sitting, however it does allow for the cables to hang off the front without to much effort.

The cooling is excellent with the way the air flows in from the front and pulls out the top and back, and the bottom mounted power supply location allows the psu to use fresh air for cooling and not putting any of that heat inside of the case. It only comes with the front and back fan not a top fan. However you can purchase those fans on amazon aswell for a fair price. Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Blue LED Silent Fan for Computer Cases

Durability is excellent. I have moved my computer well over 100 times going to friends houses and I just put it in the trunk and it slides around and everything and its still as sturdy as day one.

I have a few complaints but not problems. The large front fan is rather hard to access you have to removed the entire front panel in order to clean easily. That requires you to remove both side panels and you have to be careful because the power and usb connectors are attached to that front panel.

Also the 3 holes on the back of the case where you can attach a liquid cooling systems, there are 3 rubber pieces that like to fall inside the case when moving it around.

One major complaint is the front audio ports. Anytime I plug in audio cables for say a headset or speaker set, I never have audio work and I constantly get a notification of audio cables plugged in then unplugged on a infinite loop until removed, however that may be from my wiring inside of my computer.
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on July 31, 2012
I have bought a lot of cases over the years, but this one is the best in the size and price class I have had so far!
I will try to keep this simple and not include the details that otehrs have also gone deeper into..... other reviews I mean.
1: It is SO easy to get this to run super-cool - just buy the second 200mm fan for it to be placed in the top opening for it; you will love it.
2: We have a "room" for our projects and computers. The place where this needed to go had been a real problem in the past for cooling.
3: It needed good positive pressures from the fans installed and not the usual "puff" of the typical fans you see in most computer cases.
4: The placement of the front 200mm fan is ideal for getting clean cool air, and with the one mounted in the top - it's EXCELLENT!
5: The price is reasonable, and though it is about 1" wider than many of the cases you see, it allows for a tad bit more room, better cooling flow, and...
6: Being able to move the rack internally to turn the HD bay 90* is perfect.... you can use the bays sideways or standard direction either one.
7: It is a clean cool looking case too! The lighting effects are subdued and sharp looking. I like the top front start and USBs... excellent.
8: Though it has the 2 big fans in mine now, it is NOT excessivley noisey or a problem - annnnd, it does run cool even with the high powered CPU (148 watts).
I hope this adds some cogent remarks that will help anyone in making the choice here: choose with confidence knowing that if you have just a little bit of extra space for the slightly larger box size, you will get a LOT for your money: the extra fan is only $10. Amazon
Enjoy, Gary (Dee's Geek)

Update on 14Jan 2013: This one has been so good this past year that I have now bought a second one for a system upgrade to my work computer. I also bought a couple of the CoolMax 120mm fans in the "blue" color and swapped out the single red 120 for two blue 120's. I like it in blue (humor). It takes about 2.5 minutes to change out the front fan it comes with.... so easy.
This case is even better in my estimation than my big AZZA case!!(It has 7 of the smaller sized fans and this is even better!) The Hard drive side installation is so easy with the sata hard drives and the 90* sata cable ends. The system for attaching the slip-bars to the side of the HDs, then sliding them into place so they click and lock in is unique in the industry and works SO easily! It has such versatility built into it, that even if you want to use 6 3.5" HDs and have a couple of 2.5s you can do it if your board will allow it all. It is very well made, it is however about an inch wider than most cases to allow the side mounting.... a minor consession in my book for what you get..... the case cooling with 2 - 120mm fans is excellent!! Do enjoy this case.
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on June 3, 2012
It is wider than most cases, and not as tall as a full tower, and it comes with only two fans.

Wider allows the use of tall heat sinks for your processor. Smaller makes reaching everything with power cables much easier.

While not that tall, there is a ton of room in the case for just about anything one would want to put in it. One might have to remove one of the hard drive cages if they have one of the super long video cards, but even then there is room for lots of hard drives.

Easiest case I have ever used and ended up being the quietest.

I installed the 200mm top fan (which it does not come with) and changed the 120mm back fan to a Noctua, and it is hard to even tell the computer is one (other than the leds in the front and top fans).

Even installing the SSD was easy with the included bracket.

Great price for a very nice case.

Only thing to be careful of is the bottom mount power supply... if you put it on thick carpet, you can block the fan.
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on September 24, 2014
Fabulous case by a company that really knows it's business when it comes to airflow and cooling. Lots of room, multiple configuration options, great GPU clearance for longer cards when the middle drive bay is either turned 90° for a little extra room, or removed completely to really let the cards breathe. All rolled edges for injury free building (those of you that have been sliced by case edges will understand!).

Biggest negative: The front fan filter is extremely annoying to clean. You can't get at it without removing the front panel, and it's a screen type filter that likes to un-weave when it gets caught on the metal tabs that hold it in place. Not well thought out, imo. But if your careful with it, you won't have too much trouble. Also, the front fan umbilical is attached to the panel, so you need to be careful when removing the panel that you don't pull it too far, or you'll damage it.

All in all, it's a great case. I was lucky and got mine at a great price ($58), but I would have been happy at full price - it's worth it!
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on August 17, 2015
The packaging the case arrived in was quite nice...if that matters to anyone. I was able to use the plastic 'bag' that was around the case to keep dust off the case in assembly lulls, as I am building my PC one piece at a time due to financial reasons. The extra 3.5" assembly is quite easy to remove for those who want the extra airflow. The included case fans fired right up upon connecting the motherboard and power supply, and spun rather quietly (I must add, I haven't got the PC totally complete, so I haven't been able to test the fans under a true workload). Included in the hardware kit is a 'socket' that fits over the standoffs, which requires a Philips head screwdriver - I don't know if this is true for other cases, or is a normal inclusion, as this is my first build, but it makes tightening the standoffs quite easy.

The only complaint I can make, is that on my side panel (the one with the window) the flange at the bottom screw is tweaked, like they were testing it and tried to yank it off without taking out the bottom screw. It goes together with some persuasion, but it is a pain...though it can't be normal, and I can live with it, so I won't deduct for it.
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on October 29, 2011
This is an amazing case. I'm not talking about the looks, I'm talking about how it works AS a case. Everything is so easy and so organized, and nothing feels flimsy, not even the door. The interior is exactly like that of the HAF 912, and I can't really see why anyone would go any different except for a full-tower. Removeable hard drive trays, moveable hard drive trays, tooless optical drive installation, everything just works.

As for the looks of this case, I personally love it, but I'm sure others will say it's horrible. It's up to you.

The 200mm fan it comes with is massive (obviously) and pushes a lot more air than I thought it would, more if you remove the hard drive cage. If anything overheats it's not because of the case. I installed another 200mm fan on the top and don't think I'll have to worry about any heat issues.

The front door is held on by magnets and seamlessly closes and opens, it doesn't feel like it's going to fall off at any moment. It also doesn't feel thin or flimsy at all. The side panel window is probably the best design I've seen in a very long time. The last case I had had a window that looked kind of like a banana, but this one actually lets you see the insides. The only problem with it is how the window feels like rough plastic. You put your finger over it and it doesn't slide, it kinda skips and stops, meaning the window scratches incredibly easy. Be really careful if you are the kind that hate scratchy windows.

The tooless drive system for optical and hard drives is actually really sturdy, they aren't going to be moving anywhere. The cable management is pretty easy, and there is a ton of space to store cables without interfering with airflow if you don't have a modular power supply (assuming you point your power supply down).

The only downsides to the case are the dust filters. The one for the power supply comes off, but the points that hold it in are so incredibly flimsy it's more of a pain to take it off than it is to face the power supply upwards. The front panel of the case can be removed when you remove both side panels, which is somewhat annoying. More annoying is that the reset cable for the reset button is attached to the front panel, meaning you won't be able to move it far from the case unless you want to mess around with your I/O cables (which nobody likes doing). Because of this, I can't imagine cleaning the front intake dust filter is easy, so I'll probably stick to compressed air.

Overall, incredibly nice case. The only things that bothered me were the pain-in-the-butt dust filters, everything else is perfect. I like the red glow on the fans too, not all that noticeable during the day, and they give a nice glow during the night.
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on July 21, 2012
I've built two computers in this case so far, and it's quite decent. However, there are some pros and cons that have me convinced that it's a one build case. Adding anything later, or upgrading is a nightmare.

Amazing airflow: If you add any other case fans, you will be happy with the temps you will be running. Even with the stock 200m front and 120m back fans, it can cycle clean air in and out quite efficiently, and with 2 extra Cooler Master 120mm's/140mm's in the top fan bays, you can keep it quiet and still cool.

the size: This case is actually a lot bigger than it seems. It's still a mid tower, but when I had set it down next to my NZXT phantom Mk1 full tower, the size wasn't a huge difference. The area inside the case gives you a wide clearance to install any good aftermarket air/hydro CPU cooler, and you have plenty of space in the allocated fan slots.

the look: This case fits both genres of sleek, & flashy. At one point, you have the intimidating front with the layered look on the 5 1/2" bays and the 200m red LED fan. On the other hand, the matte finish, along with the windowed side are actually extremely sleek, and it blends in with any computer setup more than it sticks out.

Barely any back space clearance to house a normal power supply. Very tight fit for cable management, and if you have extra cables, the only place you can hide them is under the 3.25" bays. If you have more than 3+ hard drives, good luck trying to fit it all if you're not going modular.

You will need tools. There are no thumbscrews, which probably shouldn't have been too much of an annoyance for Cooler Master to provide, considering the price tag is just a bit higher than the comfortable budget mid tower prices.

Front 200m needs a fan filter, as it attracts dust clumps very easily without one. Plan on cleaning it out every couple months, or just throw in some dryer sheets in front of it as "fan filters"

Instructions & accessories? What are those... Also, mounting the standoffs was a real hassle considering the key for which threaded holes you use is all painted in the matte black inside finish of the case. You'll need direct light inside to see which threads you'll need to screw the standoffs into for your particular motherboard.

Overall notes: only plan on upgrading if you're using a modular power supply. Otherwise it's a one build rig.
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on January 16, 2014
SSD slot
Removable extra hard drive cage. (must un screw it)
Durable (had mine for a year or so now...has some scratches on it from moving lol)
Has a nice glass screen
Great at helping the innards breath :)

Chassis fan is loud.
USB 3.0's on mine were sort of faulty and act more like 2.0.
The not sure if they are good or not. I took them out because they were not easy to access or clean for that matter. Its been fine for me so far. The filters are also very weak, mine ripped. Especially the one that is below the power supply.
The 4 things that are used to keep it standing are sort of flemsy...small issue but make sure they are screwed in all the way before moving it.

But this is not all bad. Its a great starter case, it looks cool and some of it is mostly and proabably my own poor care.

I reccomend if you get this case, to replace the frontal red chassis fan with something less noisy (or figure out a good config that will allow you to set its speed better. My MoBo was probably part of the problem, as the M5A97 Asus R2.0 Mobo has somehwat bad fan controls.

Hope you enjoy!
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